Cake. Moda. Mix.

The Moda All-Stars like cake. Red Velvet. Carrot. Chocolate. Coconut. And they love Layer Cakes! So when they were asked to use a Moda Cake Mix to bake up a quilt, they were on it!

If you haven’t heard, the Moda All-Stars have a new book titled Mix It Up. Sixteen quilts made with Layer Cakes or Charm Packs and Moda’s Cake or Cupcake Mixes – Mix It Up! 16 Quilts from Cake Mix & Cupcake Mix Papers.

What are those? It’s a triangle paper that lets you stitch, cut and press to yield all the parts you need for a block. Each Recipe is different – some mix two sizes of half-triangle squares, others make the pieced units for four-patches or rail-fence units.

To read more about the book and Cake Mixes – Moda All-Stars. Book. Cake.

For today, what you need to know is that we’re having a Blog-Social Media Hop with the designers in the book.

Here’s the schedule:

Monday – November 4:
Betsy Chutchian – Blog & Instagram
Susan Ache – Instagram
Martingale/That Patchwork Place – Blog & Instagram

Tuesday – November 5
Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic – Blog & Instagram
Laurie Simpson of Minick & Simpson – Blog & Instagram
Moda – Instagram (There might be a giveaway there… just saying.)

Wednesday – November 6
Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles – Blog & Instagram
Brenda Riddle – Blog & Instagram
Corey Yoder – Blog & Instagram

Thursday – November 7
Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill – Blog & Instagram
Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings – Blog & Instagram
Me & My Sister Designers – Blog & Instagram
Sherri McConnell – Blog & Instagram

Friday – November 8
Janet Clare – Blog & Instagram
Kristyne Czepurk of Pretty By Hand – Blog & Instagram
Sweetwater – Blog & Instagram
Sandy Klop of American Jane – Instagram

Books. Cake Mixes. Layer Cake. Charm Packs. We’ve got a few of those to share so… leave a comment by Midnight CST on Thursday, November 7 and you’re entered to win one of each.

Just tell us the following:
– What is your favorite kind of cake?
– Have you ever used a Moda Cake Mix?
– Who is your favorite Moda All-Star?

That’s it for today – let’s have Cake!

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181 thoughts on “Cake. Moda. Mix.

  1. My favorite cake is Boston Cream Pie (swoon).

    I sure have used the layer and cupcake mixes! As my current TV-watching work in progress, I am hand quilting your “Honeymoon” quilt I made using Cake Mix #9 and Minick and Simpson’s Farmhouse Reds.

    It is impossible to pick my favorite All-Star, so I vote for all the talented Quiltstock teachers of the past, and maybe some new ones? Betsy Chutcheon and Laurie Simpson, (hint, hint)?

  2. I love carrot cake. I have not tried Moda cake mixes but on my list of a fun quilt to do. Just as with my children there is not a favorite All Star, love them all!

  3. My favorite cake is anything coconut; German Sweet Chocolate, Italian Cream, and a coconut cake my best friend makes (and delivers every Christmas!). I’ve made a quilt using a Moda cake mix, a baby quilt, and I have a WIP Christmas one going that I need to finish! My favorite All-Star is Corey Yoder but she’s the only one I’ve met and I’m sure they are all just as lovely as Corey!

  4. Chocolate cake! Absolute favorite. I’ve used layer cakes for several quilts and love the accuracy! My favorite designer is Lisa B. Can’t get enough of her designs!

  5. I enjoy a good chocolate cake. I have used both sizes of cake mixes. My favorite designer is Betsy… it’s Lisa B….no it’s Jo….maybe I love them all.

  6. I’m challenged this morning, but Coconut Cake is my favorite. No I have not used a Cake mix it cupcake mix, but it’s on my bucket list. It hard to pick just one All Star, I have lots of favorites, but i’ll go with Corey Yoder, or Laurie Simpson or Lisa B.

  7. Carrot cake is my favorite. I have used Moda Cake mixes and absolutely love them. No way can I pick a favorite Moda All Star because, well they are ALL STARS!

  8. Carrot cake is my absolute favorite but chocolate is right up there on the list. I have used a Cake Mix to make a churn dash quilt for my dear friend who moved away. My favorite Moda All Star is Lynne Hagmeier but there are so many whose fabrics and designs I really love.

  9. My favorite cake is absolutely the Black Forest Cake found only at the Swiss Pastry Shop in Fort Worth, Texas. It’s an authentic European style cake with meringue style layers, whipped cream filling and topping, and finally sprinkled with dark chocolate shavings. Mmmmm!!!
    I have used a page or two of a Cake Mix to make some ‘T’ blocks, but that’s about it so far…
    I definitely have to choose Carrie Nelson as my favorite chef of all the peeps in this book, but Corey and Brigitte a close runners up!!

