Little Quilts Times Two

Turnabouts. Two quilts in one. They’re not reversible, but they do double-duty by showing two different mini quilts at the same time.

Tabletop Turnabouts by Jan Patek – distinctive, original and 100% Jan. (Let’s thank the mirror for the assist on seeing both sides in this picture.)

Each “turnabout” is one 12″ x 24″ mini quilt with a single 12″ block on one side and four 6″ blocks on the other side. Drape the mini quilt over a frame or stand and place it on a table to enjoy both sides at the same time.

Jan’s signature folk art style is on display through a year’s worth of seasonal quilts. The work is mostly appliqué but that can be done by hand, by machine or with fusible products. Hand-quilted or machine-quilted, embroidered or done with wool, these Tabletop Turnabouts are the perfect daily stitching kind of project.

While the blocks are already “paired” for compatibility and a seasonal theme, there isn’t any reason we can’t do a little bit of mixing.

Wouldn’t this be perfect for kids? And summer. And a beach house.

October and Halloween – the cat with the eyepatch is my favorite.

Lady Liberty and stars.

This is my favorite – from the colors to the designs. As I look at this, I’m reminded that I just might have a 12″ x 24″ pillow form. Side-by-side, this would make a wonderful holiday pillow… just saying.

I love that all of the designs can be embellished with quilting and embroidery, as much or as little as you like.

Tabletop Turnabouts will be available this coming week – and we’re going to share a couple of copies. Just leave a comment by Midnight on Thursday, May 2, CST, telling us if you make mini quilts for decorating your home.

Happy Tuesday!

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211 thoughts on “Little Quilts Times Two

  1. I love this idea and also the themes of the holidays and seasons, I need to have other ideas to celebrate, every bed already has quilts for the holidays and seasons, some with more than one each. would love to win a book

  2. These are so cool. I am interested in small seasonal quilts as s gift for my mother and these would be perfect. I can’t wait for the book to be available.

  3. I do like to make small seasonal quilt to decorate my home but I am not good on finishing out a series, I get stalled along the way.

  4. I love mini quilts and make them frequently. However, I never thought about making double! What a fantastic idea!. I also make one for my daughter’s home at the same time. I see many that would be great for her as well as for myself. Thanks, Jan!!!

  5. I like to make small quilts between the larger quilt projects! Fortunately my family loves having quilts hanging everywhere!❤️

  6. Most often, I use the embroidery machine to finish the seasonal tablerunners and pillow covers that begin with some form of patchwork.

  7. I enjoy decorating seasonally and changing out my quilts – little and big! Love Jan’s style and the opportunity to do some slow stitching adding my own touches.

  8. I definitely have mini quilts around my house! My husband knows that the decorating isn’t done till there is a quilt in every room!

  9. Love making little quilts. With arthritis in my hand but a love for appliqué mini’s are the perfect project.

  10. What a clever idea. Always on a search for more cute ways decorate my home with quilts. Thank you. Love these!

  11. What sweet minis. Great idea to be able to display on tabletops. I am gravitating to smaller quilts at this time so these would be so fun to make for our home and as gifts.

  12. These are truly darling! They would look so nice in my little house! They are also small enough for hand sewing in our even smaller Casita trailer! Susan

  13. I make tabletop minis for myself and both of my daughters to decorate for the changing seasons and holidays. The turnabouts are a wonderful idea!!!

  14. Just started making smaller quilts, have not made a mini yet but seeing these little cuties i can’t wait! Would love to win Tabletop Turnarounds by Jan Patek. Thanks for a chance to win!

  15. Thank you Jan for the lovely designs! I have a few mini quilts hanging most of the time. Tabletop Turnabouts gives me an “excuse” to make seasonal ones to switch them out with! I’ve already added it to my shopping list! Thanks Moda!

  16. I don’t have any mini quilts yet, but these look like some exciting possibilities. I’ve been a little reluctant to try applique, but these are small enough to experiment with. They are so perfectly adorable!

  17. I have mini quilts everywhere! You cannot have too many:). I have none like Jan’s; I must do something about that!

  18. I LOVE these !little quilts! I use them to brighten little areas. I love to put them on my bookcases. They add so much and are fairly quick little projects.

  19. I do use mini quilts throughout my home as accents in small spaces. The side of one of my antique cupboards works well as a display spot and I change them frequently throughout the year. They are perfect also as table toppers and peeking out of baskets or bins.

  20. I have made a couple amish style minis. These are all soooo adorable , I would want to make them all! Thanks Jan!!!!

  21. I’ve never made a mini quilt,
    but after seeing these, I will be making several! Thank you!

  22. I love working on mini quilts! I have mainly sewn them from pre-printed fabric panels, but would love to try piecing/appliqueing some, especially with these adorable designs.

