On A Jelly Roll…

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’, get them fabrics rollin’… Jelly Roll! That’s what fifteen Moda designers did when asked to create a new quilt using a Jelly Roll. They went On A Roll for School On Wheels organization – that’s why they’re the Moda All-Stars!

Sweet Butterfly by Stacy Iest Hsu

On A Roll – 14 Quilts That Start with 2 1/2″ Strips.

Invented-created by Moda Fabrics in 2006, the Jelly Roll has become an industry standard. Forty pre-cut strips measuring 2 1/2″ wide by the 42″ width of fabric, these strips have been immortalized with a Race, a couple of rugs and a whole lot of beautiful quilts.

Square Dance by Karla Eisenach of Sweetwater

Square Dance uses Sweetwater’s Project Red collection – but this would be terrific in their new Sweet Tea.

Mountain Climbing by Betsy Chutchian

Scrappy by color is how Betsy Chutchian laid out these triangles. She used her Evelyn’s Homestead collection for this quilt.

Clockwise from upper-left:

Apricot Jelly by Corey Yoder

As always, the book is filled with “fun facts” about the designers. What secrets and funny quirks does Corey Yoder have to share?

When I’m sewing with a Jelly Roll, this is how I roll… My favorite roll is… Don’t roll your eyes but… Roll call for my “sewing must-haves” would include these three things…

One of the designers will not sew without That Purple Thang close at hand. (You’ll have to read the book to find out which one.)

Clockwise from upper-left:

Maisy Daisies by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree & Co.

When Joanna Figueroa is on a roll in her sewing room, does she: (a) stop to make dinner, (b) call for take-out, (c) forget to feed her kids or (d) ask her husband to make dinner? (Page 77.)

Parfait by Sherri McConnell

Sherri McConnell used two Jelly Rolls and some yardage makes this cute throw quilt. A clever trick makes the corner triangles for the Shoo-Fly blocks.

I almost forgot – Sweet Butterfly at the top was made using Stacy Iest Hsu’s Home Sweet Home collection. (It’s still one of my favorites.)

And finally, as always, royalties from the Moda All-Stars are donated to a charitable organization, most of which benefit children. The mission of School On Wheels is to enhance educational opportunities for homeless children from kindergarten through 12th grade.

The organization works one-on-one with children whose homelessness prevents them from getting the academic stability and help they desperately need. The heart of School on Wheels’ programs is the volunteer tutors who come from all backgrounds and professions, with a shared goal – to reach out to a child, to teach, to mentor, and assist in their educational life.

So leave a comment by Midnight CST on Tuesday, March 14 to be entered to win a Moda All-Stars On A Roll book and a Jelly Roll!

Just tell us if you’ve made any Jelly Roll quilts – and how many Jelly Rolls you might have on your shelves just waiting for this book!

Happy Monday!

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308 thoughts on “On A Jelly Roll…

  1. I have purchased several jelly rolls over the years but have yet to make a quilt using a roll. I love all the beautiful quilts from the book. I think they will motivate me to open a roll and start quilting!

  2. This book is perfect for those jelly rolls that have been staring at me waiting for me to find just the right jelly roll quilt!

  3. I discovered how useful jelly rolls are when making “Antelope Canyon” by Laurie Shiffrin. It would have taken lots longer if I’d had to cut all those strips. I now have 2 jelly rolls waiting for inspiration. This book will help!

  4. I was hooked on jelly rolls after I made a quilt using one for my first grandson. Four grandchildren later, I’ve found many uses for jelly rolls. From quilts, to placemats, to bags: they are a great way to bring variety and ease to quilting.

  5. I have 4 jelly rolls that I would use to make some of these great quilts. My favorite is What’s the Commotion, but I’d be torn whether to start on it or Square Dance first.

  6. I have made several jelly roll quilts and love the convenience! I am such a fan of jelly rolls that I have about 40 sitting on my shelves waiting for me to decide which quilt to make!

  7. I’ve made two items with jelly rolls, but have clearly been anticipating another project since I have six more stored in my drawer as well as another seven 2.5 inch strip sets. This may be the book that will cause me to dig into this stash. Love these quilts!

  8. I have completed two jelly roll quilts this past year. I did a basket one using Minick and Simpson Miss Scarlet and Carrie Nelson’s Picnic with American Jane fabric. Love using Jelly Rolls,

  9. I love jellyroll patterns and would love to have this book!I cant pass up a jellyroll that has colors and patterns on display!

  10. I used jelly rolls to make tuffets for my 3 grandchildren and they came out so cute! I have one roll on my shelf waiting for that perfect design.

  11. I have a bin full of jelly rolls waiting to become quilts! Mostly Moda jelly rolls! I love some of the designs from this new book!

  12. I have made 2 jelly roll quilts and have 5 jelly rolls calling out to be used. Thank you for this opportunity.

  13. I have made numerous jellyroll quilts and have at least a dozen rolls waiting for me to take action. Looks like a fun book, and I always enjoy the fun facts and tips.

  14. I have made a couple jelly roll race quilts ,a bag or two and made a Florence flamingo baby quilt I still have around 6 jelly rolls waiting “birth” into a project.

