They face adversity and endure hardships; yet all too often their troubles go unnoticed. We also honor those  Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who must miss holidays, birthdays, and family moments in far-away  distant lands. It is for the family members who keep the house running while their husband, wife, son or daughter is away.  It is for the children who dearly miss their deployed parent, brother, sister, uncle, or aunt.We say thank you to the men and women who have volunteered to serve our country and preserve our freedom.


Featured Fabrics:

Asst-Because-Of-The-Brave-image                  1867.34912

Click here to learn more about the Because of the Brave fabric inspiration.


Challenge Rules:

WHO: All quilters who would like to create a beautiful quilt to honor a military family in their circle of friends, the community, or the nation.

WHEN: Challenge begins January 1, 2015 thru March 31, 2015

• Challenge quilts will be displayed at local quilt shop April 6 – 18.
• Customers may vote for their favorites. Each shop’s Viewers’ Choice winner will receive a prize.
• A digital image of the Viewers’ Choice winner from each shop will be entered in Moda’s Piece and Comfort online quilt show.

WHERE: Pick up an entry form at your local  participating quilt shop.

WHAT: Ninety percent of quilt must be made with Moda fabrics. Fifty percent of the Moda fabrics must come from one or both of the featured collections.

• Quilt(s) must be 54″x65″ or larger.
• Quilt must be quilted or tied and bound.  No quilt tops will be accepted.
• Quilt must be labeled with Maker’s and  Quilter’s name, city and contact information.
• Quilt(s) remain property of maker unless they choose to donate quilt to a military family.
• No limit to number of entries.

Prize Awards for Moda’s Online Quilt Show:

First Viewers’ Choice – $500
Second Viewers’ Choice – $250
Third Viewers’ Choice – $150
Designer’s Choice – $500

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Piece and Comfort

  1. How do we find a participating quilt shop? I haven’t seen entry forms in my local shops. I live in Ventura County California.

        1. Ship it. Post mail can send certified and insured to a loved one or shop. The question is snarky…and really? You have never used post mail??? use “reasoning” or at least be civil.

          1. And your response wasn’t “snarky”?? Some people don’t want to mail their quilts- too much can happen. If the mail lost it, it could never be replaced and their insurance surely wouldn’t cover the time and effort she put into it.
            Pot, meet kettle…

          2. Sarah, yes it was, intentionally so. An American company honors American servicemembers and their familires and expects a them to do what exactly? Force a German shop to cater to her and us? You choose orders overseas for the perks. Those perks come with sacrifices, post military has registered USPS mail, it is the safest possible shipping and lowest cost in Europe. I’m a disabled veteran who was stationed there before the internet and way before families got support. She can quit her whining and sense of entitlement. She can choose to participate or not, but take some initiative and think, it wasn’t really hard to find a solution when reasoning was used. Registered mail is safe, she can order the material online and find a shop through google! Boy. I see what you mean, that was hard.

          3. FYI…the mail is a safer bet than when military movers ship her stuff home… Something anyone who has dealt with them knows.

          4. Since when fo the military get to “choose” to move overseas? The Military tells the military service member where to move and has no consideration of the family!!! i don’t know what “the perks” are so great that a service member would move their family overseas. Let me know cause we were stationed overseas as well as our children have married service members and have spent most of their careers overseas.
            You should see some of the packages I received via USPS from overseas.

          5. I chose my orders overseas. As did my ex husband. German orders are HARD to get. I actually I shipped my precious stuff home via the mail rather than risk movers stealing it. Yes, the boxes were banged up, but they got there. The point is, had the woman posting this just been silly and not thinking, maybe I would have just answered the question without returning her attitude. It was the nasty entitlement so common in military wives.. The drama…she expects catering. The military, the country and certainly the world is not going to cater to this woman because she’s “on orders”… Again, choose to participate or not, but being stationed in Germany more than makes up for her clear sense if being slighted. Boo hoo

    1. For those abroad who don’t have access to these fabrics (or even those in the US who don’t have a local quilt shop selling these fabrics), you can order your fabric for this challenge from an online shop, and your quilt entry for this challenge would go through them. You do not mail your quilt to the shop you’re entering through if you’re participating with an online retailer. Instead, you’re submitting a few digital images of your finished quilt, along with the entry form, and that shop will host an online gallery for voting. You can see more on the Bloomerie Fabrics’ Challenge page here for details –>

      1. • Challenge quilts will be displayed at local quilt shop April 6 – 18.

