Quilt books.  No matter how many we have, it’s still hard to pass up adding new titles to the shelf. Make that shelves. Plural.

Every week, new books come across my desk. Some are interesting but “not my thing” while others are quickly filled with post-it page tabs for projects that need to be on my “to-do” list.

I was curious about what books were the best-sellers for Moda this past year so I asked. That list is below – they are the books that you must have liked because shops kept buying them.

In the coming months, we’re going to feature some of our favorite books, old and new. They are the books that we love for projects, information and resources, titles that we think every quilter-sewist should have or at least take a look at, and books that are purely eye-candy and good for our quilting souls.

Before we share the list, we’d like to know about your favorite books. You know, the titles that would absolutely be on your shelf if you were going to start a “quilt book library” from scratch. (It’s okay if the books are out-of-print and only available from a used-book store/source.)

As for the most popular books per the Moda warehouse, this is the list. It’s in no particular order.

Jen Kingwell – Jen Kingwell Designs:
Gypsy Wife
Long Time Gone
Green Tea & Sweet Beans
That Fairy Tale Quilt
My Small World
Baker’s Dozen Pattern

Oh Scrap! – Lissa Alexander
Simple Whatnots – Kim Diehl
Moda All-Stars Mini Charm Quilts 
Stashtastic – Doug Leko
Moda All-Stars Merry Makers

Doug Leko – Antler Quilt Design:
Once Upon A Memory
Regency Blues

It’s Sew Emma:
The Cake Mix Quilt Book, Vol. 1 
Vintage Christmas – Lori Holt
Farm Girl Vintage – Lori Holt
Christmas Figs – Joanna Figueroa
Tablerunner Bliss – Sherri Falls

Mini Wonderful Curves
No Math Quilt Charts & Formulas
Hand Embroidery Stitches At A Glance

Lavender Lime – Kathy Skomp:
Grunge Love/Table Runner Club
Merry & Modern

Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book by Amanda Murphy for C&T Publishing

Pot Holders For All Seasons by Chris Malone for Annie’s Quilting

Trendy Table 2 by Heather Peterson for Anka’s Treasures

North Stars by Elizabeth Hartman

Are any of these books on your list of favorites?

So what books are on your shelves?

Happy reading! And quilting!

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46 thoughts on “Quilt-bibiliophiles…

  1. Way too many books are on my shelves, but some that stand out are: yes, the Singer Sewing Book, Harriet Hargrave’s series freshmen through graduate school, Oh Scraps which is my planning book for 2019, Harriet hargrave’s book with Sharon on everything quilting ( this is where I learned how to baste a quilt), and almost any issue of APQ….there’s always something in every issue to mark and think about making. Barbara Brackman’s books also come to mind such as the encyclopedia of blocks and her fabric dating books. Those are the ones I would definitely hang on to if I were reduced to a smaller space!

  2. Any and all of Harriet Hargrave. I keep going back to them. Farmhouse Favorites too. Quilts, Quilts, Quilts by Nownes & McCune and Rotary Cutting Revolution by Anita Grossman Solomon. All the Bonnie Hunter books. Darn! After reading this post, I’ll have to buy some more books! My shelves runneth over.

  3. I have several books listed but my favorites are the books by Lori Holt. I really love her Vintage Christmas book.

  4. I too have way too many books. I love them. ones I would rescue, Oh, Scrap. Charm School by Vanessa Goertzen,Patch Pals Collection, I could go on and on, I love my books.

  5. I love Moda Lisa’s book, Oh, Scraps. Made 3 quilts from it so far. Her methods of piecing a lone star (complete with tips) is great and made the quilt so much easier than other lone stars I have done.

  6. I have “picture books” to inspire me and “work books” to instruct me. I use some of them regularly, and enjoy having each and every one of them available on the bookshelf. I go to my Pat Sloan and Christa Watson volumes quite regularly.

  7. I love the list of books! One of my quilting goals this year and probably into next year is to make at least one quilt from all the books I have!