  15. I have made several jelly roll quilts and am currently looking for a pattern that uses 2 jelly rolls as I accidentally bought the same one twice in 2 separate visits to my LQS. Lol

  16. I’m loving your new jelly roll book! I have made probably six jelly roll quilts…so easy, fast and satisfying! I think I have about ten jelly rolls waiting for a great pattern!

  17. I am nearly finished with an Emma’s garden jelly roll quilt! Also have 5 rolls to use, and would love to have this book!

  18. Always looking for new patterns for jelly rolls as our Guild makes charity quilts from jelly rolls!! It looks yummy!!

  19. I have made quilts and totes from jelly rolls! Actually all my fabric except for current project is packed up due to recent move so I could not give an actual # but might be afraid to admit the actual #. Cannot resist pretty fabric!

  20. Love the quilts in this book! I have several jelly rolls just waiting for the right pattern.

  21. Havent made too many jelly roll quilt or have any jelly rolls in hand but do have some yardage that can easlily made inti strips to make these beutuful “all star” quilts. Love to win a cipy if this book

  22. I’ve made about 10 jelly roll quilts since I retired 8 years ago. I have about 14 jelly rolls on my shelves…and about two jelly roll UFO’s. I really like making totes and bags out of jelly rolls too. Your new book looks wonderful too.

  23. I’ve only made one jelly roll quilt and I love it, can’t wait to try another. I always have a hard time picking which one to buy.

  24. I just purchased my first jelly roll to use around embroidered blocks stitched by a great-grandmother. I like patchwork; jelly rolls will be useful in future quilt making.

  25. I have made several pillows and table runners from jelly rolls, but to date haven’t made a quilt from them yet.

  26. I’d go out of my way to find a jelly roll just to make several of the quilts in this new book! They’re just so much fun – and what a great choice of charities to donate to. Congratulations again Moda – and thank you as always for the inspirations.

  27. I may have to cut into one of my precious jelly rolls! Some great inspiration here from the designers, and the School on Wheels sounds like a wonderful organisation.

  28. I made one jelly roll quilt and have two more in my stash. They’re the prettiest precut to display, so the hardest to actually use!

  29. I’ve made quite a few quilts using jelly rolls & a jelly roll rectangular rug! I have a few jelly rolls, maybe 10, just waiting for this new Moda All Stars book! Can’t wait!

  30. I frequently buy jelly rolls because they fit my budget and I make quite a lot of quilts requiting 2 1/2 inch strips…loved looking through your pictures and would love to win the book so that I can make a few (ok, all) of the quilts…thanks..

  31. I think I have 5 jelly rolls in my stash. That number would go down. This book looks wonderful!

  32. I’ve never made a jelly roll quilt probably because I do not have a jelly roll! Where have I been?!!! I will put it on my list of projects to try. Love the quilts!

  33. Oh WOW – I too am a “collector” of beautiful fabric that is just waiting for the right pattern to come along. I have a bunch of jelly rolls that would jump onto my cutting mat if they could be in any one of these patterns! The butterflies and the churn dash are speaking to me!! Fingers crossed!

  34. I’ve made a couple of jelly roll quilts, but I’m embarrassed to say that I have a least 25 jelly rolls hiding and waiting to be chosen. Ya know, you pet them and then they want to come home with you and who can resist that. Now that I’m retired, I should have enough time to put these lonely strips in to a gorgeous quilt. Love the creations from Moda’s designers!

  35. I have made two jelly roll quilts in the past but these lovely patterns are inspiring me to try another one, or two or three!!

  36. I have made at least 5 conventional jelly rolls quilts. Around here they’re called zippy- strippies! Last fall I made Starlight Express my own way. I look forward to seeing the book. Love the quilts!

  37. I have never made a quilt using a jelly roll. I always do it the old fashioned way of cutting strips myself. I love all the quilts you posted, and would love to make some of them, starting with a jelly roll!

  38. I have a bunch of Jelly Rolls in my stash, but have only made one JR quilt. I love several of the quilts in this book, and would love to win it.

  39. I’ve been working on a couple Jelly Roll quilts lately… inspired by the jelly roll sewing day in September. I have a few print Jelly Rolls in my stash, as well as some solids… love the quilt that Corey Yoder designed for the book!

  40. I haven’t made a jelly roll yet, but I have about 6 jelly rolls that have been waiting for this book!

  41. I’ve made numerous jelly roll quilts and am always looking for more patterns to use the new additions to my collection of jelly rolls! Jelly rolls make great donation quilts that are fast and lovely.

  42. What a great book. Yes I’ve made at least ten jelly roll quilts but have at least ten jelly rolls on my shelf just waiting for this book. Got to have!!

  43. I just opened my first jelly roll! The book has a lot of beautiful quilts so I would be able to open another one!

  44. I love all these quilts, such pretty fabrics. Such a good cause for the proceeds of the book too.

  45. I have tons of Jelly Rolls waiting to be used up!! And Brigitte is coming to teach a class at my Guild in Germany in November. So excited. Are any of you MODA STARS interested in visiting us/teaching a class in you have plans to come to Europe? We’re a small Guild, we can cover class costs, local transport within Europe, but across the Ocean would be a bit much for us – BUT we’d love to see you, have you do a class. I want the BOOK!!!

