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A few weeks ago, I asked you to share some of your favorite books, and a few of the titles that came up were block books. Rotary cut and template based, using a specific technique and paper-pieced, easy and challenging. You should know I collect block books of every manner and generation. They are my favorite type of quilt book.

So that’s today’s subject – books filled with a variety of blocks, including a few that might not be thought of as such. If you’re wondering, this is the shelf above my workspace, and I use most of these books frequently – regularly.

So that you know what I mean when I refer to a book as a “block book”, it’s any book that has a variety of blocks in it. Some include sizes and cutting measurements, others only have black-and-white drawings. (Draft it yo’self, o’ quilty one.)

The books I’m going to include here are those that are readily available at your favorite quilt shop.

Published September 10, 2008, Judy Hopkins’ 501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks is one of my favorites. I use it a lot – as in, I had to remove the page-flags for this picture.

Each of the 501 blocks includes the measurements to make the block in six sizes. Some of the blocks require a “template” – those are included in the book. But before you trace the template, put your ruler down on it as some of the squares and rectangles can be cut with just the measurements. (Ask me how I know.)

Just so you know, this book doesn’t come with a spiral binding. After my oft-used first copy started falling apart at the seams, I got a second book and had it spiral bound at a local copy-print shop. (The cover was laminated too.)

The New Quick & Easy Block Tool – another favorite. Like Judy’s book, this one includes multiple sizes for each block. It also shows setting ideas for the blocks.

This one already has the spiral binding.

Other block books of this type include:

Then there are the books that are chock-full of cool blocks but usually in just a single size.

Lori has it going on. In Farm Girl Vintage and Vintage Christmas, she mixes traditional blocks with cute, original blocks. Change the color palette and change the feel of the block, mix and match the blocks to make original sampler quilts, and mix the blocks with those from other books. Both books are excellent resources.

Forty-eight 6″ blocks and six different quilt settings. It’s a block book – the Moda Block Heads.

The Farmer’s Wife – some of these blocks require templates, others can be rotary cut. But there are one hundred 6″ finished blocks in this book. These five books have 550 blocks!

Feeling Splendid? From Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson, The Splendid Sampler and The Splendid Sampler II will give you the instructions for 200 blocks that finish at 6″.

Other books of this type include a few favorites:

A few more titles worth looking for:

  • The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns: 4050 Pieced Blocks for Quilters by Jinny Beyer
  • 1000 Great Quilt Blocks by Maggi McCornmick
  • Block Genius: 201 Pieced Quilt Blocks with No Math Charts by Sue Voegtlin
  • Quiltmaker’s 1,000 Blocks: A Collection of Quilt Blocks by Carolyn Beam (Editor)
  • The Quilter’s Album of Blocks and Borders: More than 750 Geometric Designs Illustrated and Categorized for Easy Identification and Drafting by Jinny Beyer
  • Judy Martin’s Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns by… Judy Martin
  • Feathered Star Quilt Blocks I by Marsha McCloskey
  • Feathered Star Quilt Blocks II by Marsha McCloskey
  • Block Party: A Quilter’s Extravaganza of 120 Rotary-Cut Block Patterns by Marsha McCloskey
  • One Hundred Pieced Patterns for Eight Inch Quilt Blocks by Marsha McCloskey

Do I have all of these books? Not even close. But I have a few. I also borrowed a few from neighboring offices.

Giveaway Alert! To celebrate blocks and block books, we’re giving away a copy of Moda Block Heads and a couple of layer cakes. Leave a comment by Midnight CST on Sunday, February 10 telling us the following:

  • Do you have any block books on your quilting bookshelf?
  • And what is your favorite block book? If you don’t have a favorite block book – what is your favorite block?

Happy Friday! I’m off to make a few blocks.

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280 thoughts on “Block by Block

  1. I have many issues of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks magazine, but only one block book and it’s my favorite. Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia Of Pieced Quilt Patterns is my go to book of blocks.

  2. I have several block books, but I can’t give you the titles because they are packed away at the moment. My favorite block is the missouri star or perhaps the friendship star, or perhaps just any star block.

  3. I have most of the older books you mentioned & a few of the newer ones.. Hopes Journey should be arriving any day.

  4. i don’t have a block book, just a few ‘100 blocks’ magazines, my favorite ‘go-to’ block is the disappearing 9 patch 🙂

  5. “100 pieced patterns for 8’ quilt blocks” by Marsha McClsokey is one of my favorites. Our small quilt group had an exchange many years ago with these blocks. I have many books including many block books!

  6. My favorite block book is “Dear Jane”, the 225 patterns from the 1863 Jane A Stickle Quilt bt my favorite collection is Moda’s BlockHeads. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win this book.
    Looking forward to seeing you again at Quiltstock!

  7. I do have a few block books..too many to list. My favorite is…can’t pick just one. That’s like picking a favorite child. Is it Barbara Brackman, Judy Martin or …….

  8. I have lots of block books on my shelves! My latest favorite is Hope’s Journey by Betsy. I can barely wait to begin making the blocks. But first e have to finish Blockheads 2 because I want to use the same fabrics.

  9. I have Tula Pink’s City Sampler on my shelf, but I just borrowed Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns from my local library! Farm Girl Vintage, Farmer’s Wife and Dear Jane are all on my birthday/Christmas wishlist!

  10. I love block books. I have several on my shelf and my favorite is Judy Martin’s Ultimate Book of Quilt Block patterns. It is from 1988 and still very useful to me today.

  11. I have the Judy Hopkins book and it is definitely a reference book for me. I have used it hundreds of times over the years. I have some others as well but this is my book bible for sure. Thank you for the chance to win !

