7 thoughts on “ICMT Day 2

  1. Went to Corey’s blog. She linked to FQS for fabric and her own site for patterns. Encouraging customers to buy online those ways helps the local quilt shops CLOSE.

  2. I will call and check first with my local quilt shops to see if they carry a particular pattern (which saves me the shipping costs and helps the local stores), but if they don’t then I purchase online.

    1. You don’t need to purchase the patterns, they are free!! Every day a new designer posts their blocks on their site and we get to make the 18″ block into a quilt, pillow or whatever you like.
      It’s another great freebie from Moda!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your blocks and talents.
    The closest quilt shop to me is 40 miles one way.
    I must shop at JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby… or online.

  4. I tried to get Corey’s block but there is something funky…it does not download totally. The rest are fine. I think it’s a glitch on her site?

  5. Love both patterns… I’ve been a fan of Kansas Troubles for ages and I’m excited to start this cute block from Corey, my mother lives in Amish country in Ohio and has several close Amish friends so this block will make a cute gift for mom.

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