2019 Sewing Resolutions

Yes or no. Do you make New Year’s resolutions?

We know how it starts – <fill in the blank> is the year I start doing everything right! Eat right. Exercise regularly. Get more sleep. Save money. Cut out sugar. Lose weight. Learn a new skill. Clean and organize every room in my house/apartment. Clean out quilting stuff I no longer need or use. Reduce my stash and stop signing up for Blocks of the Month.

Okay, wait… that’s me. Those last few aren’t on the “list of most common” resolutions.

While I will do my best to take better care of myself and be a better person, I have a much better chance of sticking to my New Year’s Sewing Resolutions. They’re a bit more achievable.

Because of course I can finish the twenty-seven Blocks of the Month I’ve accumulated over the years. Right?

Since I like lists, this is what I asked myself.

Less planning. More sewing.

Less starting. More finishing.

Less “comfort zone” projects. More challenges.

Less worrying about perfect! More smiling. And more sewing.

Less stash-building. More scrap-busting.

Less sewing with Netflix. More sewing with friends.

Less comparisons. More smiling and more sewing.

That last one is tricky. I’ve chatted with friends about this and we all agree, the time we spend “plugged in” is time we’re not making and creating. As much as we enjoy the online quilting community with it’s inspiration, it sometimes makes us feel a bit inadequate. Whether it’s because we’re not as skilled, prolific, stash-fortunate or well Liked-Followed as others, social media can be a “thief of joy”. So perhaps…

Less scrolling. More making, creating, and sewing.

What about you?

Do you have any sewing-quilting resolutions for 2019?

Because it is a new year.

May 2019 bring you good fortune, good health and much happiness.

And a year filled with making.

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64 thoughts on “2019 Sewing Resolutions

  1. I don’t make resolutions, I make challenges for myself. Last year I challenged myself to finish 13 UFQ’s into the flimsy stage and I made the challenge. This year I’ve challenged myself to see how many flimsies I can make from a huge box of 1-1/2″ strings. I also don’t get sucked into BOM’s or mystery quilts. I make realistic goals and work towards them, realizing that sometimes things happen and the goals aren’t met.

  2. My quilting goal for 2019 is to donate more to charity! I want to have quilted items made in advance to donate to charities and fund raisers that come up. I also have a couple of mystery quilt tops that wiil find homes to benefit others.

  3. I’ve been taking more classes to improve my skills as a quilter, one skill that needs improvement is, finish what I start. So if I take a class, I need to finish what I started in that class. I also have a BOM that is on my list to finish this year. I’ve had it on a couple of UFO lists in the past, but it only has about 5 blocks done. It feels overwhelming, so it needs a year of no other UFOs on the list.

  4. I do make resolutions, but after reading Calvin and Hobbes, I may just wing it. Last I actually listed all my unfinished and unstarted projects. It was daunting. However, I felt organized and got stuff done. I think I will ‘stay the course’. Maybe today I will begin quilting my blockhead I quilt! Thank you and a nappy healthy new year to you!

  5. I make lists but not as a resolution list. It’s more like ‘ naming of projects I’d like to do ‘ list. A few years back I started choosing a WORD for the year and that word was kind of a reminder of the things I want to accomplish. This past year the word was “move” which at 78 is important to do!!

      1. GO for it Deborah! I write the word in my daily calendar as a reminder. I shared this idea with my 50 something son and now he is doing it.

    1. My word this year is Delight. I want to take more joy in everything as I transition to retirement at the end of 2019!

  6. This year I challenge myself to take more classes to learn new things and make things that challenge me and are outside my comfort zone. I also resolve to be a healthier, kinder person to myself and others. Happy New Year to all.

  7. There are so many good ideas from the Blog and the comments. I don’t usually make resolutions but, like one of the other readers, I plan to make a list of all my UFOs to keep me on track. And what a good feeling that will be to check them off as I finish!

