Jan Patek

For more than 20 years Jan Patek has been designing primitive folk art quilts and publishing the patterns in books. Jan also designs original fabric lines for Moda.

In response to overwhelming demand, Jan began turning her dazzling quilt and fabric designs into kits so that her fans would be able to make the quilts they so admire. Jan has a passion for creating and for sharing her creativity with others. “I don’t want to make quilts and put them in a closet,” says Jan. “I want to provide a creative outlet for others.”

You can see all of her fabric turned into quilts on Jan’s website – www.janpatekquilts.com – as so many others have. Join one of Jan’s great quilt clubs. Browse the books and quilt kits, relax, and be reminded of country, home, and family.

  • Saying Goodbye to Winter - we hope
    People have asked if I decorate with my quilts.The answer is always a definite YES.Since it's 63 outside it about timefor the house quilts to change from winter tospring so I thought I wouldshow you what things looklike at the end of winter.My couch has "Trip Around the Cabin"full ofwarm, soft homespuns and… Read more »
  • Happy Blockheads Wednesday
    I'll always think of Wednesdayas Blockheads Wednesday sothat's what I'll say from now on.Now, however I'm working on the 2021 Mystery Quilt and "Starting the Day with Appliqué".This is Block 3 of "Bees, Birds and Baskets".  Come join us by emailing Tammy atjanpatekquiltsinc@gmail.com.The temperatures are coming backup - it was 60 degrees… Read more »
  • Snow and cold and No heater 🙁
    We did indeed get the Winter Storm.This morning I opened the door tolet the dogs out, Elizabeth stuck her head out andturned around and came back in.Dobby - our Welch Corgi - has quite a bit more fur than a bulldog,so he went out.  Elizabeth finally did too,but only after I grabbed my… Read more »
  • Blockheads 3, Block 56
    Dancing Starsby Joanna of Fig Tree You can go to her blogto download the patternby clicking here.And now it's February - the month of Groundhogsand love.  :)So this is our tribute tothe second - "Hearts and Flowers Mini"27" x 27".  You can go to our store toget the pattern or the kit… Read more »
  • Blockheads3, Block 55
    Wine Notby Jen KinghwellYou can go to her blogto download the patternby clicking here.And this is Mill Creek Garden, my latest fabric line.Mill Creek is shipping to your local quilt shop this week.Flower PowerSo to celebrate and to help out with costsa little we have decided to do a BOGOthis week with… Read more »
  • Blockheads 3, Block 54
    Windmills by Janet ClareYou can go to her blogto download the patternby clicking here.Our vintage book this month isGarden Spirit and in it is the patternfor one of my favorite all timequilts - Winter Spirit.I do get tired of winter but I never get tired of this quilt.My friend Cherie Ralston introducedme to… Read more »
  • Blockheads 3
    Bear Cubs Roundby Robin PickensYou can go to her blog    to download the pattern by clicking here This is Block #43Roses by Jan Patek :)I posted this just before I went into the hospital for the surgery on my brain.I had hydrocephalus or "water on the brain".It's really not water but my body… Read more »
  • Blockheads 3
                                                                            Block 52                                                             … Read more »
  • ock 51
    Sparkplug by Vanessa Goertzen You can go to her blogto download the pattern by clicking here.We had our first snow yesterday.This is the view out of my kitchen window.......I love to watch the birds early in themorning while I'm putting the coffee on....Cardinals, bluejays, juncos, woodpeckers andmany many more.Andsince what I love… Read more »
  • Blockheads 3, Block 50
    Night & DaybyLaurie Simpson You can go to her blogto download thepattern by clicking hereOur vintage book this month isParts 1 and 2.and one of my favorite quilts in the books isZoie's Christmas KittiesI have a new kittyHer name is Chantillyand she's a sweetheart.She loves to take naps on my bed.And this… Read more »


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