  46. Inspiration! I have several jelly rolls that I would love to create a new quilt with.

  47. I have several jelly rolls just waiting to be used. I have made a couple of the Missouri Star patterns (on Nat’l Jelly Roll Day) using jelly rolls.

  48. I make jelly roll quilts every year on Moda’s Sew a Jelly Roll Day. I love them. I do have several on my shelves. Beautiful book.

  49. I love jelly rolls! It’s always great to see creative use of them. New ideas are just what we need

  50. I love jelly rolls. I have probably a dozen waiting for the perfect project. Love this book!

  51. I am totally in LOVE with the one by Lisa Bongean and have the perfect Christmas jelly roll waiting on my shelf. I’ll bet it’s even better in primitive gatherings fabric. Thanks for this compilation of wonderful quilts.

  52. I have made lots and lots of Jelly Roll quilts, and I think I have about 10 Jelly Rolls on my shelf right now 🙂 These quilts all look so fun!!!

  53. Oh all of these are such winners! I would love to have the book. I have a collection of Jelly Rolls which really need to be all sewn up!

  54. I believe that I have made four jelly roll quilts. But after all of the lint in my machine after the first one, I swore that I’d never make another one…but I did! I think my favourite one was Simply Woven from Moda Bake Shop. It was such a fun way to make a quilt. At the moment I do not have any jelly rolls to sew with. I guess that I collect FQs before I collect any thing else such as jelly rolls or layer cakes. Thanks for this chance!

  55. Yes I have made one jelly roll quilt, a jelly roll rug and I have ten more jell rolls waiting for this book!

  56. I want to make every quilt in this book! Love it! And thank you for donating to such a needed cause!

  57. I’ve made a couple jelly roll race quilts! I probably have about 20 jelly rolls sitting on my shelf. I also have gifted about 5 to my sisters!

  58. I couldn’t find any of the quilts that I didn’t love!
    The jelly roll has become my go-to pre-cut and I usually have at least 3 on hand. They are especially great when I need to make a quickie, like a jelly roll race quilt for a special someone who needs a hug.

  59. I most likely have about 10 jelly rolls waiting for me to make up my mind. I swear, with the help of this book, I will do so.

  60. I love jelly rolls. All the fabrics from a collection in a curated bundle means that I can just start right in on the blocks. I’d love to win the book and the roll.

  61. I love jelly rolls because there is so much fabric to work with! There is just one jelly roll sitting on my shelf ( it’s Fig Tree Xmas) love the American Jane, Zen Chic, and Bunny Hill quilts and would love to make them all! Moda designers and Moda fabrics are the best!

  62. I have made about 10 jelly roll quilts, and have another 30 rolls sitting in a bin just waiting to be loved. I really enjoy working with precuts because of the arthritis in my thumbs which makes it difficult to cut fabric!

  63. I have made so many jelly roll quilts, I can’t even remember! I have a Christmas jelly roll from Holly Taylor just waiting for this book. Thanks!!!!

  64. I’ve made a couple of Jelly Roll quilts before but I love the new patterns in this book even more! And I probably have at least 10 jelly rolls just waiting on my shelves. Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. I have made a jelly roll quilt from Missouri star quilt companies tutorials but I have over a dozen jelly rolls waiting for action! Really excited to see the designs in this book .

  66. I love using jelly rolls! This summer I’ve sewn up 3 quilt tops using jelly rolls, and I’m waiting for Pinkerville to come out. Thanks to moda bake shop for all the fun patterns!

  67. I’ve made 2 jelly roll quilts and have at least 15 on my self waiting to be made into a quilt. The book has some great inspiration quilts! Thank you!

  68. I love jelly roll quilts and I have several yummy rolls decorating my shelving waiting for inspiration. I would love to win this book!

  69. Yes, I’ve made a couple of jelly roll quilts and I currently have 2 jelly rolls in my stash for making a 1930’s style quilt.

  70. I’ve made 3 jelly roll quilts, and in the process of piecing #4! I have at least 5 jelly rolls that need the patterns in this book. Thank you to all your creative designers!

  71. I have made three jelly roll quilts and have three rolls plus yardage just waiting for this book of inspiration. It is clear that I will need to buy more jelly rolls.

  72. Love,love,love jelly rolls! I have made a few. Recently I finished Christa Watson’s pattern. I think I have about five jelly rolls in my stash.

  73. I’ll just say that I have many, many jelly rolls on my shelves–too cute to cut up! I have made a few quilts using them though and just got my kit to make Cobblestones by Sweetwater that includes a jelly roll and a honey bun. I’m very excited to get started!

  74. I have made one jelly roll quilt. I have 2 jelly rolls on my shelf waiting for a project. One of them may be destined to be a rug!

  75. I’m loving the looks of my jelly rolls hanging out with my folded fabrics stacked in my quilt room cubicles. I’ve even opened up and used some for table runners and wall hangings in addition to full-sized quilts. Missouri Star Quilt Company’s “Block” magazine provides so many fun patterns for these rolls.

