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Piece and Comfort Challenge

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Piece and Comfort Challenge

  1. As the wife of a Navy Retiree I’ve “been there, done that”. While he was not in any conflicts, he was still gone for months at a time and we had to survive without him.
    Thanks for doing this.

  2. I too am married to a former marine. He loves this fabric and can’t wait to see what our customers design!

  3. MODA, this is a great challenge. please design an email ad campaign shop owners can down load and forward to their email list to promote this challenge. the fabrics are great and the patterns fun! the more marketing material the better.

  4. My Husband and I are both veterans, we have 2 children serving overseas in the Air Force. Thank you Moda for honoring those that have served and those that are currently serving. This will be in my shop for sure!

  5. Cut Up & Quilt is proud to honor our military service members and their families. Both my husband and I retired from the Air Force and we appreciate the opportunity to comfort those who serve or have served to protect our nation.

  6. I am the wife of a Marine. He is out of the service but proud of our men and women that serve and their families for the sacrifice. No greater love has a man(woman) than that he would lay down his(her) life for a friend.

  7. My husband served 8 years in the Army as a combat Infantry soldier. His deployment and training was hard and I feel for all of those who are going through it now. I can’t wait to be a part of something to give back to those who have sacrificed so much!

  8. I am a wife, a sister, an aunt, a sister-in-law, daughter-in-law etc to veterans, retired and active. Their service spans WWII – to the current armed forces involvements. All branches of the service: army, national guard, marines, air force, navy. Thank you for reaching out to them and their families by bringing a comforting quilt and providing an opportunity for those quilt enthusiasts to do something when there is little anyone can do but pray for a peaceful existence and an end to war.

  9. My daughter is now serving her 24th year with her family in Japan for the Air Force. Retirement is near for her – probably in the next 3 years – I will be using these fabrics to make her retirement quilt. Thanks soooooooooo much for remembering our service members.

  10. I remember getting up at 2am to welcome the POWs return stateside from Vietnam more than 40 years ago. I was so proud of them then and am still humbled by the bravery shown by all branches our US service men and women. Thank you MODA!

  11. I am so excited to offer this challenge in my shop! One of my customers just signed up to be a state rep for Quilts of Valor. I think this program will give her a boost and really make a difference.

  12. Webfabrics has donated many quilts to wounded soldiers. It’s out honor to sew for them! Thank you for these beautiful fabrics, Moda! You make our passion even more fun.

  13. Excellent way to get quilts to those who need them most and who have sacrificed everything- those who serve! Well done, Moda! I’m excited to see the beautiful quilts that will come out of the challenge!

  14. Charlie and I are both military brats so we wholeheartedly support any activity in this direction. I would like to know what the activity involves as far as the shop is concerned..Thank you United Notion/Moda!

  15. Thank you Moda for the Piece and Comfort Challenge. All of us at Gerline’s Quilt Shoppe look forward to participating. We cannot do enough to show our thanks and appreciation to those who serve and who have served.

  16. Military brat, military wife, military mother, and military mother in law in Military City USA, San Antonio, TX. Creative Sewing Center was part of the quilts created for solders coming back to BMAC medical center. We are proud to be part of this program. May the flag wave over the land of the Free becuase of the Brave. Thank You Moda for this opportunity.

  17. All of us here at One Quilt Place are excited about this new collection & to participate in the challenge. Fredericksburg, Texas is a very patriotic town & home to the Pacific War Museum – the largest collection of WWII memorabilia. Our thanks to MODA for giving us another opportunity to honor our vets & support all those in the service, Beverly Allen

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