  8. Happy New Year to all! Great post, to be shared with my non-quilting adult children. Replace the quilty vocabulary with whatever is pertinent to one’s life and it’s good suggestions/ advice. Especially the “thief of joy” internet- social media comment. A procrastinator”s tool of choice. So my dishwasher is running, I have a cup of my favorite coffee (Vermont Maple…DELICIOUS…), and I am going to spend some time working to finish the Jaybird Night Sky that I started x$c66@@ months? ago. On board with less buying and more finishing and using what I already bought.

  9. I do make sewing resolutions each year. Sometimes I am able to go further than others. In 2018, I had one plan that failed and one that survived. I pulled out some scraps with the intention of organizing them and they are still in the same place today, one year later! Oh my! But, I also vowed not to start any new projects and I kept to that. I only participated in one QAL and completed it. I only plan to do the Moda String thing this year!

  10. I have a chalkboard door in my sewing room and write a list of what I want to accomplish annually. As each sewing item is completed, I give it a checkmark. Very happy to say this system works for me. Noooo, not everything gets done, but there are enough checkmarks to make me happy!

  11. Calvin and Hobbes – I always love the messages in them. Thank you for starting the year with a grin. I’m planning on “winging it”, but have hopes to complete some UFOs and create a new sewing space that is separate from the laundry room (this will have to result in organizing my fabrics, patterns, and such). Happy New Year!!

  12. Listing unfinished projects with intent to finish 1 per month, BUT giving myself permission to try at least one new technique or pattern a month, too, because fun is the key to joy. And sometimes those projects that take years to finish evolve into something much more wonderful than the ones that get pushed through to the finish. Life is short … I’m done being too hard on myself.

  13. Our guild has a UFO competition every year, so I finished 7 projects. Each year on New Years Day I try to start a new quilt that I have on my list of quilts I love. This year I am planning on joining a BOM with my daughter. Our resolution is to keep up every month, while working on the many unfinished projects. I look forward to time reading your blog, always a pleasure. Thank you.

  14. This year I want to work on 12 projects, one eac month and get as far as I can to completing them. I am going to try not to buy more fabric except for backing as I want to go to Fall Quilt Festval in Houston for my 60th birthday and need to save money and make room fo all my purchases.

  15. No resolutions, more goals of more quilts, more time with family and friends and making great memories. Our family begins today with getting together for a late lunch.

  16. Happy New Year to one and all! This is a wonderful post! I realize that the most fulfilling thing that I can do will involve “More Sewing…Less Scrolling!” Thank you for the inspiration!

  17. I don’t like to make resolutions because I never stick t9 them. This year my goal is to start my day with positive reading and journaling in a creative way and to attempt to keep my quilt studios free from clutter so I can create more effectively. I also plan to get out everyday, despite the weather for a walk and fresh air.

  18. I like and can relate to your goals. I’m in! I also love Love LOVE the Calvin & Hobbes panels, since they represent what we all want in our lives. Happy 2019! Let’s hope it’s full of finishes!

  19. I make no resolutions, I just break them. I always strive to do my best and if I leave some unfinished work, who cares.

  20. I have made a resolution. Every day I will take one thing out from under my cutting table (the place that I have stored stuff that I bought over 5 years ago and have not even looked at!). I vow to be super honest with myself about each treasure that I find there and move it along to someone who might actually do something with it! (Or maybe I have to do something with it that day and be done with it?) Oh great, I’m already making deals with myself and I haven’t even started! 😀

  21. Less stash-building. More scrap-busting. I have accumulated a huge collection of fabrics, which I still love; and with price of fabric, I plan to use what I have and just fill in with new as needed. I know this probably isn’t what fabric designers and quilt shop owners want to hear :), but it’s my attempt in 2019!

  22. I will be giving up my personal Facebook account because I’m sick of it. Lol I will also try tomoive a more minimalist life…only with the things I love vs acquiring for the sake of acquiring. The same goes for fabric!

  23. Wow! Thank you Carrie for an uplifting down to earth view! I could totally relate, and feel better already! I loved the comic strips too!! Happy Stitching in the New Year!