        • Customers may vote for their favorites. Each shop’s Viewers’ Choice winner will receive a prize.
        • A digital image of the Viewers’ Choice winner from each shop will be entered in Moda’s Piece and Comfort online quilt show

        As far as I know, the quilts are displayed IN the shop. There’s no where in the rules for quilt shops for online entries. (I own a shop and have seen nothing about online entries)

        1. Jamie, we know it’s been confusing for many; however per Moda, online entries are the same as in-shop entries. We all follow the same rules, complete the same forms, etc. The difference for online vs. in-shop is simply how the quilt’s are displayed and voted for.

  2. You say ” Each shop’s Viewers’ Choice winner will receive a prize.” What is that prize? (thanks!)

  3. If the quilt you make is tied, it cannot be given to a vet as a Quilt of Valor. Those must be machine- or hand-quilted.

    1. This is true, QOV will not allow tied quilts! However, and fortunately, QOV is NOT the only “game in town” creating and presenting quilts to our Veterans!

  4. Please recognize the Coast Guard also. As the wife of a retired “Coastie” I have spent many a time alone holding down the fort while my husband was out saving lives. He missed a lot of birthdays, anniversaries, family time to do his job.

    1. Yes you can still participate. If you have a quilt shop or sell online you can register by logging into our website using your account number. If you are a quilter wanting to make a quilt, just go to your local quilt shop or online shop and ask for the entry form. Thanks for wanting to join in on the challenge.

  5. Someone else asked the question, but I couldn’t find the answer, so I’m asking again!

    Must we use Moda fabric for the backing?

  6. Im doing a quilt for this awesome challenge. The label with my contact information. Should it be made of fabric? Or just a piece of paper?

    1. As a Veteran, I will say thanks to my supporting friends and to my fellow vets who had my back, thanks also to the fathers, mothers, wives, sisters, brothers of all Veterans, I have been blessed to have been all, except my brother or my dad (smile). I appreciate this contest as it motivated me to design a pattern to quilt. I live overseas, our base participated in the contest just like all the others listed (just saying).

  7. Dear Moda…thank you for the fabulous selection of fabric in the collections and for the other moda fabrics…grunge…one of my all time fav’s… The gray was perfect for the battleship gray I needed for my Navy quilt. My husband and I are both veterans but he and his family are my inspiration. He has nine brothers and collectively they have served over 144 years. He is the only one who retired from the Navy so his quilt is in honor of his 22 years… can’t wait for everyone to see it. And I am going to rock our quilt shop to try to win and go national. This has been so much fun.

  8. Hi Everyone, contacting you from American Folk Art & Craft Supply in Hanover, Massachusetts. My husband, an Army veteran and West Point graduate, and I hung the challenge quilts on Sunday and the store looks great. I sent an email out to my customers asking for votes and they are coming into vote, it’s great

  9. We have nine challenge quilt entries. They are hung in the store and look awesome. Voting has started and will pick up at our monthly QuiltSitters programs that run this Thursday through Saturday. Can’t wait to see who wins.
    Thanks Moda for sponsoring this program. This is a great way to honor our military and their families!
    Best of BERNINA Sewing Center, Plano, TX

  10. Where do you go to submit the online winner and then vote for the viewers choice there. I realize it will be after the local show.