  76. I have at least 50 jelly rolls…never counted them…but they seem to prcreate!!! Thank you for the giveaway.

  77. I have made a half dozen jelly roll quilts and participated in the infamous jelly roll quilt race. A local quilt shop here in Daytona Beach holds an annual jelly roll race during the NASCAR races. So much fun. I have five jelly rolls in my stash.

  78. I love jelly rolls and use them all of the time. Perfect for any type of quilt. I just finished a queen size log cabin quilt for my granddaughter’s wedding gift.

  79. I’ve made a Fig Tree quilt—stars (and another from Sandy Koop). I am currently working on a quilt for my grandson using a jelly roll and some extra 2.5 inch strips. I think I have 10-15 jelly rolls.

  80. Have made several quilts with jelly rolls. Two in progress. Have four waiting to be used.
    Love the What the Commotion quilt and the Shoo Fly Quilt.

  81. I love jelly rolls. I have too many, but I see their ‘beauty’ just looking at them. They make my mind
    ‘Roll’ with possibilities.

  82. My first quilt made with precuts was a jelly roll quilt, using Happy Campers by American Jane. It is on my son’s bed right now.
    And yes, I do have a few jelly rolls stashed away that would be perfect for this book!!

  83. So much inspiration! These quilters are so creative! I would love to win this book! I have a dozen jelly rolls just waiting for some new ideas to use them in.

  84. I have made many jelly roll quilts and obviously need to make more as I have 30 plus jelly rolls on the shelves. Can I hear a cheer for jelly roll addictions?

  85. I only have 1 jelly roll on hand. I tend to cut my own strips from all the fabrics in my stash so it is truly scrappy!

  86. I have never made a jelly roll quilt and I don’t have any jelly rolls either. These quilts look very nice and I certainly up to trying something new for me. Thank you for the chance to win.

  87. I love jelly rolls and the idea of them, but rarely use them, the book has lots of wonderful ideas.i do see a few that spark my interest. i would love winning this book. thank you for sharing

  88. Only one jelly roll on my shelf – I’m a more is better kind of gal – as in yardage!

    Lovely quilts and I’ve put a few on my to do list!

  89. I’ve made several jelly roll quilts, but have no more jelly rolls on my shelves! Must get some more to have on hand for this amazing book!

  90. I have made a one jellyroll quilt, but I have two jellyrolls on hand to play with. I really need a jellyroll pattern book so I can get inspired to use more jellyrolls.

  91. I have a collection of jelly rolls-perhaps about 25. I have made several jelly roll race quilts and variations as gifts and just completed two jelly roll rugs. I will be on the lookout for this book.

  92. Great looking quilts. Used my last jelly roll on national sew a jelly roll day and gifted it to my daughter in law for Christmas. Time to buy some more jelly rolls!

  93. I love using jelly rolls and have made quite a few quilts with them. How many do I have waiting to be used? I’m not positive, but I would guess 20-30.

  94. I love jelly rolls, precuts make the work go so much faster. When I see a beautifully colored jelly roll I purchase it for my stash knowing someday I will find the perfect project to make with it. I’ve lost rack of the number of quilts, table toppers and other projects I have made with jelly rolls.

  95. I have only made the jelly roll race quilts. I have one roll waiting to be sewn but I thought it was too pretty to use. However, this book has so many great patterns that I will be using the jelly roll soon.

  96. I’ve made several quilts using the Jelly Roll. Jelly Roll Race has been a favorite project at my LQS. How many on my shelf…a guess would be 20. My current favorite project uses Garden Variety by Lella Boutique and the Color Pop pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew.

  97. I have not made a Jelly Roll quilt and I do not have a single Jelly Roll in my stash. I need to go shopping!

  98. I have half a dozen jelly rolls waiting for inspiration. Having all (or most) of the colors picked out for a project is so appealing. I have my eye on a couple of them for a potential project soon, but I haven’t yet made a quilt from jelly rolls.

  99. No, I have not made a jelly roll quilt yet, but it is on the list. There are two on the shelf, spoken for, but something else keeps getting in the way of using them. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  100. I only have one jelly roll at the moment, but I know where to get more! I’ve made at least two jelly roll quilts, but I would like to make one or two or more of those in the All Stars book.

  101. I’ve made several quilts with jelly rolls. My guild did the jelly roll challenge for quilts for charity. I have enough jelly rolls waiting to open a quilt shop!

  102. Although I own and use plenty of precuts, namely charms and layer cakes, I still have not bought a jelly roll, therefore have not made a jellyroll quilt. This book has plenty of inspiration, thanks for the chance to win it.

  103. Love using jelly rolls for quilts! At this moment I have 3 quilt patterns with their accompanying jelly rolls to make and I’ve a sneaking suspicion my is going to get longer!

  104. LOVE jelly rolls – have made a few quilts from them – so easy with the precuts! Love the jelly roll race but want to branch out to some of these new ideas – would love the book!! Have about 5 jellys awaiting a great pattern!