  23. I am already thinking you could do the 6 inch blocks all the way around for a 24 inch pillow. I really love her Lady Liberty!

  24. I have many mini-quilts in my house, some in baskets, a few on my walls (I change them for the seasons), and some just folded on table tops. I love them.

  25. OH my gosh those are so cute! I would definitely make these. Love the patterns and material that you picked. Primitive, cozy yet also perfect for the shabby chic girl in me. Very nice.

  26. I really love mini-quilts but have not made any. The quilts in this book are amazing. This just might jump start my new love.

  27. What a great idea. I love mini quilts and have made quite a few. Definitely a book I’d like to have!

  28. I’ve made a couple of minis or wall hangings. My plan this year is to focus more on smaller quilts like these and on lap quilts for our local women’s and children’s shelter. At 65 there just isn’t time enough to make everything I’d like in bed sizes!

  29. I love to do appliqué projects. When I first started quilting I would look at appliqué quilts and say “ I will never do that it takes too long to do” but here I am, it’s my favorite. I just finished a quilt and can’t wait to start the next one. Everyone give it a try!

  30. I love the little mini quilts, I have done Simple Whatnot Club several times. Jan Patek is a favorite.

  31. I love using small quilts for seasonal displays! These designs are precious. I have been following Jan’s work since about 1996 when I was just learning to quilt. I walked into a Texas quilt shop and just stood with my mouth hanging open at a shop sample of one of her patterns!

  32. Mini quilts are the perfect solution for our new house! I would still be able to bring quilty charm to a smaller space. Love all the designs!

  33. I have started making little quilts. I have a lot more room for little quilts than beds for large quilts.

  34. I adore making miniature quilts! There is something very satisfying about a project you can whip up in a short amount of time!

  35. I recently downsized from a house to a condo. Have a beautiful wooden bench in the front entry and two of these mini quilts made into a pillow sitting on the bench would welcome my guests. Love the designs – they compliment my decor (especially the bench.)

    As for making a mini quilt…I’ve made one.

    Thanks, Carrie.

  36. Yes! I make mini quilts to use throughout our home. And I find them especially fun to make as a break and quick satisfaction project after making a Queen or king size quilt! They make great gifts for friends too!

  37. I have made many mini quilts. I love the idea of folding these cute little quilts to show both sides. What a great excuse to buy a tiny quilt rack! Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. I’m still learning about quilting and love it. I wish I would have started long ago. I love to sew and no time. But I can take projects with me

  39. I use mini quilts for each of my seven grandchildren’s birthdays. Each quilt has a cake on it with a candle and their name. They each got to choose the colors they wanted. They love them and it makes a fun special decoration for their day.

    I’d love to make these cute seasonal ones.

  40. Love this idea! This book is definitely on my list! And, yes, I make mini quilts for the house.

  41. Making mini quilts would be fun. I have been self teaching myself to do needle turn applique. I find Jan to be the best teacher and inspiration for this technique.

  42. These are just too cute! Love the little whales and the bunny riding the chicken. Would be a very nice addition to decor!

  43. I love making mini quilts. They are easy to complete and are just so darn cute when displayed in my home. Thanks for the opportunity.

  44. I always have a mini quilt hanging in my living room, and I have several hanging in my sewing room that I made myself or received in swaps. This book is awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. I’ve just started my collection of mini quits. Can’t wait to buy (or maybe even win) this adorable book.

  46. I have one mini quilt with a cardinal. It’s still one of my favorites. The new book is charming and so useful for decorating a home or giving gifts.

  47. Yes, I love decorating with mini quilts in my home. They give the home a comfy, relaxing feeling.

  48. I do make mini quilts for decorating. I have little stand on my front hall table and change the quilts seasonally. What fun!!

  49. I do make Mini Quilts to put out at different times of the year. It is fun to have a quick project that you can finish in little time. Nancy P.

  50. What a great idea those miniature quilts that can be seen on both sides! I love them all!

  51. Love these mini quilts. How/where can we purchase stands. Theses look like they were fashioned especially for minis.

  52. I have never made a mini quilt – unless mug rugs count. These are beautiful and have definitely made me think I should start a mini immediately!

  53. I have never made a mini quilt, but the more I see on Jan’s web page the more I think I will give it a try. I will do them by hand as i love to do hand stitching.

  54. Those are absolutely adorable. I love mini quilts and use them all over my home.

  55. Mini is the word for me. Don’t do large things, life is too busy, and time is flying by. Grandkids now, so enjoy life now. Love these delicious and amazing designs.

