Quilt Retreat…

While Webster’s didn’t include “quilt” in their definition of a retreat, it still fits. A retreat is a place of refuge, seclusion, or privacy.

The group can be big or it can be small, and the location can be a vacation home or a dedicated retreat center. Your group might be like-minded people you’ve only just met, or it might be a very exclusive group of friends and co-workers. If you’re really lucky, you’ll get away with thoughtful, welcoming friends – new and old.

Have you been on a quilt retreat? Or a crafting-making kind of retreat?

Imagine your ideal making-sewing getaway… what makes it special?

If you’re trying to figure out how to plan a getaway for you and your sewing-minded friends, there is a lovely new book about “creating the perfect sewing adventure filled with fabric, friends and food…” – Handmade Getaway by Jacqueline Sava Clarke and Karyn Valino.

Karyn Valino opened the workroom in Toronto, Canada in 2007. The shop and sewing studio quickly became a gathering place for passionate and enthusiastic makers, crafters and sewists. That’s how she met Jacqueline Sava Clarke – a sewist and award-winning industrial designer with a passion for teaching people how to take care of their clothing, and the founder of Soak.

I first came to know Jacqueline’s name through Flatter, the deliciously scented, environmentally-conscious, not-starch spray that relaxes wrinkles and freshens fabric.

There are five Flatter scents and “scentless” – and don’t ask me to pick a favorite. It’s a five-way tie – the scentless is in second place. (Just so you know, everybody who smells the Pineapple Grove Flatter says the same thing – “This smells so good I want to drink it!”)

And not only is it great for clothing – think summer linens! – a few of our Moda designers love – love! – using it on the fabrics they’re using in their hand-appliqué. (Jen. Laurie.)

Whether you’re getting away for a single day, a weekend or an entire week, Handmade Getaway has ideas for how to plan – what to pack, how to allocate responsibilities, and group activities.

At a friend’s house or at a family vacation home, why not teach the group how to take care of their sewing machines? You’d be surprised how many people have never learned how to do that. I used to be invited to a retreat in Oregon where one of the ladies there taught us about rug-hooking.

Do you cyanotype?

It’s easier than you think – you just need a few supplies, fabric, leaves and sunshine. (It works on paper too.)

There are also sewing projects for individuals and groups from pillowcases and mitered napkins to beautiful quilts.

I’d share more pictures but the book has disappeared… walked away.

Fortunately, I have a copy to share so if you’ll leave a comment by Midnight on Sunday, June 30 telling us about your perfect, dream sewing getaway. If you’ve never been… what would make it perfect enough for you to want to go?

As you read this, I will be teaching at a retreat in Boulder, Colorado. Teaching because I will be bringing my sewing machine and a few of my sweetest friends will be there. (That’s the best kind of getaway – spending a couple of days with folks who are happy you’re there.)

Happy Friday!

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127 thoughts on “Quilt Retreat…

  1. My perfect quilting retreat would be with about 5 of my closest quilting buddies, at a northwoods cabin. A little hiking, a lot of laughter and a whole lotta sewing. Mostly unplugged, except our phones. Okay, maybe a movie night. 🙂

  2. My dream getaway would be anywhere looking towards mountains. Must include old friends and others to make new friendships, laughter, good food, and no phones.

    I’ve only been on one retreat, and that was years ago but it was wonderful.

  3. I have never been on a quilt retreat but think it would be fun, entertaining, educational, enlightening and relaxing. I love to learn new techniques and to stretch my boundaries. Quilting isn’t really an arena where there are any boundaries. Just imagine what we are able to accomplish when we open our minds to new possibilities.

  4. My perfect dream sewing getaway is coming up in less than a mont when I meet up with dear friends in the same place for the tenth year in a row!

  5. I love my quilting retreats! I get to spend time with my Mom, Sister and old and new friends. My dream retreat would be endless! With a beautiful beach view, perfect weather ( with a rain day for serious stitching) comfy porch swing and a cabinet full of endless notions and fabric of every color. It would have to include someone to cook meals and clean our space. Being endless would keep me from being sad for the next retreat.

  6. I go on a quilt retreat 2 times each year. What’s not to love about dedicated sewing time, quilty friends to learn from and laugh with, someone to cook for you, and visits to amazing quilt shops. So much fun and inspiration.