  105. I have made quite a few jelly roll race quilts and now want to move on to something a little more complicated. I must have half a dozen jelly rolls just waiting to be made into something beautiful.

  106. I have made a couple of jelly roll quilts and probably have 5 or 6 jelly rolls just waiting for inspiration. Thanks for the giveaway!!!!!

  107. I’ve never made a jelly roll quilted item. I may have to buy one after seeing all the beautiful things you can do with one.

  108. I’ve made three jelly roll quilts and loved the quick way in which they came together, but at present I don’t have any on the shelf!

  109. Yes, I have made a few jelly roll quilts. and between my mom’s and my jelly rolls we have about 20 on the shelves. This book has a few I would love to make.

  110. What a beautiful book with great quilts! I have made two quilts with jelly rolls and probably have 10-12 jelly rolls on my shelf waiting for inspiration!

  111. As usual I wanted to make all of them! Such creativity and joy. I’m retiring in December after 50 years as a nurse who works with the homeless mentally ill. This book and those quilts are at the top of my list (of course if I retire my fabric budget will be considerable dented!) but I can’t wait. What a great way to give back by giving kids a chance for a better start! Keep it up.

  112. I love Jelly Rolls. I have been making Jelly Roll Rugs lately. This seems to be the cut of fabric that i collect the most. I would love to be able to use this book. Thank you!

  113. This looks like a book full of wonderful projects- I especially like Apricot Jelly! I know I have at least a couple jelly rolls hiding on the shelf in my stash. Could be fun ahead!

  114. This book looks fantastic. I have only made a couple of jelly roll quilts. This book look like it would help me use up my stash of jelly rolls. Not a great big stash of these, probably around 5.

  115. I just finished piecing a stars/patriotic baby quilt top yesterday that will go to a sweet military family’s new baby. I used an older Sweetwater line. I have a love/hate relationship with jelly rolls… I probably have six or eight (or more) of them that are so cute but I don’t know what to do with! This book would help!! I’ll add it to my list!! Mama_Pris

  116. Love a jelly roll, you can do so many things with them. So many beautiful quilts in this book, I would love to make them all.

  117. I’m in love with Corey’s Apricot Jelly Quilt!! I just bought a Jelly Roll of her new Strawberry Jam and would love to combine it with a hoarded Lulu Lane JR to make that beauty! 🙂

  118. I love jelly rolls and have made a few quilts with them. I have 4 or 5 jelly rolls waiting to be made into something. Thanks for the fun giveaway- this looks like a great book!!!

  119. These are all so neat! I don’t own a jelly roll. I used a part of one a friend gave me to make a small rug. I can see where these could save a lot of cutting!

  120. What wonderful quilts from Jelly Rolls! I can’t wait to get started, but which one first?!!!

  121. First, how wonderful with the charities you have picked.
    I have made 2 quilts made with jelly rolls and have 8 sitting in containers ready for the perfect pattern. This book looks great. I think I like them all!

  122. One of the prettiest jelly roll quilt book I’ve seen in a long time! I have at least 7 jelly rolls just staring at me from my shelves. Thimbleblossoms, sherri&Chelsi, Tula pink, zen chic – I’ve been waiting for the perfect patterns to finally cut into them!

  123. Working on a Valentine Jelly Roll Quilt and a rug. I might have 2-3 jelly rolls rollin around my sewing space.

  124. I have made 2 or 3 jelly roll quilts but have enough on the shelf to make most of the quilts in this book.

  125. I’ve made about 10 jelly roll quilts for charity and 4 quilts for family. My stash includes 12 jelly rolls currently, so I definitely need this new book! Love those jelly rolls!

  126. What an awesome idea for a worthy cause. As a former elementary counselor, I sadly know what a great need there is for this! Thank you so much for a chance to win. blessings to you all. 😀

  127. I have many many jelly roll quilts. I love that they give you the entire collection and the Bella Solids ones are such a time saver!
    I have a couple jelly rolls on the shelf, one being Fig Tree’s Butterscotch. I loved that line!

  128. I have made 2 or 3 jelly roll quilts and probably have enough jelly rolls on the shelf to make most if not all the quilts in this book. Maybe I need this book.

  129. I have several jelly rolls “maturing” on my shelf just waiting for inspirational ideas! Thanks for a creative, fresh book and for supporting a good cause..

  130. I love all precuts especially jelly rolls. I have way more than I can ever use in my lifetime. It’s like rolling in fabric on a smaller less expensive scale!

  131. Made quite a few jelly roll quilts. (And of course, one or two ‘races.’) Started some reorganization and found a bunch of forgotten jelly rolls. The stack easily tops my 4-year old granddaughter. Not sure if this is or . Thinking this book could be helpful….

  132. I have used 2 Jelly Rolls…and have 4 on my shelf now. This book looks Amazing!! Thank you for chance to win your give-a-way too…

    Want to add.. what a Wonderful thing you all do.. donating this beautiful quilts.. and for the Blessing of love given to homeless kiddo’s… Bless all involved!

  133. Great Invention Moda! I have 7 jelly rolls just waiting for the right time. I love them, love the colors, love the time it saves and then I love the quilt I end up with. Great stuff.

