Wooly Tote Bag Challenge Winners!

Do you remember the Wooly Felted Wonder Tote Bag Challenge? Start with the tote bag kit, embellish it as desired, complete the tote bag and enter the contest by January 15th, maybe be asked to send your tote bag to Dallas as a Finalist and then… wait.

The winners were announced today – Thursday, February 21 – at QuiltCon in Nashville, in Thea Jerak’s Wooly Felted Wonders booth. (That’s Booth 724 if you’re at QuiltCon.)

In January, the entries were reviewed by a panel of judges that included Mark Dunn, the founder of Moda Fabrics. Twenty tote bags were selected from the hundreds of entries received, and those bags were shipped to Dallas. Five judges carefully looked over the bags, turning them upside down and inside out to make sure they didn’t miss a single detail.

We wish you could see all the bags in person as there are details that can’t be seen in a single, flat photograph. Every winning bag was embellished on both sides and most had several of the following details – a lining, a top-edge binding, and stitching and details on the inside pocket. The five winning bags also showed skilled workmanship and imagination.

The First Place winner is Paper Dolls by Bianca Springer.

When Bianca was contacted this morning about her win, she shared the story behind her tote bag.

When I touched the Wooly Tote Bag for the first time in the Moda booth at Quilt Market, I was transported back in time. The texture of the felt reminded me of Sunday School felt plays and Bible stories. I flashed to sitting cross-legged on a carpet, listening closely to a teacher, while patiently waiting for sandwich cookies and grape juice. It was a good feeling. I didn’t know what my final plan would be, but I knew I wanted to follow that initial feeling. So I created a grown-up twist on paper dolls and fashionplates with a theme of “Girls Night Out.” The front features a group of girlfriends decked down to the nines for a night out with friends. While the women are permanent, they can switch out their hair, clothing and handbags, and they can share with each other. The back of the bag features an appliquéd closet with hangers and dress-forms, and the interior of the bag has a secondary pocket for the inevitable wardrobe overflow.

Second Place – Leigh Ann Prange.

Third Place – Mary Gabrich.

Fourth Place – Sharon Young.

Fifth Place – Jan Gezon.

On behalf of Thea, Wooly Felted Wonders and Moda Fabrics, we’d like to thank everyone who entered the Challenge.

We also thank you everyone who got a kit and didn’t quite get it finished… we completely understand. A few of us know exactly how that feels.

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  1. Fabulous bags. Would have been nice to hear from Moda once we entered our bag one way or the other if it was chosen

  2. I thought these entries were to be original designs 4th place winning entry is not
    This is a Sue Spargo design from Fresh Cut book

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