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10 thoughts on “SEWING TIPS

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  1. These charts have made our life much easier. Thank you for your charts and time well spent. It saves us from spending time recreating and designing for our customers. Well done!!! Thanks again! We print these charts and laminate them to set with our precuts and fabrics to help our customers know how much fabric they need… šŸ™‚ Home a la mode

    1. I clicked on the image itself. Twice actually but I was using my tablet. Now I hv them all saved in iBooks. Hope this helps!

  2. There use to be a chart so you can figure out how much wide backing fabrics you buy instead of reg 40″ fabrics.
    Such as 3.5 yds of wide backed fabrics = 9 yrs of reg fabrics. It is so much cheaper going with the wide back fabrics. If uo know this question PLEASE RESPOND..

  3. I have tried the printables, wallpaper and now the hints & tips but there is nothing showing at all!!!

  4. Where are the free patterns!!!?? I’m looking for the one shown on Moda Love Blog Tour – April Rosenthal ——

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