  134. What a wonderful organization to benefit from this project and book. The quilts are of such a variety that there is something for everyone. I can’t pick a favorite.

  135. Ooohh – this would be a great birthday present to myself (14 March). I love jelly rolls, and have made several quilts using them. There are at least 4 jelly rolls in my sewing room ready and waiting One of the best inventions/creations by Moda!

  136. I love making quilts with jelly rolls. The “Apricot Jelly” quilt is the one I would start with!

  137. I have made a few jelly roll quilts but I have many more jelly rolls on my shelf, and cupboard, and book shelf, and in the closet. The book looks wonderful!

  138. I’m always on the lookout for jelly roll patterns. We use a lot of jelly rolls for a prayer quilt ministry. Love the ideas you have posted.

  139. I have some jelly rolls but haven’t seen a book that had so many great looking quilts made with them. This is my motivation to use jelly rolls. Thanks to the contributors for their luscious quilt patterns.

  140. I have made 3 jelly roll quilts and have probably about 10 more to do. I would love some new patterns to try.

  141. As a novice quilter, jelly rolls give me a great choice of fabrics with minimum cutting so accuracy is less of a problem while I get the basics under my belt. The quilts made by these experts are so inspirational, I just want to make them all!

  142. I love jelly rolls! I’ve made 7 jelly roll quilts so far and have 5 jelly rolls waiting on a project. Moda All Stars On A Roll looks like a fun book to own!

  143. I have made several jelly roll quilts. By combining two or more different jelly rolls, you can create a scrappy quilt with dozens of fabrics. By the time I’m finished, it’s impossible to tell that I started with jelly rolls. I have a number of jelly rolls waiting to be cut up. There’s always a project to be started.

  144. I’ve made 1 quilt using jelly rolls. I don’t know how many jelly rolls I have, several for sure. Guess I need the book.

  145. I’m a jelly roll fan — and I think this book would have a lot of book markers for my favorites!

  146. I am just finishing a jelly roll quilt now and I have made a couple before…I like the ease created with the strips being coordinated and already cut ready for use. It’s always exciting to unroll and see all the beautiful strips ready for creation! All of these quilts in this book look amazing…what a great idea to combine inspiring creativity with helping educating children. Kudos to all involved!

  147. I’m sorry, I can’t divulge how many jelly rolls I have. I’d have to kill you. I’m a HUGE fan of them!! Thank you for the chance to win this great book, and a swell jelly roll!!

  148. I have made 1 jelly roll quilt, the race one for my son who is 6’3”, so it is really big
    I have 22 beautiful jelly rolls on my shelf waiting for this book to help me make some beautiful quilts!

  149. What a great book!! Love the quilts!! Wonderful that the profits will be donated to such a great cause!!

  150. What a fantastic book, I certainly would love it in my collection.I have made quite a few Jelly-Roll quilts for the Linus Project and I have three J-Rolls on the shelf wating to be ‘magically ‘ turned Into quilts for Linus. The patterns in the book would be ideal!

  151. I’ve never used a jelly roll! I think the book looks very inviting for someone like me that would like to try using a jelly roll! Thanks for a chance!

  152. I love these new Jelly Roll Patterns. I can’t wait to order my book if I don’t win. I especially love the Butterflies. This book will be used to make “Hugs’ and “Baby Welcome Wagon” quilts for our community.

  153. I have made one jelly roll quilt, but I have at least a dozen more waiting in the wings for the inspiration of this book!

  154. What a wonderful organization!! Looking forward to making some of these amazing quilts. I have a very full shelf full of Jelly Rolls.

  155. I have made only one jelly roll quilt and it was my first. It took me a long time but I really enjoyed it so went out and bought several more jelly rolls just to have for next time! The book sounds great!

  156. I have at least a dozen jelly rolls waiting for projects — quilts and rugs. It is my favorite precut

  157. I have made 1 jelly roll race quilt. I don’t have any jelly rolls right now but have been eyeing a couple at my LQS. So I could definitely put this book to good use.

  158. In February we had a week of ice/snow storms predicted so I challenged myself to the “jelly roll race” I did one a day for 5 days Monday to Friday that week while the blizzard blew outside…. I think there’s 3 or 4 left on the shelf. I have given quite a few JR quilts away to friends.

  159. Jelly rolls are hard to resist when you see them just waiting for you on the shelf in the LQS! I have at least half a dozen waiting for projects to be found. I couldn’t even guess how many quilts, bags, and tablerunners I’ve made using jelly rolls. I can’t wait for this book!

  160. I will have to add this book to my quilting library as jellyrolls are my jam! I love the versatility of them and getting a taste of a fabric line in such a convenient package—5 of them are waiting in my fabric stash for their turn to be used. This type of precut is my go to for making a quilt for a gift! Thanks for your generosity!

  161. I love to use jelly rolls in my quilts! I currently have about 4 languishing on my shelves, waiting to be used. I quilt for charity & love these precuts when planning quilts. I have also used the jelly roll race for quilts & as backgrounds, so I like muted collections too.