  12. Another GREAT post, Carrie! So much info put right at our fingertips~Thank you!
    I, too, like 501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks by Judy Hopkins. My favorite blocks are those that create illusion of dimension and movement such as Blockheads 2 Block #40 Ribbon Star by Lynne Hagmeier’s.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  13. I have several of those you listed …..and I see one on the list I think I need to get! lol I enjoy looking through them all from time to time because they spark creativity. My favorite is Block Party by Marsha McCloskey.

  14. I do have a couple of block quilt books, one of them is 20+ yrs old. But at the moment I can’t remember names because they are at home and I’m at work. I do know I’ve got the Farmer’s Wife book for sure……..but also others.

  15. My husband just purchased me Splendid Sampler one and two. I’m excited to pick out fabrics and start making 200 blocks.

  16. Yes, I do have the Judy Hopkins book plus the Lori Holt books and Christmas Figs book as well. I just recently found a source to order the complete collection of all KC Star patterns which I hope to receive by the end of this month.

  17. I have many block books, as well as many others!, and my go to are Judy Hopkins’ older Block books, complete with tons of tags

  18. I have been collecting quilting books since 1976 and have several block books. More recently I have been using EQ 8 to design my quilt blocks and layouts.

  19. The first three books that you showed are my “go to” block books too! The Quick and Easy Block Tool book is probably the one I’ve used the most, but I have the first version. I didn’t know there was a new version. I might have to go and investigate:)

  20. I have several block books and love to browse them for inspiration. My current favorite is the new Hope’s Journey. My favorite block is a basket block.

  21. Several block books are on my shelf; I do not have a favorite as each one has provided inspiration or a solution. Working out of a star book now and have found a wonderful flannel quilt to make for one of my sons. So, favorite this week is a star block! Thank you Carrie!

  22. I have several of the books that you mentioned and also a few more that you did not. My go to book is Judy Hopkins 501 Blocks. I love traditional blocks best with the Churn Dash being my favorite. My first quilt was made using the Churn Dash – hand-pieced by me and hand-quilted by my grandmother. Happy quilting, everyone 🙂

  23. My favorite block books so far are: Splendid Sampler, Splendid Sampler II, The Farmer’s Wife ( the 1930’s one), Vintage Farmgirl, and of course, Moda Blockheads. I would love to have the book. Thank you for offering us a chance to win it and the layer cakes.
    Paula A.

  24. Yes! I love block books, I have some of the books you listed! Carrie Hall’s Sampler by Barbara Brackman is a favorite on my bookshelf.

  25. I love Judi Martin’s Block book. Got it when I started quilting—learned template method firs. Vintage Christmas is a new Favorite. Another new favorite is aborders book but I don’t have the author and I am traveling.

  26. I have the Judy Hopkins 501 block book that I love, also, some Lori Holt books and the Farmer’s Wife book.

  27. My favorite book is Missouri Star Quilt Co. BLOCK Holiday by Jenny Doans. I love reading the posts on modafabrics. You girls rock.

  28. Hi! My favorite block books are the Farmers’ Wife books. They have lots of blocks that can be made in different sizes. I’m off to check out the Tula Pink book listed above! Thanks, Carrie, for the education that so willingly provide us each week.

  29. I have Quiltmaker’s 1000 Blocks, Farmgirl Vintage and Christmas Figs. My favorite is Christmas Figs, although Judy Hopkins 501 Rotary Cut Blocks sure looks like a book I need! And I’m excited to start working with EQ8 which is on it’s way. My favorite block is Ohio Star.

  30. One of my favorite books is The Quilter’s Paper-Piecing Workbook: Paper Piece with Confidence to Create 18 Gorgeous Quilted Projects by Elizabeth Dackson.

  31. I have several block books, some of which you also have. My favorite that I use the most is Around The Block by Judy Hopkins. Like you I have lots of pages tagged. This book has 200 rotary cut blocks in 6 sizes. It is very useful!

  32. I have some old books but don’t think they are rotary cut patterns which I love to do. My favorite blocks are stars of any kind. Love your emails!

  33. I was surprised to find only 3 block books, because I LOVE BOOKS ! One of
    my favorite is one by Kathy Doughty “Material Obsession” although not really a block book.

  34. I have several block books. My favorite was my first quilt book, bought in the early 1970’s, 101 Patchwork Patterns by Ruby McKim.

  35. I have several quilting books. My favorite is Quilts, Quilts, Quilts! It is the one I learned to quilt with. I kept checking it out of the library and finally decided I needed my own copy. I have been eyeing your new book and if I don’t win with this comment I will ask my people to gift it to me!

  36. My favorite this week is Block Genius by Sue Voegtlin. I have several older block books that also become my favorites when trying out fabrics with patterns.

  37. I enjoy making Eleanor Burns (Quilt in a Day) blocks, using herbooks, rulers and shortcuts! She’s the best!

  38. I have Better Homes and Gardens – ‘Grandma’s Best Full Size Quilt Blocks’ – ‘Pieces of the Past for Today’s Quilter. It’s 101 blocks, spiral bound inside the hard back cover. I has photos of antique quilts and of the blocks made today inspired by the antique quilts.It’s a great reference book also sharing history about many of the blocks.

  39. I have accumulated quite a few block books, but the first was the Quilt Block Bible. Still a great source of information and inspiration! Not matter how many books I acquire, my favorite block is sill the good ‘ol bear paw.

  40. Blocks books are wonderful resources for me, too. I have several of those from the list given in the blog and my favorite book for creative inspiration would have to be Maggie Malone’s 5500 Quilt Block Designs. Although instructions are not given for making each block, they are divided into chapters which lend themselves to design and imaginative play.

  41. Thanks for the wonderful suggestions! I have Vintage Farm Girl, Christmas Figs, and The Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler. I grew up in Kansas City and remember seeing those weekly posted blocks in the Star. That is the collection I should add if it is still in print. My favorite block is the churn dash because of its simplicity and versatility.

  42. I have many of the books your mentioned in your article. IIt is so hard to pick a favorite because it depends on my mood or what I want to create that determines which book I go for. That is why I turn to my library. My favorite block is the sawtooth star. As usual, I love reading your posts. Thanks!