  10. I love carrot cake. I have not tried the cake mixes yet but would to sample them. My favorite Moda All Star is Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic. I adore her fabrics and designs.

  11. German chocolate is my favorite cake! My favortite? I have books or fabric from almost all of those listed, it would be hard to choose. I love Lisa Bonagfan new grey line of fabric. Minick & Simpsons pattern with those 1/2 square triangl es is just so cute. Layer cakes for my stash, jelly rolls are just so usable in so many patterns! And the cake & cup cake mixes really simplify cutting and are a great product. Thanks for all the help in my sewing room!

  12. I love chocolate cake. I have not tried the cake mix paper but I am intrigued by them. I have so many favorite Moda All Stars but if I have to choose one, I’ll say Corey Yoder.

  13. My favorite cake is chocolate cake with warm chocolate pudding on top. I recently purchased a layer cake of Farmhouse flannel and a cake mix, excited to try it. And of course my favorite All Star is Carrie Nelson, still love the Schnibbles…

  14. I love Pineapple Upside Down Cake. I have never used a Moda Cake Mix. I always read Sherri McConnell’s posts so I would say she is a favorite.

  15. My favorite cake is my grandmother’s Ice Water Coconut Cake. Nothing like it, fresh coconut! I am currently using cake mix number 7 to make Tuppence! Still have a few papers to sew together. My favorite designer is hard to pick but do like Brigitte Heitland, Zen Chic!

  16. Favorite cake — has to be chocolate fudge and no, I haven’t used a Moda cake mix yet, on my list of things to try. My favorite all-star would be Laurie Simpson of Minick and Simpson!

  17. My favorite cake is Hershey’s chocolate layer cake (recipe on the back of Hershey’s cocoa box). I have not yet used a Moda Cake Mix and I honestly couldn’t pick a Moda All Star favorite. I guarantee I have fabrics from all of them in my stash!

  18. Favorite cake: pineapple upside down
    Yes I used a Moda Cake Mix to make a Churn Dash quilt and have another one along with a cupcake mix in the baking!

    Favorite Moda All Star- tie between Kate Spain and Corey Yoder

    Keep up the good work! I love the book!

  19. Carrot cake i s my favorite, and I have grated a knuckle or two. I have used a cupcake mix, but not the layer cake size. Choosing a favorite Moda all star is like trying to choose a favorite child. Impossible, but I like Corey and Sheri got their bright colors, Betsy and Lisa for their traditional designs, and Kristyne for her love of all things pink and her stitches!

  20. I love German chocolate cake! Or pretty much an cake. I haven’t tried the Cake Mix pads yet but I’m sure after seeing these quilts I’ll run to my LQS to pick up. Can’t wait to see. I like Corey Yoder but now following all so hope to find more favs.

  21. I love red velvet cake with white frosting. Home is best, but the box mix is not bad. I have never made a layer cake. I look at them and can never decide which one to do, so this would be a great thing to win because the decision would be made for me. I would say Lisa Bongean is my favorite Moda designer and I am truly blessed to live in the area of the primitive gatherings shop. I enjoy reading the emails I get from Moda. It’s fun to keep in the loop. Thanks for all the hard work.

  22. Well the first two questions are easy to answer…french vanilla and no, I’ve never used a cake mix. The third question isn’t as easy! There are so many…Zen Chic, Lisa Bongean, Betsy Chutchian, Sherry McConnell, Corey Yoder to name a few. But Lynne Hagmeier is my all time favourite! Me and her fabrics go wayyyyy back! Thanks for this chance.

  23. My favorite cake is chocolate, the more and darker the better. I have used Moda’s Cake Mixes and think they are a fabulous creation. I collect pre-cuts, especially when I see a collection I am really interested in. I despise wasting fabric and found your Mixes to be a perfect solution. As for a favorite All Star, I have many. Included in this collection would be Lisa Bonjean. I love all things country and primitive. Thank you for another wonderful publication.

  24. My favourite cake is probably chocolate fudge cake, but I a also partial to anything with an almond flavour. I haven’t tried a Moda Cake Mix yet but do have some time coming up over christmas to have a try. My favourite All star is Kristyne Czepurk, everything she does is so pretty. x

  25. My favorite cake is lemon because I love the contrast of tart and sweet. I have used the cake mix papers several times and love the results. Choosing a “favorite” Moda All Star is a challenge because there’s so much talent there, but I love gray so Corey Yoder is my choice.

