Because of the Brave

Pattern stock # SIBM 201

Moda is proud to introduce a line of fabrics, Because of the Brave inspired by Tom and Stephanie Hove. Stephanie is a second generation salesperson for United Notions/Moda Fabrics and we have asked her to tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind this fabric line.

Having a soldier deployed, I encountered feelings that were very unfamiliar to me.  As I went on with my regular life, it was hard not to catch myself thinking about where he was and what he was doing all the time.  I was afraid, was he?  So many questions and thoughts were running through my head.  Of course, the imagination is often worse than real life, but sometime it isn’t.  I am one of the lucky ones.  My soldier came home to me in one piece.

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While he was gone, I did not have pets or small children that needed to be taken care of.  I have a job that keeps me very busy and creatively stimulated.  I got, what I like to refer to as, “The Year of Stephanie”.  I had to maintain the house on my own, which could be trying.  Time seemed to be completely stopped and the days and nights took FOR-EV-ER to pass.   Yes, I was still able to go out and have fun and laugh with my friends, but nobody tells you about the loneliness.  Nobody tells you about the constant fear every single time your doorbell rings or a phone number comes up on your caller ID that you don’t recognize.  Quilting and sewing became much more than a hobby, it became an escape.

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Now, think about all the military families who have to work, take care of kids, and maintain a household by themselves for MONTHS at a time.  Going through our busy lives, it’s easy to ignore what someone in our community might be going through.  I often would be out and about, running errands, wondering if anyone around me realized the gift that our service men and women give us: a “normal” life which we all take for granted?    Because I don’t live on a base, there are not many people who “get” what it is like to be married to a military man.  We all know about war since it is reported on the news multiple times a day–almost to the point where you are numb about anything you hear–but until you send off your loved one to one of those far off places that you hear about everyday, I don’t think it is possible to even truly comprehend it.   And no, it’s not anything like your husband who is away on a “business trip”.  (Honestly, this came up as a comment…more than once!)  Luckily, I had a couple of girlfriends who are married to Marines who have deployed.  I was able to turn to them for advice.

Is there anyone in your community that has a service member deployed?  Is there anything you, personally, can do for them?  Sometimes it’s as simple as saying Thank You for your service.  If you are close to them, maybe it’s offering to mow their lawn or watch their kids for an hour so they can grocery shop.  Just recognizing their sacrifice is something we could all work a little bit harder at, myself included.  It’s very easy to live our lives and go about our day, but maybe stop and take a minute to check in with a family that has an entirely different perspective on living life.

Pattern Stock #DLL 45
Pattern Stock #DLL 45

Being a quilter with a soldier deployed, of course I was always looking for fabrics to get a quilt together for him.  I just couldn’t find what I was looking for.  I wanted something rustic and manly.  Rich colors and texture.  Military looking- without being novelty.  It just didn’t exist.  With his help, we designed what we think is a line that touches on all of that and more.  We wanted the colors to be deep and true.  When reading the words, we wanted people to think and remember the sacrifices.  The camouflage print and flag patches bring authenticity.  The silhouettes, hopefully, evoke emotions of pride.  We really are The Home of the Free BECAUSE of the BRAVE!

In conjunction with Because of  Brave fabrics, Moda Fabrics is introducing Piece and Comfort Challenge to recognize and honor the sacrifices that are made by our country’s military families. Including a charity was also very important to us.  We wanted to find one that really focused on and recognized the military families as much as the service men and women.  USA Cares is just that.  Proceeds from ‘Because of The Brave’ fabric line will benefit this incredible organization.

USA Cares exists to help bear the burdens of service by providing post-9/11 military families with financial and advocacy support in their time of need. Assistance is focused on three main areas:

– Removing the financial barriers that prevent veterans from receiving treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury.

– Removing the financial barriers that prevent veterans from Securing employment.

– Providing  emergency financial assistance to veterans and active duty service members who sustain a significant reduction in pay because of their service

USA Cares has responded to over 50,000 requests for assistance with over $11 million in indirect-support grants.