  7. My perfect quilt retreat includes a backdrop of mountains and tranquil water, lots of time and space to sew, great food (of course) and great friends – old and new!!

  8. My dream retreat is in Denver, PA…where I go with several quilting friends …in the heart of Amish country…beautiful scenery, friendships…and 3 quilt shops nearby!

  9. Food, fun, friends and quilting at an off site location is the perfect getaway for me! Would love to win this book!

  10. Ahh my dream sewing getaway would be to have my handiwork project on the back porch of a cabin in the woods and by a lazy, bubbling stream. Just for a day…no interruptions and most importantly to have all my tools together so I don’t have to get up and look for anything….which, as you well know, leads to a multitude of other distractions and time gobblers.

  11. My perfect retreat is a lakeside getaway with a few close friends who all have lots of ideas to share and quilts to sew! Good food would also have to be involved! One could walk on the beach and watch the sun on the water when reading or sewing.

  12. I have a friend in Phoenix who invites us to her house for four days every summer. She picks a quilt project and we go for it. So fun to see different fabrics but the same pattern. We sew morning to night, although on the third day we take a quilt store shopping break.

  13. I would say, my perfect “retreat” would be on a lake, with no politics, and lovely food, surrounded by kind and thoughtful friends, both old and new. And – if we wanted to take a break from sewing, perhaps if a few of those friend played American Mahjong!

  14. I go on retreat twice a year, to the same place with the same friends. We quilt in a lodge-type building that has a cathedral ceiling and windows down two sides, plus a large kitchen where we cook our own meals. Breakfast is on your own as people get up at different times, but the lunches and dinners are provided by a different group of 3-4 ladies each time. That way, you only have to cook once for the entire retreat! We stay in cabins surrounding the lodge building. We work on our own projects, have a show and tell, and a fabric swap. It’s heaven!

  15. The 3 P’s pric price price and where it is. I love to attend them $ usually hold me back

  16. Twice a year I join one of the small quilting groups from my local guild for a retreat. The week after the 4th of July we gather at a home-turned- retreat center for a week-long retreat! We’ve beeen doing this for around 10 years. Like you said, “Friends, fabric, food, and fun!”

  17. Perfect retreat is a few quilting buddys get together for a weekend, Sew, help others with projects, and some one to cook my meals and make my bed and total relax.

  18. I went to a Jinny Breyer retreat on Hilton Head years ago. The next year my friend said….how about going to Gwen Marston’s retreat on Beaver Island. She brought me an article from Ladies Circle Patchwork magazine about Gwen and Joe. We were regular attenders after that and I only missed a couple of those years on the Island and later at Elk Rapids, MI. Now sister’s Sue Nickels and Pat Holly have continued those retreats and I still return each fall. These retreats have shaped my life and especially my quilting life. Special thanks to our beloved Gwen who has now gone to glory.

  19. I love to retreat.. since I retired 5 years ago, I attend between 10 and 14 per year…. I am getting to be an expert at packing up my sewing room and putting it in the car…love it…

  20. I love to host retreats at my place. This weekend is my “celebrate summer sew-in Retreat”. I sent out adorable note cards to invite a few close friends (most live 2 to 3 hours drive away) and we bring our projects, machines and a dessert and sew the weekend away. My husband cooks & we enjoy the time sewing & chatting. Sew much fun. Relaxing time with friends. Retreats are an excellent way to get your projects done & get help with your quilting or sewing project from other like minded friends.

  21. I haven’t been to a retreat, but it would be someplace close by so there would be little travel time and more time to sew. Comfortable temperature and lots of room to spread out. Also a shop nearby and a beautiful relaxing setting.

  22. Retreats are the best! Love the yearly 5-day retreat I attend on beautiful Lake Tahoe in the Fall, so fun!

  23. My dream retreat would be a wonderful relaxing spot where the view is perfect for inspiring creativity. Thread, notions and snacks would be available. It would have a lovely dining area to get to know fellow quilters. What a perfect get away to work on those handmade sewing projects!

