Perfectly Blue & White

Years ago, a quilt historian/appraiser told me that the most sought-after antique quilts, the most collectible, were blue and white. She used all the usual adjectives – classic, timeless, versatile and so on. It was hard to disagree.

To celebrate the many ways to interpret the variety of blue and white quilts, we’re excited to share Blue & White Quilts: 13 Remarkable Quilts with Timeless Appeal.

The thirteen quilts are a mix of new designs from well-known designers, including a few Moda ladies you’ll know well. The patterns also include a mix of new and antique quilts.

The four quilts shown above are – clockwise from upper-left:

  • Baskets in Blue – from the collection of Julie Hendricksen
  • Country Surprise by Nancy Mahoney
  • Antique Album – from the collection of Jennifer Keltner
  • Antique Hunter’s Star – also from the collection of Jennifer Keltner

If your preference is for two-fabric quilts, there are several spectacular examples, such as Midnight Sky by Laurie Simpson.

Two fabrics using the dark blue as the background – it’s classic Minick & Simpson.

Sapphire Star by Lisa Bongean. Of course. Again, two fabrics are all that’s needed to make this definitely-going-to-be-a-treasured-heirloom. (It would also be beautiful as a scrap quilt.)

If scrappy is your style, then there are these three quilts.

Timeless by Sherri McConnell. While three prints are used for the sashing and borders, the block squares and the block center squares-inner border, the geese are a scrappy mix.

To The Nines by Camille Roskelley – made with a scrappy mix of navy prints from Bonnie & Camille collections.

Blueberry Crumb Cake by Lissa Alexander – using a “how did she do that?” mix of prints and plaids in light, medium and dark shades of blue, this traditional block quilt is made modern.

Appliqué? There are two quilts – Singing the Blues by Helen Stubbings and Bliss by Debbie Roberts.

Appliqué and piecing. Debbie does both beautifully. (So does Helen.)

There are also quilts from Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robinson, and Jill Shaulis.

Blue & White Quilts is available now.

Of course, if the iconic Infinite Variety, Red & White quilt show in New York City in March, 2011, is your preference, all of these quilts could be made in red and white. (There’s also Red & White Quilts: 14 Quilts From Today’s Top Designers.)

We will be doing a giveaway for this book in January… it might include some blue and white fabric. Just saying.

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78 thoughts on “Perfectly Blue & White

  1. These blue and white quilts are beautiful – and so peaceful. I think “Singing the Blues” is my favorite. I look forward to the publication of the book – and your generous giveaway.

  2. I’m a big fan of two color quilts having made two in the last year in red and white. Guess it’s time to change to blue and white!

  3. Exquisite! Since blue is my absolute favorite color this book is a must have! I’m drooling over the pictures and want to make one of each! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I love 2 color quilts. I have made a few black and white ones, even a red and and white. I guess I should expand and do a blue and white one. The new book has beautiful quilts in it. If i had the book I would start at quilt 1 and work my way thru all of them. All of them are my favorites..

  5. Love the blue and white quilts. This is funny because when I first started quilting I did not like the color blue.
    Now I’m wanting to make blue and white quilts. They seem so crisp and clean,old fashion.

  6. My mother’s favorite color was blue. I made my parents a blue and white king sized logcabin for their 50th anniversary.

  7. What inspiration! I have never made a two color quilt. But I see one in my future. (2020) What a great book.

  8. I love blue & white quilts. I’ve already made 2 blue & whites with the 3rd one cut out ready to sew in the new year. I would use this book and I’ve already decided which quilt I would make first . . . Bliss of course!

  9. Love two color quilts, especially blue(s) and white. Love the “Sapphire” quilt would love to make that one.

  10. This book looks lovely, but my favorite combo is blue and white so I am not surprised! I am looking forward to your give away. Thanks for sharing

  11. I love blue and white. I made my first Irish Chain quilt from South African indigos and white using a vintage pattern. I think Julie Henderson had written the pattern based on an antique. These are fabulous quilts. So many quilts…so little time. Thank you for sharing this book!!!

  12. When I was a child I slept under a basket or cake stand quilt made from tiny indigo prints and bleached muslin. I wish I knew where that quilt went…

  13. Blue and white is my favorite quilt combination and yet I have never made one. I have one mostly cut out and will start on it after the holidays. Gorgeous quilts, all of them!

  14. Love the blue and white quilts, and know several people who would appreciate receiving one! Can’t wait to get this book.

  15. I have an Ocean Wave quilt in process. I would love to turn the leftovers into Sapphire Star and To the Nines! I better get sewing…

  16. Can’t wait for the arrival of this book. I’m finally getting around to decorating my room and blue and white are the colors we settled on so I’m excited to make a few quilts.

