Let’s get Cheeky!

Audacious. Bold. And fun. Cheeky is all those things and more. It’s from Urban Chiks, of course.

From Swell to Sweet, with a little Christmas mixed in, the Urban Chiks have a distinctive style… a retro-modern flavor. (“Flavor” is a person’s style, swag, appearance, and uniqueness.)

Loosely inspired by vintage feed sacks, Cheeky mixes big, bold floral prints with small-scale florals, a diagonal gingham and funky polka dots. The colors are slightly faded… as though they’ve been well-loved and have spent many afternoons drying on a clothesline in the sun.

There’s a Cheeky quilt – a Moda Project Sheet. The finished size is 75″ x 92″ and it’s made with 1/4 and 1/2-yard pieces from the collection, and two Bella Solids for the sashings, cornerstones and background.

Moda designer Chelsi Stratton loves Cheeky too – she used a box of scraps to make a second quilt from her Hearts At Home pattern.

Of course little girls are going to love this collection too! The prints and colors make it quite perfect for girls of every age. And those ruffles… very cheeky.

If this is your style, you might want to stash a little bit to work in with Sweet Christmas. (It’s coming in May.)

I’m going to need enough for two quilts. A scrappy one mixing Sweet Christmas, Cheeky and Swell Christmas.

I’ll also need this kit.

Sweet Christmas Snowman – the kit comes with pre-cut rectangles and a Bloc-Loc half-triangle rectangle ruler. This cute guy measures 60″ x 72″ finished. The Sweet Snowman is also available as a Sweet Christmas Panel – without additional fabric – measuring 58″ x 72″.

Just look at those cheeks. You know this is a cheeky snowman.

Happy Friday!

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8 thoughts on “Let’s get Cheeky!

  1. The snowman makes this darling new collection a winter quilt rather than simply a Christmas quilt. Love both collections. Must quilt faster. I have so little ambition right now and so much fabric. I am a guilty fabriholic!

  2. I have used the “cheeky” word since the 1970s in the USA. A lady whose family was from Ireland turned me on to it. Never could give a definition just other than smart alexic. A gentleman from Switzerland of course did not get that definition either, now you give one that I could have used. Love the fabric!

  3. Joanna at Fig Tree just released an Urban Cheeky quilt kit. I have mine already. Check it out!

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