  26. My two very favourite cakes are carrot and pumpkin spice. I have used Cupcake 4 with Pepper and Flax to make Grace’s Garden and Cake Mix 4 using Authentic fabric. I can’t pick a favourite Moda designer! It would be like picking one of your kids over another ! They are all great! Love the chance to win this terrific book!

  27. Favorite cake is Boston Cream Pie (it really is a cake). Yes, have used cake mix papers many times and two of my favorite All Stars are Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister Designs. Go Moda!!

  28. My favorite real cake is angel food cake, especially when topped with strawberries. I have a few of the Moda cake mixes,, but haven’t used them yet. It is hard to choose a favorite designer, but two the come to mind from the book are Betsy Cutchian and Susan Ache.

  29. Homemade cheesecake…yum!
    Yes I have used both Cake Mixes and Cupcake Mixes. I love their accurateness.
    My All Star:Betsy Chutchian but I must say I have quite a few more ;o)

  30. My favorite cake is chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream frosting. Yum! I haven’t tried any cake mixes yet. And it’s a toss up for my favorite designer – Lynne Hagmeier and Lisa Bonjean are my two favorites right now. Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. Favorite cake—chocolate lava or a yello cake with chocolate frosting. I have not used a cake mix pattern, but have used and have several layer cakes. I’d have to choose Brigitte from Zen Chic. Love her patterns and fabrics

  32. My favorite cake is a recipe from my Dad called 1-2-3-4 cake because of the ingredients. It is a type of pound cake. I have a recipe cake mix I am getting ready to try, a gift from a friend. Corey Yoder is one of my favorite designers. There are so many it’s hard to pick just one.

  33. My favorite cake is Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. I have not had a piece in a long time. I have not tried candy of the cake mixes yet. My favorite Moda designer is Betsy Chutchian. I love all of her work.

  34. Brenda Riddle is my favorite designer – she’s just an angel, so angel food would have to be my favorite cake, and I’ve used the cupcake papers to make a top. I believe it was #4 – it has the star block option.

  35. My favorite cake is chocolate from back of Hershey chocolate can. My husband makes it & so good! I have made most of the Cake Mixes-love all of them. They are so precise & turn out beautiful. How do I choose a favorite Moda All Star? I can’t!

  36. My favorite cake is apple crunch cake made in a bundt pan. I have used a cake mix once, it was one that made all HST. So far I have made 2 baby quilts with it, both very different, and I still have enough scraps left to make at least one more. As far as my favorite All Star, in my mind the queen of them all is Carrie Nelson!

  37. I love chocolate cake! I haven’t used the Moda cake mixes yet, but I hope to try them soon. I can’t pick just one favorite Moda All-Star—they are all great!

  38. My favorite cake is carrot cake. I don’t have a fav cake mix because I seem to collect them, not use them yet. My favorite All-Star is Carrie, and has been for many years.

  39. I love carrot cake with lots of cream cheese frosting. I have used cake mix papers and love them. My favorite Moda All Star? Lisa Bongean!

  40. I’m a fan of Red Velvet Cake. I’ve never tried the cake mix papers and couldn’t choose a favorite designer—they are all awesome!

  41. I love chocolate cake. LOL Really I love layer cakes that have brown in the fabrics because I can mix them with so many other colors quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  42. My favorite cake is white cake with buttercream frosting, like a wedding cake. I have made several quilts using Moda cake mixes. I love how easy they are to use. I taught two classes at my local quilt shop on how to use a layer cake.
    My favorite Moda all star is Brigette Heitland, I have used a lot of her fabrics in my quilts. I was especially smitten with her Day in Paris fabrics.

  43. My favourite cake is chocolate. Of course. Lol. My favorite Moda All Star designer is Corey Yoder. And I have cup cake papers and a pattern, and plan to use them soon. I don’t have layer cake papers. I do want to get some and some of these patterns would be a perfect start.

  44. I love carrot cake. I have done a Cake Mix #4 and loved the results. Love love love Minick and Simpson.

  45. My favorite cake is Italian Wedding Cream. I have used a Moda Cake Mix. I have two more packs. I want to make a ‘T’ quilt for my brother Terry, who we call T. My favorite designer is Me & My Sister. I love their bright colors.

  46. I love Red Velvet cakes for their flavor & the rich red color. I have used triangle papers, but not a Moda cake mix – will have to try soon. Lisa Bongean is my favorite designer

  47. Thanks for the blog hop!! I have my book and ready to read along with the posts. My favorite cake is German Chocolate and I bake it in a Bundt pan to make sharing easier. Cake Mix Number 4 was used to make a “picnic” quilt using a C. Manning print. I’m sorry…choosing one Moda All-Star is nye impossible. Several designers are favorites—Anne Sutton, Sweetwater team, Joanna Figueroa, Sandy Klop–I’d better stop.

