Welcome to the Moda Blockheads!

This is a listing of the blocks in the series – we’ll update this archive each week as the new block is released.  Click the block picture or the title of the block to link to the PDF of the instructions – it can be saved or printed.  (Or both!)

The Moda Blockheads are:

Every Wednesday, each of the six Blockheads will share a blog post showing their version of that week’s block, sharing any tips they have and answering the Question of the Week.  There are always a few extras – Lisa frequently has a bonus block and Betsy has a penny-sized block every week.

Other important links:

The Blocks ~ from newest to oldest.

Block 48 – Honeymoon
The Cutting Table blog post for Block 48

Block 47 – Starry Nine-Patch
Lisa’s blog post for Block 47

Block 46 – Cat and Dog
Jan’s blog post for Block 46

Block 45 – Double Dutch
Jo’s blog post for Block 45

Block 44 – Lawyer’s Puzzle
 – Betsy’s blog post for Block 44

Block 43 – Any Direction
Lynne’s blog post for Block 43

Block 42 – Turnstile
The Cutting Table blog post for Block 42

Block 41 – Pinwheel Star
Lisa’s blog post for Block 41

Block 40 – Cardinal
Jan’s blog post for Block 40

Block 39 – Framed Star
Jo’s blog post for Block 39

Block 38 – Peace & Plenty
Betsy’s blog post for Block 38

Block 37 – Double Delight Star
– Lynne’s blog post for Block 37

Block 36 – Shoo Dat
The Cutting Table blog post for Block 36

Block 35 – Northridge
Lisa’s blog post for Block 35

Block 34 – House
Jan’s blog post for Block 34

Block 33 – Starz
Jo’s blog post for Block 33

Block 32 – Dutchman’s Puzzle
Betsy’s blog post for Block 32

Block 31 – Dot Dash
Lynne’s blog post for Block 31

Block 30 – Four-Patch Dash
The Cutting Table blog post for Block 30

Block 29 –  Juneau
– Lisa’s blog post for Block 29

Block 28 – Pumpkin
Jan’s blog post for Block 28

Block 27 – Union Variation
Jo’s blog post for Block 27

Block 26 – Cat’s Cradle
Betsy’s blog post for Block 26

Block 25 – Twice The Friendship
Lynne’s blog post for Block 25

Block 24 – Corn, No Beans
The Cutting Table blog post for Block 24

Block 23 ~ Winneconne Star
Lisa’s blog post for Block 23

Block 22 ~ Birdhouse – Jan’s Instructions
Birdhouse with different formatting
Jan’s blog post for Block 22 ~ with appliqué instructions & tutorial

Block 21 ~ Flying Geese Variation
Jo’s blog post for Block 21

Block 20 ~ Devil’s Claw
Betsy’s blog post for Block 20

Block 19 ~ Night Flight
Lynne’s blog post for Block 19

Block 18 ~ Rocky Mountain Puzzle
The Cutting Table blog post for Block 18

Block 17 ~ Trail of Tears
Lisa’s blog post for Block 17

Block 16 ~ Flags
Jan’s blog post for Block 16

Block 15 ~ T-Block

Jo’s blog post for Block 15

Block 14 ~ Square In A Square

Betsy’s blog post for Block 14 with Bonus block

Block 13 ~ Bowtie Quartet

Lynne’s blog post for Block 13

Block 12 ~ Puzzled 

The Cutting Table blog post for Block 12

Block 11 ~ Lisa’s Star
Lisa’s blog post for Block 11

Block 10 ~
Basket and Flower
Jan’s blog post for Block 10
– Jan’s YouTube video on Appliquéing Baskets

Block 9 ~ Ohio Star Variation
Jo’s blog post for Block 9

Block 8 ~ Basket of Triangles
Betsy’s blog post for Block 8 with a new Penny block

Block 7 ~ Penny Basket
Lynne’s blog post for Block 7

Block 6 ~ Sunflower
The Cutting Table blog post for Block 6

Block 5 ~ Coronation
Lisa’s blog post for Block 5

Block 4 ~ Bee Skep
Jan’s blog post for Block 4
Jan Patek’s YouTube tutorials for appliqué

Block 3 ~ Four X
Jo’s blog post for Block 3

Block 2 ~ Aunt Dinah
Betsy’s blog post for Block 2 with Bonus block ~ a Penny block

