It’s National Pet Day: Prepare to Smile

Get ready for cuteness overload as we celebrate National Pet Day with Moda designers’ favorite critters. And please note the nearly equal division of dogs and cats (along with chickens and goats); we love them all!

Janet Clare: My lovely pet is the best dog in the world—Betty! She’s eight years old and comes to work every single day. Here she is overseeing the recent photoshoot of my ‘Emi’ quilt made in my ‘origami’ fabric, which should be reaching shops in the next month or so.


And checking my longarmer’s handiwork on my ‘Honest to Goodness’ quilt.

Betty and friend

Camille Roskelley: I just took this picture of my little kitty Cosmo on a quilt I finished. What is it about cats and quilts? He just can’t help it. 🙂


Jan Patek: Here is a picture of Elizabeth (my English Bulldog who is sure that she is Queen) and Dobby (our Pembroke Welsh Corgi). Where I am, they are—eager to help. Most of the time they are under my footstool with a quilt on top, usually taking a nap, but always keeping me company.

Elizabeth and Dobby

This is my pet Cochin hen. She does lay the occasional egg but mainly she’s just around to look pretty. I have Buff Orpington’s (tan eggs) and Aracaunas (blue eggs) to lay eggs. As you can see she’s been to the beauty parlor and had her feathers streaked. She also has feathers on her feet. Cochins are a Chinese breed. I have two hens and a rooster.

Me and My Sister Designs: Mary has two cats and they’re both special-needs animals that she rescued. Augie was found by Mary’s daughter in a trash can outside a Walgreens store. He was born with only three legs so someone tried to throw him away. He was uncooperative for the photo shoot today 🙂 but he climbs and runs like he doesn’t know he should have another leg. He’s black with lots of white patches and very handsome.

This is Mia: She has been blind and deaf since birth but that doesn’t seem to stop her from being in charge of the house and the quilts! She has several super powers including finding the litter box most days and she can smell food before it’s even out of the cupboard! Wendy’s Frosty’s can be smelled from anywhere in the house as soon as the car moves into the garage with a fresh supply.


Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs: I have SO many pets to share!  The only one who really helps me sew is Chelsea.  As you can see in the photo below, she often holds my thread while I appliqué.


Erin Dunn: My studio mate is Hank. He works with me everyday and loves to be by my side. Hank mostly lounges on his studio bed, but when I’m struggling on a design he will come over and lay his head on my lap or gently place a paw on my leg. We take our lunch breaks at the dog park or in a backyard sunny patch. 


Vanessa Christenson: Vanessa’s comment about her cats was “It’s a complicated relationship.” Scroll down and you’ll see why.

Noodles and Patience peacefully coexisting…
…and not so much.

Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber: This is my dog, Rosie Bloomfield. She is a recently reformed dog, having attended a month’s worth of “Doggie Boot Camp” to help her kick her pottying indoors and eating socks habit. She is a Cavapoo (half cavalier spaniel half poodle). She has a funny little front foot that turns completely sidewayd when sitting. We love our quirky girl!


Kathy Schmitz: I have two delightful cats, Sammy and Sadie. Sadie, the black one, loves to help with pattern testing and shipping.


Sammy, the gray one, declines my offer of employment and choses to cuddle instead.

Sadie and Sammy

I also have two adopted goats. I pass these guys on my daily walk and we have nice visits.

Laurie Simpson: Gibby on the ottoman—he’s a Good Boy! (And that’s Gibby immortalized on Laurie’s new Good Boy! quilt.)


Debbie Maddy: Her name is Miss Kitty and she is a bum but we love her dearly. She adopted us about 13 years ago. 

Miss Kitty

Jane Davidson: This is Jasper Carrot, my apricot mini poodle. For 10 years Jasper has been my little companion, always near me in the quilting room, often sitting under the quilt machine sleeping to the hum of the long arm. This Christmas I dyed his ears and tails green. Don’t you think he blends well with this quilt?