  43. Yes, I have a few block books in my bookcase. My favorite is Once More Around the Block by Judy Hopkins.

  44. Yes, of course I have several quilt block books (I just love books). I my favorite is the Farmer’s Wife bookbecause it’s not only about the blocks but also about the wifes from this other far away generation. It sure makes for a great read.

  45. I also collect quilt books and have several of the ones your have on your shelf. As far as using them….let’s just say, life has been busy the last few years. They make wonderful eye candy. Favorite block would be all of them of course.

  46. I do have numerous block books. My favorite is the New Quick and Easy Block Tool. I needed to purchase it for a class. It is fabulous!

  47. I love block books that you have the ability to change the size, many favorites most are listed above!! I love the modern and traditional blocks, so many choices so little time!!

  48. I have Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage and I am making the blocks now. I also have the Quick and Easy Block Tool and use it regularly for sizing and ideas. Ohio Star is my favorite block with baskets coming in a close second.

  49. I have 5 block books, my favorite book is 501 Blocks. It is great when my guild has a challenge! Thanks for the info and the giveaway.

  50. Good morning! I have two Farmer’s Wife books, but the book I really want is the 501 Blocks by Judy Hopkins. Thanks for this chance!

  51. Book are my addiction (along with fabric and a few other things!). I have many of the ones suggested as well as more but not the Block Head one. My favorite blocks are baskets, all baskets!

  52. I have several of Lori Holt’s books and that is about it I think. I do not have a very big quilting library. Of course, Log Cabin is my favorite block to make and to see!

  53. I have The Quilters Album of Patchwork Patterns by Jinny Beyer – beautiful pictures and lots of inspiration.

    My most beloved book is Patchwork Math Using Quilting Design Components by Lynn Wilder. Lynn did the makes the math for changing block sizes a breeze, teaches you how to use various components to achieve fantastic, unique blocks and has taught me how to study completed quilts to understand the process. I love learning from Lynn.

  54. I have several block books and they are fun. Most recently I used one with the alphabet in upper and lower cases. Can’t remember the name offhand- Lori Holt’s?

  55. Yes I do. I have Vintage Farm Girl, my favorite as I have 23 blocks made so far. Very challenging as some are very detailed all in a 6″ block. I own both Splendid Sampler books. I also have Tula Pinks block book. I would love to own the Moda book. Thanks for offering it! It’s 20 below zero today, a great sewing day with a pork roast in the slow cooker.

  56. I have several block books, including your 501 Rotary Cut Blocks! Recently i used Lori Holt’s alphabet book for a little boy’s quilt.

  57. I have been wishing for the Vintage Farm Girl book. I have a birthday coming up, maybe…..I really enjoy reading your thoughts, Carrie, thanks.

  58. New to quilting, have a couple used block books sold by the library. Loved the list of block books, will request them from the library. Don’t yet have a favorite.

  59. I have several of the books in each list. Having been a guild member in charge of several blocks of the months programs these books have been very helpful. But even if I didn’t have that experience I would love many of these books anyway. I just added “Hopes Journey” to “Christmas Figs” this year. I am working through “Christmas Figs” and my Dessert Sampler and can’t wait to start “Hopes Journey”

  60. I have several block books, too. I like Lori Holt ‘ s books the most. Loved making Vintage Farm girl and looking forward to making Vintage Christmas.

  61. I have the Encyclopedia of Classic Quilt Patterns – 101 Favorites by Leisure Arts that I picked up when I first started quilting. I have four Lori Holt books. I’m currently working on Vintage Christmas quilt blocks. This is our third year of Lori Holt BOM at my local quilt shop. I like the fact that she has the 6″ and 12″ block sizes. If I have to decide between books and fabric to purchase – fabric wins every time!

  62. I have so many block books: The Civil War Diary Quilt, The Civil War Love Letters Quilt, The Farmer’s Wife Samplers, Tula Pjnk’s City Sampler, Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler from Elm Creek Quilt Series, but my most favorite block books are The Splendid Sampler books from Pat Slian and Jane Davidson.

  63. I have several block books, more than I know probably. I just love an Ohio Star or a Churn Dash, those were two of the first blocks I made. And Card Trick….love that block!

  64. I have several block books, but gave away over half of my quilt books when I downsized. My all time favorite quilt pattern is the simple churn dash. Color and pattern make all the difference when using this simple block.

  65. I have several block books that I like to go to for inspiration. My favorite block is the humble but oh so versatile 9 patch! Thanks for the chance to win.

  66. I have a couple of those titles & am going out today to find hope’s journey. Right now my favorite block is Regent Street Star from mbsctc.

  67. I do have a few block books..well okay a lot ;o) The one I use the most is the Judy Martin’s Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns. Although I have to say that there are many designers who have been offering online “samplers” so you can try out the blocks and I have been ;o)
    I am liking the look of the one you posted above The New Quick & Easy Block Tool. I’m going to have to check that out. Love that it gives you multiple sizes for each block.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win these great prizes.

  68. I know there’s a block book buried somewhere on those bookshelves! Haven’t really used it since I keep finding patterns for a new quilt or Moda publishes something on their blog that I just have to make. But my all-time favorite that I save my favorite fabrics for is the log cabin – reproduction, 30’s, gorgeous flowers, modern or whatever – make it a log cabin.

  69. I have the Lori Holt books. I love them because they offer so many cute blocks and you’re right: changing the style or even the colors of fabric changes the whole look of the block. There is so much fun in each of the books.

  70. I know I have a couple sampler block books. Locating them to give names is a different story. I usually say that the churn dash is my favorite block.

  71. I too have several block books. Right now I”m working out of “Hope’s Journey” . My favorite block is generally the one I dont have to get my seam ripper out! I do enjoy making flying geese.