Thank you for your support of the military and their families.

-Tom and Stephanie Hove

Pattern stock # SIBM201



-Pick up an entry form at your local participating quilt shop

-Purchase fabric from ‘Because of The Brave’ by Moda or ‘Red, White & Free’ by Sandy Gervais.

-Make a quilt using at least 90% Moda fabrics (50% must be from one of the two above lines).  You can use an existing pattern or create your own.

-Completed Challenge Quilts will be displayed at participating shops April 6-18.  Customers will vote for their favorite quilt.

-The digital image of the winning quilt in each shop is submitted to a National On-line quilt show held by Moda.  Winner announced May 8, 2015.

– Shops must register to be included on the Piece and Comfort Challenge list. To do so,  click here for SHOP REGISTRATION FORM.


Are there any military families in your area?  What is their story?  Maybe you could find a way to help them out on a local level.   You never know how much a simple gesture of  Thank You could mean.

We hope you all enjoy the ‘Because of The Brave’ fabric line as much as we do.    Thank you in advance for your support…and for those of you that have served, or are serving (including the families)…THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!


To see the complete collection, click here.

Because of the Brave fabrics and patterns are available now to order for a November delivery. Please see your sales person or order online at

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  1. This is so amazing Steph! We are all so proud of you both! What a special way to honor our servicemen and women!

  2. I am so very proud of my amazingly creative niece and her equally amazing husband. So happy that Tom came home safe and sound and you both are using your talents to improve the lives of others.

  3. I am overwhelmed Stephanie. You are so talented and you told your story so gracefully. I know that your mom is as proud of you as we all are. Love you!

  4. Beautiful fabric line, Stephanie! Your mom would be so proud of you. I will make a challenge quilt in honor of all service men and women. Love the colors – hope to see you at one of the shops soon!

  5. We are so very very proud of you, Stephanie – you are an inspiration to all of us and we are so thankful you are our daughter-in-law. We love you!!!!

  6. Your story brought tears to my eyes. It was like you were speaking from MY heart. My husband deployed 4 times, my son once. Thank you for your beautiful line! I am so excited to begin working with it. Thank YOU for all you do to support your service member.

  7. My father and father-in-law were both career military. Pep’s father would be out to sea for 6 months of every year – quite a sacrifice on the part of both Byron and his family.
    My husband and I came of age during the Vietnam era. Whether one agreed with the politics or not the people in the military did their duty and their job.
    Such a difference now – and a righteous one.
    We are indeed free because of the brave.
    Thank you and Moda for this awesome line and challenge.

  8. I loved seeing the fabrics in person. I cannot wait to get these in the store as I know they will be a seller!! Thank you!!

  9. We are a retired military quilt shop family and lots of my volunteers are military too. We are near Fort Rucker and we will have great fun participating in the Piece and Comfort challenge

  10. You didn’t tell me you and Tom designed these fabrics. How cool is that! I have customers already planning their quilts for the Challenge. See you soon

  11. I have a Marine son who has a family who waits anxiously each time he is deployed. His wife is mother, RN, and manages four children and a home beautifully. I am so proud of him but I worry about my “little boy” when he has been deployed to Iraq twice and Afghanistan, and is now in Japan. I have seen how losing friends at battle has changed him and am saddened to see him try to shake off PTSD. Now his son will be joining the ranks of the Marines and there will be double worry for so many of us. I am the mother who is so very proud of her son and his choice to defend our great nation.

    1. I absolutely love this collection of fabrics!!! I Can’t get enough of this fabric line!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story! I am about to begin a journey we have never experienced before-our son-in-law is being deployed next month. I hope this will give his wife and him some comfort while he is away!
      Thank you again!

  12. Steph, I remember when Tom was deployed, prayers and tears. And the mean mail man! I love this line and hope it’s not too late to order some of it. Blessings for creating it and love to you both. I totally agree, Mom would be so proud!

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