  48. I love these! Especially the one by Brenda Riddle! I’ve really enjoyed using the cupcake papers I’ve gotten. I know I would enjoy these cake mix papers.

  49. German Chocolate by far is my all time favorite..frosted or unfrosted! I have a Moda Cake Mix…however…I have not used it yet!!! Lynne Hagmeier is my favorite Moda All-Star!!! I fell in love with Kansas Troubles the moment I walked into the first shop after I began quilting about 5 years ago!!

  50. Applesauce cake is a family favorite. It’s from the old Better Homes & Gardens cookbook-the red and white plaid one. Favorite cake mix half square triangles that can be made into flying geese.

  51. My favorite cake is Salad Dressing Cake. My Mom used to make it for all special occasions. We loved it!
    I have not yet used any Cake or Cupcake Mixes but hope to soon.
    Favorite Moda All-Star — not a fair question! For me, it truly is all of them! I love the Moda Designers!

  52. My favorite cake is fresh apple cake. My favorite Moda all-star is Lissa Alexander , and I an in a block of the month with cake mix 3 now. It is a lot of fun.

  53. Everything with chocolate has my heart so it’s no wonder I love chocolate cake. Although in summer it’s strawberry cake.
    I never used a Moda Cake Mix.
    And my favorite Moda All-Star designer is Camille Roskelley.

  54. My favorite cake is cheesecake or maybe Boston Layer Cake. I have used the Moda Cake Mix twice.
    Don’t have a favorite all star designer though I am partial to the French General collection.

  55. Your questions should be easy to answer… How do you pick a favorite cake and Moda All-Star when they are all good?!!! Way too many top contenders! I have a couple of cake and cupcake mixes but haven’t decided on the perfect project to use them.

  56. My favorite cake is Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting. I’ve never used a Moda Cake Mix but I watched someone using one while at a retreat! My favorite Moda All-Star is Laurie Simpson (and Lisa Bonjean).

  57. I’m so glad you came out with a new Cake Mix book. I love the papers and the wonderful quilts they can make. I can’t wait to get to my LQS and get this new book.

  58. My choice would be white cake with chocolate frosting – Yummmm! I love the accuracy of using the cake and cupcake papers, especially for small block pieces, How to choose a favorite designer? I’d be partial to Besy Chitchian and repro fabrics, Anything Moda means quilting to me!

  59. My favorite cake is chocolate (light, dark, whatever). I’ve only used Cake Mix #3 so far to use up scraps and have enjoyed making a million HST so quickly and accurately! Love Me and My Sisters designs.

  60. favorite cake carrot, have not used a layer cake. Thatis on my bucket list,Hard to choose favorite designer. Each has something special to offer.

  61. I love vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. I’ve used a cake mix and it worked great! Asking for a favorite Moda All-star is impossible but I have some Northport on order so I’ll say Laurie Simpson—for now!

  62. Favorite cake is coconut and devil’s food! Both are so good. I have not used a cake mix before. Must try it soon. Favorite designer? That’s like picking a favorite child, they are all great!

  63. I love vanilla cake with coconut icing. Not used cake mix yet. Favorite designer? Don’t know if she is still designing, but I always love Carrie Nelson.

  64. My favorite cake is Triple Chocolate. I’ve never used a Moda Cake Mix, but would love to try one. I’m not sure who my favorite Moda All-Star is, since they are all great! The first quilt I would like to make from the book is Betsy’s Step it Up quilt.

  65. I love carrot cake
    I used a layer cake for a Christmas quilt about seven years agp
    I love the Minick and Simpson fabrics

  66. My favorite cake is Italian Cream Cake. I haven’t used a layer cake. Me and my sister’s design.

  67. Favorite cake is German Chocolate. I have’t used a Mode Cake Mix, but do own a coupe (I am a sow quilter). Favorite designer is Betsy Chutchian

  68. My favorite cake is a chocolate angel food cake. I haven’t used a Moda Cake Mix yet…I like all of the designers and their fabrics. Just depends on my mood and what I want to make.

  69. Chocolate pudding cake so moist and yummy! I have not your Cake Mix papers yet, but hope to soon! I do love your designers, but I have to say Corey Yoder is my favorite right now.

  70. Not a huge cake fan but I do like flourless chocolate cake. I have some cake mix pads but haven’t used them yet. Sandy Klop is my favorite Moda all-star

  71. My favorite cake is cherry chip, no nuts!! I have tried the paper once and enjoyed them, they are on my wish list. Carrie Yoder is my fav!!