Jasper Carrot

April Rosenthal: We have a kitty named Buttercup who was a Christmas gift to my daughter a few years ago. She ADORES her cat! Myself, I love her markings, she really is a pretty cat, and super-duper smart! She loves to jump up on my kitchen island when I’m ignoring what she wants, she knows that will get me up to shoo her down! (She’s got me trained!) She loves the big field behind our house and is a really good mouser, so she earns her keep for sure! Here she is with my Jigsaw quilt.


Deb Strain: This is our Golden Retriever Shelby and cat Bella. Ever since we brought her home, Bella has thought that Shelby is her Mama. They are always together…except when Bella helps me paint!  

Shelby and Bella

Lisa Bongean: Jeter is my buddy…my stress relief partner for snuggling and waking but most of all a famous photo bomber…He wants to be in all my photos when I am shooting quilts…He know he’s handsome and he wants everyone to know it too…


Kate Spain: Here are some photos of our quilt-loving cats. Roscoe likes to help with basting, Lou and Chula are partial to ‘Canyon’ and were happy to help test that quilt for comfort, and Franny is the Princess of our house and enjoys her throne of quilts every day!


Robin Pickens:This is Roxy. We’ve had two dogs for many years and a few months ago we lost our dog Charlie. Roxy has been having a little adjustment to losing her best friend so we are giving her lots of love and attention. She stays with me as I work all day long, as my little shadow. She is quick to jump up next to you on the couch and is a complete snuggler and lovey-girl. It cracks me up how she can look so guilty sometimes when she’s done nothing wrong! She did NOT like sitting up on that chair next to the Fringe quilt. Sigh. Sometimes photo models are so fickle…


Betsy Chutchian: Chief helper is Molly. She is chatty, cuddly and pretty, and loves to help. She also has a brother, Hudson, who is not such a good assistant. He steals thimbles, but Betsy cannot imagine a day without either of them!

Molly photobombs a Moda BlockHeads shot
Moly says “This is MY quilt!”

Linzee Mccray: My constant companion is Pearl, a wire-fox terrier who was retired from the dog show circuit at age 22 months, which is when she came to live with me. She’s a looker, but not the brightest crayon in the box. Still, I love her dearly and she hangs out with me all day long, whether I’m writing or sewing. In the top picture she was a young’n, but she’s 13 now and sleeps a lot. Here she was last week, snoozing in my sewing room on the bed I made with April Rosenthal’s Summerfest for National Pet Day in 2016.

Kaari Meng: Here’s our Johnny—the King of 19th century French Scraps! 

Melody Miller-Ruby Star Society Creative Director:  I have a new Havanese puppy named Pepper and since we got him, it’s been like having a baby in the house! When my husband Greg, a photographer, is shooting on location, I bring Pepper to work with me. He’s so busy he sometimes jumps right into our photo shoots. 


So there you have it—the Moda menagerie. Do you have a pet who spends time in your sewing room? Tell us about him or her.

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32 thoughts on “It’s National Pet Day: Prepare to Smile

  1. I loved this post of all the quilts pictured with the animals…I have to say I looked at the pets first, then went back to read the post!

  2. Loved seeing all these adorable dogs and cats (and goats)! Some very lucky people and animals to have each other. Cute idea to do this post and thanks for sharing!

  3. I love animals and especially cats, so I really enjoyed this post today. Thanks for the photos. My cat, Jingles, is a black and white tuxedo that I rescued. He is always by my side, and when I am not sewing, he sits next to my sewing machine and cries. I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.

  4. I loved seeing everyone’s pets! My golden doodle Chester also hangs out in my sewing space and loves laying on top of a quilt, finished or in the design phase on the floor.

  5. I just loved this blog post today! I’m a huge dog fan—just love, love, love dogs! My sewing companion was Sabrina, a black cocker spaniel who lived to almost 13 y/o. She’s been gone 2 1/2 years & I miss her every. single. day! 🙁 Her brother, Toby, a parti-colored cocker spaniel is now 13. He’s definitely my husband’s dog so not really my sewing partner but I love him anyway. 🙂 I wish we could share our dog pics in these posts.

