Countdown to Christmas

In April? Yes. Because (1) it’s never too early to start sewing for the holidays. (2) Collecting a scrappy assortment of Reds, Greens and Creams might take a little bit of time. (3) All of these quilts will work in any color palette – for any season of the year.

Countdown to Christmas is the latest book from best-selling author Susan Ache. You might remember Susan’s first book, Starts with Strips – Quilts Made with 2-1/2″ Strips.

As before, the quilts are based on traditional blocks and designs, and they have a vintage feel. But Susan’s talent for color and mixing prints gives these twelve quilts a fresh, updated look.

If you look closely at her fabrics, there is a mix of Fig Tree, Minick & Simpson, Corey Yoder, Bonnie & Camille, Sweetwater, and probably a dozen more designers. Some of the fabrics are new, most are from the past couple of years. (It’s the same kind of mix most of us have in our “fabric collection.”)

This is Granny’s Gift. It’s a whole lot easier to piece that you might guess – Susan has that knack. She can take a design that looks complicated and figure out a way to make the design more easily.

By the way, the quilts in the first picture are Crisscross Applesauce and Irma 450. Susan’s “make it an easier way” methods mean that the LeMoyne Stars in Crisscross are made without y-seams.

Background Music. Susan wrote… “Often in a quilt, the colors take center-stage. Well, this is one time I wanted the backgrounds to be the star of the show. All those great red-and-white background prints – [aka low volume prints} – you’ve collected, it’s time to use them…

This quilt would be equally spectacular done in blue-and-white/cream, with black and gray on white prints, and really, in any color palette. Because it’s all about the backgrounds.

Christmas Vacation… except this quilt lives in Susan’s home year-round. That’s the beauty of the quilts in this book – and this book! Christmas quilts – and quilts for every holiday – get their seasonal look from the color palette rather than holiday-Christmas theme prints.

It is all about the color.

Clockwise from upper-left:

  • Ho Ho Ho – made with a red-and-white polka dot and a white solid background.
  • Tiddlywinks – made with a green and ivory Bella Solids.
  • Peppermint Party – made with fat quarters in red, and in light prints, and some yardage.
  • O Christmas Tree – made with fat quarters in red and green, with red charm squares used for the ornaments.

Tussy Mussy Christmas. While most of us know this block as the Nosegay, Susan prefers the alternate name. Just so you know, the tussy mussy dates to the Victoria era, and it is a metal vase specifically designed to be carried. The word “tus” means a “cluster of flowers”.

As for this beautiful quilt, there aren’t any y-seams of tricky piecing here. There are templates in the book for making one of the units, or you can use a ruler-template to make it even easier.

Tree Farming. Pull out every green fabric you have… then ask your quilty-friends to add to the mix with fabrics you don’t have.

And don’t be scared off by the long skinny trees! Susan writes, “… there aren’t any places in the quilt where points meet other points, so don’t worry about chopping the tops off your trees.

I admit it – this quilt has got me digging through my stash for greens. And maybe buying a few fat quarters to add to the mix. (A few? Okay, that probably means a dozen or so. But I’m not counting!)

So that’s Countdown to Christmas, or an introduction to it. It’s a terrific book and we think you need a copy of it – at least two of you do.

Leave a comment telling us if you do sewing for the holidays – any holiday! Do you plan well ahead and get it finished weeks and weeks before that holiday? Or are you binding on your Christmas quilts on Christmas Eve?

The deadline is Midnight on Sunday, April 21, CST. We’ll randomly pick two winners and notify them via e-mail.

Happy Friday!

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324 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas

  1. I don’t usually sew for holidays, but last Christmas I made a throw for my sister and I was binding on Christmas eve. I would love to win a copy of this book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. I do make quilts for holidays, but I’m often binding at the last minute. This looks like a great book.

  3. I love to sew for the holidays. I prefer to start early and keep going until late. Always looking for a book with MANY patterns I like. I think I’ve found my new book this year.

  4. Great patterns! Love the subtle colors. The Christmas tree quilt with the snowball borders is my favorite!

  5. I love Christmas quilts – you can never have too many! And I usually remember “Christmas in July” in October or November….maybe this summer it will be different. I am particularly intrigued by the “Tussy Mussy” quilt and would love to make that with my stash of Fig Tree reds and greens. Thank you for the giveaway!

  6. I usually try to sew for Christmas gifts and am usually sewing until the week before….or even Christmas Eve!

  7. I’ve just been sewing for a year. Last year I made a table runner using red, white and blue and gifted it to my sister. Want to make a Christmas runner for her this year.

  8. I have not sewn a Christmas quilt although I always sew several smaller gifts for family. I am in love with the Tree Farm quilt and would love to make it.

  9. This book looks amazing! Thanks for a chance to win! I love to sew for all the holidays and sometimes it’s done weeks ahead of time and other times the binding is being put on in the last minutes.

  10. There are definitely quilts here that could live at my house. And I know I probably have all the fabric too!

  11. Wow, i love all these quilts! No i don’t usually start sewing for Christmas this early but Countdown to Christmas by Susan Ache makes me want to get started now!!! I really like the quilts from this book i can’t even pick a favorite!!! Thanks for a chance to win!

  12. I love everything about Christmas.I sew all year ,from January until December,just to be in that state that reminds me that the joys of my life are from the goodness of Christmas.

  13. I see through the year for Christmas and still may be up late on Christmas Eve finishing one more thing.

  14. Oh i must have this book! Susan used to inspire me when she worked at a quilt shop and now thru her books! Watch out stash here I come-lol

  15. I do love to sew for the holidays, have to start really early to get them done. Love to be inspired by all you designers!

    1. Oh ….. I plan my Christmas quilts ahead, I’m thinking of them right now, and start in July. I love the summer and doing Christmas quilts sitting by the pool or in the backyard on a wicker chair. Last year I made 2!! I live that tree quilt !!