Block 1 ~ Whirligig
Lynne’s blog post for Block 1


Blockheads? Blockheads… - I always liked Charlie Brown.  I think most of us did because unless you were the super-coolest kid in school, we could all relate to Charlie.
Blockheads ~ Block 1 - Finally!  It’s happening here – the Blockheads Block of the Week is starting. Today.
Gobsmacked… - We were pretty sure many quilters would love the idea of a traditional-Repro-primitive Block of the Week but WOW.  Color me utterly astounded.  (And yes, that’s the definition of “gobsmacked” according to  I checked.)
Blockheads ~ Block 2 - Did you finish Whirligig – the Blockheads Block 1?  More importantly, did you see the gorgeous blocks from each of the designers?
Blockheads ~ Block 3 - Hello Aunt Dinah! You brought friends.
Sewing small… - While a 6″ finished block with 1″ x 2″ flying geese isn’t really that small, it is when you’re used to working with bigger pieces and blocks.
Blockheads ~ Block 4 - It’s Week 4 and for the three Blockheads in the office, we’re all current.  For now.  What about you?
Blockheads ~ Block 5 - Happy Wednesday – its the weekly gathering of the Blockheads!
A few of my favorite things… - One of my favorite things about this community of quilters is that most love to share.  From giving quilts to passing along what they know, the skinny on a cool tip, technique or tool they’ve learned to a piece of fabric – sometimes one they love but happily give up because it’s the one you desperately need to finish a project.
Blockheads ~ Block 6 - Happy Blockheads Wednesday!
Blockheads ~ Block 7 - Six down, forty-two to go.
Blockheads ~ Block 8 - Betsy’s Basket.  A Basket from Betsy. Basket of Triangles – and there are plenty.  Betsy’s beautiful Basket can be made with two fabrics or twenty prints and one background.  Or more backgrounds.  It’s really a versatile block with a lot of options.  That alone makes it a favorite. To get the pattern for Basket of Triangles – CLICK HERE for Betsy’s Blog. Those pieces… the half-triangle squares finish at 1″. This is Tammy’s block – she loves teeny, tiny pieces. […]
Blockheads ~ Block 9 - Week Nine!  And no, still no big nine-patch block.
Blockheads ~ Block 10 - I feel like we need a Blockheads theme song… something stirring that gets your attention!  Ride of the Valkyries?  Or is that too dramatic?
Blockheads ~ Block 11 - It’s Lisa Bongean’s week on the Blockheads… and I think you know what that means…
Blockheads ~ Block 12 - It’s week 12 so we’ve completed two trips around the block with the Blockheads.
Blockheads ~ Block 13 - It’s rather fitting that this week’s block is titled Bowtie Quartet – we’ve finished one quarter of the blocks!  Twelve done, thirty-six to go!
Blockheads ~ Block 14 - June!  Can you believe it?  We’re three months into the Blockheads and… so far, I’m still caught up.
Blockheads ~ Block 15 - Fabulous Fifteen!
Blockheads ~ Block 16 - Sweet Sixteen!  So let’s wave the flag and celebrate!
Blockheads ~ Block 17 - No!  This is no time for tears!  We’ve made it through sixteen weeks and we’re more than a third of the way through.
Blockheads ~ Block 18 - Happy July!  While the past few days have been all about the red, white and blue here in the colonies, it’s a whole lot more colorful in Figgyland.
Blockheads ~ Block 19 - It’s July!  Summer.  Vacations.  Kids at home?  Grand adventures – summers are made for that kind of thing.  Basically, there are lots and lots of distractions.  So do you have eighteen blocks made?
Blockheads ~ Block 20 - It’s past the mid-point in July and we’re getting close to the mid-point for the Blockheads.  Still, where has this year gone?  Is it flying by for you too?
Blockheads ~ Block 21 - We’re more than one-third of the way through… gaining on one-half.  That’s 10/24ths?  5/12ths!
Blockheads ~ Block 22 - Happy August!  Today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!
Blockheads ~ Block 23 - According to some folks in Houston, Texas, the lazy, hazy, crazy days – day – of summer is this Saturday, August 12th.  That’s the day of a 5K race… or lazy stroll.  Houston in August.  It will be hot and humid.
Blockheads ~ Block 24 - Half-way. Mid-way. How about a Super Midway?
Blockheads ~ Block 25 - Because it’s Blockhead Wednesday and since the moon was “blocking” the sun… did you see the eclipse?
Blockheads ~ Block 26 - It’s Blockheads Wednesday and we have a mystery today!