  56. i love to make mini quilts for my home. i especially like sewing themed or butterfly prints.

  57. Yes I do make mini quilts to decorate our home. These mini’s are a fabulous addition to any home for any season. Loving all of them.

  58. I haven’t worked on an applique in a while. These turnabouts really pique my interest. I think they are a lovely idea for decorating.

  59. I love making mini quilts. I have a shelf with a hanging rod in my entry way and change them each month and special occasion.

  60. Oh this book will be a gift to me! None of my friends share my love for folk art anything, although some have bought folk art goodies for me. Hint, hint…

  61. I have made one for our hall but would love to make some seasonal ones. I love Jan Patek’s designs.

  62. I sometimes make mini quilts and I love this idea! This is a clever way to display small quilts and Patek’s Designs are always charming.

  63. Adorable!! I already have a table top quilting frame and am always looking for small holiday quilts projects to display. These are perfect! Love the idea of pillows, too.

  64. I love mini quilts! They are fun and quick to do and I think that they add a great little touch to any home!

  65. My husband made an oak frame for me to make small quilted pieces to hang on.

  66. I do make seasonal table top quilts to decorate. It gives me a lot of pleasure to make them, and then enjoy them all year on the table and throughout the house. Thanks for the change to win this book – it looks like a lot of fun.

  67. I haven’t made any small quilts, but they seem like so much fun to display for the different seasons. I think I need to put this on my to-do list.

  68. I love making minis … Use them for table toppers on small decorative tables, hang in groups on the wall and, of course, doll quilts. I truly like this book and Jan Patek is one of my favorite designers …

  69. I sew all day, when I can. Started this habit when kids little. Love jans patterns. Will definately look for her new book. Hope to hv the money.

  70. I am getting started with little quilts. I think I have a lot to learn. They are really tiny!

  71. I alternate making large quilts with several minis in between. Jan’s new book looks so fun, and I would love to win a copy.

  72. I do make mini quilts. Not the amazing ones that are shown at quilt shows (I wish…), but just a block or a few blocks. I love finishing a project so quickly so I can start another one!

  73. I’m making smaller quilts all the time, since I’m running out of storage for large quilts.

  74. I have several waiting to be bound. This is inspiring to get me going so I have something to put in my small hangers.

  75. I make mini quilts that I hang in a small octagon window by my front door of our townhouse. It was a strange place to put a window but, you can look into my messy pantry. So, my choice was clean the pantry or sew a cover-up. I chose to sew.

  76. Great idea. I could even do 4th of July on one side and a four patch of Christmas ornaments on the other (for decorating purposes). I think small quilts are great for gifts and seasonal or holiday themes make them ideal. I love this book and thanks Jan Patek for all your great blockhead designs too!

  77. I would love to make a mini quilt like Jan Patek’s. Love her color combinations and whimsy, especially the bunny on the rooster. I just moved so have not been sewing yet.

  78. I love making mini quilts, they are sew fun to make. I hang them on walls and doors, lay them on a table and I give them as gifts.

  79. Yes, I make mini quilts to decorate with. Have that stand and rotate mine each month. Would love to make more!! Thanks for the chance to win this amazing book.

  80. Love to make mini quilts, I have a stand in my living room that I switch out often. This book is wonderful, love the patterns!!!

  81. These are fantastic…mini quilts are perfect for learning and perfecting quilting techniques with a useful finish. The bunny riding the chicken….gotta make this one ASAP!!!

  82. I have a small quilt hanger that I purchased with the intent of making seasonal miniquilts…..but never have. Love the double-sided mini quilts.

  83. Yes I love to make mini quilts to decorate my home. I change out mine regularly for each season or month.

  84. I haven’t made mini quilts before but these primitive quilts are just so whimsical I can see myself making each one for myself as well as gifts for family and friends. The designs could also be adapted for needle punching or rug hooking!

  85. I like to use small quilts on my end tables in my living room. They both decorate and protect.

  86. I love making mini quilts! Sometimes a mini is all I have time or energy to make, and other times it is just the right size for the space allotted. A mini quilt can also be the perfect gift to send off to a friend to remind them that although we are separated by miles, that is the only distance between us.

  87. I have many little quilts around my house and love the idea of two for one as presented by Jan.

  88. Yes, I have made mini quilts for decorating. I have one of the frames in the photo. Never tried to make the back another quilt. Now I have a small ladder that a friends husband made for me and it would be perfect for small two sided quilts.