  16. I love to make seasonal gifts for friends and family and I try to finish so that they can actually use them during the holidays. It is never too early to start (at least thinking about) the next thing. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  17. I plan months before, keep a list of what has been sewn and gifted to whom in my dairy of finished quilts and keep my eyes opened for inspirations like this one and sew a few weeks before the grand day of Christmas.

  18. I don’t do much “holiday” sewing. Instead, I gift quilts throughout the year – that way I don’t have the holiday deadline looming over my head.

  19. I am a fairly new “quilter”. This will be my fourth year. I am trying out a little of everything for every occasion.
    Your book sounds amazing and something I must have..

  20. I nearly always have a project for Christmas…except I rarely start it befor November! Love the Tussy Mssy quilt.

  21. Those quilts were beautiful! They inspired me to get busy. I especially like the Tussy Mussy and Tree Farm.

  22. I am never done till December no matter when I start. I have one that was started two years ago and am still waiting for the perfect backing.

  23. I make mostly small quilts so it’s easier to get them done! I usually make a new Christmas quilt (or two) every year for Christmas. And usually at least one new one in red, white and blue for summer decorating. The quilts in this book are gorgeous!

  24. I have just this week begun sorting Christmas fabrics for this year’s holiday gift giving! I will likely still be last minute finishing as I inevitably MUST make at least one of the newer patterns or fabric line that seem to come out during that time of year.

  25. I make quilty gifts for all my friends & family each year. And since my Mom’s retired, I like to stock her gift closet with quilty goodness for her to use as hostess gifts & such.

  26. I love working on holiday quilts the year round. sometimes months ahead and sometimes the night before!

  27. I love to quilt for all holidays! Like the quilts in this new book, I choose color palettes for year round use. My Easter quilt, currently on display, is made of pastels with a white background. It’s usable year round but is especially festive on my couch this time of year. I pull out red, white, and blue quilts in the summer, and browns, orange, and muted green quilts in the fall.

    Because I love to plan and then check off my list, my quilts are finished early. The stress of last minute binding would do me in! This new book has my planning genes seriously inspired! Maybe I do need another red and white quilt!

  28. I try to finish before Christmas but one year ended up sewing stockings at the last minute. Just finished a winter/Christmas theme quilt. Thanks for the chance to win a really great book!

  29. I do enjoy seasonal quilts and tablerunners. I have made many over the years! This book shows how to make the quilts for all year and not just Christmas , I like that!

  30. Yes, I do holiday sewing. And yes, I’m never finished. I start early but am always getting new ideas to start late. It’s gotten that my family takes bets on who ‘s won’t be done this year.

  31. I love to sew for holidays but Im a slow sewer and am usually behind my original plan……….sigh. Christmas is my favorite holiday to sew for and I have done several different pieces for it but always looking for more.

  32. I do sew for the holidays but like to be finished well before the holiday so that I’m not stressed with last minute things. It doesn’t always work that way. But, for example, I’ve started making little felt Christmas ornaments for each of my grandchildren for each year. We went on a road trip in January so I took those along and have already completed their ornaments for this Christmas. Just one thing out of the way. Larger projects take me much longer but I have found that if I don’t need it for a gift, it gets pushed aside for more pressing matters. So, if I want a holiday quilt for my own home, I need to make it early in the year.

  33. I think I am starting holiday sewing early but I’m always scrambling to finish! Love the Tree Farm quilt and want to start collecting greens now!

  34. I don’t do quilt making for holidays. The extent of my holiday sewing is making pillowcases for the grand children or nieces and nephews. I have Susan’s first book and really love the quilts in this one. I really like the fact that they don’t scream Christmas.

  35. Unfortunately, I am the one who decides after Thanksgiving that I am going to make everyone a quilted gift for Christmas. As I begin table runners and mug rugs, everything starts out well for the first two weeks of December and then the panic rushes in when I realize that I have 1 week to complete my projects. I finally give in to the calendar, and decide that there’s always next year.

    1. I forgot to add that the patterns in this book make me want to start early on Christmas projects and avoid the mad Christmas rush!

  36. I make lots of candle mats and table runners for two charity bazaars. I get started in the summer but I seem to put off binding until crunch time. I love that tree quilt!

  37. Oh I always have great Christmas sewing plans. I start the plans right after all the projects I don’t get to sew at Christmas. I have 3 Christmas quilts on my project wall…what’s a few more!

  38. I love sewing holiday quilts and am doing better at planning ahead and getting things finished before Christmas Eve. This looks like a great book. The tree quilt is a must!!

    1. Love the tree quilt and all others for that matter. Last year I made over fifty stockings and gifted everyone of them. My granddaughter wants to make something this year to gift so this book is perfect to start her quilting.

  39. I do sew for the holidays- Christmas,Easter,and Independence Day. I’ll often buy a kit before the intended holiday, but don’t finish for a year, or more, later! These quilt patterns look so fresh and fun! Would love to win a copy.

  40. I have made a Christmas quilt for each of my three beds. Now I need one for my son for a gift. Love the Christmas tree one for sure.

  41. I like to sew for the holidays and also for the season. I’m always late to the party because I decide at the last minute that I need a new Christmas quilt or one as a gift and then I run out of time. Doesn’t every quilter stitch bindings on Christmas Eve?

  42. Let’s just say “My intentions are good”! I always think I’m going to get so many more Christmas gifts made than I actually do, but there are always at least four or five things that get finished in time.

  43. Of course I sew for Christmas! Must say I’m fairly organized with Christmas in general. Because most of my family live across international borders, I’m often hand delivering quilts and other presents on visits months early to save on postage.

