Oh, Baby!

Sewing for babies is infinitely satisfying—they’re easy to fit and easy to please. And baby things are small—they take less time to stitch, giving you an opportunity to finish projects quickly and start new ones. And who doesn’t love that?

Quilts, of course, are perfect for babies and an excellent way to try new skills, test a pattern you’ve been meaning to try, or stitch something in a not-your-usual color palette. There are myriad patterns that offer multiple sizes from baby to twin, or that were created especially for babies. You can also downsize a pattern for baby by simply sewing fewer blocks than the full-size pattern suggests. 

If you’re looking for a quick quilt, you might want to consider panels. They’re available in a variety of fabrics and styles, including Gingiber’s Catnip and Crescent by Sarah Watts of Ruby Star Society, which includes panels perfect for a sweet and slightly mysterious baby quilt, too. (Both will be in stores in July.)

If a quilt isn’t what you have in mind, there are lots of other options. Burp cloths and bibs with absorbent flannel on one side can be customized with embroidery and appliqué, or patched together from mini-charms. 

A wall hanging to brighten up the nursery is another option. Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill has some perfect patterns for adding whimsy to any baby’s room. 

Other options include pillows (again, panels are a great choice here) and stuffed toys and dolls (Stacey Iest Hsu’s fun panels, including Best Friends Forever, fit the bill).

Accessories in colors to match the nursery will please the parents and give baby something bright and fun to look at. Me and My Sister Designs’ 2 Fat Quarter buckets are perfect for holding diaper cream and wipes on a changing table or for corralling baby rattles. Or how about a sophisticated diaper bag? Noodlehead’s Caravan Tote holds plenty of necessities while still looking chic. 

Whatever you decide to sew, remember to consider how an item will be used: if you’re making a quilt that’s going to get a lot of use and need frequent washing, you might want to opt for a machine-stitched binding over handstitching. Making a bib or burp cloth? Choose fabrics with patterns as opposed to pristine solids—they’ll hide the inevitable “baby by-products” more effectively. New moms have enough to keep track of without having to fret about keeping a quilt pure white! And if you’re making a stuffed animal, remember to avoid using small parts, like glass eyes, which could present a choking hazard. 

There are so many options when sewing for babies. What do you like to sew to welcome them into the world ?

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10 thoughts on “Oh, Baby!

  1. I love to make baby quilts! In fact, I’m going to start one today for a friend of my son’s who just had a baby.

  2. Just finished a free pattern from Moda, Sailboats. It was fun to make and is adorable. There are so many patterns like this available. Thanks, Moda!

  3. So very cute. I’m assuming the babies are for sale too? Of course I’m kidding. very nice baby quilts. I’d like to do then all. So many quilts, and so little time.

    1. Your last comment is so right, Stephanie! That’s one reason I like making baby quilts—they’re small and it gives me more time to try others! (Sorry, no babies for sale!)

  4. I love making baby quilts. I usually head to a diagonal square with sashing but I go for any of them.

    1. Love that you have a go-to quilt, Christi. Bet that means you can whip one out quickly!

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