  24. My perfect retreat is whenever my quilting muses and I get together. We have one retreat with each other per year and have named it Quiltapalooza. Actually one of the husbands named it! We have been meeting in our homes for over 10 years! We love all kinds of retreats but this one is special. Love my Quiltapalooza girls

  25. Somewhere new with my favorite girlfriends. Lots of good food our sewing machines and our latest projects.

  26. I too have never been on a retreat, life didn’t allow me to. But if I could, mine would be in a cabin on a lake, with a few friends.

  27. My favorite sewing getaway would be in the mountains with a friend, meeting new friends, with time to spend hiking and sewing.

  28. My 3 friends and I do 5 day retreats 4-5 times a year. We’ve been doing this for many years and still look forward to spending this time together. Eating, Happy Hour, laughing, sewing and often sharing personal issues for help or just understanding are the basis of these retreats. We’ve lost one of our members to cancer, but we feel her presence at every retreat.

  29. I don’t care where it is, just being with friends and sewing, chatting, eating together, etc., make me happy.

  30. My perfect retreat would be the perfect balance between sewing and seeing progress on my projects and hanging out with old (and new) friends. And, of course, no housework to distract me!

  31. Our guild sponsers “in-town” retreats where we can bring and leave our supplies set up for several days. We sew all day but get to sleep at home in our own beds…..best of both worlds. I have learned so much from getting to spend the time with more experienced quilters.

  32. For a few years now we’ve been talking about having a retreat at a friend’s lake house in Minnesota. Trouble is we all live in Colorado. We need some help figuring out how to arrange the trip. I think it would be fun to make it into a shop hop along the way and travel in a big van together with our sewing machines.

    1. You should plan your trip during the two-week long, state-wide Minnesota Quilt Shop Hop, end of July to first weeks in August!

  33. Not a full-on retreat, but a girlfriend has been coming to my place to sew a couple of times a month. We really keep each other on track with some shared projects and sometimes doing our own thing. So nice to have everything at our fingertips without packing up the house. Since we already live on a lake, all we need is a beverage on the deck before we begin for a perfect day!

  34. Perfect sewing getaway? Sisters, Oregon to visit the fabulous Stitching Post with a few best quilty friends, the surrounding natural beauty and some real and purposeful conversation, along with sewing ‘learning’! Ahhh… take me there please!

  35. Really enjoy quilt retreats because of the dedicated sewing time, the laughter, sharing of ideas and of course the delicious food.

  36. Oh wow, what an amazing book! I would go anywhere for a quilt retreat, but maybe near the beach would be fun!

  37. I go to a retreat in different places about six times a year. They all are sewing retreats. I usually get one quilt made and work on or finish up another one while there. Quilting retreats are my favorite because I can get a lot done while there and share with my good friends or learn from a well known quilter in a workshop. There’s lots of sewing, laughter, good food and learning.

  38. My perfect dream sewing retreat would be to finish everything I bring to it! I am blessed to do several quilting retreats a year with friends I love dearly, while enjoying amazing views of water while sewing (which is probably why I don’t get it all done…. LOL)

  39. I love going to Empty Spools every year. I have to travel and then I’m away from home and all that entrails. So nice to be free of distractions, they feed you and we go into town to shop for fabric and other things. We also have been staying and seeing California for the past couple of years. This past year we drove north so we could drive through a redwood tree, and we had a blast.

  40. I used to belong to a fabulous group of quilters in Southern California (we called ourselves GQ – Gourmet Quilters). We would regularly have retreats to a cabin in the mountains near LA. I remember it very fondly and really miss connecting with quilters.

  41. I went on a sisters retreat with two of my sisters. We sewed, we laughed, we sunned, we gossiped, we all made the same pattern but the quilts turned out so different because of our fabric choices. There was so much laughter and love that weekend. I was so good for my soul.

  42. A group of quilting friends used to rent a vacation home on the shore of Lake Superior- then, with the economy and family issues, we stopped going- my dream would be to resume that retreat.

    1. Hi Cath – The page shown in the blog post is in the book – Handmade Getaway. The book isn’t about cyanotype, it has only a few pages sharing a quick, simple lesson on on the supplies needed and a few basic techniques.

  43. I’d live to go to a quilting retreat. I didn’t have time when I was working but would be do-able now. Would prefer it be within driving distance of central NJ so I can bring lots of stuff with me.