  44. I love to sew for all the holidays. Sometimes I’m ahead of the game and other times if a Christmas gift I have wrapped, given only to take back to finish a binding!! 🙂

  45. I sew for the holidays- I will start anytime if I really like the project- love the tree quilt!!

  46. What fun quilts! Yes, I confess…I am binding at the last minute at Christmastime. Just love that last minute rush, I guess! Would love to win a copy of this book…it looks swell!

  47. I’ve sewn for Christmas. One year I was binding on Christmas Eve. I’ve gotten better with getting things done earlier now. The patterns in the book are beautiful.

  48. Wow. Those pictures make me want to comb through my stash to find those shades of red, green and creams! And to get to my LQS to start collecting! Beautiful book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  49. About the only quilt making I do for the holidays is sewing table runners, placemats & wall hangings. I’m lucky to get them done nowadays. And here I thought I was supposed to have more time when I retired! Ha! Love the book & all the quilts! The colors are great but I’m with you on changing that one quilt to blue & white with gray & black backgrounds (ie., words, etc.).

  50. Yes. I do some sewing for Christmas. I try and get it done by December. I hate being rushed. That being said, I have been known to finish a few things just in the nick of time!

  51. I used to sew only for Christmas, but now that I have grandchildren living close by, I try to have some little things out for each holiday!

  52. I love to make quilts for any holiday. I usually end up finishing them after but I love them the next year.

  53. I love Christmas quilts! I seldom get any made though. Love the quilts in this book and will definitely have to make one or two or three…….

  54. I like to make holiday quilts during the holiday “season” which is a little before and after the actual holiday. I always get the top or project done…but the quilting to-do basket is very full as I prefer to hand quilt and need to get my priorities right and get some hand quilting in every day…no matter what!!!! Have a great day!

  55. I love all the quilts in this book! Choosing which one to make first would be a challenge!

  56. I quilt with no schedule or deadline in mind. i know that whenever the project is completed eventually the holiday will come around again.

  57. I am going to try and start that Christmas Tree quilt when I get this book and can’t wait as I have been hoarding greens since I saw this book and that pattern……love it!!!!! So many great quilts and all of them are on my to do list as I see them.
    Thanks Susan for wonderful holiday quilts to make

  58. These Christmas quilts are beautiful! It’s been quite a few years since I made any specifically for Christmas, but they varied from “done far in advance” to “down-to-the-wire!”

  59. I am making Christmas gift quilts now, but not red and green. I really like the patterns you showed in this book, they are my kind of quilts.

  60. When it gets done it’s done, last year’s Christmas quilt was on the sofa with no binding. It’s still not completely done, maybe soon. If it’s a gift, I do get it done in time.

  61. Yes, I have made quilts, stockings and wall hangings for Christmas, it is rare that I am still stitching the binding down Christmas Eve. Plus I have made things for other holidays. I love the traditional quilts in your book.

  62. I love to sew for the holidays especially Christmas! This year I’m planning on doing Christmas lap quilts for several nieces and one of my son’s family. I’m so looking forward to it….this book will be great!!

  63. I do sew for the holidays. I have a few projects that are in the works that may get done in time and maybe they will get done next year……

  64. This year is the year I chose to make bed size quilts for Xmas gifts for several gifts. (Not sure why). I spent my day yesterday getting the backs ready, 9 in total so far. I love the colors in your Christmas quilts, not the deep forest greens we all used for so many years. I will not be stitching on Christmas Eve, not this year, not me.

  65. My Christmas sewing involves gifts for a few folks every year. i usually don’t start until November so it can be a rush to the finish!

  66. I usually plan ahead so that it’s finished and ready to use by December 1st! But…..there’s always that added SAL the I can’t resist sewing during the holiday season.

  67. I usually sew some things for Christmas gifts for others , and home decor. I work well under pressure, so some things are last minute. Since some of my family lives far away, and I have to ship, I get those done earlier, then for me, and close family it is often “ down to the wire.”

  68. I sew for holidays all the time! This weekend is an Easter basket for the extra special guest at the table.

  69. Beautiful quilts which make me think I must be more organised this year and finish a Christmas quilt before the 25 December! How many greens will I need for the Tree Farming quilt I wonder?

  70. I have Susan’s other book and love it. This new one looks like another winner! I’m a last minute holiday sewist, the one sewing on the binding Christmas morning.

  71. I always have a Christmas project. This year I am making a tree skirt for the last of my sons and daughter in law, all the others have already been given one. It goes together pretty quickly so I won’t start until September but do not wait to the last minute because all of my children live out of state.

  72. I usually make table runners for our three daughters for Christmas. After seeing this book I may make each of them quilts. If I don’t win I will purchase the book..

  73. Good morning! I have done next to no holiday or seasonal quilting. I have several quilts picked out, but I haven’t got to them…yet! Maybe this year will be the year?? Thanks for this chance.

  74. I do quilt for holidays..mostly Christmas…and Thanksgiving..and Valentine’s Day..oh and Birthdays too…

  75. I love to make holiday-related quilts and table runners, and am usually starting them at the last minute. This year, however, I am working on trying to finish one Christmas item a month. Some are new and many are UFOs, and so far I’ve kept up.
    This book has several I’d like to make. I love her combinations of fabrics.

  76. I start in July when my quilt guild starts it’s annual Christmas stockings for a charity project. I try to get stuff done during the summer. It’s hot in Phoenix in the summer and a good time to stay indoors and stitch.

  77. Great patterns in this book. I wish I had time to make them all. I don’t generally sew for Christmas or other holidays. But I do love to do quilts of all sizes with “Fall” themes or feel.

  78. I have never made a Christmas quilt but I want to. I started collecting greens, reds, and turquoise/aqua so I could make one (or two….). That book looks awesome!

  79. I’m still finishing the binding on a Christmas tree skirt I stated…ahem…two years ago…. Thanks for the chance to win!