  8. I need to cut both my stash of fabrics and Quilt books in half, but I will certainly keep these (newer/newest) books:
    Quilt Big (Jemima Flendt)
    Utility Style Quilts (S. Holland)
    Handmade Style (Ann’s Graham)
    Pin Pals (by you know who!)

    I’ll also keep all my Miss Rosie booklets as well as my Quilts and More magazines!!

  9. Evelyn Sloppy string quilts, Bonnie hunters books, All Kim Diehl books and my newest is Carrie’pin cushion book.

  10. Here is an oldie for you – Lap Quilting by Georgia Bonesteel. I love and still use that book. And aside from historical regional quilt books it’s the only one I have! I will be making a list and growing my quilty library!

  11. I have way too many books but I love them all. I learn something new every time I go investigating something in my library. Such inspiration I get constantly. I love to keep adding to my library to experience my brain doing a happy dance!

  12. I love the Judy Martin books – her book with Marsha MacCloskey on Borders is the best….but I love Judy’s log cabin books. Also, It’s OK to Sit on My Quilts by Mary Ellen Hopkins is the one to have for your quilt library.

  13. I have many many quilt books as I started my “quilting hobby” in 1983. I LOVE my book collection and am NOT getting rid of any one of them. I like to add a couple every year from the new designers and will add a couple old ones but great ones too. My books are on shelves across a closet in a spare bedroom so they are easily accessible and are in alphabetical order. I have a list of them by title/author on a word doc so I can easily decide what I may want to look at. I also have a quilt magazine collection including Quilter’s Newsletters from the 1970’s to the present. I store them in plastic clear bins on a conference table in the basement. They are also well organized. I think the magazines are a bit of quilt history at this point but I do remember in the day how fun it was to get the latest issue. They say you need a hobby to get through life…quilting is a great one to have!

  14. Books by Kim Diehl; Jo Morton, Schnibbles, a number of Art to Heart books, Need’l Love, embroidery books by Kathy Schmitz and Gail Pan; a couple of Moda All-Stars books and a couple Marsha McCloskey’s feathered star books. There are other books as well, but they are my major go-to books.

  15. Right now I am working on Christmas Figs. I cannot give enough praise for how great the instructions are in this book. My next favorite right now is Pin Pals by Carrie Nelson. I have made 3 pinnies and love the look of them. I have quite a collection of quilting books, and it is a nice afternoon just to look and plan.

  16. My favorite quilt book changes every time I buy a new book. :). Red and White Quilts, Simple Whatnots, Pam Buda’s new book, and many others. Miss Rosies’s Farmhouse is an older acquisition that keeps coming to the top of the pile, the book serves as an inspiration for color and style.

  17. I have many quilt books on my shelves, including some of these. My favorite is that 5,500 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone. I love books and am looking forward to the features yo are planning … 🙂 Pat

  18. 501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks is the book I would choose if I could have only one. (Terrible thought, that.) Also, The Quilter’s Cookbook. Gwen Marsten’s books for inspiration, Mary Lou Weidman for a new perspective.

  19. I have every single Miss Rosie and Kim Diehl quilt book. Most of Jo Mortons and several of Anka’s treasures. Originally I collected Cabbage Rose and Black Mountain quilt books. I still have my very old Singer Sewing Book and the entire series of Singer Sewing books from quilts to creative embellishments. I have a lot of older Blackbird designs and most of Lori Holt’s books too and quite a few Fig Tree books and patterns. I have Sally Collins and now Shelly Scott-Tobisch’s book on precision piecing (I took Shelly’s class – excellent!). Eleanor Sloppy’s 40 Fabulous Quick cut quilts is still a favorite. I buy if there is eye candy I love for inspiration or an interesting technique. I also think someone should put together a treasury of Laura Bohnke quilts.

  20. I love your books (Schnibbles … can we please have a third one? … and the ‘bigger’ quilt books) but my all-time favorite(s) are Camille’s books. Simplify was one of the first books with a lot of Moda collections in my library and started y love for this company. The rest as they say is history.

  21. I couldn’t live without Jo Morten’s “Jo’s Little Favorites 1, 2, and 3” or most of the last eight years of Country Threads books. Schnibbles books I would also be sad without. And I always buy any Carol Hopkins books. I think you can see my taste is more reproduction and vintage! HA!