  162. I have used up 3 jelly rolls in 2 quilts, they turned out great. I still have about 6 to use, thanks

  163. I have not made a jelly roll quilt but have about 5 just patiently waiting to become part of a quilt.

  164. I have around ten jelly rolls waiting to be made into something beautiful!
    I have a JR quilt ready to sew, and I’ve made a Jelly Roll Rug. I would love to dig into this new book!

  165. I have made at least 5 quilts from Jelly rolls and have 7or 8 jelly rolls just waiting for the right patterns to use them. I see several contenders in this book!

  166. i have a “few” jelly rolls on my shelf and can’t wait to use the when this book is available!! I have made jelly roll quilts before and love using them…

  167. I have made many jelly roll quilts, and have at leat 15 rolls yet to use, Love them, just unrolland sew

  168. I love jelly rolls, and I have many quilts made from the rolls. I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to use more of my jelly roll stash

  169. Love Jelly rolls. I have 2 jelly roll race quilt tops in the works… started just not finished. I also have 2 jelly rolls wanting a plan to be used! Maybe your book is just the thing i need.. Happy Spring sewing.

  170. I have made a couple of jelly roll quilts… I Love not having to think too much about matching colours since they are already matched! At the moment I have 6 jelly rolls hiding in my cupboard…

  171. I’ve used jelly rolls numerous times to make quilts, and must admit to probably having 20 or more on hand for future projects.

  172. I love this collection of jelly roll quilts…..my eyes keeping going back to Apricot Jelly. Love that gray sashing with the stars. Worthy cause to support! Thank you!

  173. It’s no big shock fo me that I could easily see myself making a few of those quilts… many of us have a stash of a few or more jelly rolls, but will we use our stash or buy that great new fabric.

  174. I’ve made about 6 jelly roll quilts. I currently have 10 jelly rolls waiting to be made into something fun and happy. Both guilds I belong to make items for kids who are removed from their homes by DSS or CPS as well as quilts for our area hospital’s NICU and two organizations that help new mothers and their babies.

  175. A fabulous reason to create this wonderful book of quilts. Currently working on a jelly roll trip around the world quilt which is certainly not in the same league as these quilts. Thank you to all the designers for such gorgeous quilts!

  176. There are 3 quilts from the book that I will make. Have made 2 Jelly Roll quilts so far. One I made up myself – a lovely allover Cat fabric cut into 12-in-sq – 6 strips of colours picked to go with – voila! lovely quilt for granddaughter! It was so easy. Would love to win the book. Moda has such beautiful fabrics, colours and quilt ideas.

  177. I have made 4 jelly roll quilts and have about 20 in my stash!! My favorite jelly roll quilt I made is a butterfly quilt using Lella Boutique’s Sugar Pie collection and a dark grey lightweight cotton denim- it looks so pretty! I wish I could share a photo of it!
    Ann 🙂

  178. I have made a couple of jelly roll quilts. I have at least three jelly rolls on hand just waiting for a project.

  179. I have three jelly rolls currently in my stash! This book has many cute patterns!! This would really expand my boring repertoire, lol…

  180. I have made two jelly roll race quilts and one jelly roll jam quilt. They were fun, but I am looking for something more creative, which this book seems to have!

    I have three jelly rolls waiting to be used, too!

  181. I have made several jelly roll quilts and have plans to make some specific patterns in the future. The third quilt I ever made used a Cherish Nature jelly roll by Deb Strain. I’m not going to count the jelly rolls I have, but I will tell you that it’s definitely double digits!

  182. I have made a few Jelly Roll Quilts, but nothing to write home about. The quilts in this book are AWESOME. I would tell you how many jelly rolls I have, but I honestly don’t know the number. I just know it’s probably a very embarrassing number!!

  183. The quilts in this book look very enticing! I’ve made several jelly roll quilts and I probably have about 8-10 on my shelf just waiting to begin a new project1 Thanks!

  184. I’ve made aJelly Roll Jam quilt and some totes. I am working on Summer in the Park. I must have 20 jelly rolls on hand.

  185. I have made 2 jelly roll quilts. They are fun and I plan to make more. I have 9 jelly rolls in my stash.

  186. I have made 1 jelly roll quilt, and it was a cute one! I have a couple more jelly rolls just waiting for the right pattern – it’s probably in this book!

  187. I have made one jelly roll quilt – a jelly roll race. I now have at least six rolls and I don’t really want to make them all in the jelly roll race pattern. The Moda All-Stars On A Roll book has some great patterns to use for jelly rolls.

  188. I just got a jelly roll today so this blog really caught my attention. It would be nice to win the book for some inspiration!

  189. I am embarrassed to say I have over 100 jelly rolls. I just love them and have made several quilts out of jelly rolls. I’d love to win the book to reduce this amount!!!

  190. I have about 5 jelly rolls on hand. I have been looking for a good pattern. Would love this book.

  191. Jelly rolls are my favorite precut so I have used them many times & still have LOTS waiting to be made into something beautiful. This book would be just the ticket to get me going on them.