  80. I’m new to quilting but I made a Christmas quilt and 3 wall hangings last Christmas.

  81. I am usually sewing binding on Christmas Eve ;o) I do love to make quilts for special occasions but do tend to “overextend” myself thinking I have plenty of time to accomplish what I wish to do…sometimes I do and other times I show the recipient what they will receive at a later date.

  82. I do sew for holidays…mostly Christmas. However completing on time is my biggest struggle. And I’m just not in a christmasy mood until it’s too late. At least too late for the current year. Lol. I love the Christmas trees quilt! It would have to be the first one I tackle if I had this book.

  83. I’m already planning a Christmas quilt with Lella Boutique’s Little Tree fabric. I bought Bella solids, background, and have the pattern lying out, just waiting for Little Tree to arrive.

  84. Yes, yes, yes….always sewing for the holidays because we live so far away from our children, we always need the quilts done way before. I have always wanted to do one with trees for our own home. Thank you for this opportunity!

  85. I am a long term planner who finishes up on Christmas Eve. Love, love red and green. They are my decorating colors all year long.

  86. I love to bake at Christmas time and one can never have too many Christmas quilts/table toppers/wall hangings!! And quilts for Christmas gifts are always a great thing. Last year 2 king size quilts were gifts to my two grown married children.

  87. I have one Christmas quilt made and will be working on another next month. I have Susan’s first book and love it, her color choices are great and not what I would have put together. I need this book!

  88. I do sew for the holidays, but mostly Christmas. I keep saying that I’ll start early, but inevitably I rush right up the very end! Book looks great. Thanks for the chance to win.

  89. I love having a seasonal quilt hanging in my foyer. When the front door opens it is the first thing that you see. The pictures of Susan‘s quilts makes me think I need a new one and hers would be perfect.

  90. I like to do holiday quilts. IF they don’t get finished – oh well! I have another 12 months to make it happen!

  91. I want everyone in my family to have a Christmas quilt! I’m terrible about meeting deadlines, though, so somewhere in my “collection” is a quilt for #3 son that’s nearly finished…started about 6 years ago.

  92. I have every intention of being done with holiday quilts weeks and weeks before the day, but am always doing last minute binding!

  93. Yes, I do sew for the holidays. For Christmas, I sew the entire month of July either finishing up a project or starting a new one. This way, I don’t feel the presser of sewing at the last minute.

  94. I work on holiday sewing all year long. If it’s not ready for this Christmas, it will be for next.

  95. I’ve actually finished 2 Christmas table runners (and use them), but another has been languishing on my design wall for 2 years. Maybe this is the incentive I need to finally get it done!

  96. I usually have great holiday sewing plans, but end up running out of time. I need to start sewing now! I love that Tree Farming quilt… so cute!

  97. I love making quilts for Christmas and they are usually getting done last minute. I need those hard deadlines otherwise my quilts languish as UFO’s. 🙂 Super exited for this book as I love the holiday looks and fabrics and everything Christmas.

  98. I love to sew for holidays and other occasions but I’m usually finishing at the last minute or even later!

  99. Christmas quilts are my favorites! Always collecting fabric that will work for Christmas. If I would just start now I might get a couple actually done before Christmas.

  100. I try to start on Christmas in July but I always end up sewing late into the night on Christmas Eve. Sigh…..
    But I always get it done. I remember sewing my hem on my wedding dress the night before. My mom and my Aunt were going crazy. I always work better under pressure.

  101. I don’t think it would really be Christmas it I weren’t working on finishing something on Christmas Eve!

  102. I love making Christmas quilts, especially. My next favorites are patriotic/Americana quilts or projects. I like to plan ahead to get them finished in plenty of time for display, but occasionally that doesn’t quite work out!

  103. I just bought a long arm and would live to make christmas quilts for my sisters and nieces (7)
    now that I see the number maybe by christmas 2020 or2022

  104. Oh, I sew for the holidays…and then I keep sewing the same quilt and say, “Well, it’ll be ready for *next* Christmas.” And sometimes it is!

  105. I’m working on a Christmas quilt right now and doing the machine quilting on my home sewing machine. I will get it bound and labeled next month!

  106. I just re-decorated my guest bedroom and it’s all in whites. My plan is to make a quote for each holiday and change them out. Got to get started!

  107. I really like sewing up quilts for holidays. However, I am usually finishing them right before the holiday the next year!

  108. I I love Halloween and always make something new for this event , whether it’s a new pillow, table runner or fin quilt. My goal is to have it completed by September, but life sometimes gets busy. If I late one year , I figure I’m early for the next year.

  109. Every year I think to myself, I’ll get started early for Christmas, and it’s the year! Thanks for the encouragement!

  110. I love Christmas and everything quilts. Moda always give me wonderful ideas both easy and quick and more difficult but doable. Thank you for all you give to me and everyone that is a quilter.

  111. Some years I get going on gifts or Christmas quilts early…mostly they are last minute though. Susan’s quilts and color choices are so beautiful and inspiring! I can’t wait to drool over this book 🙂

  112. I only have two table runners for Christmas, and zero holiday quilts. I would really like to make some quilts for the holidays. Thankyou for the giveaway.

  113. Tree farming and Christmas Vacation are my initial faves and you’re right! I had a quick look at my stash and have a good amount of fabric to start planning with. I’m addicted to Christmas fabric or maybe it’s the warm fuzzy feeling that thinking of Christnas brings.I think this book will be well used.

  114. Though I do make quilts or sew other items for Christmas gifts, I don’t usually make holiday themed quilts. This year, I do have the 2 previous Countdown to Christmas quilts to finish. I am hoping to finish those and several other quilts so that I can give quilts to each of my 4 brothers this year. No sewing on Christmas Eve because they will have to be in the mail long before then. The book looks lovely!

