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Resolutions are one thing, Bucket Lists are something different. It’s the places to see, things to do, foods to eat and so on before you… well, you know. Like the Grand Canyon – it’s a place to see on most lists.

There are also lists for hobbies – the Ten Golf Courses To Play, the Waves To Surf, and the Twelve Places to Fish. The Top Ten Food Trucks in America? There’s a list.

But what about quilting? Sewing. Have you ever thought about making a list of the quilting-related things you’d like to do?

Our friends at American Patchwork & Quilting have with their Bucket List. They’re going to “make this year one for the books by crossing off a variety of fun quilting to-dos!” It’s not a definitive list so much as a really good, really thorough list of options.

No. 24. Make a quilt using only solids. (Bella Solids, of course.)

No. 44. Finish a UFO. (Does this mean I need to start a project and not finish it so I can cross it off the list?) (:::snort:::)

I started this August 2018. I love this Cheeky collection by UrbanChiks and I’d hoped to finish this before the fabric ships. In February. All of the block parts are ready to assemble into blocks – it’s made with a Cake Mix – I just need to get it done.

No. 15. Join a quilt-along. (We can help with that – stay tuned.)

The Bucket List is a year-long project that will encourage all of us to try new things, meet new quilting friends and accomplish a lot of sewing. The list was published in the February 2019 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting – available in early December of last year. It is also available online.

American Patchwork & Quilting Bucket List.

Starting this week, they’ll be sharing one Bucket List item every week on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as on the Bucket List link. In each issue of 2019, the editors and staff at American Patchwork will call out specific numbers that they’re tackling and posting online.

There are no rules! Start with any number and go in any order – it’s your list and you can also add a few “just for me” things to it!

No. 51. Hand-appliqué an entire project. (I’m thinking “small pillow top”.)

I’ve always loved this Wainright quilt – and several others – by Carolyn Friedlander. Is this the year?

To follow along with Moda and APQ –

As I read the list, I thought of things I could add to it. As it is with so many lists of this kind, there are things I’ve already done, others that honestly don’t interest me all that much, and one or two things that are a bit more me-specific.

So check the list out and tell me what you think. Are there items you can check off? Been there, done that?

Is there something you’ve done but just might be interested in doing again?

Happy Friday!

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11 thoughts on “Quilting Bucket List

  1. I have read and printed the list which was beautifully done. A few I can check off I’m happy to say. A few were a struggle but I did them. Will be interesting to get back at that list. Now go finish that quilt!

  2. That’s an interesting list. For me it’s a mix of things already done, going to do, & I’d better do sooner than later. I have a list but it’s called a Dump List. The list is just not exclusively quilt related. Good luck to all of us list writers.

  3. My bucket list was more of types of quilts I would like to do in my lifetime – such as a clam shell or wedding ring. I have already sewn blocks for a sew-along this year. You could cross out that applique one Carrie – I remember your Bella Rosa where you said “just because you don’t, doesn’t mean you can’t (applique)”.

  4. On my bucket list is to make it to Fall quilt Festival, and this should be the year as it falls (ha ha) on my 60th Birthday. Must get saving.

  5. I’ve adapted their bucket list to suit a Aussie quilter and I’ve already achieved quite a number on the list. Joining your String-along was my first new tick after beginning the list.

  6. A quilting bucket list is an interesting idea. I am going to hop over and check it out. Great post. .Thanks!

  7. I can cross off some of the list that I’ve already accomplished. Some don’t interest me, but always a few others to add. It is a great list!

  8. OK Carrie I am in. Already checked off number 44 – UFO as last night I tackled a 2 year old Get Out of Town Duffel Bag by Annie that I started just before my first Bake Shop post and then just kept moving it from pile to pile. Done and dusted as they say. What to tackle next…hmmm

  9. Great idea! I can keep up with this throughout the year! I tried to do the UFO Challenge 3 years in a row and I just couldn’t keep up! Since there are no rules…..I might replace a few items on the list with items more specifically suited to me.

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