  6. Thank you! So enjoyed the stories about each pet. All cherished and loved for sure. What would we do without our little friends?

  7. The very first dog here…..Janet Clare’s pup Betty was a huge tug at the heartstrings for me. Had a girl who looked just like her……….Lady Elizabeth Canine aka Lizzy. We called her Lizzy from the first but one day, one of my boys wanted to know her real name. Now she was an oops….golden and black lab so papers were not in her life but I kiddingly said Lady Elizabeth Canine and it stuck. 16 yrs she blessed us and when I sewed she laid just behind my chair and stood for an occasional petting. I have a son with autism and I swear that dog became his therapy dog…..way before that was even a “thing”. He wanted to walk her and so he did. Long long walks and he never once had an issue. Over the course of her life, she walked hundreds of miles with him with never a problem. His behavior improved greatly and he became much more sociable. 10 yrs she has been gone and we all miss her so much.

  8. What a day brightener! Thanks for the pictures of pets with quilts. You could do it on other days besides Pet Day…just sayin’.

  9. Love seeing all the blessed pets who have quilt moms and get to sleep in all the quilts, which like them, are humble or show quality and loved all the same! Thanks for this peak at their wonderful companions and jokers!!!!!

  10. I have a 10 month old Jack Russell Terrier, Patches. As a puppy, he loved sleeping on my lap while I was sewing. He still wants to, but no longer fits. So now he just steals the whole chair when ever I stand up.

  11. Hi Melody we just got 2 Havanese brothers that are 4 months old and a handful. We named them Jake and Elwood ( blues brothers). We are so smitten with them. Enjoy your cute Pepper.

  12. Miss Sadie (black lab) always enjoys inspecting my work in progress. I had my BH2 project stacked up on my “design floor”. She reorganized the stack then took a nap on it. She has also napped on the quilt as I lay them out and when I am layering a quilt. Just has to be there in the middle. Sadie is my sous chef in the sewing room and in the kitchen.

  13. Thanks for this cute post I love that almost all designers have a pet!
    I have two cats, Lara and Merlin, they are siblings and with me for almost 15 years now. Ihope I have for a lot more years to come.

  14. I loved all your pets and the quilts are beautiful. My cats think my sewing space is theirs I’m just borrowing it.

  15. Love the post today! Would Linzee McCray share what the pattern is for the large black & white flowers at the end of the dog’s bed?

    1. Hi Mary: The pattern is Goodness Grows, designed by Clark Street Quilts (me and Pam Ehrhardt). It includes a quilt and a table runner, which is what I was working on her, The pattern is available through lots of shops and if yours doesn’t have it, they can order it through Moda. Thanks for asking!

  16. I love this post! What would we do without our furbabies? I have a 15 year old cat who doesn’t like to help me quilt. She’d rather lay on my bed and nap. Actually, some days, so would I!

  17. surely Janet Clare’s Betty must be a Flat Coated Retriever. We had one, Jazzy, that was the most wonderful dog, she treated each day with such joy. Miss her so much!

  18. at least one, often both of our Labradoodles join me in my studio. When I’m piecing, they like to sleep under the long arm. When I’m quilting a quilt, they try to sleep under the long arm, but are always in the way. Ripley, the 7 month old is always poking her head into places she shouldn’t, looking for fabric. She’s very good at picking up anything I drop on the floor.

  19. This was a wonderful post. Such fun to see some personal life of our favorite quilters and designers. Thank you for all the work you did to pull it together. Look forward to more ideas like this.

  20. We have 2 cats at our house. They both love getting on my tops when I am trying to press them or show them to someone else in the family. My girl cat sometimes takes over my sewing chair for her nap. My boy cat comes and jumps up on my sewing table when he thinks it is time to be fed and often knocks stuff off or over as he moves around. He also likes to chase the laser on the long arm and I have even caught him using a loaded quilt for his bed. silly cats, but sure love them!

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