  72. I had to downsize big-time when I moved close to my daughter, but I do have Jera Brandvig’s books! Thanks for the chance to win!

  73. I love the Spelling B Book by Its Sew Emma. Something about letters in Quilts appeals to the reader in me.

  74. Oh I do love books about blocks! Can not claim a favorite reference book for blocks, but when it comes to making them I always go for the stars – favorite is Ohio Star… and now, thank you, I have added The Block Maker for Half-Rectangle Triangles to my wishlist of books.

  75. I use Lori Holt’s books all the time to make mini quilts. I would love to make a sampler quilt and if I win the book. That’s what I will do.

  76. I have several block books but will be checking out the ones you listed today to add to my collection. My favorite block is the star block followed by the churn dash.

  77. I think the only block book I have is Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage, so I guess that would be my favorite, although I have yet to make a block from the book, even tho I love the blocks. I have never thought of block books, but a good one, like the first two you mentioned, would make sense. My favorite block is the one I am currently making, so that would be the churn dash with Cake Mix #6 out of True Blue Feedsacks. Loving those blocks!

  78. I have several of the books that you mention in your article but now see a few I need to add to my “library”! My most recent purchase is the Tula Pink book. Hope’s Journey is a beautiful book – I love to go back through my books periodically for inspiration. Favorite block…pretty much any star!!!

  79. I love books so I do have several block books and use them all. I don’t really have a favorite but when I can’t find what I’m looking for I go to the library and check out Jinny Beyer’s book.

  80. I have Lori’s FarmGirlVintage & Quiltmaker’s 1000 Blocks books. A couple others are in my cue. I love your spiral bound & laminate idea! So far I have no favorite block but have found improv string piecing to be great fun.

  81. I have Jinny Beyer’s Album of Patchwork Patterns. Love that it tells the history of the blocks. I’m going to buy Judy Martin’s – that one looks great! I’m from Ohio, so of course, my favorite block is the Ohio Star!

  82. Yes I have a lot of quilt block books, but I’m not sure that I have a favorite. My favorite block is a rail fence – it is so quick and easy to cut and sew rectangles, but it is so versatile and you can have so many different variations.

  83. When I was a beginner, I ran to buy books and patterns for every quilt that caught my eye. But now, I search for quilt blocks online, and love sampler quilts, and see that block books can be the next step for me to create my own designs. LOVE the Moda Blockheads!

  84. Yes, I have a favorite Block Book called Block Magic. It’s an older one, but has great theme blocks!

  85. Yes, I have The Farmer’s Wife book (1920’s), Block Magic by Nancy Johnson-Srebro, Circle of Nine by Janet Houts & Jean Ann Wright (excellent book!), 501 Quilt Blocks (Better Homes & Gardens) and probably others that I don’t see on my shelves at the moment. Would love the Blockheads book!

  86. I have Judy Hopkins book at the top of the post, I have Judy Martin’s block book, and I have the one by Maggie McCornmick. I have others but don’t know the authors off the top of my head. A good block book is a basic in my library. I could always use another one. 🙂

  87. I have the Farmers Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt book. Love looking at it. My favorite block is Celtic Knot. I’ve made two quilts using that block already!

  88. I have several block books. I frequently use Marsha McCloskey’s Block Party, Better Homes and Gardens 501 Quilt Blocks, and 130 Mini Quilt Blocks by Susan Briscoe.

  89. Yes i have a couple of block books.. and my favorite block is Churn Dash.. which i do not make near enough of.

  90. Around the Block with Judy Hopkins is my only book specifically for blocks. My favorite block is Carpenter’s Wheel or Swoon.

  91. I have the farmer’s wife 1930 but haven’t used it yet. I love making sampler quilts with all different blocks- more interesting to sew.

  92. I have been trying to downsize my quilt books but have kept some favorites to savor. One is Yoko Saito’s 138 Original Appliqué Designs. My current favorite block is the granny square that was used in the Oda May Summer Camp quilt along. I’ve added it to some other quilts and it works so well.

  93. I have the Farmer’s Wife, Tula Pink, Lori Holt and my latest addition was the Fig Tree Christmas. I have others and quite a few of the quilt block magazines. I especially love when you mix a few blocks and get those secondary patterns!

  94. Yes! I have many books in my library. After a move last year, I reduced the number of books to those I use & those that inspire me. A couple favorites are Quick & Easy Block Tool & Make Any Block Any Size by Joen Wolfram.

  95. I own the Farmers Wife book and thank you for the opportunity to add another boo! My favorite blocks are made with half square triangles because of the endless possibilities. Favorite block in a quilt is the Dresden plate.

  96. I have all of Lori Holt’s books, The New Quick & Easy Block Tool book, and the Quilt Block Cookbook by Amy Gibson is a great resource as well.

  97. My current two favorites are the Splendid Sampler and Splendid Sampler II. I love making 6” blocks.

  98. I have multiple block books, and my favorite is Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. I frequently use it and also the BlockBase software on EQ.

  99. Yes-and my favorite block book is Dear Jane: the Two Hundred Twenty-five Patterns from the 1863 Jane A. Stickle Quilt by Brenda Papadakis.

  100. I have several block books but mainly reference blocks on line. I’m looking forward to Summer Moon.

  101. Yes, I have several block books and the current favorite is Christmas Figs by Fig Tree Quilts. Another favorite is Tula Pink’s City Blocks. I participated in the block a day challenge…it was fun! clara-chandler!

  102. I have two of Judy Hopkins’ wonderful block books and refer to them often. I also love Hope’s Journey and have Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage. Making the Blockheads I quilt was a fun and learning experience, and I am happily sewing Blockheads II.

  103. I have several block books. The ones I turn to most are Barbara Brackman, including using block base, Rosemary Youngs books.