  72. hmm love talking cake! Favorite, plain white BIRTHDAY type cake for sure, with buttercream frosting 🙂 I have used the papers and LOVE them !!!! Not big on picking a favorite All Star, they are all super, however Lisa Bongean certainly ticks the boxes in the style of designs I just love. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  73. I love German Chocolate cake! I have not used a Cake Mix yet, but have been checking them out to decide which one I want to start with. Favorite? That’s a hard one as I enjoy all of them. Right now I would have to go with Corey Yoder – love reading her blog and her fabrics are wonderful!

  74. Favorite cake: Angel Food–can you believe my mom used to make it for me from scratch, bless her heart? Yep, I’ve made a cake with a Cake Mix and it was Big Fun! Favorite All Star? May I pick you, Miss Carrie?

  75. My favorite cake is probably German chocolate. I love so many of the all star designers but I always gravitate towards Sandi Klop and her bright colors and designs. I have never used a Moda cake mix before but it has been on my wish list for several years. Thanks for offering such a wonderful giveaway.

  76. Coconut pound cake followed closely by Carrot…extra cream cheese frosting please! I have used your cake mix papers and LOVE them. Carrie, you are so talented, generous and smart! This book would never have happened without your creativity and brilliant use of layer cakes and charm squares. You are solely responsible for a new topic of hoarding! I love Betsy’s quilt and also everything Miss Lisa B makes.

  77. Red velvet cake is my favorite. I have a Cake Mix packet to use but haven’t yet. Layer cakes are my favorite precuts, so I need to pick one and go! Picking a favorite Moda All-Star is like trying to pick a favorite ice cream. Too hard to pick just one and it changes from day to day!

  78. I love pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing. I have used a cake before, but can’t remember if it was 5 or 6. Corey Yoder is always a favorite of mine. I love her designs.

  79. I’ve used the 10″ cake book, so I’d have to call that my favorite so far. It’s hard to pick a favorite all-star. I do like the Minnick & Simpson fabric so I’ll say them.

  80. My favorite cake is carrot cake. I haven’t used the cake mix papers yet, but am planning to. My favorite all-star is Betsy Chutchian or Lisa Bongean.

  81. My favorite cake is German chocolate. I have not used a Mode cake mix but I have one to try soon. My favorite all-star is Betsy Chutchian.

  82. Minick&Simpson for sure, with their Michigan-themed names (my state and my city where they are too!) I haven’t used a cake mix yet but I’m getting closer. I love german chocolate cake best.

  83. My favorite cake is carrot cake. I have a cake mix but have not yet used it. Lisa Bongean is favorite all star

  84. Hummingbird cake is my favorite. I haven’t tried the Moda cake or cupcake mixes YET–so many quilts, so little time! My favorite Moda Allstar is Lynne Hagemeier. My big project for2020 is a quilt for my bed that is mostly “On Meadowlark Pond” with a few other Kansas Troubles prints mixed in.

  85. My favorite cake is lemon pound cake.
    I have used layer cakes and cake mixes, and enjoyed the process.
    My fave all-star is Betsy Chutchian!

  86. I love strawberry cake with cream cheese icing. I have used Moda cake mixes and love how accurate they make the blocks. My favorite designer is Corey Yoder. Thank you for the chance to win!

  87. My favorite cake is one that I make at Christmas – Coke Cake. It is very chocolatey is make with coke soda.

    I haven’t use a Moda cake mix yet but I would love to try one.

    And how can you pick a favorite Moda All Star – they are all awesome!


  88. My favorite cake is a cake my Mom made years ago called Lazy Daisy Cake, a yellow cake with a broiled brown sugar coconut frosting. I have not used a layer cake mix but am very interested. Moda has the absolute best fabric designers but I’m in love with Sugar Creek so I have to go with Corey Yoder.

  89. Favorite cake is spice cake with carmel frosting. I have not used a cake mix yet. Corey Yoder is one of my favorites, hard to pick because they are all great.

  90. Chocolate cake with chocolate-raspberry ganache. I havent yet had an opportunity to try the cupcake papers, but i can envision a chocolate and raspberry color quilt made with them! I really like Corey Yoder’s work.

  91. Favorite cake is red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I have not used the cake mix or cupcake papers yet. My favorite all-star – so many good designers, so I’ll give my top three: Corey Yoder, Brigitte Heitland, and Sweetwater.

  92. My favorite cake is coconut. I have not used the cupcake or cake papers yet. Carrie is my favorite all star.

  93. My favorite cake is wacky cake with fluffy white frosting. No I have not tried the cake/cupcake papers yet but, will as I have purchased the book. Picking one all star is too hard I love them all and their fabric even if the colors don’t go in my house I just like playing with all different colors of fabric.

