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Repository-hosted Themes are required to support display of comments on static Pages as well as on single blog Posts. This static Page has comments, and these comments should be displayed.
If the Theme includes a custom option to prevent static Pages from displaying comments, such option must be disabled (i.e. so that static Pages display comments) by default.
Also, verify that this Page does not display taxonomy information (e.g. categories or tags) or time-stamp information (Page publish date/time).

4 thoughts on “Page with comments

  1. I’m searching for an older line of fabric that Karla designed under the name Farmyard Creations (for Clothworks). It’s a wonky small red wavy stripe on a dirty beige background in the line School Days. I would send a photo but don’t think your site will allow me to do that. Please contact me if you would like to see the photo or if you think you might have it. I have no clue when or where I bought it, but I only have a skinny strip left and I would like more for my Prim flags. Thanks for your help. Gayle

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