Blockheads ~ Block 27 - It’s September!  Fall!  For some… it’s the happiest time of year because Fall marks the return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  And of course, a Fall color palette.
Blockheads ~ Block 28 - Pumpkins and spice.  And yes, it is nice.  It is that time of year.  
Blockheads ~ Block 29 - Because it’s Fall – or late-summer and will it ever really be fall here in Dallas? – we’re enjoying anything that makes us think of the season.
Blockheads ~ Block 30 - It’s less than one month until Quilt Market so an easy-ish block seemed in order.
Blockheads ~ Block 31 - October?  That means Ma… no, I’m not going to even say it.  Not yet.
Blockheads ~ Block 32 - October.  Fall.  Fall?
Blockheads ~ Block 33 - Hello Hello!  Today is National Chocolate Cupcake Day!
Blockheads ~ Block 34 - This is an important week!  It’s week 34 for the Blockheads and it’s Quilt Market week.
Blockheads ~ Block 35 - I’m awake.  Really.  It’s November, right?
Blockheads ~ Block 36 - Thirty-six down, twelve to go.  Can you believe we’re three-quarters of the way through the year?
Blockheads ~ Block 37 - We’re on the homestretch… or maybe rounding the last turn.
Blockheads ~ Block 38 - Peace & Plenty.  That’s the perfect block for this time of year… at least in the non-Canadian Colonies.  While Thanksgiving is celebrated in many countries around the world, it’s always the fourth Thursday of November.  Tomorrow.
Blockheads ~ Block 39 - Today is National Electronic Greetings Day!  I had to open with something and since I can’t send you each an e-card individually, I thought I’d share some of my favorite sewing-quilting-related ee-cards.
Blockheads ~ Block 40 - Forty!  The big 4-0.  We are 83% of the way done!
Blockheads ~ Block 41 - Happy Wednesday!  It’s National Cocoa Day!  That calls for Serendipity’s Frozen Hot Chocolate!
Blockheads ~ Block 42 - Coming and going.  Is that how you feel right now?  So many things to do… not nearly enough time to do everything you think you should get done… and all you really want to do is curl up in front of a warm sewing machine.  (Or maybe that’s just me.)
Blockheads ~ Block 43 - It’s official.  We’re on the homestretch now… for 2017 and for the Blockheads.
Blockheads ~ Block 44 - Happy 2018!  Happy January!  Did you have a lovely holiday?  It’s been quite cold here – relatively speaking.
Blockheads ~ Block 45 - Can you believe that January is already almost half over with?  That might be a slight exaggeration but it is almost one-third over.
Blockheads ~ Block 46 - Brrrrr.  Is it cold where you are?
Quilts For All Seasons… - Isn’t this beautiful?
Blockheads ~ Block 47 - This is the penultimate Blockheads post.  You have to know by now that I’ve been waiting forty-six weeks to use that word.
Blockheads ~ Block 48 - Block 48.  It seems like we just started but alas, the Honeymoon is ending.
Blockheads ~ Not done yet! - It’s been less than a week and I’m just not ready to be finished yet.  Maybe because I’m still not even close.  But Tammy finished her quilt!
Blockheads ~ Two? - Happy Valentine’s Day!
Blockheads ~ BBOB - BBOB.  Book.  Betsy.  One Block.
Blockheads ~ Finishes & Updates - Happy Wednesday!  Have you finished your Blockheads quilt?  These ladies have!
Block Heads – News! - Happy Block Heads Wednesday!  Yes, we have news on several things.
Blockheads Revisited… - Happy Block Heads Wednesday!
Block Heads 2 – Block 1 - It’s here!  Block Heads 2.  And with new faces, we have a slightly different look.
Block Heads 2 – A Baker’s Dozen - Happy Block Heads Friday!
Block Heads 2 – Block 2 - Well.  That was unexpected.  
Block Heads 2 – Block 3 - Shhh… don’t anybody jinx anything.
Block Heads 2 – Block 4 - It’s the last Wednesday in June, and while the year is almost half-over, the Moda Block Heads are just getting started for Round 2.  And today we’ve got a block from one of our lovely new faces, Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic.
Block Heads 2 – Block 5 - It’s a Happy July 4th from the Block Heads!  Because it’s a holiday here, we’d like to make an Impact! 
Block Heads 2 – Block 8 - I know I’m not supposed to have favorites for this sort of thing but “if” I were to have a favorite Block Head, it would probably be Jan Patek.
Block Heads 2 – Block 36 - Happy “this is the last Block Heads block before Christmas” Wednesday!  And it’s all about Jo Morton today… Jo Jo was a Rolling Stone…