  44. Our guild has an annual retreat around Super Bowl Sunday weekend (Thursday through Sunday) up in Michigan’s thumb. There are door prizes, silly contests, and just a wonderful bonding, learning and sewing time.

  45. Oh, to just get away! Friends new & old & yet to be made, good food (any shared) , and time to just be. That’s my perfect retreat, sometimes in my own home!
    Sewing has been my get away for sometime now, as I get energy from creating, so to retreat means the cleaning and cooking can wait.

  46. To be with friends at a place where we can just sew and visit and share the joys of life would be my dream .

  47. I get to have my perfect sewing getaway once a year with a group of friends, we call ourselves “the smocking group” because we met when we were making english-smocked clothing for our children. Now our kids are in their 30-s and 20-s and won’t wear those cute little outfits. Some are smocking for grandchildren, but we mostly quilt now. We met at a retreat center for a couple years, then started meeting at one friend’s house–we make her husband leave for the weekend. There is lots of laughter and talking and eating, and sometimes we even manage to sew a bit! It’s a special time each year.

  48. I attended a conference at Asilomar CA for my work years ago with the University of CA. What a place. If I could get there without dragging heavy baggage (now from DFW) I would love to go stitch there for a day, a week, forever maybe. I know they have a quilt class group there for a week, not sure I’m talented enough for that but I sure enjoy a visit.

  49. My favorite kind of retreat is with friends, in a place where meals and snacks are provided, we stay where we see, and can sew all night long. The place isn’t as important as the other things. I do like having demos, sharing about new products, and if there is a quilt shop nearby, that is a plus!

  50. I head to a retreat home in the mountains a few times a year with quilty friends to do lots of sewing and laughing. My biggest retreat is escaping to Houston for the ‘Big Show’ to catch up with an old friend on a girl’s only long weekend. Time with friends and quilting can’t be beat.

  51. Somewhere in the mountains with big evergreens, sweet scents And sounds of the mountains…to quilt as long as one desired

  52. I’ve had small weekend retreats with my sisters & nieces and now great nieces, but it’s just never long enough for all our projects, food, visiting and games in the evening. We have a great time and someone always has a new project that we all want to try. It’s been a couple of years, so we need to do this again soon.

  53. Seven days next to a lake, while surrounded by quilty friends, sewing to my heart’s content! Can’t you just smell the ponderosa pines & as well as the hear the wind blowing thru them.

  54. This book sounds so fun! The last several summers 6-9 friends all get together and we go to my sister’s lake house. We each sign up for meals so that responsibility is shared. Everyone’s free to sew, swim, sleep, or just read all day. It’s always balm for the soul to be with friends who share the same passion. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  55. My dream getaway is a week sewing in a mountain cabin with a few friends. Sewing when we want, enjoying each other’s company, a porch or balcony to drink in the scenery, and good food and wine to share!

  56. Never been on a quilting or sewing retreat, but would love to go on one with friends in a beautiful quiet setting like the ocean or mountains. Ideally all my packing would be magically done for me!

  57. My perfect quilting retreat would be with my bestie (who is also named Diane)! Her husband made us Diane2 shirts that say, “Fussy cut that fat quarter!” We TALK about quilting all the time & send Pinterest pics back & forth…but when we visit each other (she’s in Vegas & I’m in Ohio), we never actually sew! Doesn’t matter where…but Hamilton, MO sure would be fun!

  58. It is always fun to share time with like minded folks who “get” your rush of excitement when finding the perfect fabric to add to your stash. I would love to attend a retreat that is loosely structured. Plenty of time for sewing/quilting, relaxing, exploring a new area, and wonderful food – catered in or at a local non-chain restaurant. Making new friends, learning new skills, relaxing, exploring a new area, and enjoying wonderful food sounds like the perfect getaway to me!

  59. The perfect sewing retreat would be in a lovely location, with wonderful quilting friends, plenty of room for everyone to be creative, all machines & tools working properly, delicious meals & snacks to keep the creative energy flowing, and lots of love & laughter as quilters create to their hearts content.

  60. Five of my closest guilting friends and I hope to rent my friends cabin for a wonderful quilt retreat in the mountains of NW Arkansas this fall. The logistics of getting every one together the same week is mind boggling!!!