  89. I haven’t made mini quilts like these but I love them! I may have to give them a try.

  90. I r makes me happy to see mini quilts in my house! While raising granddaughters for ten users it was a way to see a finished project! I love the idea of a holdover display! Thanks for sharing!

  91. I use lots of mini quilts. I enjoy making them too. I get a lot of enjoyment out of these small quilts.

  92. I do make lots of minis from leftover patches, but non as cute as those shown above. I need to elevate my game!!!

  93. Yes, I do make mini quilts and have loved Jan’s patterns ans fabric lines for quite a while- Glad she wrote this book and we have an option for so many nice minis for the year!!

  94. I do not make little quilts currently but I will if I win a copy of this darling book!

  95. Yes!! I ran Jo’s Little Women for several years- I have more than 60 of them!! I have used a few but many aren’t quilted- I plan to make several large quilts with them!!

  96. Love minis! I especially gravitate towards monthly mini quilts that I can switch out each month

  97. I love table top quilts. I made a mini quilt for each month of the year. I think our kids may argue about who will inherit them. These new design ideas may inspire me to make another set so there will be more for the family to share.

  98. I haven’t so far but I do have a table top quilt stand so plan to. I love the idea of having a design to show on both sides of the stand.

  99. I have only made a few mini quilts and given them as gifts. I have lots of wall hangings that are quilts but they are mostly applique, not pieced. What darling quilts in the pictures you showed! Fun ideas are already churning in my mind! Thanks! K-

  100. Wow! These are fabulous! Perfect to make mom for her 94th BD end of June. I do make wall hangings for my home and some smaller quiltlets laying or hanging about.

  101. I have never made a mini quilt but they intrigue me….have several patterns that I want to try. This looks like fun.

  102. I love to use mini quilts to decorate! They’re usually quick and easy, don’t take a lot of fabric, and a wonderful way to learn a new technique! Jadahlgr at yahoo dot com

  103. I do make mini quilts to decorate my home. I love the challenge of the little quilts and I love the country feel that they add to our 150 year old house.

  104. This is a wonderful book. I have made a few mini yrs ago but nothing as cute as these.
    My favorite thing about them is you actually feel like you have accomplished something
    in a short period of time and had a lot of enjoyment doing it… what wonderful gifts they
    make also… Thanks for the chance..

  105. So adorable! I love making little quilts and seasonal – a perfect combination!!

  106. Jan….you have done it again! I want to try these…..can’t wait for the book.

  107. I love making mini quilts. My husband made me several wooden racks to hang them on and they look sooo cute!

  108. Yes, I love making mini quilts and I love this unique idea of yours to make them.

  109. love the turnabout! yes, I make little quilts for decorating and gifts. So many possibilities for these designs!

  110. Oh I love these. Yes I do lots of mini quilts to decorate my home and as presents. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one.

  111. So clever, I have made a few and several out of wool. I would love to win this book!

  112. I love the look of these! Jan is so talented and unique! I do enjoy making small projects that I know I can finish!

  113. I love mini quilts and love to have them hanging in my home. So easy to change them around for seasons and holidays. And quick to make! Yours are beautiful!!!!

  114. Another idea with these is to make one with two seasons on it. That way you just need to turn the stand and you’re all decorated and ready for the next season! This could work with four seasons per runner as well…not to rush the seasons (just make decorating that much easier)! 🙂

  115. These are absolutely adorable! What a great way to show off your mini quilt and what a great book!!
    No mini quilts yet……but starting to get some ideas for some.

  116. Several mini quilts have been made for my home. The latest was the Moda Love quilt/ Minis are just the right size to complete in a short period and quilt on my machine at home. I love Jan’s designs. Thanks for the chance to win a book.

  117. I have made a couple mini quilts! I use one of them as a sweet mat to go under my featherweight machine. Another is hanging in my sewing room and I’d like a few more to hang with it. I love Jan’s whimsical style… these are fun!

  118. I haven’t made a mini quilt yet but have a whole folder full of patterns/ideas. Thank you for offering a giveaway.

  119. I do make mini quilts for my home … and my mother’s …. and my brother’s …. and my daughter’s … and my son’s! Lol!!!

  120. Yes, I primarily decorate w/mini quilts. Jan’s idea of making dual sided quilts is SO clever. Looking forward to the release of this book.

  121. Love making mini quilts! Jan Patek’s quilts are the best. She is such a great teacher. These are wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity

  122. I’m so glad I visited your blog today. These quilts are adorable —and applique!! Horray! I have this book on my wish list!

  123. I love Jan Patek’s patterns and books. I’d love to win this one for my collection. Thank you for a chance to win a copy 🙂

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