  17. I am a huge red and white quilt girl (I have been making at least one a year through my 60’s) but I am falling in love with this book…I may just have to jump ship and start making blue and white when I am in my 70’s or I maybe won’t be able to wait…some of them are calling my name “robyn, robyn”

  18. All the quilts shown in this book are absolutely beautiful. I should only be so lucky to be able to make at least half of the quilts in this new book during my lifetime to leave as treasured heirlooms to my family. Thank you for the opportunity!

  19. My first large quilt was a blue and white made for my son and his wife at their request as a wedding gift. That was over 20 years ago. Now I’m more into scrappy.

  20. As I read along, I kept thinking how much better these quilts would look in red. Had a good giggle when I reached the end and read the plug for the Red and White book.

  21. Blue and white quilts are also the easiest to gift as they go with everything! These quilts are just beautiful and have whetted my appetite for trying one of my own!

  22. Love, love, love this book, especially since blue is my favorite color. I already have the Red & White quilts book & love it. Can’t wait to win this one! The quilts are sew gorgeous!

  23. I have this book on my Christmas wish list. We purchased an antique blue and white feathered star quilt. After reading your intro, I am really happy we chose that one as our trip souvenir.

  24. I love this book and have already purchased it ! My favorite is Antique Hunters Star . . . I love the fabrics and everything about it 🙂 I was hoping there would be a fabric bundle for it !

  25. These quilts are beautiful and you can never go wrong with a two color quilt, especially blue and white!

  26. I love this book and blue & white quilts. They are timeless and always stunning. I’m also planning on making a blue & white king size quilt early 2020 wth the help of this book!

  27. I dearly love blue and white quilts. I have a couple that I have purchased. My goal is to make a couple to add to my collection. I am wild about Bliss, but it is hard to narrow it down. Truly inspired by this book and the fabric used. Thank you for sharing this post with us.

  28. Blue and white quilts are my absolute favorite – the real question is why have I not made one for myself yet?

  29. My best friend from 3rd grade and her husband have decided it’s time to sell their cabin that opens to national forest land in southern Colorado. I’m thinking I will have to make Midnight Sky by Laurie Simpson for them so they can continue to sleep under the stars.

  30. What beautiful quilts made from a timeless combination of blue and white. I already see a couple that are calling my name!

  31. Just made a red and white quilt. I have been wanting to make one since the Infinite Variety quilt show in New York and did so this year for our quilt guild challenge. It was my first attempt at machine quilted feathers. It was very intimidating but they turned out great. Blue and White is next on my list and I am loving the pieced and appliqued quilt in this book.

  32. Love this book, hope Santa brings it to me! Indigo Gatherings will be coming out in January—I’m thinking this would be a perfect combo.

  33. Oh my gosh, what beautiful blue and white quilts. I have a red and white quilt I am working on. I am now inspired to do a blue and white one.

  34. This book is now on my “must buy” list and I am ready to start searching for these lovely blue fabrics!

  35. I keep a guest room in blue and white with yellow accents in the decor; for 22 years I had a blue-and-white kitchen but totally changed it up last year with a very light (just a touch of color) green with black and white.

  36. Blue and white quilts are spectacular, as evidenced by the wonderful display at the Sapphire Anniversary of the Quilt Festival in Houston last month. So much inspiration in all sizes and tones of blue.

    My most meaningful quilt is a blue and white double wedding ring quilt I made from scraps of fabric collected over many years. There are two other blue and white quilts currently in my home. One was sewn as a project with a friend so that we could learn how to quilt with a featherweight sewing machine. The other took a couple of years of work, but the time and effort produced a beautiful blue and white quilt with blocks sewn on point.

    This new book appears to be full of inspiration and quilts begging to be reproduced. I can’t wait!

  37. This looks like an absolutely beautiful book. I have been wanting to make a blue and white quit for some time. this just might be the nudge I need!

  38. I can’t go past blue and white. It’s what I go back to all the time. I vary by doing life story embroidery and appliqué quilts which I also enjoy but find they all do have a predominance of blues in my creations. I just love your fabric designs, shades of colour and quality of texture. Thanks for continuing to create such beautiful gems

  39. Wow! Each of the quilts is gorgeous and classy!! Fresh and spirited are words that come to mind!

  40. I think blue and white quilts are the best. I have made 2 and I have a really sweet one with embroidered cats on it that my mom made for me when I was in college. Thanks for sharing the giveaway!

  41. I’d really love to try making a blue and white quilt! I prefer the navy tones as I find them more calming and easy on the eye. Love the scrappy looks too!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  42. Blue and White have always been my favorite for both quilts and decorating… I decorated my home around my collection of blue and white stoneware that I started collecting back in the 1980’s.

  43. I am a big fan of red and white, as in I bought 3 bolts of moda bella solids Christmas red so I would be sure to always have enough of the same red. Now I need to find the perfect blue to redo some of the red and white miniature quilts I designed to also be in blue and white.

  44. I love blue and white quilts!! These are spectacular and I especially love the pieced and appliquéd quilt by Debbie Roberts! The variety of designs is also great!

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