  24. Happy New Year to all! Another great post, thank you. I don’t make resolutions, too much pressure to try and keep them. Several comments are relevant, less starting and mor finishing; less scrolling, more sewing; de clutter my sewing space…you get the idea! Oh, and to move more!

  25. Last year I resolved to never open anything from Publishers Clearing House, and to sew only from stash. As a result, I now have three empty oversize bins that formerly resided under my big bed, and fifteen finished tops and matching pieced backs neatly ironed and on hangers in my closet. This year, I’ll continue to sew from stash, and hope to get to hand quilting at least some of my new closet babies.

    1. What a novel idea! Never open anything from Publisher’s Clearing House. Do you know how much time that takes/wastes that could be better spent sewing?! I too have been stash busting. Seems there is always a “scrap quilt” in the works. I use a lot of left over fabric to create my own backs also. It’s a little more work but takes care of all/most of the left over fabric from a project.

      Thank you Tina for the ideas.

  26. I don’t make resolutions. I will be working on setting up & organizing my sewing room & garage selling lots of things I no longer have a need of or interest in. I also need to finish about 5 projects.

  27. Ahh Carrie… I love how you think… I love what you write. I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions a long time ago. They really don’t work. My list could echo yours above… pretty much word for word. I have set goals tho… and they do seem work a bit better for me… perhaps because they aren’t set in stone. I consider them more of a “guideline.” And if I hit a few and miss a few, it’s okay. It’s all good!

    My sewing goals this year include finishing my daughter’s Wedding Quilt (before their 3rd anniversary in August!!)… I think I can hit that one! I also want to finish a couple of sweet lap sized quilts I started last year that will be gifts for “quilt worthy” friends…. dearly loved women in my life who will feel the love wrapped up in the gift of a quilt. More Wee Ones Quilts will be made, of course… I am passionate about my NICU babies! And those will be made (hopefully) from my stash. Because I really need to sew from my stash!! It’s taken over the guest bedroom again. Sigh. (Happy sigh.) I plan to keep working on my Kingfisher EPP quilt…. I might even finish it this year. We’ll see. And my Gypsy Wife? Hmmm. Maybe. Mostly, I will follow my heart and create what it leads me to create… and that will bring me Joy. Happy New Year! Happy Quilting and Creating and Self-Care and being Kind to Yourself. Happy Joyful Quilty 2019! ~pris in idaho

  28. I love making New Year’s Resolutions! Two years ago I finally organized 40 tote bins of quilting fabrics, projects, and other related stuff. Donated 7 boxes of fabric to the Salvation Army. Also made lists of Phd’s (projects half done) 84, SBOW (8), BOM (8), and quilt kits (135)!!!!!! It was an eye opening experience, a bit humiliating, and took almost 4 months to complete(I’m retired). My biggest distraction has been the internet with its blogs and online shopping. I see what others are doing/offering and I’m like a kid in a candy shop. Don’t get me wrong–I love what I’ve bought/started. But at the same time I’ve become a bit paralyzed/depressed by comparing what others are doing to me not doing. I love reading blogs and have several favorites, like you Carrie and Moda, but I’m cutting way back on social media time. I’m really into your ideas of more sewing, finishing, and scrap-busting and less stash-building and comparisons. My tastes have changed since taking my first quilt class back in 1979 and I’m going forward to purge a lot of those quilt kits, projects, and BOM’s and only keep/work on those that I truly love. Happy New Year! And now please excuse me while I go up to my sewing room. I’ve got a lot to work on. . .:)

  29. Great post, Carrie. My goal this year is just to be creative. After a few years tied to various BOW and BOM programs (which I loved and learnt lots from) I want to free myself from deadlines and lists and just see where my sewing rakes me. So I guess this year I’ll be winging it – bring it on!