  104. I have most of the books you spoke of! I love all my quilting books. Can’t just pick one. My first sampler book was by Diane Leone, The Sampler Quilt Book! I have made many sampler block quilts,

  105. I have 101 full-size Quilt Blocks and Borders by Better Homes and Gardens and Quilter’s Complete Guide by Marianne Fons and Liz Porter given to me by Mother as my first quilt books. I cherish them.

  106. My favorite block book is the one shown first, Judy Hopkins, 501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks. I love the fact that she gives cutting dimensions for a variety of sizes.

  107. I have Jinny Beyer’s The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns and The Farmer’s Wife and the Hobo Quilt. I love to browse them.

  108. Tho I use EQ7 to audition blocks, I have Judy Martin’s 501 Quilt Blocks and it’s such a great starting point. My favorite blocks use half square triangles, with pinwheels being number one!

  109. I do have 1 block book that I refer to sometimes, but I think I would like to own the Judy Hopkins book you mentioned. I like the idea that the block instructions come in numerous sizes.

  110. I have tons of block books on my bookshelf. I have made the sampler quilts included with most of them, but I’m yet to make the Farmers Wife 1930s quilt. It may just be my favorite, but I’m not in love with all of the template piecing included!

  111. Yes! The books I use the most are block books. Better homes and gardens Block books are my favorite.

  112. I do have a block book & had it spiral bound a few months ago so I could use it more often without worry of it falling apart at the binding. It is the 1000 block Sampler. Some of the directions are difficult to follow but overall I can manage to figure it out to make the blocks. Title of Book: Quiltmaker’s 1,000 Block Sampler: A collection of quilt blocks from today’s top designers – by Carolyn Beam.
    This book doesn’t have various sizes & I think that would be AWESOME!

  113. I am just like you, I have a large collection of “Block Books”. My favorites are Barbara Brackmans Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Blocks, and Dear Jane by Brenda Papadakis. With a good block book you can make any quilt you imagine.

  114. I have the Farmer’s Wife book and love books with a variety of blocks. My favorite block is the nine-patch.

  115. I have a few block books. Two of my favorites : vintage farm girl and the farmer’s wife. Thanks for sharing your go to books!

  116. My newest block book is “The New Ladies’ Art Company Quick & Easy Block Tool: 110 Quilt Blocks”, Lori Holt’s “Farmgirl Vintage”, the first “Farmer’s Wife” quilt book, and more (!), but I may love my Tula Pink block book the best!

  117. I have several block books, but no favorite. My favorite blacks are Snail Trail and Jacob’s Ladder. Not that they are easy, but because of their beauty.

  118. My favorite block book is Marsha McCloskey’s Block Party. One of the best parts is that it shows alternate shadings for each block, showing what a difference fabric placement can make.

  119. I have The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Blocks, Splendid Sampler 2,, Quilt Blocks of American Barns, and a couple others. One of my favorite blocks is card trick.

  120. I have and have used many times The New Quick & Easy Block Tool book. I also have both Farm Girl Vintage and Vintage Christmas. Lori does give 2 sizes for each block in these books. I’m working on Vintage Christmas at the moment and although some of her 6.5″ blocks can be challenging, they are adorable. Thanks for the block book review!

  121. I have a block book. It’s by Victoria Findlay Wolfe. My favorite blocks are Stars blocks. I especially love the Feathered Star! And I promised myself that I would make one this year!

  122. I really love my block books, I have a couple by Judy Hopkins and my favorite one is Marsha McCloskey’s first block book. I refer to it a lot. I also love the 100 Quiltmaker Blocks magazines, have saved most of those as well.

  123. I have several of the books you mentioned, the Judy Hopkins’ 501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks is my
    “Go to” since so many block sizes are included for each block. I recently picked up Amy Gibson’s Quilt Block Cookbook which has new to me blocks and also shows how you can mix blocks together in a quilt.

  124. There are several block books in my library – going all the way back to the what now looks like the very low-tech self published typed and handwritten book used for sampler quilt blocks! One I really do want to work through is Tula Pink’s 100 blocks. I just need to get started…

  125. I have the Splendid Sampler block book but haven’t had a chance to do any blocks yet. Helping my 15 year old with her quilting takes away from my sewing time but it is so worth it! Love spending time with her and passing on the love of quilts.

  126. Thanks for this great post about block books. I think it identified one I borrowed from the library but couldn’t remember the title. I will be happy to see it again. I especially like the books that give measurements for different sizes of blocks.
    I do have several block books. I should use them more often than I do! They are:
    200 Full-Size Patchwork Patterns by Maggie Malone
    101 Patchwork Patterns by Ruby McKim
    301 Country Christmas Quilt Blocks by Cheri Saffiote
    5500 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone
    Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  127. I have several block books, but the book I refer to the most doesn’t have any measurements. I love going through the Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns by Barbara Brackman for inspiration.

  128. Carrie, I also enjoy block books, but often go rogue off on a tangent to see what would it look like if I switched around the colors.

  129. I routinely use Lori Holt’s books. Her patterns are so easy and she shows you step by step. Helps make perfect 6″ blocks!

  130. I have The Farmers Wife Quilt Bocks Book. That is the only one, and love it along with the stories. I guess I am in need of at least one more. They all look interesting!!!! How do you choose just one?

  131. Jinny Beyer’s Quilter’s album of patchwork patterns is one of my go to books when I am trying to source the name of a block or find a block that will suit the fabric I am working with. Love it. Got a few others you mention too including Farmer’s wife.

  132. I have several block books, my go to books are MarshaMcCloskey’s Block Party and Mary Ellen Hopkin’s It’s Okay if You Sit on my Quilt book (great for one block mini quilts).

  133. What a great post. I love quilt block books too and have more than a couple of the ones you mentioned and after reading your post I have several more to add to my wish list. My favourite block book though would be Judy Hopkins 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks, such a great go to Book.

  134. I hace several block books. Maybe my favourite one is by Yoko Saito “Patchwork lessons'” with tradicional piecing blocks .

