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Sweetwater is a family run design company located in northeastern Colorado. All of the designing, marketing, shipping, and distribution takes place at the corporate office just southwest of the town of Fort Morgan. Sweetwater is acutally a spin-off of its parent company Farmyard Creations. Farmyard Creations began as a quilt company in 1985, providing quilt patterns and designing fabrics for quilt stores throughout the Unites States, Canada and even overseas. In 2001, Sweetwater was born by taking the fabric designs of Farmyard Creations and turning them into paper. Coordinating stickers and other accessories were then added to give the Sweetwater line a soft, sophisticated style. Recently, Sweetwater has been focusing their energy on fresh and innovative graphic design, as well as a fun line of fabric and quilt patterns.

  • February Tagged
    Our February labels have been shipped to our subscribers. They celebrate one of our most favorite things- quilt blocks! All three labels come in the February subscription. Look to see how each would look on the edge of the same quilt: If you aren’t a member of Tagged and would… Read more »
  • New Labels!
    For those of you who like to buy personalized labels in bulk, we finally have some new ones! This is our Sampler Pack #2. You get one of each desgn on the sheet: You can find them here. Happy Tuesday! Read more »
  • January Tagged….
    We just shipped our Valentine’s themed labels to our Tagged subscribers this week. These cuties are exclusive to the Tagged subscription. If you are already a member, expect these in your mailbox soon. If you would like to give it a try, this month is a great time to start!… Read more »
  • Red Barn Christmas!
    It’s never too early for Christmas, right? Honestly, I kind of enjoy the weeks after Christmas to simplify my house, clean and make a fresh start. But by November, I’m all about Christmas- bring it on! But first we have to plan for Christmas. The process for that in the… Read more »
  • Spring Chicken!
    Spring seems like a long way off but in just a few short months, it will be here again! Like everyone, we are hoping that this March will be better than March 2020. This little piece of sunshine might help. It won’t cure the pandemic, but it’s guaranteed to lift… Read more »
  • Project Sweetwater!
    As many of you know, we have placed a halt on Project Sweetwater subscriptions for the moment. We have had many requests and inquiries of openings and are working on getting that done. In fact, on Monday, July 13, we will open subscriptions up once again! The catch is there… Read more »
  • Happy Fourth Of July!
    Just a quick note to wish everyone a wonderful holiday weekend. In honor of my favorite holiday, we decided to actually list these labels for a limited time. If you are a member of our “Tagged” subscription, you know that these were included in the May shipment. We hardly ever… Read more »
  • Animal Crackers
    We have brand new fabric! You might have seen a quick preview on Instagram, but we haven’t had a chance to show you on our blog. It’s been a little while since we have had a fun kid’s collection to work with. Not anymore! We are so excited to introduce… Read more »
  • At Home With Moda….
    Just like you, it feels like we have been home forever! There are so many things we are missing- for one our friends at Moda. Of course, the Spring Quilt Market scheduled for this month was cancelled. But that doesn’t mean we can’t connect. Moda has been busy hosting their… Read more »
  • A little sunshine….
    Wow. The last time I logged on to write a blog post seems like a century ago. Almost a different lifetime. So much has changed in just a few days. We are right there with you. Struggling. Struggling with anxiety, struggling with concentration, struggling with staying away from each other.… Read more »

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