We can never know about the days to come
But we think about them anyway…
Anticipation, anticipation
Is makin’ me late
Is keepin’ me waitin’…

It’s that time of year. Fabric that we were excited about last fall is finally arriving in shops. We’ve got projects planned and we’re excited to make something pretty but… squirrel! Ooooh… that’s pretty.

New fabric. Pretty new collections that have been showing to shops the past month… pretty collections that we won’t get to actually play with until August and September.

It’s been a rainy, gray week in Dallas which means we’ve been inside, stitching and planning “future projects”. Some of which will become WISPs – works in slow progress.

So this is what’s coming later this year.

Chafarcani by French General. (September 2019.)

Finnegan by Brenda Riddle. (August 2019)

Desert Song by Mara Penny. (September 2019.)

Bubble Pop by American Jane. (August 2019)

My Redwork Garden by Bunny Hill. (September 2019.)

Sugarcreek by Corey Yoder – Prints & Wovens. (September 2019.)

Bramble by Gingiber. (September 2019.)

Shelbyville by Jo Morton. (August 2019)

Spotted New Colors by Brigitte Heitland for Zen Chic. (August 2019)

Wonder by Kate & Birdie. (September 2019.)

HOME by Kathy Schmitz. (August 2019)

Northport by Laurie Simpson for Minick & Simpson – Prints & Wovens. (September 2019.)

Harper’s Garden by Sherri & Chelsi. (August 2019)

Safari Life by Stacy Iest Hsu. (August 2019)

Good Day by Me & My Sister Designs. (September 2019.)

The Print Shop by Sweetwater. (August 2019)

Happy Friday.

Go make something.

All but two of the images used are from the designers’ social media. If there isn’t an image for a collection, it’s because there wasn’t a picture available.

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25 thoughts on “Anticipation…

    1. All of the images are from the designers social media. Jo hasn’t posted anything about her Shelbyville collection. 🙂

    2. I clicked on the fabric line and it took me to pictures. It’s gorgeous …. of course!

  1. Don’t forget to credit Carlie Simon with Anticipation lyrics! We give credit to so many Quilt artists and designers here, we should be just as diligent in acknowledging other artists.

  2. Wow, a feast for the eyes and fabric loving soul! Thank your for pulling all the images together. Very grateful for these teaser posts. Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine this weekend. Allison in Plano, Texas

  3. What gorgeous fabric! I especially love The Print Shop by Sweetwater and French General.

  4. Beautiful fabrics!!! I love the French General and can’t wait to get some. I want some of everything. Hugs,

  5. Help! I need help with your abbreviations for fabric precuts. I get F8 (fat eigths), LC (layer cake), KIT, and JR (jelly roll). What does PP and AB stand for? And does MC mean mini charm? I searched all over the United Notions site for a translation table. Thanks, in advance, to any and all who will enlighten me!

    1. PP is for charm pack & AB is for fat quarter bundle. Yes MC is mini charm. Hope this helps! Susan

  6. I echo Debbie’s sentiments! I’m using up my stash as fast as I can so I have an excuse to buy more fabric. Great collections. Probably a good thing they aren’t available until August or September!

  7. I love some of these lines so much. Working in a fabric shop keeps me broke. But who can resist.

  8. Love Safari……..just got back from a safari in Kenya and Tanzania and want to use this fabric in a memory quilt. Can hardly wait for August…….

  9. Oh Carrie Carrie… that song is perfect and now it’s stuck in my head!! Waiting is sooo hard! Darn it anyway!! But… that little hexie pincushion is so adorable I may NEED to make one from my scraps!! One always needs a new pinnie! Right?!!! Thanks for the inspiration! Have a good weekend!! Mama_Pris

  10. These collections are every quilters dream! I want them all. Here’s the reality! Finding a quilt shop in the community (more and more difficult) or on line that has a good selection of those shown here is a real challenge. I’ve had to order from as many 4-5 different sites just to get enough of one collection to make a quilt. That’s the challenge. Keep giving us beautiful options.

  11. I’m curious to know…what is Moda’s best-selling collection ever? If I had to guess, I’d say Roman Holiday. I drooled over it many, many times, and I could just kick myself for not making a quilt for my bed out of that!

  12. It’s all fabulous. Will the Bramble fabrics coordinate with the Merriment companion fabrics from previous season! I have left overs and would love to add this collection.

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