  192. I’ve made one jelly roll quilt & liked it so much that I kept it for myself! I have several Holiday jelly rolls just waiting for the perfect pattern; the book looks wonderful❤️

  193. I’ve made several quilts from jelly rolIs and I have many rolls tucked away in my sewing foom.

  194. I have done the jelly roll race. And I three jelly rolls waiting for the right pattern and I saw one in the pictures you showed that would be perfect !!!!

  195. My goodness! The quilts are just beautiful. So sweet to donate proceeds to an organization that benefits at risk kids. Near and dear to my heart.

  196. No jelly roll quilts yet…..but one jelly roll waiting for me, after other projects are finished!!

  197. I’ve made one complete jelly roll quilt and have two in progress. I have 4 jelly rolls ready and waiting to be used. That’s how I roll!

  198. I love Jellly Rolls – I have about 20 on my shelves – just waiting for this book! I’ve made several (more than I remember) jelly roll quilts – but my favorite is probably the first one I made, the Friendship Braid quilt. Thank you for the chance to win and all your creativity you share.

  199. Love the Moda All Stars books! This looks like a good one to add to my (growing) collection.

  200. I’ve made a jelly roll race quilt, a jelly roll rug and quilt for my granddaughter. I love the quilts in the book! Great for new ideas & projects to share!

  201. Moda fabric is my favorite. This company has very creative designers and quality fabric!
    I love the premise of this book and am eager to add it to my collection! My favorite quilt so far is Apricot Jelly! I have many jelly rolls waiting for the designs in this book!

  202. I’ve made a jelly roll race and a rail fence. I have several jelly rolls waiting for just the right project, and it looks like this book has several tempting choices!

  203. I have made several jelly roll quilts and I’m embarrassed to say how many rolls I have in my stash. These quilts would definitely reduce that number – and make room for more!

  204. This book looks wonderful! So many quilts, so little time. So many jelly rolls, one can’t decide. So my jelly roll box is full! Can’t wait to see the book in person.

  205. Love the Quilts Great inspiration!! I have more jelly rolls than I will admit to I have made at least 12 jelly roll quilts most given to charity

  206. I have 6 jelly rolls waiting and am currently working on the Cobblestone pattern with the Sweet Tea jelly roll. I have made a couple of quilts using jelly rolls and would love to see what new patterns are in the On A Roll book.

  207. I haven’t made a jelly roll quilt yet, nor do I have any jelly rolls in my stash. But I aim to change that. The quilts in the book are gorgeous!

  208. While I use plenty of 2 1/2″ strips especially for charity quilts, I seem to stack up my jelly rolls like I’m a collector. some of these patterns might inspire me!

  209. Jelly rolls are beautiful … and useful. I like seeing a glimpse, from the side of the jelly roll, of how the colors work together in the fabric collection.

  210. My SisterGirlfriend volunteers at School On Wheels in Indy – what a wonderful organization – thank you for giving back. My jelly roll quilts will go to some of students – purchasing the book ASAP. We love MODA!

  211. I have several jelly rolls waiting for some sort of action! Have used many for smaller quilted projects but never a quilt.

  212. I have a few Jelly Rolls on hand, but do not use them frequently as I have a large stash that dominates my attention. Thew few Jelly Rolls I have kinda get put on a shelf to look pretty, which they do!
    I have used one Jelly Roll in a super cute project that I love very much, it was a Tuffet stool. Perfect with the Jelly Roll cutting (pun intended) the prep time down considerably.
    Thanks so kindly for this giveaway opportunity, and thanks to the Moda All Star designers (and MODA!) for giving to this great charity.

  213. Have purchased several jelly rolls but haven’t come across a pattern I quite liked enough to make. Yet! These quilts are great prospects though. Best of luck with the book.

  214. Jelly rolls are my favorite! Making quilts is so much more fun and faster with Jelly Rolls!

  215. I have just started collecting jelly rolls for my projects. I usually cut my own 2.5″ strips to save money. A Quilty IG friend of mine sent me a beautiful purple one to get me started. Then I splurged and have purchased 2 so far. Yay me!

  216. I have 10 to 12 Jelly Rolls sitting on a shelf where I can see them. I tell myself that I have not found a pattern out there worthy of cutting into them (they have become eye candy). I am sure there are many great patterns and I’m just in denial. I am thinking that if I get a copy of this wonderful book it will solve my problem. Here’s trying..

  217. I have used several jelly rolls to make quilts using the strip tube ruler. Lots of fun. I have about 10 jelly rolls waiting to be used up.

  218. I have only made one jelly roll quilt and still have 8 jelly rolls ready to sew with.

  219. Looks like a wonderful book with patterns to use up all of those jellyrolls I’ve collected.

  220. Omg I must have this book, not only to create the beautiful quilts from the talented designers but to benefit such a wonderful charity!

  221. I have at least 6, maybe more, jelly rolls waiting to become quilts. Yes, I’ve made a couple of jelly roll quilts. I’ve also used layer cakes, charm squares and mini charm squares. I can’t wait wait for this book to come out!!! I love the Moda All Stars books!!!

  222. Well, I see this too late. I thought I might be the perfect winner since I’ve never used jelly rolls before. I still think I’d be the perfect choice so hey, why not add another winner?!

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