  61. I have never been to a quilting retreat, but it is something that is on my bucket list! My idea of a perfect retreat location would be in a cottage in the mountains, with a lake view, in the fall, so that the trees’ foliage would be awash with vibrant color. That would be my inspiration to create a special quilt with those reds and oranges and yellows! The retreat group would have old and new friends, and we would sew to our hearts’ content, and there would be dinner cooking in a crockpot so we would not have to go out for dinner, giving us more time for sewing. Oh, and since I am dreaming about all this, there would certainly have to be a local quilt shop nearby in case anyone forgot to bring something along.
    Thanks for the chance to win the book!

  62. I haven’t been to a quilting retreat but I have enjoyed sewing among friend by attending a class. A retreat sounds like so much more fun among friends–learning new things and sharing ideas. Thanks for a peak at the book, Carrie.

  63. My perfect retreat would be to rent a huge house, beachfront in North Carolina with catered dinner every night.

  64. I have never been to a quilt retreat; oh my, that would be so much fun! I have spent a day here and there sewing with friends, which is also great fun!
    My dream retreat would involve a forest and a stream. Some fun projects and some friends, new or old.

  65. My annual retreat reconnects me with my quilting sisters as we share our lives and joy of quilting.

  66. In my mind’s eye, a memorable retreat includes a safe place and plenty of space for all the things participants need. Comfortable rooms for sleeping and nourishing and delicious food and snacks. Friends and welcoming future friends are also a must.

  67. I’ve never been on a retreat, mainly because they are not really ‘done’ here in Australia! However if my beautiful bee ladies who are scattered all across America were organising one, I would do everything in my power to be there. It is not only my dream but my goal to get there one day and visit as many of them as I can!

  68. My favorite retreat is with my best quilting friends at the beach. I love to focus and get a project completed.

  69. Oh please please! My group needs revitalization! We’ve all grown apart. Ya know, family, work, etc!!

  70. Retreats with friends are the best. My friends and I do it several times a year. The distance doesn’t seem to matter. Planes get you everywhere. We even rented a van so we could all travel together. The best part of any retreat to the friendship, laughs, and sharing our quilting experience with one another. We can hardly wait for the next one.

  71. the perfect sewing get away would be free machines and material that you can put in a suit case at the end of a retreat to take home and create more quilts

  72. I have never been on a creative arts retreat, so this really has me thinking… what would make it perfect enough for me to go? I am a city girl, so my perfect, dream sewing getaway would include lots of time to sew and learn new things, with maybe a little quilty shopping here and there in between, to explore with friends new and old and to refresh my stash – and my creative inspiration – with something new. 🙂 Thanks for asking!

  73. Never done a retreat like this. I’d like to do it somewhere cold (maybe because we are in a heat wave here!). There would be so much snow outside you would want to stay inside the whole day. And then when your eyes are too tired we would have a movie night, great food, a little wine and a good nights sleep.

  74. My perfect sewing retreat weekend would be at a small cabin in the woods, with a creek running nearby….heaven!

  75. I can not decide where a retreat would be the best. A cruise, a cabin, a sewing retreat center they all have so much to look forward to but the best thing is in the smallest of details that would make it the best for me the smells, sights, warmth, and course my very best friends to enjoy and do it with me. All I know is that a retreat is on my bucket list and I hope to be able to do one someday.

  76. I would love a retreat learning/improving a technique, shared with friends, with time to complete the entire project. There would be plenty of room to work, comfortable place to recharge at the end of the day, and delicious food to sustain us.

  77. My perfect sewing retreat weekend would be a weekend in my sewing room. The only thing I would need is time, some extra time and a bit more time …. the fabrics are already there 🙂

  78. All my quilting experience has been self-taught (from watching on tv or internet) so I would love to have someone teach me in person so I can ask questions about what I don’t understand instead of trial & error until I figure it out- or give up!

  79. I am attending my first quilt retreat in October. I think it will be perfect because I will be sewing with good friends!

  80. In January, I always go back to visit where I used to live and sew with around 20 wonderful ladies. We have a great time visiting and stitching! In a couple of weeks I will be meeting a couple of my close friends in Gatlinburg, can’t wait!

