Erin Michael

BASICS: Funky Monkey

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“I love to approach my work, and my life, as a storyteller. To me any subject that has been craftily edited can take a viewer to a new place -even if it’s just for a split second. What a trip to do that for a living!” – Erin Michael.

Erin Michael is always on the hunt for new experiences and adventures, whether it’s by traveling abroad, trying new hobbies, reading books or exploring East Dallas on her Vespa scooter. Curiosity mixed with pop culture and nostalgia is what drives her aesthetic. Erin lives in Dallas,TX with her 8yr old son Finn, one dog named Detters, one female cat named Arnold (guess who named him) and at last count 2.5 million Lego bricks. Being a single parent, Erin’s life as an entrepreneurial mother is a work-in-progress. Erin drinks espresso every morning, and harbors a deep secret to be a sultry jazz singer from the 30’s but knows she is entirely too goofy to pull it off.

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