  135. Hello. Have several quilt block books, in hard copies (after buying the first one in ebook form and losing it when the computer went). Favorite quilt block is the churn dash, followed closely by Ohio Star.
    Thanks for your blog. It’s fun.

  136. I have the Farmer’s Wife Sampler book and love it. My favorite block is the Ohio Star with all other star blocks fighting for 2nd place.

  137. I also love to collect block books. I have several in my collection plus quite a few on my wish list including Moda Blockheads (I did the online collection) and both Splendid Samplers. I have made the Tula Pink City Sampler (all 100 blocks) as a BOM at one of my LQS.

  138. Yes, I have several of these books. One of my favorites that I use frequently is Around the Block. I think it’s by Judy Hopkins too. My favorite block is the Churn Dash block that has the smaller middle blocks. Thank you for the chance to win.

  139. I have several of the block books you mentioned. Another of my favorites is “The Block Book” by Judy Martin.

  140. I own the 501 Rotary Block book, plus many, many others. Books and quilting are my two favorite things in the world. One can never have too many books, nor too many quilt things.

  141. Yes I do. If I am ever doing a sampler quilt and don’t particularly like one of the blocks I just substitute a different block. My favorite is the Block Tool.

  142. I do not yet, but have been looking at your second selection and have given one as a gift. it sounds like a must have to get me started!

  143. I have quite a few older books, and some of them twice. I pick them up at garage sales, etc. and have too many to remember if I bought them before or not. My favorite block is the feathered star.

  144. I do have a few of these, most used is probably the Ladies Art co Block tool. It has several different sizes and no templates needed. As well as TulaPink’s #100days100blocks #cottonfactorytulafun #makemodern #fabricpixie #clairsfabrics #fqsfun #twobluebirdies #talesofcloth #westwoodacres #avaandneve #thestrawberrythief #spotlightstores blocks.

  145. I recently purchased both of the Quick & Easy Block Tool books. I love Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage book.

  146. Jinny Beyer Patchwork Patterns, Ruby McKim 101 Patchwork Patterns, Marsh McCloskey Block Party, Dear Jane Brenda Papadakis,501 Quilt Blocks Better Homes & Gardens/Meredith, and 365 Fat Quarter Quilt blocks House of White Birches are the ones I could find at a glance to write about here. That is not to forget the many applique design books which outnumber pieced block books in my library. When the quilting bug bit me in the early 90’s, I started collecting all the books I could get my hands on. Knowing what I know now, I might have collected different books from that time forward, but I am content with what I have and feel very fortunate to have some awsome block books.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.
    Peggy in Alaska

  147. It’s hard to pick my favorite block book, but I have many of the same ones you have. Of all the blocks I’ve made for the past 30 years of quilting, I love the Churn Dash the best. It’s so simple, yet can be so different by adding another block in the center, using different fabrics with each section, etc. It’s always my go-to-block.

  148. I love books to begin with, so I’m a real sucker for quilt books! I’ve lost track of how many quilt books I own. Most are about quilt patterns, but a few are strictly “block” books.

    One of my favourites is “Block Party: A Quilter’s Extravaganza of 120 Rotary-Cut Block Patterns by Marsha McCloskey “. I love Marsha’s fabric choices and her clear instructions.

    When attending quilt shows, I’m always on the hunt for any of her books that I don’t already own.

    B from Canada

  149. I have one block book, Lori Holt’s Farm girl book. She has some great blocks. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  150. Quilt block books are my most treasured quilting books on my shelf. My go to favorites are the three books that precede Judy Hopkins 501 Blocks: Around the Block, Around the Block Again, and Once More Around the Block. Two other books I’ve been enjoying lately are The Splendid Sampler for its variety and Elizabeth Hartman’s Patchwork City for creative modern blocks.

  151. I have quilting books! Most of mine were purchased long ago, then life happened. Now I’m happy to say that I’ve been sewing up a storm once again and all the new books, fabric lines and quilt ideas make me so inspired! I’d love the opportunity to win one!

  152. I have several block books I like but my favorite is ‘The New Quick and Easy Block Tool’!

  153. I am a new quilter and just starting my library. I do not have any block books but want to add those to my collection. Thanks for this list!

  154. I don’t have a block book, tend to go for quilt books. But I will definitely look into some of these. Favorite block, really, one favorite? How about a bazillion favorites!!

  155. Yes, I collect block books. My favorite two are The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt and The Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Quilt, both by Laurie Hird

  156. I have an extensive quilt book collection which does include a few block books. I think my favorite would be Quiltmaker’s 1,000 Blocks. My favorite books are my Elly Sienkiewicz books, however. Having quilted for over 40 years, I have quite a library! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  157. I have Lori’s Farm House Vintage. I brought it because I love the cute little chick. One of the first quilt books I bought! Kinda new to quilting. Just found this Blog, love it!

  158. I too have a lot of block books. I often sit down with them to get the juices flowing. My favorites change from time to time. I often go to 501 Blocks, Block Party and 100 8 inch Blocks from M. McClosky. I like to do table runners and they are a great jump off point.

  159. I have 2 Judy Hopkins books which are my go-to books when I need to make a block for an exchange. I also have Lori Holt’s books, which make cute small quilts and pillows too! I love collecting fun block books. Thanks for the chance!

  160. I took my first quilting class in 1981 and the first quilting book i bought–and my all-time sentimental favorite– was and is Ruby McKim’s 101 Patchwork Patterns.

  161. I have a couple books. I am currently using Lori Holt’s Farm Girl vintage for a quilt for my daughter for Christmas. Have loved it so far. Would be wonderful to add a book to my small collection.

  162. I do not have any block books. Might be a good addition to my library. I use mostly free patterns from the internet to make my blocks. I so enjoy making blocks just for fun. Thanks for the chance to win!