  81. My favorite retreat is held every year by our local quilt shop owner. we go to a camp in the Thumb area of Michigan, in view of Saginaw Bay. We bring our own projects, and we each have a big 8 ft. table to work from. Pressing and Sewing Stations are set up all around the room. All our meals are prepared for us, it is such a wonderful time to catch up with friends we rarely see, and share what we are working on.Us early birds arrive on Thursday, and stay through Sunday afternoon, with others arriving Friday & Saturday. We also use the opportunity to hold a silent auction with everyone bringing Quilting related things they no longer need to donate. Our group is about 35 – 40 generous ladies and we have been able to raise over several thousand dollars every year which we donate to the camp to fund scholarships for youth who could not otherwise afford to come to summer camp. I always look forward to this special time with my quilting friends with great anticipation.

  82. Summer is always a crazy time here on Vancouver Island. I join a group of quilty friends on one of our outer islands for a weeks get away. Immersing my self and my friends in all things quilting, learning, laughing, loving the moments of escape to a quilt oasis.

  83. My friends and I used to retreat at a family-style resort in Wisconsin annually in March. The room we used was a banquet room, so there was plenty of space and a wonderful view of the lake from many windows. One year — the perfect year — it snowed all day on Saturday. It was so beautiful, and blissfully serene. By the time we were ready to pack up and leave the next day, the snow had melted off the cars and the roads, eliminating any additional stress. Such a memorable retreat.

    1. I sometimes go on an open retreat at a lakeside camp in northern Minnesota. They have several different buildings to quilt in. One early December, 12 or so of us were quilting in the chalet, set among huge pine trees, snow falling outside, with a fire going in the fireplace. Bliss!!

  84. I would love to spend time with a few of my quilting (and/or wool applique) friends at a retreat on a shoreline to sew, relax and laugh. It is so relaxing to listen to the waves and walk barefoot in the sand.

  85. My favorite retreat is one I organize twice yearly. It’s an hour’s drive from home, lasts all week, food provided sand lots of space.

  86. Sounds like a great book! My perfect retreat is a big house on the ocean with big windows to see otters, seal and whales going by as I sew. Walks along the beach every few hours will energize us to go back and sew until midnight!

  87. I just had a wonderful weekend that included a sewing day with some lovely ladies. It was at Lake Tahoe, where one of the ladies recently purchased a second home. She was a gracious hostess. I brought along a bunch of quick projects (pillowcases, receiving blanket, and I picked up a couple of quick kits(tea towel and pot holder)that I completed and left as gifts to my hostess. It was perfect and I hope to repeat. I’d probably leave her the book as a hostess gift.

  88. Out of the city – mountains or beach would be great! Time for sewing, walking nature trails and recentering my soul. If meals were catered by the retreat location, all the better! If not, meals cooked by retreat participants on a rotating basis works great too.

  89. My perfect retreat includes good friends, the beach, and a glass of wine in the evening. And there absolutely must be laughter.

  90. I so enjoyed reading all the comments in reaction to the idea of a quilters’ retreat. The prospect of travelling to America (I am from Cape Town, South Africa) and meeting a whole new group of people with a similar interest – dare I say passion – would be an experience of a lifetime. I would love to meet all of you, to hear your stories and to see where we are similar and where different. Our teacher recently suggested that we meet for a day to make quilts for each child in a shelter for abandoned and abused children. Unfortunately the majority preferred to sew the quilts at home, which we did without the company and the conviviality. So, in the end my vision would include a view, delicious food and even a glass of champagne ( it is the Cape after all), but what I would aim for is for new relationships to be forged, as people share and encourage each other to keep alive a craft that affords us so much pleasure..

  91. I’m not a big group person, but a chance to get away with a couple of close friends and have a leisurely pace to go deep in our catching up on life and dreams, do some sewing and prepare good food together would be pretty perfect. Bonus points if it’s at a beach or in the mountains.

  92. My dream retreat would include good friends, great food, sunny weather, the ocean nearby and lots of space to spread out and sew.

  93. I will be attending Quiltstock this year as my first ever quilt retreat. The book sounds wonderful.

  94. My perfect retreat is with my quilting friends, either we get together at someones house for the weekend or we go to a planned retreat with all our meals included. We have so much fun! But I think this book would or could spruce it up a bit!