  115. I have done a lot of sewing for Christmas over the years. I may not be stitching binding Christmas Eve, I have squeaked in pretty close to the holiday.

  116. I sew for the holidays … and every season~~ SOMETIMES I get one finished on time but, have to be honest, not always. Shocking I know to most of you!!! Happy Easter or Spring or just a beautiful day!!

  117. Love to make Christmas gifts, and I’m ALWAYS rushing to get things finished at the last minute!

  118. I try to sew for the holidays. Gift sewing often gets carried over from year to year. I often wait until I have the holiday spirit to sew decorations, so I’m usually sewing Christmas things during Christmas. Same for the other holidays. As the holiday spirit wanes, the project gets set aside til next year. Thanks for the giveaway.

  119. I usually don’t sew for the holidays, but last year made my first “Christmas” quilt, one of trees. And, since red is my favorite color (I have a lot of it all over the place), you simply can’t go wrong with Susan’s patterns. It looks like great good fun.

  120. Sewing has been my passion since age 8 when I learned in 4-H. I have been know to sew a label on a quilt for one of my four children after Mass on Christmas Eve or some hand sewing on a small project. My daughter says I don’t have to make the same thing for each of them and this book has some lovely ideas for each of them. Will ask one of them to give it to me for Mothers Day.

  121. Oh I’d love a copy of this book. I already tried to win one on another site. I love the quilts in this book and have never actually made a Christmas quilt. I have made small Christmas projects though. Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  122. I do make projects for certain holidays and sometimes I get them finished before the holiday. But, sometimes, they are finished at the last minute, a year or two later!

  123. I love to make and give quits for gifts. My family especially loves getting a Christmas quilt or two. I would love to make Tree Farming. Thank you for a chance to win the book.

  124. Seems I always have plan for a variety of holidays to make something new! I am one of the two… the “11th hour” quilter or I am getting a jump on the same holiday for “next year”.

  125. Haven’t made a Christmas quilt yet, but getting ready to embark on a string adventure with much accumulated Christmas fabric. Usually quilting for birthdays, babies and special events. And almost always binding ‘Christmas Eve.’ :-/

  126. I love the quilts in today’s post. I’m a fairly new quilter and just can’t get enough of the fabulous materials and patterns. I would LOVE to work out of this book!! Binding…that finishing touch. Yep, finishing up at the last minute!

  127. I have stitched up a few Christmas quilts and have the pattern and fabrics set aside for a holloween quilt. I also made a large set of placemats last year for Thanksgiving but that is about it. My measure for a good quilting book or magazine is whether or not there are more than two or three projects that I would want to make and this book has more than that…..

  128. My intentions are good to get my Christmas quilts done early but it rarely happens that way.
    Love all your holiday quilts especially the Tree Farming one.

  129. Several years ago, I made a Christmas lap quilt for each of our grandchildren. However, I sew for Halloween more than any other holiday. As mentioned, it is all about the color palette so quilts in this book could fit Halloween, too. I would love to win a copy. Thanks

  130. The age old question …. do I still have time to make that holiday quilt before the holiday? My answer is never. I always start too late. Thanks for giving me a push. Christmas will be here before we know it.

  131. I usually don’t sew for the holidays. I always have plans to make things, but run out of time.
    Thanks for the giveaway—Susan’s quilts are beautiful!!!

  132. In the past, I have sewn for Christmas by waiting till the last minute. This year, I hope to start my Christmas sewing by August. Would love to win this book!

  133. I love to sew holiday-themed projects. I am notorious for an eyes-too-big-for-my-stomach approach to projects. I have plans that I get fabric for, quilts in an unfinished state and lost in the sewing stash. If by some miracle I actually finish, I am binding on Christmas Eve. I have even been known to be working in the in route to the event! As my tee shirt reads: I have a Ph.D. In quilting Projects Half Done.

  134. I am generally a “binding on Christmas Eve” sort. My mother affectionately refers to this as my “4-H Dress Review last minute finish syndrome”, so I guess I learned it at that early age! Looks like a great book and now excuse me while I go dig through my greens.

  135. The past few years i have simplfied the christmas season by not sewing that month. I just do what has to be done… mainly cooking cleaning and presents. I have left the sewing for other times. I also have left christmas cards behind . I do like the idea of a christmas quilt done in just reds and whites. I have been dreaming of a 2 color quilt. It was a fun article to read. Thanks for the inspiration.

  136. I love making gifts for Christmas. But, I’ll admit I’m usually working last minute. (And, sometimes, “oh, there’s next year”) I love these quilts!

  137. Such great quilts. And the fabrics really shine in these patterns. I want to make at least 3 of the quilts shown. Hmmm – maybe for the Christmas after next??

  138. I don’t typically do sewing for the holidays… but I do have fabric stashed that would easily make a Christmas quilt for each of my three kids… and then some! I also have a whole “shoe box” sized bin of greens stashed to make a tree quilt! I think I probably need to add this book to my collection! Dontcha think?!!

  139. I always try to have them done early, you never know what can happen at the last minute.
    Do the, early remove the stress and enjoy the holiday

  140. I enjoy any holiday to sew for. Of course Christmas is 1st on my list. That quilt with the trees is outstanding! Really love it! By the way I was in a quilt store today and someone did ask the clerk when do you start getting in your new Christmas fabrics 🙂 I just smiled. 🙂 Have a Blessed Easter.

  141. I sew for holidays, especially Christmas, while the other holidays may get a simple project. I plan Christmas gifts for family well in advance but still seem to be working furiously right up to unwrapping time.

  142. Having it done in time for Christmas this year means I started it for Christmas last year! This book looks very inspiring.

  143. I don’t usually sew just for the holidays, but if something catches my eye, I’ll make an excuse to start sewing. Love the skinny trees!!!

