Red Rover… come on over!

Feedsacks Red Rover by Linzee Kull McCray.

The spirit of Feed Sacks: Red Rover comes straight from an age-old idea – at the end of a summer’s day, there’s nothing better than gathering out-of-doors with family and friends. 

The grown-ups pull up chairs on the porch to talk about neighborhood news and swap recipes, while under the shade of the oak trees the neighborhood children play games—Simon Says, Mother May I, Capture the Flag, and of course, Red Rover.

If this scene took place in the 1940s and 1950s, it’s likely that the women on the porch would also be sewing, the baskets at their sides filled with scraps of the feed sacks they’d transformed into curtains, aprons, and the clothing worn by their scampering children.

Feed Sacks: Red Rover is based on actual feed sack prints, the very fabrics that children may have worn as they ran whooping under the trees. Just like those original sacks, Feed Sacks: Red Rover is perfect for skirts, curtains, pillowcases, and baby bloomers. And of course, it’s perfection for quilts.

Signs of String – CSQ103.  This fat-eighth-friendly quilt finishes at 64″ x 64″.

And while today’s quilters may not be using scraps to piece quilts in the same way that the “waste not, want not” generation did, plenty of contemporary scraps become hexagons or are stitched into a pincushion.

The bright, clear colors of Feed Sacks: Red Rover work well all together and in two- and three-color combinations, as well—blue and yellow; blue, green and yellow; and red and green.

On Every Corner – CSQ104 – measuring 62″ x 62″, this quilt is fat-eighth friendly. 

The allure of evenings in the yard is as strong today as it ever was. A July 2018 issue of Real Simple magazine sang the praises of “Backyard Bliss” and provided ideas for screening outdoor movies and “glamping.” Though the suggestions included technology not available in the heyday of feed sacks, the attraction to a quieter, simpler time remains strong and these fabrics will speak to lovers of traditional and modern fabrics and quilts.

On Every Corner – Red.  Don’t you love how a simple change with the color palette makes a quilt look so different?

CSQ102 – Goodness Grows.  Measuring 65″ x 68″, this quilt is also available as a kit.  

So grab a tall, icy glass of lemonade, put down your cell phone, and stitch awhile.

Enjoy the view of zinnias in the garden, the wind whispering overhead in the willows, and the shriek of happy children. Red Rover, Red Rover, won’t you come over?


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13 thoughts on “Red Rover… come on over!

  1. We loved playing those games as children and with thirteen of us, it was a blast. Of course we all remember having to be in before the street lights came on

    1. Thirteen of you! You were lucky, you didn’t have to find neighbor kids to play on opposing teams!

  2. What fresh, fun prints and colors. I’m in love with the red circles with the tiny red flowers and the yellow sister print! I have just the pattern in mind for these !

  3. I love them! I had many a bathing suit to swim in the brook at the farm and pajamas made from feed sacks and loved them.

    1. In all the research I did on feed sacks for my book, Maryella, you are the first person who said they had a feed sack bathing suit, too. Thanks for sharing that tidbit!

  4. I love this collection. I grew up with feed sack skirts and what fun we had picking out which ones we wanted.

  5. Love your new line!! So bright and fresh! I might have missed it… when will it show up in shops?? This will be on my “gotta have” list!!

    1. Thank you, Pris. It should be arriving in shops right now! Precuts have shipped and yardage shouldn’t be far behind. Hope you enjoy it!

  6. Wonderful line of fabrics and patterns! Love Red Rover as well as her first fabric line! Looking forward to when they come out.

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