  30. As usual Carrie you are my kindred spirit! I make no resolutions, I never keep them, and that simply makes me feel like a failure. I plan to finish things, including books, to get stuff out of my house. I hope to remain more focused on finishing/accomplishing. I lost my best friend last month and the saying ‘Life is short’ took on a whole new urgency. So, onto the sewing room, after the guests vacate! 😉

  31. I think of resolutions as suggestions, that way it doesn’t stress me out. Also “life” has a say in what we accomplish that we always need to make room for. I like to give myself wiggle room. I also have to balance my quilting with geneaology.

      1. And now I have to search that because I do genealogy all the time and never heard of it! I have found thousands of ancestors, and every single story I discover is such a joy. What a mystery to solve, and what a wonderful reward to find a piece of the past! Best of luck in your searching.

        1. Look for 52 Ancestors 52 Weeks Amy Johnson Crow. She just started a new year. And now back to the sewing machine. Good luck!

  32. Love this article! The last cartoon made my day! My resolutions are to explore more & have more adventures!

  33. I don’t make resolutions. I do set very loose Sewing Goals for the year and leave room for the inevitable change in direction. I have been trying to destash but its going slowly, I have to think about that with some more rigor and how to speed it up. Happy New Year Carrie! looking forward to seeing what the Moda team has in store for us in 2019.

  34. Small goal is to not buy any crafting supplies (including fabric) in January. Of course today I discovered my cutting blade needed to be replaced and didn’t have replacements. Did a search and found a brand new cutter and switched blades around. The fact I had a brand new unopened cutter means I need this goal!

  35. I loved your blog post about New Year resolutions! Last year I realized that I spent about 1 1/2 to 2 hours daily reading online blogs and other quilting related articles. So I cut that down to a half hour with my morning coffee and spent an hour working on a quilt. What a difference it made! Not only to my progress on my quilting projects, but also my morale. I was doing something that I loved every morning!

  36. Loved this post! No resolutions but lots of lists-for direction! I find without a plan or list I lose lots of time. A list each month to check off really helps me stay focused. Took time off Instagram last month and each week found my screen time lower than the last. I’m gonna keep on trying to get that down. (Except for reading your posts, of course!) screen time down apparently equals sewing time up!

  37. I have a friend who told me that she has more fabric and unfinished projects than she will ever be able to use in the rest of her life. And she’s still buying. I don’t like UFO’s and I don’t like a huge stash. Both these situations stress me out. My challenge this year is to use what I have and projects that are already in my planning folder. Love this blog! Thank you!

  38. I can identify with the BOM’s and getting rid of stash. But what I really miss is Calvin and Hobbes. Thanks for sharing…

  39. I have so many UFOs that I get overwhelmed. So, I need to focus on one at a time. Carrie, I need your help please! I have a photo of you at the Missouri Star Academy 2018 and I’m head over heels in love with one of the quilts you showed. It uses a cake mix and 3 Color Cuts of pink, yellow and green. Which cake mix?! I didn’t make a note of it. I would love to hear from you, and can email the photo of you and the quilt. Thanks!!

  40. Can’t argue with the Calvin and Hobbes philosophy. I don’t make resolutions. I make goals, and they vary, but usually wind up accomplished, so I think that’s working just fine. I’m a proponent of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. LOL Nice post. Be kind to yourself, and be kind to others. That’s a good resolution, if you need one.

  41. Very truthful and meaningful words. Sometimes we dont realize we make these little excuses not to sew, than really dont accomplish anything. Can i use your resolutions to put in our quilt guild newsletter?

  42. Much like you I think a little less scrolling and a little more doing. I am blessed with a nice stash and I think I should start using it in the new year. Wishing you a Happy New Year. Thanks for great posts.

  43. It’s the little things that inspire and motivate me most…large things just wow and overwhelm me. Thank you for the achievable. But thank you for the wow too, cause we need that at times too.

  44. Love this. You were in my mind and have been looking over my shoulder. I did an inventory and have 132 projects to do. Some I have started some not.
    So this year I will finish what I have started,get some more quilting _stitching friends
    Happy New Year everyone.

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