  95. Sewing and quilting in front of a big window overlooking a lake with the calmness of a gentle wave would make a perfect setting for a quilt retreat. With a cool breeze blowing through the window, viewing the beautiful palette of color from Mother Nature and hearing the purrrr of sewing machines, inspiration for a new project or finishing that first UFO project would be so rewarding. Most importantly, enjoying the moment, the laughter, and good memories of old and new quilting fanatic friends is what a retreat means to us. Quilters are happy sewers!

  96. My very favorite retreat occurs every February for 5 days with my best quilting friends. As you said, it revolves around fabric, friends and food! It is the best thing ever for my soul !!!

  97. My dream sewing/quilting get-a-way would be at least a week long, in a beautiful resort on Oregon’s rocky Pacific coast. No matter what the weather, the views are either beautiful, exciting, or relaxing. I’d love to have my sister, who quilts, with me, and lots of quilting friends. A chef, and housekeeper, ever eager to meet our every need! And no cell phones in the sewing room would be nice! We’d have a large table for each attendee, and plenty of room. I dream of having a gorgeous, once in a lifetime quilt ready to finish! The colors would rival any rainbow, sunrise, or sunset! The sewing would be perfect, the blocks square and even! The quilting would be a breeze, beautifully designed to accent each design. The sun would shine, the work room would be sunny and comfortable, with lovely views of the ocean. Beautiful ocean views for each of us in our suites too. Our private bedrooms would be lusciously decorated, with mind boggling quilts, and fancy linens. There would be delectable meals, and snacks available at all times. Lots of fresh fruit, and chocolate! Time to walk the beach, hear the waves, breathe the salt air, and listen to the sea birds screaming in the breezes. No sewing machine problems allowed, and no missing supplies! I’m ready to go now! When do we start? (I can sure dream, can’t I? Oh, I so want to go now!) : )

  98. I’ve never been on a quilt retreat. I don’t think it would matter to me if there were a lot of other people there or just a few, as long as I had a good friend with me. I would want to be able to get some rest when I felt I needed it, and be able to focus on my own projects rather than take up another new project. Just imagining this makes me feel both more rested and more restive.

  99. I have never been to a quilt retreat. I think it would be fun to go. Things that are important to me; location, great host/instructor, and laughter!!!

  100. I have been on quilt retreats and always enjoyed my time spent with like minded people. So fun to see what others are working on, how they do things and just to get a way and spend time on just the thing you love. My dream retreat would be myself and a few of my favorite quilt buddies in the mountains in the summertime. Where we can go on a hike or two to get away from the machine for awhile , good food, and a great local quilt shop near by.

  101. My ideal retreat would be go somewhere with quilters I love and respect and soak up all of their ideas and techniques.

  102. My favourite dream retreat would be with my 3 besties on a quiet lake with sewing machines, knitting needles, good food, great wine and lots of laughter.

  103. I’ve been on a lot of retreats over the last 8 yrs., and I have to say – my most favorite is a retreat with 12 of my best friends who all play well together. No drama, no whining lots of fun, laughter, sewing and eating. I prefer the Hill Country of TX or any retreat with a view of mountains or waterm. I want a retreat that I can unplug from work, and refresh my mind and soul.

  104. I just finished hosting an in-town retreat for our Project Linus group. In-town meant no one had to pay for a hotel, and we rented an Elk’s hall for plenty of space to sew for a couple of days. It was so much fun that I was already getting asked when the next one would be!

  105. Bonnie Hunter’s new Quiltville Inn is shaping up to be a perfect place for a retreat. She has thought of everything, and the location in SW VA looks beautiful.

  106. I have a group of 15 girlfriends who are passionate about quilting. We schedule approx 5 retreats a year. We are together from Thursday to Sunday. We take turns making meals. Some stay the entire time. Some go home to sleep and also to take care of what needs arise at home. This is so much more than just sewing. We are there for each other. We discuss everything under sun. For those of us who think we must be the only ones going through something, we find out we are not. We also learn normal is just someone’s else abnormal, etc. We laugh. We cry. And we sew!!

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