  163. I forgot! I too have Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage book. Forgot that it has block patterns in it. oooops! Thanks! Helen

  164. I have the Splendid Sampler 2 book and several of the Quiltmaker 100 and 200 Block magazines. The Spendid Sampler 2 book is my current favorite, and I hope to make several of the blocks.

  165. Embarassed to admit that I have most of these books! but my favorite is still the 2nd one I bought, Marsha McCloskey’s Block Party! Thanks for the opportunity!

  166. On my shelf are ‘Block Magic’ by Nancy Johnson-Srebro and ‘Dear Jane’ by Brenda Manges Papadakis.I couldn’t name a favourite block, each new block I come across becomes my favourite!

  167. I have two fantastic block books: The Farmer’s Wife 1930s Sampler Blocks and Jinny Beyer’s Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Blocks. Both are wonderful. I would like to add The New Quick & Easy Block Tool to my library. We had just been talking about this book at my LQS and how it’s a must-have.

  168. I have several block books. My favorite right now is the Lori Holt books, because of the clear instructions

  169. I have many block books, many you show in this blog. My favorite book should be laminated and a spiral binding added. It’s the same as your favorite Judy Hopkins’ 501 Rotary Cut Quilt Block‘. I’ve been using this book since 1996.

  170. I have several of the 100 block magazines. I do not have any of the block books. I don’t have a favorite block. There are so many great ones its too hard to choose.

  171. I have Around the Block, Women of Courage and Christmas Figs. It is really hard to pick a favorite. My most used is Around the Block.

  172. I have all the Lori Holt books and the Tula Pink book. I love star blocks- all the different settings are so fun!

  173. Yes, I have block books. Picking a favourite is not easy but one I go back to regularly is Log Cabin Quilts by Bonnie Leman and Judi Martin. I have the “new editon” printed in 1992.

  174. I totally agree with Elena above, about Ruby Kim’s 101 patchwork patterns. I love that book. Especially her flower blocks. But my favorite block is the churn dash and I have a bunch of Lori Holt’s books. I am working on Moda blockheads II. Thanks For the nice informative article.

  175. When I first started quilting I bought “Around the Block” and “Around the Block Again”, both by Judy Hopkins. I practiced my favourite blocks, then turned them into cushions and gave as gifts. They are both falling apart now (what a great idea to have them spiral bound). I also love Lori Holt and have several of her books – which are spiral bound. I went on the Grand Adventure QAL with Moda (not a book….but new blocks to treasure). I spend many an hour “researching” how different blocks play with each other.

  176. I have several block books on my bookshelves. My favorite (so far 😀 ) is Farm Girl Vintage. So much inspiration.

  177. I have 501 Quilt Blocks by Better Homes and Gardens. My favorite block is 54-40 Or Fight.
    I really love most Star blocks!

  178. I have quite a few block books and would love a block head one. I made all of the Tula Pink city blocks and it’s now a quilt. Thanks for the give away!

  179. I have several block books, not sure I have a favorite though. My favorite block is the Bears paw block. I love the traditional version of it. Funny thing is that I have never made a quilt with one – even in the 30 something years of quilting. It’s on my “quilts to make” list though.

  180. No block books yet……my favorite block is a star block and any version of it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  181. I am a fairly new quilter and didn’t know, until I read your article, what a block book was! What a great way to learn! My favorite block is always the new one I’m working on!

  182. I have the Farmer’s Wife sampler books. My all tome favorite is “ The quilt that walked to Golden”

  183. On my quilting bookshelf I keep ‘Grandma’s Best Full-Size Quilt Block’s by Better Homes and Gardens. It has photos of antique examples as well as photos and directions for contemporary versions. I also refer to ‘5,500 Quilt Block Designs’ by Maggie Malone. Although that one only has drawings of the blocks, so I keep graph paper handy. As for favorite quilt blocks, I love to make both 4patch and 9patch blocks as my leaders/enders when working on other projects. They are so versatile and can be worked into many interesting patterns.

  184. Love Judy Martin’s 501 book! Mine is loaded with post it notes marking favorites. Also, I have hand written an index listing blocks in each category – four patch, nine patch, etc. Very handy. I’d like to see such an index added to the next edition because it is helpful when planning blocks that will go together.

  185. My go to block books are “Around the Block” and “Around the Block Again” by Judy Hopkins. I have other block books but these are the two most used!

  186. The first quilted item I made was a log cabin quilt-as-you-go pair of pillows for my mom’s birthday twenty-some years ago. Log cabin patterns really appeal to me. I have had and used Cabin Fever by Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting for several years. You mentioned a log cabin block book I’ll be looking for, but I also love the Moda Blockheads so winning the book and fabric would be amazing! Thanks for the opportunity. And thanks for your posts! I always learn something.

  187. I have a scad of block books, one can never have too many right? My go-to book is Barbra Brackman’s and then I also love a Marsha McCloskey block book not sure which one. I’d love the blockheads book because they’ve taken the old classic blocks and tweaked them. Love that!

  188. Oh do I have block books in my library!!! I am always looking for a new block to add to my scrap quilts, to use in borders or for a special label block on the back.
    I think my most used book is the 501 Rotary Cut Blocks as well as the Block Heads patterns, both vol 1 & 2. So many ideas, teaching new techniques, great pictures!

  189. I have the Splendid Sampler books (which are great) but I think my favorite are the Lori Holt books ’cause they’re SO cute!

  190. I have a number of block books, several of which I see in your post! I have also had Judy Martin’s 501 Blocks spiral bound as well since I use it frequently. My favorite block? Hard to choose, but I go to anything with lots of half-square triangles because of they provide many options for versatility of color combinations!

  191. I’m pretty new to quilting so most of my patterns are digital, but I would love to try making blocks from this book.

  192. I have the 501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks book. I love half square triangles and other blocks that you can make and then cut to size like flying geese.