  144. Christmas is the biggest holiday sewing event here with Fall/Halloween coming in a close second. Some projects are well planned and done well ahead – others not so much!!

  145. I’m ready for those skinny trees because I do (try to) start early making holiday gifts. Not being rushed adds to my enjoyment of imagining the recipient’s reaction.

  146. I make seasonal and holiday quilts and table runners. I like to sew during that holiday season and if I get it done before “perfect” and if not look how early I am for next year!

  147. I have sewn quilts for most of the holidays at some point in my quilty life, but I would love to have more green/red quilts in my home for Christmas.

  148. Two years ago I made a queen sized Christmas quilt-a goal I had set many years ago. Last year I did the same for one of our daughters. Love them both.

  149. I do love Christmas quilts and I’m usually binding them while roaring down the highway to the quilt’s recipient (mind you I’m not at the wheel.)

  150. Looking forward to a Grandmother’s surprise Christmas quilt! Usually I don’t get finished,but this year…

  151. Finish early, hahahahaha!! However, I HAVE ordered a layer cake of Merrily (by Gingiber), so that’s an early start at the very least!!

  152. Yes I do make holiday quilts, especially Christmas ones. I have a couple of Christmas projects now with a Halloween one too! It’s fun to decorate with them. These look like fun and I love the Tussy Mussy name and meaning. Thanks for the chance!

  153. I do sew for the Christmas holiday and my goal is to e finished before Thanksgiving with any projects that are gifts. Then I finish up the projects that are for my home decorating.

  154. I have four Christmas quilt tops finished this year and waiting to be layered and quilted. I plan to set aside the Month of June to quilt them so I can give them to my kids at Thanksgiving. First time I made Christmas quilts and it was fun. Lots of work yet to be done before the quilts are ready to be gifted.

  155. Some really pretty quilts. Looks like a good book. I have 1 Christmas quilt and need some more.

  156. Yes, I do holiday sewing – Quilts, Christmas tree skirts & hot pads. I have many Carrie Nelson books & would love this one. Thanks for all the great patterns.

  157. I love Christmas quilts. I have several, but always need to sew more. This book looks like a winner for any quilt, seasonal or not.

  158. I’m down to the last minute but my mind plans everything way ahead of time.

  159. Many thanks for the inspiration. Have always collected Christmas fabrics at random now I know more about wizzing up a Christmas quilt. Not always essential here but nevertheless a cute thing to have

  160. Yes, I do sew for the Holiday’s, but I usually don’t get started on my projects until about a month before they arrive. Thank you for the chance.

  161. i’ve made one throw for Christmas . It needs several companions. These quilts loof great and yes, I’ve got enough stashed fabric to make them. Book looks good. Thanks

  162. Our family plays a dice game. I make a quilted throw as a prise. That way family has a chance to have one of aunties quilts. Always has a special label.

  163. Hello! I quilt for some holidays… one year my two grandgirls received a quilt each on Thanksgiving and two each on Christmas. 🙂 I don’t like deadlines, so usually gift them when they are done. I adore the Tree Farm quilt…

  164. Yes I do sew for the holidays, and I like to plan ahead so its done before the holiday arrives. Christmas is my favorite, but I have done other holidays.

  165. I love to start about 6 months early before a holiday. That gives me plenty of time to finish before needing the quilt.

  166. Most years I don’t do any sewing for Christmas, but I have made lap quilts for presents a few times. These have me ready to pull out my red and green fabrics!

  167. My holiday sewing projects usually get started too late to finish in time for the current year; but it’s fun to be sewing for the season in the season!!

  168. We draw names in our extended family for Christmas. We have a $50 spending limit but whichever name I draw gets a quilt if I haven’t made them one yet. So much for limits!
    I love the quilts you’ve shown us and would LOVE to win!

  169. In my mind I plan ahead. But I never seem to get it done until the last minute. I do love to sew for Christmas. It’s so festive and brightens the house.

  170. I love Christmas and I usually make small projects as it is summer here but I love the quilts and would have to make some to drape over the couch!

  171. This book caught my eye! While I love the reds and greens, I agree, other colors could easily be used. I do have good intentions of sewing for the holidays. Gifts usually get finished just in time – or supplies and partially finished things get wrapped in a box with a note the person can finish it, or give me back the box and I will finish it. For some reason, I always get the box back! I have more Christmas quilts made my mind than in fabric, but I do have the fabric, just in case!

  172. I have made quilts for Christmas before and I was done will all but one before Christmas. It ended up being a top and then quilted after Christmas.

  173. I love holliday quilts which I leave out all year long so yes I sew for the holidays and I don’t give them away as I keep them all…at some point I need to find someone who loves those colors as much as I do!

  174. Always so for the Holidays and yes see right up until it had to be wrapped! This book looks exceptional, would love to win a copy!!

  175. I haven’t done a holiday Quilt yet but the skinny tree one & the tussy quilt are calling out to me.

  176. I love those green Christmas quilts, and I have made Christmas quilts for each member of the family.

  177. Love the colors of green and red. Totally different. I do sew for friends for Christmas, but we do Hanukkah for my family. I find it a very difficult holiday for finding patterns and fabric. How about doing something great for Hanukkah??? Thanks………. you’re designs are delish! Would love to win.

  178. I do start in July or August. Living in the southern hemisphere these are our cold, rainy winter evenings and they feel like doing Christmas sewing.

  179. The last few years I’ve been making a Christmas quilt and this year will be no different. There are several that I see that I would love to do for this year.

  180. Christmas is my favorite holiday! I’m working on 2 quilt projects for Christmas right now! I’m definitely getting this book!

  181. Let’s say that I have good intentions!! sometimes I finish and sometimes I save it to finish the next year!!!

  182. I do sew for Christmas. Not a supper last minute perso, usually have things done about a week or two inadvance.
    A few years ago I made a quilt for every membet od our family, this book might be the one to get me to fp that again.
    I love every quilt in the book.