    1. Hi Karole,
      Here’s some information that might help.

      April 19th to 24th Send a picture of the winning quilt to Moda – not the quilt! As you can guess, the better the picture, the better the chances of that quilt winning. (See below.)
      April 30th Moda will announce the winners from each shop on The Cutting Table
      Blog and our readers will vote for the National Viewer’s Choice winner.
      May 8th The National winner will be announced. Prizes will be awarded in mid-May and there will be additional press during the Memorial Day weekend.
      Please use the following form to submit a picture of your winning quilt and info no later than April 24th –

  11. The shop is busy with voters. A great challenge that coincided with our annual Azalea Trail in Tyler. I do have a question about what the address is for the site that we can post them on. I haven’t seen it anywhere. Rhonda from Crafts & Quilting, Etc.

    1. Hi Rhonda, We are so excited about this challenge. You can post your shops quilts on your social media or have the voting in your shop. You will then send the winning quilt from your shop to us by the 24th of April. Then we will hold a national voting on our blog, Facebook and Instagram. Here’s the link for shop owners to fill out with the winning quilt info.

  12. Here in Hanover, Mass at American Folk Art & Craft Supply we have 11 challenge quilts hung and 108 votes cast! We are having such fun, the quilters are sending in their family, friends, neighbors and fellow quilters! Keep the voters coming!

  13. The challenge show has been such fun for us, will Moda consider another challenge for next year? People are visiting the shop, shopping and voting. Quilters who did not participate want to next time! I hope there will be a next time. Enjoying this very much! 🙂

  14. What are the local shops giving the individual winners? Is it up to each quilt shop or is Moda supplying these prizes?

  15. In my quilt shop we gave each participating quilt a rosette participation ribbon, a Moda promo gauze bag, a Moda promo apron and a “Piece and Comfort” sticker. After the voting, we gave first, second and third place rosette ribbons to the winners. The quilters loved the show and the gifts.

  16. It’s so exciting to see that so many people accepted this challenge. And I can’t wait to see all the different quilts.

  17. Would like to place a vote for My Tribute by Darlene Nelson of Moab Utah. It’s Sew Moab Quilt Shop. Outstanding quilt!

  18. I voted for Sue Hickman and pressed the vote button. The button seemed to lock and I am not sure the vote was registered. Can you check?

  19. Are the quilts available for viewing online? I can’t find the collection, just the voting sidebar with the quilt shop and quilter’s names.

  20. I am in the military and I love the fact that this is a thing. I love quilts and quilts love me. Some times when I’m lonely I get naked in the quilt and try to comfort myself. I smell the quilts and think of who made it for me. I then precede to make myself feel good and I am thankful for my quilt. I love this thank you.

  21. I made a quilt and entered in Fran’s sewing circle in Wilmington North Carolina. I got the choice from the shop and my quilt was to be in the on line posting but i don’t see it. Whom can I talk to about this? I put alot of work into designing this quilt that I made for my son in law . he is a Master Sergent in the Marines Of 18 Years. I made a lot of error in my designing and didn’t want to throw any thing out so I used all my mistakes on the back and made a double sided quilt. I put lots of embroidery into the front of the quilt. so disappointed that my quilt that should be there, is not. Could some one look and see if it was misplaced Sincerely

  22. My quilt was entered for online voting but I haven’t seen it online yet. Seems there are some issues with this voting process, I hope it can be resolved before the May 8 deadline. Frustrating.

  23. I agree with all regarding how do you vote for just one amazing quilt. I will admit I didn’t realize the voting had already taken place as I didn’t realize the voting ended on May 8th. I will also be repetitive and ask who were the winners–although to me all the quits were wonderful.

  24. Feeling blessed… Received a $500 check, a box filled with a bundle of Blue White and Free Moda fabric, Notions (threads, scissors, scissor-holders, mini-pattern book, Congratulations letter with Decals, Fabric Charm Packs…. looking forward to making another patriotic quilt. Thank you, The Stitchery for showing my quilt, and opening the door for me. My quilt will also be shown at Georgia Celebrates Quilts show June 11-13, in Woodstock, GA
    Michele Durrheim Van Graan – Edge To Edge Quilting, Inc.

  25. I still can’t find a list of the winners. At least Michele posted a note that looks like she took first. Has anyone figured out where the list of winners is?

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