Later Alligator…

From Sandy Gervais

Hello all! It’s quiet right now in my studio – at Pieces From My Heart – but with Spring Market and a new collection coming soon, that will change. For now, I’m enjoying my grandchildren and sewing with Later Alligator.

Adelyn with Adrian.

With our grandchild total standing at four, I thought it was time to design a fabric collection that would appeal to kids.

That is Adelyn – our oldest grandchild – with her cousin Adrian, our youngest.  She takes her big cousin duties very seriously.

Sullivan is our second grandchild and he is Adleyn’s brother.  He has curls just like his daddy did.

Our third grandchild is Andersen, he is Adrian’s big brother.  Andersen loves pizza!  He has curls too, but only in the back.

Aren’t grandkids just the best?!

When the kids come home, we usually spend most of our time at our cabin exploring the creatures that live in and around the lake so I started drawing and painting based on these creatures.  No, we do not have alligators here in Iowa but we do a have a friendly mink that walks around our pier every day.  Since I don’t find mink to be very cute, I decided to do an alligator instead.  That’s how this Later Alligator was created.

This is the main print.

I made Al a new romper using my favorite print from the collection – Triangles.

The colors I chose for this line are the bright primary colors that you would find in a box of crayons – Sprout, Cloud, Navy, Blue Sky, Sunshine and Red.

I had a lot of fun designing patterns to go with this line of fabric.

Later Alligator – PH704.  It measures 36″ x 52″ finished size – perfect for kids!  The waves, alligator scutes, and teeth are dimensional for added fun!  (Scutes?  The thickened horny or bony plate on a turtle’s shell or on the back of a crocodile, stegosaurus, etc.)

Jacks and Jelly Beans – PH705.  Measuring 35″ x 45″, Jacks is made with 2 Charm Packs and 2 Mini Charm Packs.

Sail Away – Crib-sized at 42″ x 56″ – PH706.  A complete alphabet is included in the pattern.

And Sail Away – Twin-sized at 63″ x 81″.

What’s Your Name – PH707.  There are two versions included in the pattern, a frog and a bird.  Since girls like frogs and boys like birds, the colors can be changed and mixed as desired.

What’s Your Name is made with two Moda Mini Charm packs, less than a fat quarter each for the creature and letters, and background yardage.  A complete alphabet is also included with this pattern.

Nuts and Bolts.  Ask for this pattern at your favorite shop stocking Later Alligator. This was a free PDF pattern I made available to shops buying the collection. It is a fat-quarter-friendly quilt that measures 54″ x 65″ finished size.

Happy Quilting,


All images used with permission of Sandy Gervais – All Rights Reserved. 

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21 thoughts on “Later Alligator…

  1. Oh My Goodness! So very sweet – the kids, their hair, their names, and the fabrics! Yes, I am a grandma too and I am enjoying making quilts, pillows, some clothes for them. I have my eye on your fabrics.

  2. I LOVE this line! With 12 grandchildren ranging from 10 months to 24 years, I can see many years of happy quilting with these fabrics.

  3. Yes, grandchildren are the best! Enjoy them while they’re small. They grow up much too fast. Coincidentally, I also have a granddaugter named Adelyn. She is our youngest at 5-1/2. Oh, and I love the new Later Alligator fabric line.

  4. Darling! All my GRANDkids are teenagers now, but that won’t stop me from buying this cute fabric and making some quilts to give away to younger kids via community service through the guild. Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas

  5. What lovely grandchildren. How lucky they are to have you design this whimsical line of fabric

  6. Have been waiting for this fabric! Just love the bright colors. Plan to make quilts for twin grandsons who are almost 16 months old (and into everything!)

  7. Super cute collection Sandy! But not nearly as cute as the 4 grands!!
    At least I can finally say “goodbye” to you since Bob & I retired last May at Portland Market.

  8. Well, I do have alligators here in Florida but no grandkids, so I’d say you have the better deal! Cute fabric collection!

  9. They are absolutely adorable! And the fabric isn’t bad either. Haha. I think its a fun line that kids will absolutely love. I’m going to see if I can find your Later Alligator and What’s Your Name along with the fabrics. Do you have kits? What a wonderful family. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh Sandy – I adore this fabric. I used in in a Moda post and then just this week in a pattern test. It is so fun and cheerful! Every piece in the line makes me happy. You totally knocked this one out of the park. And those grandchildren are absolutely adorable.

  11. Sandy that is so cute! I love fabrics that I can talk to the kids about, and this one has so many possibilities for little stories. It’s so fun to lie on their quilt with them. This one is almost as good as a book. Keep designing!

    1. Kathy, Al is not my creation. He was purchased at IKEA years ago as a prop to use in my booth for my Lollipop line of fabric.

  12. Can’t wait for my layer cakes to come of Later Alligator. A friend ordered them for me. I am going to use the fabric to make a quilt for the Hydro Warrior’s walk in Florida to help the kids and families with water on the brain. Our little 5 year old friend Payton Haynes has it and he is a true warrior!! Would love the nuts and bolts pattern to use for this project if it would work with a layer cake. Thank you.

  13. What I especially love about this post is that your granddaughter’s quilt is made in bright, primary colors, too, and you were matter of fact about the truth that girls like frogs. Such a relief from the all-pink-all-the-time stereotyping that seems to grow every day. Sweetness is fine, for some girls, but let’s not pound in the stereotypes–I prefer Sandy’s approach. Let kids be kids! This cute line will bring smiles to everyone. (Regardless of age, if you can judge by this 54 year old.)

  14. Always love Sandy’s fabrics and also catching up on her family news. This is a fabulous collection for every young person. Well done !

  15. My 20 month old grandson loves to sing the monkey and alligator song and I have just started on quilts for him and my 14 month old grandson. The entire collection is so very cute! The plaids are so gorgeous!

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