  94. Favorite cake is carrot with cream cheese icing…Yum! Have not tried a cake mix yet, but keep looking at them. It is hard to pick a favorite designer as there are so many and I love looking at all their quilts…..favorite would have to be Joanna Figueroa.

  95. My favorite cake is German chocolate. I used a cake mix recipe to make a table runner. My favorite All-Star is Lynne Hagmeier from Kansas Troubles. I can’t wait to get this book.

  96. My favourite cake is carrot cake with cream cheese icing but it needs to be made with pineapple, walmuts and raisins. I have seen but not personally used the cake mix recipes. I don’t have a favourite All-Star – I love them all.

  97. Spice or Carrot are my favorite cakes, but I’ll take Red Velvet, Chocolate or Lemon too! I have looked at the cake mixes but never used one; and Carrie Nelson is my favorite All-Star. She is the one I followed to Moda and the reason learned about the other fantastic ladies!

  98. Cake Cake Cake–I love any kind. Don’t have a favorite All Star either but like them all. Have not used a Cake Mix yet but hope to soon.

  99. White cake with chocolate frosting. Have not use a cake mix yet, but they look like fun. And Betsy Chutchian is one of my favorites.

  100. I have made tops using Cake Mixes and love them. So easy! My favorite cake is chocolate. And I can’t choose an All-Star, there are too many I like.

  101. Fresh Apple Cake.
    No. Have seen them demonstrated but have never used them.
    It’s difficult to chose just one, but I have my eye on Betsy’s quilt.

  102. I have two favorites….Red Velvet Cake tops the list, with Lemon Pound Cake coming in as a close second.
    I have never used a Moda Cake Mix, but would like to….
    No way could I pick a favorite Moda All Star…love them all!!!

  103. Favorite cake: rum cake
    Recently bought a Moda Cake Mix but haven’t used it yet
    Favorite Moda All-Star is Brigitte Heitland

  104. Black Forest cake is my favorite.
    Yes, I’ve made a table topper with some cake mix papers.
    I love the patterns and fabrics of Corey Yoder and Vanessa G (Lella Boutique).

    1. My favourite cake is Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing.
      I’ve never tried the recipes and I should because they are beautiful!

  105. My favorite cake is Coconut Cake. No, I have never used a Moda Cake Mix. My favorite Moda All Star is Sherri McConnell.

  106. My favorite kind of cake is red velvet, I have not used a Moda Cake Mix, but I would love to!
    I like all of the Moda All-Star designers, some of my favorites are Me and My Sister and Minick and Simpson.

  107. Favorite cake–fudgy chocolate. Cake mix–I am using one right now for a BOM at a local shop. Favorite Moda all-star–that’s the hardest to pick. Too many wonderful choices! I do love Lisa Bongean’s newest collection.

  108. My favorite cake is the gluten free coconut pound cake my husband makes for my birthday. I’ve never used any kind of triangle paper or cake mix papers. No fair to pick just one favorite designer, but I do love Betsy Chutchian, Sherri McConnell and Corey Yoder.

  109. Would love to have the book. I am working on getting my quilt tops quilted. Loading one on my longarm machine today. I retired in July and have finished 6 out of my 8 quilt tops on longarm. Love working with the cake mix papers.Angela waters gave me inspiration to not be afraid of my longarm and conquer that machine. My ufo’ s are almost done.that is my goal to start off new year

  110. My favorite cake is chocolate with white frosting. Pretty simple. I have 2 favorite designers – Sherri McConnell and Amy Smart. I have never worked with cupcake or cake papers but it always a good day if you learn something new!

  111. Hmm, don’t really like cakes too much and definitely not chocolate so if I had to pick, plain vanilla for me.
    I have tried the “cake” papers. They come in handy for precise pieces.
    As for which quilt designer, ALL of them. They each have such talent it is impossible to single out one. I know I have more than one book or fabric collection from all of them.

  112. My favorite cake is a carrot cake. I have used cake mix papers before to made a basket quilt. And its hard to choose a favorite, but I think Lisa Bongean is my favorite designer.

  113. I love chocolate cake with white frosting. I have never used a cake mix for Moda or anyone else but want to try some. My favorite Moda designer is Lisa Bongean!

  114. Swedish Pineapple
    –Yes, used a cake mix for Quilts of Valor, thankAngela Walters is my favorite Moda all star.
    She has inspired me to get better at machine quilting.

  115. My favorite kind of cake is chocolate, especially dark chocolate with any kind of icing that isn’t the “whippy” stuff from the grocery.