  193. I too love block books! I’ve made the Farmers Wife, and I’m currently stitching along with Blockheads 2.

  194. Yes, I have several block books on my shelf. Judy’s book is probably my favorite but I love/use all that I own. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  195. Thank you for the chance to win the Blockheads book. I do have several block books, and my favorite is an ancient series called Key to 1000 Quilt Blocks. Each set is in a notebook with a different color plastic cover. I think they later put them into a bound book, but I have the originals. There’s almost no block in existence that isn’t in those books, organized by major shapes.

    I also have other collections, like The Farmer’s Wife, that I like, too. I can’t even say which one I use most often. I use the one I think will help with my current problem, and sometimes I go online to Quilter’s Cache because I like the size organization.

  196. Yes I have many quilt and appliqué books.
    My favorite piecing book is Jinny Beyer’s Album of blocks.
    My favorite block Ithink would be a curvy log cabin.
    There’s so many to love.

  197. I Love Tula Pinks 100 block book…have used it several times!!!! I too am addicted to block books…Do Not have Blockheads yet!

  198. I have Tula Pink’s Modern blocks and Lori Holt’s Vintage Christmas. I have followed the posts with the BlockHeads but haven’t gotten the book yet!

  199. I have several of Lori Holts block books – I just love them. I also have a few from other authors, but can’t think of them off the top of my head. I have all of the first Block Head print outs that I saved in a binder. I just might take them to get spiraled bound.

    Thank you for a great article.

  200. I have many block quilt books. I went to my book shelf and counted 10 without really looking at everything. I know I have many more books that are filled with block patterns. I can’t possibly pick a favorite. My favorite is whatever I’m working on at the time, I guess.

  201. I have several block books, but I think my favorite would be The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns by Jinny Beyer. My favorite block is flying geese. Thanks for the giveaway!

  202. I have lots of block books- favorite is whatever I am browsing st the time. Favorite block today is Log Cabin.

  203. My favorite blocks are disappearing 9 patch and disappearing 4 patch. They are quick and fun to make.

  204. I have Judy Hopkins book of blocks. Since it is the only one I have, I guess it is my favorite!

    Thanks for the chance to win.


  205. I have a lot of books in my “quilt book stash”, but my favorite go-to block book is an autographed copy of Jinny Beyer’s Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns…..second favorite is Farmer’s Wife.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  206. I just started quilting since my class back in 1983. So much has changed and I am so hooked. I eat sleep and talk quilting. My family is so tired of it, but they love the results ( except bank account) lol. I don’t have a block book. But I do have a long wishlist. I love the “Modern Background Colorbox” so much. I use a 3 graph paper notebook full of blocks and 3 usb drives full. I really appreciate any block book, or books period.

  207. I’ve used the Quick & Easy Block Tool that C&T published years ago. Still use it sometimes but more often turn to Block Genius by Sue Voegtlin. It includes 201 pieces blocks with no math charts. Instructions included in charts for 6”, 9” & 12” blocks versions of each block. I also love ALL Lori Holt books for block ideas 6” or 12”.

  208. Here’s an oldy but a goody-Lap Quilting by Georgia Bonesteel.
    My favorite block is Road to Oklahoma.

  209. Oh yes, I loved the books before I started piecing. Don’t know that I have a favorite book but I love stars. Of all kinds. Thanks

  210. No block books on my shelf. My favorite is the Churn Dash…because it allows one to put another design element in the center…and it looks nice squares or on point…so many options!!

  211. Yes I have several block books. Most are references for me. I especially like blocks that include some applique.

  212. I have any block books on my shelf. They are invaluable for panel quilts and thousands of other uses. I really like Judy Hopkins books, Around the Block series.

  213. Block books rock! I love my “Vintage Christmas” by Lori Holt. My favorite is “501 Quilt Blocks”, published by Better Homes and Gardens, 1994 as my sister gave it to me years ago. Thanks for the great listing of books & offering the giveaway.

  214. I made my first sampler quilt for my sister’s wedding gift in 1980! There weren’t many quilting books back then!! The Patchwork Quilt Design & Coloring Book by Judith LaBelle Larsen and Carol Waugh Gull published by Butterick Publishing in 1977. As I pulled it off the bookshelf to get the title, a 39 year old blue calico triangle was still stuck on page 90!!! It was a book before it’s time with 3 block sizes per pattern, and directions on how many blocks for different finished quilt sizes and lattices. It is still a treasure with Sawtooth Stars and Churn Dash blocks still my favorites. Thanks!!

  215. I looked through my quilting books and realized that I don’t have a single block book. I have a book called ‘Encyclopedia of Classic Quilt Patterns’ , which has a lot different blocks and patterns. Looks like I need update my collection of quilting books.

  216. Hi! Yes I rely on Block books as we do many exchanges in our group. I have about 4 different ones. My favorite at this time is Free Spirit’s 40 blocks by their designers. It’s great! We have “beehives” exchanging blocks monthly. Check it out!

  217. I have at least ten of the block books on your list and ten more that’s not. My favorite is Marsha McCloskey’s Block Party.

  218. I’ve got “Around the Block”, and I love it. It’s been my favorite, but it looks like it’s time to explore more block book options.

  219. I am a “returning” quilter following a 20+ year absence from the art. My goal and vision is to create art quilts utilizing poetry. I recently began reading your posts and love them! I am so taken with The Farmer’s Wife quilts. All that variety and color blows me away! I have only a few books so far, but like Layer Cake, Jelly Roll, and Charm Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott. It is manageable for my current skill level. As a beekeeper, I have been looking at blocks based on the hexagon pattern. There are some creative ways to construct this shape!

  220. I don’t have a block book. As a newer quilter so far my favourite is the nine patch… But looking forward to taking hopefully attending one of your retreats.

  221. I love the idea of having books spiral bound! I’m going to take a few of my go-to books in to my local print shop. Nice article and you listed a book I saw on The Quilt Show that I was looking for. Thank you.

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