  22. “Quilting Makes the Quilt” – an oldie. Contains 12 different quilts, each one constructed identically 5 times. But each one of the 5 machine quilted differently. I may never make any of the quilts, but such a treasure trove of ideas on how your quilting selection affects the look of your quilt. And all done on a domestic machine…

  23. Quilting Essentials Parts I and II. Although I am an experienced quilter and have published three quilt books, Donna’s Essentials are still the books I go to if I can’t remember how to do something, or the best way to do something. All-in-one Quilters Reference Tool is another go-to book. This “tool” has saved a lot of headaches when designing quilts or checking patterns.

  24. I have three from your list… Oh, Scrap!, Gypsy Wife, and Farm Girl Vintage… with Lissa’s Oh, Scrap! being the current favorite! I also would add Pat Sloan’s Teach Me Triangles book to the list as it has several patterns that I love in it. And your new Pin Pals book will definitely be a best seller Carrie!! It’s already in my collection… as are your two older Schneibles books! I’ve enjoyed them as much for reading as for using the patterns!! ~pris in idaho

  25. I haven’t counted my quilt books but I’m certain they total 100-150, if not more. I LOVE quilt books! Some of my recent favorites: anything by Lori Holt, anything by Moda All Stars, Trendy Table Runners 1 & 2, anything Kim DIehl, & I have most all of Miss Rosie’s books, too! I think you get the picture — I LOVE QUILT BOOKS!! They always have such gorgeous pictures, fun patterns & usually good instructions. Now, if I could just sit down & make some of these beautiful projects instead of read about them & dream, I’d be getting somewhere! Lol!!

  26. I have over half of this list…having been a quilter for over 40 years, I have an extensive library (and gave many away when we moved in 2017). I would have to say my favorite books are the ones by Elly Sienkiewicz…many wonderful memories of classes with Elly at Quilting in the Tetons in Jackson, WY…she is a class act and such a sweet lady!

  27. I definitely have the Encyclopedia of Pieced quilt blocks it is a wonderful source! I have many books and keep getting more most recent fav is Scrap basket strips and squares, and Start with strips. Jelly roll love!

  28. Because it is the book at the beginning of my quilt journey so many years ago, The Standard Book of Quilt Making and Collecting by Marguerite Ickis.

  29. Started quilting 1983. Eleanor Burns & Georgia Bonesteel were on TV. Probably have over 100 books by now. Most ordered at sale price – about 25 from resale stores. About 25 yrs QNM – QMaker – McCalls – Australian P&Q-Country Threads (different colour usage and style) – almost all Miss Rosies – fair number of applique (Nancy Pearson – Elly S) – how-to specific (E Burns – Georgia B).
    I enjoy looking through them for patterns – colour combos – instructions specific to ideas I have. Most of Singer Sewing set. Will keep them all forever.

  30. All of the books by Eleanor Burns, Kim Dielhl and Miss Rosie come immediately to mind for their beautiful photos, excellent instructions and the patterns….I’ve made so many of their quilts. Heading to my sewing room to make a couple more.

  31. I have a shelf full of quilt books. I would love to add more, such as North Stars by Elizabeth Hartman. Most are paper piecing books. I especially like Carol Doak.

  32. Well, my go to book is Quilts, Quilts, Quilts…it is very old and very out of print. After that I am in love with my Scraps Made Simple book and No Scrap Left Behind…working an idea from these books right now.

  33. I have many books that I love and use again and again, starting with a Kathy Munklewitz (sp?) log cabin in 1978 from MN. Wouldn’t part with any of Harriet Hargrave’s, Pat Sloane’s, Jo Morton, Holly Taylor, Barbara Brackman, Miss Rosie, and several MN designers like Terry Atkinson, Doug Leko, and Thimbleberrues. I love charm packs and have done, or have packs for, my favorite charm pack books, Country Threads Goes To Charm School and their follow-uo, Return to Charm School, as well as both Schnibbles books. I buy fewer books now, but I can’t resist the Moda All Stars series.

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