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From Robin Pickens Last Fall, I was asked to write about my Sweet Pea & Lily collection that debuted at last Fall’s Quilt Market, how it came about, the quilts, etc. Here is that story…

On a trip to my local farmer’s market one Saturday I was greeted by bushels of freshly blooming Sweet Peas. They ranged from white to pink and plum to cool bluish-purples. The luscious purples, soft like velvet, displayed the beauty of their cool and warm shades.

I just had to buy them and enjoy their rich color at home. Blooming on my counter, they reminded me that I often call my daughter “Sweet Pea” (along with “Peanut” and “Sunshine”) which brings a special glow to my heart.

That’s me in my Designer Studio booth in Houston.

Sweet Peas are a lovely combination of elegance and simple delicacy combined with theatrical colors and rich tones. Purples make me think of royalty, drama and celebrations. Deep purple, lavender, warm pink and plum colors look luscious in these Sweet Peas, and feel special in their blend of sweetness and strength. Lily of the Valley with graceful hanging bells of little pops of creamy color add a charming mix to this collection, Sweet Pea & Lily.

Additional pink, plum and purple Astor flowers, fluttering butterflies, swirling leaves, tiny branches, ornate medallions, and sketchy lines all joined in the sketchbook and watercolor studies for this collection. The group celebrates the range of warm to cool colors of purples and how they play well with pinks and greens. There is still a touch of gray to balance the brighter colors, as well as to tie in with past collections.

For the quilts using Sweet Pea & Lily, I was excited to explore the drama of dark purples so I planned my Showering Stars quilt against a background of Moda Bella Solids Prune (9900 238).

It’s such a deep, rich color.

Some of the other Bella Solids that work well with this group are Purple (9900 21), Iris (9900 302) and Amelia’s Lavender (9900 164). Most of the quilts in this group are also pre-cut friendly.

My quilt Emilia balances large half square triangles with smaller reflected triangles and brings the rows of small triangles out into to the borders.

This design can be made in two sizes.

As an artist, I’ve always loved playing with different color palettes, seeing how a couple of seemingly small changes can make a big difference.

I like to have quilts that allow some bigger panels to see the larger scale motifs on prints and the large triangles provide that space while creating a dynamic angled grid.

This is Faceted. It also plays with half square triangles but in a radiating layout with smaller pockets of triangles that suggest light glinting through the facets of cut crystal.

And finally, Dashingly Divided puts the prints in the borders and leaves big panels to have fun with embroidery or appliqué that coordinates with the flowered motifs.

I’m enjoying playing more with embroidery and wanted to have a framework to include it within my quilt.

It’s been a joy to bring these beautiful flowers and colors into my home and sew with them.

I hope you enjoy the mix of drama and royalty, sweet and delicate florals, pretty elegant coordinates and joyous purple and plum colors.

Before I go, I’ll be back soon to share Splendid, my first Christmas collection. It will be in shops in May.

I hope you enjoy a little sweetness in your day!


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18 thoughts on “Sweet Pea & Lily…

  1. Luscious! My LQS has part of this line and it has such rich colors. A wonderful contrast to the cloudy, dowdy spring days in northern MN. Thank you for sharing your talent with quilters!

  2. Can’t wait to get my hands on your Christmas line! But, in the meantime I started starching my “Sweet Pea” layer cake just last night! LOVE the colors and every piece of fabric! Oh! And, did I mention I have every line of fabric you’ve created! Just call me a “Groupie!” LOL!

  3. Oh, I can’t wait to see more of Splendid Christmas! Just the glimpse was enough to convince me that it is “right up my alley”, as my dad used to say!

  4. Ooh, I LOVE your fabrics! I too, love purple. Love your patterns, too. Nice to see such rich colors.

  5. I just love your collections, Robin! Last fall, I finished a quilt with the Peonies using Carrie Nelson’s “Rose Pistola” pattern, and it’s one of my favorites. I love the pattern’s spaces for the big orange print. Unfortunately, I can’t post a photo on this comment site. I just purchased the Sweet Pea and Lily collection and can’t wait to work with it. The two of us are off to a quilt retreat later this week. We’ll see what inspiration strikes!

  6. These are absolutely gorgeous!!! I started out on Moda fabrics & have a hard time buying anything but!! Your like is stunning!!!

  7. I live in upstate NY and just looking at this collection I can’t wait to work in the garden the colors are so vibrant and love the pattern selections.

  8. Wow do I love these fabrics! So pretty yummy and soft. I’ll be looking for them in my local shop along with the Christmas fabrics. The look like fun! Thanks for showing them off.

  9. I love these fabrics, and have made a table runner with the layer cake pieces, but i’m a little disappointed in that many of the 10″ pieces are not 10″, some are almost 1/4″ short. I wanted to cut the rest in 5″ squares to make half-square triangles, but i cannot as some are just two short.

  10. Sweet Pea Lily….absolutely stunning colorful prints…love Love LOVE this line!

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