Stacy’s Safari Life…

From Stacy Iest Hsu… I am always amazed how a collection starts and ends, how it goes from just a tiny piece of inspiration, it goes to a sketch, then to a collection of fabric. 

Safari Life had such a crazy journey.

You might think it was inspired by a trip to the zoo or an African safari, but in actuality it was inspired by a picture of a crocheted blanket made with cream, gold and brownish gray. 

I just loved the color combination and I thought, how could I create a collection using this color palette. I started sketching and came up with some animals. One thing led to another and Safari Life was born.

I love this collection! I love the warmth it gives and I am especially proud of the illustrations. I feel like this collection is for all ages, boys and girls, adventurers and dreamers.

This is my first collection using Black, Ash and Khaki and I love the different look it’s given the prints.

Aqua and Cream – the colors work for boys and girls.

Amber and Dijon – even the color names are good!

Elephants like to wave… Hippos like to yawn… Giraffes like to eat… these are all part of the Safari Life book panel.

Or course there are lions in the book – Lions like to roar!

There is also a panel soft toys – a zebra, a lion, a giraffe and an elephant.

I’m excited about the four quilts I made for Safari Life.

This is how they looked at Spring Market. There’s a corner of Tribal Geo on the left, it’s next to Tribal Rhythm. Lion’s Head is in the middle and that’s Safari Wildlife hanging on the right. (It measures 70″ x 87″.)

This is African Geo – there are four big blocks that make up the 72″ x 72″ quilt. It’s a good project for Advanced Beginners. You can just see the side of Tribal Rhythm – it measures 60″ x 73″.

Lion’s Head – a better view of the quilt.

Who doesn’t love a good pillow? The Elephant and Lion’s Head pillows are included in the Safari Life Pillow pattern.

Even after all of this, I am still surprised that it started with a couple of sketches and a crochet blanket.


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17 thoughts on “Stacy’s Safari Life…

  1. love this collection, grandbaby #6 is on way, due in January – and giraffe is the theme – got to get this fabric, unless you want to sent me some šŸ™‚

  2. I am excited to get this fabric and start sewing. Love love love this. Canā€™t wait!! The color pallet is beautiful.

  3. This is a favulous collection! I want a quilt in these fabrics for me!!! I love hippos so I spy a few in there…

  4. I’m so anxious for this fabric line. There’s just something about this line and these colors that I am in awe over. Cannot wait to get my hands on an abundance of this beautiful fabric and sew: quilts, pillows, etc. All ages is right… men/women, boy/girl… It’s a great line for all and so richly beautiful!! Excellent job Stacy.

  5. Oooo this is a wonderful line!! I am devoted to making high quality, fun baby quilts for our local NICU. This darling fabric line will be perfect!! I love it!! Thank you for this blog post!! It was really fun to read!!

  6. I love this collection! wonderful colors and the animals so cute!!!! Inspiration comes from the oddest places.

  7. Love this new line (all her fabric lines are wonderful) and can’t wait to make something! The colors and animals are great!

  8. Help! Once I cut the pieces out, I can’t remember which letter they correspond with and get lost. Hindsite is to next time write it down or take pictures. That, however, doesn’t help me now, with the few squares I have cut. Can you help me identify my pages and pieces? A photo or list?

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