    I haven’t used a Moda cake mix, but this book is making it look very tempting.

    I think Corey Yoder probably creates the most designs I can imagine making, but all of them offer lovely designs even when they aren’t quite my thing.

  116. My favorite cake is trifle. I have not used Moda cake mix but I have used triangle paper. Sherri McConnell is my favorite, I’ve learned a lot from her videos and her quilts are lovely.

  117. Chocolate anything!! Layer cakes are on my Christmas wish list! Who can pick just one favorite designer when Moda gives us such amazingly talented women to choose from?!! Oops, guess I should have said people, to include men…. : )

  118. Love most all cakes! Strawberry shortcake sounds good today.
    I’ve never used Moda cake mix papers.
    Lisa Bongean is amoung my favorite Moda All Stars.
    Thanks for the chance at your giveaway!

  119. My favorite cake is Ooey Gooey Butter Cake. I have’nt used any Cake Mix papers yet but would love to try them. My favorite designer would be Sherri McConnell.

  120. My all time favorite cake is German chocolate! I have never used cake mix or cupcake papers but would love to try. I met Sheri McConnell at Garden of Quilts and she is so nice and I’m loving the Sunday Sampler.

  121. Favorite cake…Boston cream pie or fresh cheesecake!! Have used the fabric but not the papers. Pick a favorite??!!! Love them all for the great ideas they bring!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  122. I love carrot cake! Yes, I’ve used Cake Mix #3 & #4. I keep several #3 & #4 on hand for making half square triangles. A real time saver.

    My favorite designer is a tough one. Moda has very talented designers! If I have to choose one, it’s Sherri McConnell. I’m a faithful follower of her blog.

  123. I’ve never used a Moda cake mix but I love Moda designers. Jessica Dayon is awesome but so are Sherri and Chelsi!

  124. I would love to win. My favorite real cake is chocolate cake. I have used both Cake Mix and cupcake too. My favorite all star is you. I am busy making quilts for those who have cancer or some serious illness and need comfort. Started with a friend and then it just blossomed. My goal is to be one ahead in male and female, but can’t seem to get there since there are so many sick. Might try to enlist some other and name our group.

    Thanks, Karen Carpenter

  125. My favorite Moda All-Star is Sherri McConnel! Love her quilts and follow her blog. Love chocolate cake. Haven’t tried the cake mix or cupcake papers yet.

  126. I have used a Moda cake mix to make a ton of 2 1/2” HST, I think it was recipe 3. It made the process so easy. I love Chocolate cake, so yummy! I can only pick one favorite Moda All-Star? So hard to do, but I love Brigette Heitland’s quilts and fabrics. Thanks!

  127. Chocolate is my favorite cake. I’ve never used a Moda cake mix. Camille Roskelly is one of my favorite all stars.

  128. My favorite cake is confetti with cream cheese frosting. Yum! I haven’t used the Cake Mix or Cupcake papers yet. I’m looking forward to trying them. I love all of the All Stars, but my favorite is Corey Yoder. I love the colors she chooses!

  129. I love Carrot Cake, or should I say the Cream Cheese Frosting. I have not tried Cake Mix papers but would love to give it a try.

  130. I love chocolate cake. I have never used Moda cake mix papers. It is hard to choose my favorite designer but I have always liked Anne Sutton’s work.

  131. I like German Chocolate cake. I saw the idea of marking and sewing a 10 inch square in a Cake Mix packet. I used the idea to mark and sew the square myself withour the paper. It did work well for sewing the squares. I have enjoyed following Sherrie McConnell’s blog. But it has been interesting to be introduced to so many other blogs through the shared projects.

  132. I really like #1 cake mix. That’s the next one I plan to use. I’ve made #6 and live how it turned out. It was a birthday gift for my daughter. My favorite designer’s quilt is Harbor by Sherri McConnell. I live the colors and simple design.

  133. My favorite cake from a box is rainbow chip. Homemade would be carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! I have not yet used a moda cake mix, but would love to! I guess I’d say Corey Yoder is my fave mostly because I’ve been following her the longest and her quilting is very cheerful

  134. My favorite cake is a yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting. I have not used Moda Cake mixes yet but they are on my to try list. My favorite designer…I love Brigitte Heitland and and Corey Yoder but if I had to pick only one it would be Sherri McConnell.

  135. My favorite cake is angel food! I have not yet used a moda cake mix. I always like the designs by Kansas Troubles and Me and My Sister Designs!

  136. I love lemon cake, chocolate cake and coconut cake although, I love the icing most of all. I have some cake mix recipes but I haven’t used them yet. I really enjoy all the designers, but I have to say Laurie Simpson’s designs always speak to me.