  183. I just started a new Christmas quilt from scraps. I decided last year I was going to make quilts for daughter/son in law and two grandsons last September. Almost got them finished. Missed finishing the last one by a few days.

  184. I am that person sewing on the binding at the last minute. I get my best ideas for designs when under pressure.

  185. I love to sew for all holidays. Halloween and Christmas sewing are my favorite and usually have my projects done before the holiday so I can display or give them away. Love this new book!

  186. I enjoy sewing for Christmas. I’ll start early but often end up rushing to finish at the last minute. I sew need this book!

  187. Yes, I quilt for Christmas.but now mostly for my home. I realized that I don’t have much in quilts for the Holidays, so I’m remedying that. This looks like a fabulous book with my type of designs..

  188. Oh my there isn’t enough time in a day to get at everything on my to-do list. I try to get gifts made but most times I am short on time but I get them done just the same. I would love to have a copy of this book.

  189. I love fresh takes on traditional patterns – and the beauty of simple designs. These photographs are gorgeous! I would love to make many if these quilts! The soft colours used, especially on the tussle messy quilt, “speak” to me! I would love this book!

  190. I love quilting for any occasion. I usually try to plan ahead, but I have been known to sew the occasional binding at midnight ☺

  191. I’ve made some Christmas quilted items. They were not always finished for the Christmas for which they were intended.
    The book looks like it has a lot of great patterns . I think I’d make the tree one first.

  192. I do love making Christmas quilts and I am thinking that I will have to make the Tree Farming one, two things I love, green fabric and trees. I try to do sew alongs that way I might have it done in time for the holiday!

  193. I sew for Christmas last year I made bookmarks for 5th graders at my grandchildren’s school, the year before I made 60 log cabin Santa ornaments. I carried them with me and hand stitched the backs while waiting for my husband at VA appointments everyone enjoyed them.

  194. Sadly, I don’t have any Christmas quilts. This would be a great opportunity to start. What I love most about this book is that it isn’t just for Christmas, but pattens for any time of year – so versatile! Thank you.

  195. I do some sewing for the Christmas, but not as much as I used. People only have so much room for quilted stuff. LOL When I do sew for Christmas, I start relatively early, but still manage to keep adding to my list and sewing up to a few days before Christmas.

  196. I love sewing for Christmas. I make many Christmas items to sell at the church bazaar. I plan some and some are just instantly inspired.

  197. I usually buy enough fabric for 3 (I have 3 kids) – start sewing like mad get 2 done & quilted. The last with age to perfection until I can get it done seconds before Santa arrives. HOHOHO

  198. I usually do sew up some Christmas gifts Usually I plan most and I also have some last minute ideas I am finishing up last minute. I have a Christmas quilt I started two years ago and my goal this year is to get it finished.

  199. Love about 5 of these quilts, love the way she combines scraps with many different fabric lines, some of which I already own in my stash, thank you for sharing these beauties.

  200. I try to create for every holiday, but always run out of time the first year, and end up finishing it for the same holiday the following year. I should start earlier! This book is quite the inspiration!

  201. Have never made a holiday quilt but would love to do a Christmas quilt or two for my daughter who just recently got married.

  202. Oh my, so many lovelies in this book I can’t pick a favorite! I do love to create for all holidays… sometimes I’m timely and sometimes last-minute. And sometimes I’m so last-minute that the items wait until the next year !

  203. I love making holiday and Christmas quilts. Making them for family and friends is so much fun. I make them for graduations too.

  204. I quilt for holidays .. Christmas is so fun to sew for.. makes the whole house merry! I TRY to have my sewing done before dec… doesn’t always work that way…lol

  205. I do holiday sll year. Doesn’t matter if it has already passed. There is alwsys next year. I love these quilts especially the tree farm!

  206. Sometimes I start a quilt or table runner for an upcoming holiday and it does not get finished until the next time that same holiday comes around. These quilts you have posted are absolutely beautiful.

  207. I sew for holidays and for everyday…. I usually plan ahead.. quilts for grandchildren (they need several, you know) special gifts for friends.. maybe not a quilt but a table runner, or a little purse…

  208. This is my first year quilting over Christmas but I’ve already got a tree skirt pattern calling my name and I DO plan on getting to it early! Now I think some of these will definitely be on the to-do list as well!!!

  209. These quilts by Susan are adorable! I love the trees. I always have good intentions to get projects done before the holidays but most times life gets in my way. Thank you for a chance to get Susan’s Count Down To Christmas book.

  210. I love the quilts you’ve shared from this book. I always try to make Christmas gifts for members of my friendship group, but always seem to run out of time. Starting sooner sounds like a good idea.

  211. I love Christmas and pretty much all holidays. I have been quilting about 2 years and am trying to get a quilt in each theme. I love the Christmas ideas

  212. Would loooove to have this book! I was sewing on Christmas quilts before, through the holiday and am still working on a Christmas quilt now. For some reason, this year it’s all about Christmas:)

  213. Tree farming could help me with my stash. I am usually sewing until about a week before Christmas Day and am working on some gifts even now. This looks like a great book. Thanks for sharing.

  214. I do make Christmas items, but it’s whenever the mood strikes (or I want to finish something up) year round. I try not to make myself have more than one stitching deadline each December. 🙂

  215. I am a procrastinator so having this book would get me going before it’s too late! I love the traditional patterns made new with clever layouts and beautiful fabrics!

  216. I always try to make a Christmas item for everyone on my list.. Love all the ideas in your new book. I would definitely make a few of them!!!

  217. I love to make table runners gor all the holidays but i am notorious for waiting till the last miniute!

  218. I love to sew for the holidays but Christmas is the most fun! It is the season for giving so most quilts made for Christmas are gifts and are started months ahead of time. It’s never to early, right.

