Sasha Ignatiadou

Until we’re sure we know how to properly pronounce her last name, we’ll call her Sasha. We do know that “ignatiadou” means “lovely creator of gloriously colored paintings.”

Sasha Ignatiadou also means “Ruby Star Society’s First Guest Designer”.

Working with acrylic and watercolor illustrations, oil painting and digital art, Sasha’s artwork is inspired by nature, plants, animals, Eastern cultures and the beauty of women. With degrees in Architecture and Art, she lives a creative life as an artist and illustrator based in Germany.

Airflow is her first fabric collection.

Sasha describes it as a collection of textiles inspired by the world of life, with the theme being a love for nature and it’s absolute beauty. As she writes, the patterns that nature itself creates are the most beautiful and interesting.

Cats, tigers and cranes inhabit a technicolor landscape of botanicals, some with metallic accents that give the fabric and print a luxe finish. There will be twenty-three prints in Airflow, printing on soft, silky Ruby Star Cotton. (It’s a medium-lightweight cotton that is perfect for clothing, quilts, bags and home decor items.

Two of the prints will also be available on 100% Rayon, allowing these vibrant designs to be made into beautiful blouses, skirts and dresses.

Airflow will be in shops in April, 2020.

I think they’ll be worth the wait.

We’ll share more about Sasha and Airflow in the coming months.

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7 thoughts on “Sasha Ignatiadou

  1. so happy to see real pattern and prints….. not just small blobs that most collections are these days – I think they are trying to be “modern” ……. April is indeed a LONG way off. And when Moda says a month it really is the last week of the month….

  2. Love sasha’s use of the vibrant colors surrounded by the muted shades. Her florals are sassaman like!

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