  137. My favorite cake is Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting
    I have not used the Cake Mix recipes, however, I am intrigued by them
    My favorite designer is Sherri McConnell

  138. my favorite cake is a cake that they serve at a local restaurant called Max’s: it’s a carrot cake with coconut, pineapple, raisins and walnuts, with, of course, a cream cheese frosing. It’s like 5 inches tall!!! Yummm!!! Thanks for the chance to win the book: it looks yummy too!

  139. I love angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream! I’ve purchased a few layer cakes for specific projects, but they’re still waiting in line. I hope to use them by the end of the year. All of the designers are great, but Sherrie has so many designs I love.

  140. My favorite kind of cake is chocolate with lots of chocolate frosting. I am currently making my first cake mix quilt (from cake mix #9). Favorite all star? Amazed by all but currently loving Corey Yoder and Laurie Simpson.

  141. My favourite cake is carrot cake. I’ve made 4 quilts from cake mixes and one from a cupcake mix.
    Carrie Nelson is my favourite all-star.

  142. I have a backlog of projects but when I get time to selfish sew I definitely want to try a cakemix! Speaking of cake; my fave is ice cream cake. I think I’ve loved Lisa Bongean’s style since I 1st saw her fabrics.

  143. My favorite cake is Apple Nut Cake, love it! I haven’t used the Cake Mix papers yet and it is difficult to pick just one favorite but I like Lisa’s style and designs and Jo Morton too!

    1. My favorite real cake Lemon with a lemon icing, I have 5″ but I have not tried the cake roll yet I need to.
      It’s hard to pick a designer, they are all so very talented.. Lisa Bongean’ Anne Sutton, Sherri McConnell, Kansas Troubles and Me and My Sister Designs…

  144. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I never have used a Moda Cake Mix. My favorite Moda all star is gingiber.

  145. Favorite cake is my Grandma’s Apricot Brandy Pound Cake – yum!! I have never used a Cake Mix, but would love to try one I really enjoy Sherri McConnell.

  146. Carrot cake is my favorite. Have used several cake mixes for guild quilts to honor members—the papers make a easy, uniform finish when squares are coming from many different hands. Corey Yoder is my favorite designer.

  147. My favorite cake is chocolate! I have never used a Moda cake mix but it sounds fun! (So far I have mainly done minis). And I follow and love Sherry McConnell!

  148. Favorite cake is carrot cake. Yummy!! My favorite all star is Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings.

  149. Oops! Forgot to say I have never used this but the projects shown have inspired me. I love these!

  150. My favorite cake is Peter Paul Mounds chocolate cake. I’ve had it every year for my birthday for over 60 years now! Must be pretty good! LOL!
    No, I’ve never tried using the Cake Mix papers. And I like Sherry and Corey!

  151. Anything chocolate!! No I hav envy used any of the Cake Mix patterns yet. I’ve seen several that I like. I love Sherry & Corey. How do you decide. So much talent.

  152. I love red velvet cake, and I am a fan of both sizes of papers! They are genius! Carrie Nelson’s designs are always wonderful, and I love Moda Lissa’s quilts, too!

  153. Yes, I’ve used both sizes of cake papers. In fact, I’m putting a quilt together now with #2 cake mix using Minick and Simpson fabric. The papers are the bomb giving the accuracy one needs. Thank you, Carrie. Coconut cake with coconut cream icing is my all time favorite. Yum! Choosing a favorite All Star is tough as they all are so talented, but I follow Sherri,Corey, and Carrie religiously.

  154. I have used Cake Mixes. I love Moda Fabrics and as far as my favorite All Star…… that’s a tough one. I love Janet Claire,Betsy, Me & My Sister. Oh I think I love them all❤️

  155. My favorite cake is carrot cake with cream cheese icing. I have made a few quilts with the Moda cake papers and they were so easy to put together. My favorite two All Stars are Bonnie & Camille.

  156. My favorite cake is red velvet. I’ve never used cake mixes. My favorite all star is Lisa Bonjean.

  157. My mom’s homemade chocolate cake. No I have never used a cake mix…yet. Lisa B. gets my vote for all star.

  158. Never met a chocolate I didn’t love! I have never used a cake mix, either, but would love to try it. I vote for Sherri McConnell….I’ve enjoyed her blog for years.

  159. I’m saying layer cake since I’m gluten free. I’ve even had issues with gluten free flour. Not a problem since I still have good health. I have sorrowed when friends have died from cancer. So not eating cake is just a little thing in comparison. So many great layer cakes and so many great ways to sew them!

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