  219. I love sewing “holiday” quilts — any holiday. I usually start well in advance but seldom finish on time for the holiday. I consider it done in a timely manner if I can get it finished within a couple of years! Lol! This book looks fabulous!!!

  220. I do sew for Christmas and usually finish well before the holiday. I normally focus on wall hangings and smaller gift items.

  221. Well, Lourdes snow has just about melted here in my part of the Upper Peninsula of zmichigan! That must mean it’s time to start on next Christmas season projects. Uh……I will be the one sewing the binding on for Christmas Eve, even though I start early. I love sewing for all the holidays, but Halloween and Christmas tie for first place!

  222. I have a couple of small Christmas quilts and one partially finished that I have sought for years for the right green to use for the borders…sigh. I also have a Halloween quilt I just love and I hang it up every year. I have been collecting for a St. Patrick’s Day quilt but haven’t started yet. I have some larger Christmas quilts in mind but nothing has gelled yet (love your inspiration). I have finished everything mentioned (except the one needing a border) in time for at least one rotation of its named holiday. Not saying I do everything in the same year, again sigh….

  223. I sew ornaments for my grandchildren every Christmas. I do get them done a few weeks before Christmas. I plan to make a Christmas quilt or wall hanging.

  224. I have two almost done. But right at Christmastine, I always seem to find a need fir someone and am up all night waiting for Santa while binding.

  225. I’m a last minute kind of girl, but working full time is my excuse. Can’t wait until mend of May when school is out.

  226. I do sew for holidays because I love to decorate with quilts. I don’t always get them completed on time but I do pretty well. Love the new patterns.

  227. I do sew/quilt for the holidays…in fact, I’m starting a fall/Halloween quilt now. Usually not this organized. But, as I look at these quilts from Susan, I can’t find one I don’t want to make!!

  228. I do not sew much for the holidays any more but I’m sure I would find something I would love to make in Susan’s new book!

  229. Sometimes things are all ready way ahead of time – but other times I just have to remember that this holiday will come around again next year!

  230. Sometimes I am way ahead of schedule, but other times I am glad the holiday will roll around again next year!

  231. Love to sew for the holidays – table runners, pillows and lap quilts. I typically sew for that holiday during the holiday season. It is hard for me to get excited about Christmas projects in the spring and summer. I love to sew in the fall and winter on fall and winter projects. It may happen that I finish a seasonal project after the holiday, but I do try to get in done during the holiday season

  232. If it’s something quilt sized or a wall hanging, I will start before so I can have it done on time. But I frequently find myself working on small projects, like folded ornaments, at the last minute.

  233. I have a HUGE collection of reds, greens, and low volumes that are looking for a project or projects… would love to make every single one of these beauties!

  234. I love to make quilted items for Christmas. I am always leaving something until the last minute.

  235. Yes I love making quilts for different holidays. I randomly work on them during the year. This last year I did Figtree block of the month. Only 1 block left than four it together. It will be done early for this years Christmas and be proudly displayed on my bed.

  236. I have make smaller quilts (usually wall hangings and table toppers) for the holidays but would love to make a few from this book! Most of the time I finish them a few weeks before the holiday.

  237. I always plan to be ready, and yet I must admit I am usually rushing to finish at the last minute.

  238. Yes! I always try to make stuff for the holidays but don’t always get them done on time!!

  239. I sew/quilt for most all holidays. Its just part of the creative process. Tree farming is particularly calling my name from this book.

  240. I’d love to say I’m done way in advance but I probably fit in the sewing the binding on during the wee hours of Christmas morn!

  241. I love sewing for the holidays! I generally plan ahead, but can still be found sewing together last minute goodies for gifts or to add something special to a party.

  242. I love sewing for Xmas and decorating with my quilts and 300 odd trees can’t wait for this book

  243. I sew for the holidays and usually I’m quilting and binding at the last minute. Not unusual to miss the Christmas deadline and instead finish in January and be ready a year early.

  244. Gorgeous! I want to do the Tree Farm quilt. And Nosegay is on my ‘someday’ list, too.

  245. I’ve been steadily working on a Christmas quilt using Fig Tree Christmas fabric. The goal is to complete it this year. I love the scrappy look of the red and green fabrics I’m using. Thank you for the overview of Susan’s new book and the chance to win a copy.

  246. This book has some clever and fun ideas for the holidays. It’s never too early to start stitching.

  247. You’re right – it’s never to early to start quilting for Christmas, and these quilts look fairly quick and easy – love that! I have lots of greens, but I may just need to buy a few more…

  248. I sew and decorate for ALLholidays and would be fibbing if I told you they were always done in time. I mean is holiday eve not the perfect resting time to see your finishing touches?

  249. I can hear those Christmas trees calling my name. There is a lot less stress sewing for Christmas now than in December.

  250. Christmas is the only holiday I really sew for. I love the fabrics. The trees, the snowmen, the poinsettias, and sleigh bells!!! All of it. Last year I made a flannel snowman quilt for my sister. It was a real hit! I would love to win this book to sew up some of my Christmas stash

  251. I’m going to start by whittling down the list, the time, and the monies spent. It could sound cheep, but it’s not meant to be, it’s more to the point…be smarter, the less stressful and freer of anxiety and healthier I will be.

  252. I like to sew for holidays and usually hope to get things done at least a couple of weeks in advance.

  253. I plan ahead for Christmas gifts. I would love to make the tree farmer quilt. This looks like a great book to have. Thank you for the give away!

  254. My first quilt I was binding on Christmas Eve and have not looked back this book looks fabulous

  255. Love these designs and colours who needs a holiday to have an excuse to quilt ! Everyday is a quilt day

  256. LOL! I’m usually binding them months after they were supposed to be given. Sometimes YEARS!

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