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Living on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia, I have been inspired by our great outdoors to design a range of Moda Tea Toweling named Picnic Point.

My name is Jenelle Kent and I have been using Moda toweling to make many different projects for a number of years.  I love the texture for stitching and appliqué, and the endless possibilities for using this fabric.  This is my first range of tea toweling fabric for Moda and there are fourteen different color-stripe combinations in the Picnic Point line.  The colors are red, blue, white and taupe stripes.

If you’re not familiar with tea toweling, it is a 100% cotton fabric that comes on the roll with the long sides already hemmed.  It is a thicker weave than standard cotton fabrics and lends itself to many different projects and applications.  I have used Picnic Point tea toweling for table runners, throw pillows, bags – that’s my new Avoca Tote pattern below – quilts, aprons and kitchen accessories, home décor and Christmas decorations.

The thicker texture makes it wonderful to stitch and appliqué on, as shown on the Lilly Pilly Runner below.  This runner makes a great appliqué class – teach a project that is easy to complete – achievable – using needle-turn or fused appliqué techniques.

Picnic Point can also be used to make patchwork quilts.  Because of the thicker texture of the toweling, quilts pieced with larger pieces work best.  The style also creates a classic yet contemporary style.  The Picnic Quilt is a perfect example of this.

Plain throw pillows are wonderful made from Picnic Point and can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Alternatively, the tea toweling fabric can be enhanced with appliqué as shown in the Saratoga Pillows pattern.

The possibilities of tea toweling are endless.  Below are the Stitchery Stockings showing Picnic Point used for Christmas Decorations.  The red Picnic Point fabrics would make lovely, festive table runners or placemats.

The toweling also makes lovely towels – hand-towels for the bathroom and dish-towels for the kitchen.  Make them to your preferred size!

I hope you try Picnic Point toweling, I think you’ll like stitching with it.  For cushions, kitchen items, aprons, storage baskets, bags and pouches… I have used it to make all of those things.  Pieces to Treasure is my pattern company and Moda has many of them.  


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19 thoughts on “Picnic Point… Australia

  1. I found this product while on vacation in Maine. I made placemats and kitchen towels. Washes beautifully. I do have some leftovers and never thought of using it in a picnic quilt. Great idea. Thanks

  2. I love all the ideas you are sharing with us! I have purchased some of these fabrics for dish towels, but hadn’t thought about using it for other items. Great projects you have shared with us! I’ll have to plan on making more things with this Moda fabric. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas for using the toweling. Other than for dish towels I had not thought of any other uses for this fabric. It does make wonderful towels, so absorbent. I think my first “other” project will be a table runner with embroidery for spring. It will be a great project for the dreary days of winter here in the U.S. Thank you!

  4. It’s lovely. Maybe I’ll be able to find it at Road to California next month. I love what you can do with toweling.

  5. I love all the different designs on these toweling fabrics and the ideas you shared are amazing. I never would have thought to use toweling in so many different ways. I will definitely be looking for Picnic Point in my LQS.

  6. Oh! These toweling fabrics are totally classic and modern at the same time … I can think of many things to use them for the house. A picnic quilt in the summer would be a great idea 🙂

  7. Me Too!! Where can we buy it in Melbourne. Have been looking for something like this for summer towels. Thanks for posting

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