Moda String-Along

It started so innocently… a conversation with Jamie and Anna.  We were talking about scraps and that led to string quilts.  I hadn’t made one in years, Anna had never made one but wanted to, and Jamie had made one for her family and wanted to make another.  So… maybe an in-office sewing day after Christmas?  

Vintage String Quilt.

Was anybody else interested?  Tammy was in – she’s made string quilts before.  Lissa too – also an experienced string-er.  Joy?  Absolutely – and she’s a two-fer because could bring her daughter Winnie!  Brittany?  Count her in – she’s a new quilter and she thought it sounded like fun.  Susan?  She’ll be there.  Chelair, Eladia, Mariza and Kathy?  All yes’s.  

So who else might be interested?  Some of the Moda designers are stringing with us.  What about you?  

Here are the important dates:

  • Today – an introduction to string quilts, what you’ll need, a few options and how to be ready to start stringing after Christmas.
  • Friday – December 28.  Our sewing day – and the start of the sewing weekend.   
  • Friday – January 4.  Checking in – a progress report.
  • Monday – January 7.  Block report – how many did you get done?  

We’ll check in after that but there are so many other things coming in January and February that we’ll put the strings on the back-burner for a little while.  

Vintage String Quilt.

Supplies needed:

  • Fabric.  Strips, strings, random pieces, scraps, odds and ends and everything in between.  A “string” is a piece of fabric that can be anywhere from 3/4″ wide to 2″.  And the strings don’t have to be straight – wedge-shapes work too.  Jelly Rolls?  Those will work too – right off the roll or cut into narrower strips.  
  • Foundation – paper or muslin.  The choice is yours – see below for more information on that. 
  • An iron or pressing tool – pressing after each strip is necessary.
  • Optional – A rotary cutter and ruler for trimming seams – more on that in a minute too. 
  • A sewing machine.  

Before you start, think about the size of your finished string blocks.  A popular size is 8″ finished which means starting with a 9″ foundation square.  Yes, add at least 1″ to the desired finished size because the completed string blocks are trimmed to a consistent size.  Adding 1″ allows a 1/2″ for the seam allowances, and a 1/2″ leeway for trimming – and the foundation can shrink a bit during piecing.  

Vintage String Quilt.

This is one of my favorite antique string quilts.  It’s a basic string block – but the skinny strings and the “straight furrows” setting makes this one a bit different.  

Foundation – fabric vs. paper.  Why a foundation?  It makes the piecing easier, and it’s an easy guideline for making blocks the same size.    

  • Fabric – muslin or a solid.  Pros – it’s easily available, can be cut to size and doesn’t need to be removed.  Cons – it adds an extra layer of fabric to the quilt, adding to the overall weight of it.
  • Paper – newsprint or copy paper.  Pros – it’s also easily available, can be cut to size and won’t add weight to the finished quilt.  Cons – the paper has to be removed.  And since most easily available paper is 8.5″ x 11″, there probably is a limit to the block size.  

Paper options.  Many people use the paper from old phone books.  It’s free, it’s a good size – at least 9″ x 11″, it stitches easily and because it’s thin, it’s easily removed.  Make sure you use the oldest phone book you have because the ink has “cured” and won’t smear.  Do not use heavily colored pages, or newspapers as that ink can – and often will – transfer to the fabric.

String size.  Some of the strings-strips need to be long – long enough to cross the foundation diagonally.  Short strings-strips can be used on the sides.  And yes, you can piece two strips and use that for a single string-strip.  Just join the strips, press the seams open and string it!

Me?  I like paper foundation.  And since I haven’t had a phone book in more than five years, I bought a ream of newsprint paper from the art supply store for about $7.00.  I trimmed the sheets to 9″ x 9″.  

Stitches – Needles – Thread. Thread – a 40wt. or 50wt. is ideal.  For the stitch-length and sewing machine needle size, that depends somewhat on the foundation you’re using.  

  • Fabric foundation.  Use the same thread, sewing machine needle size and stitch-length combination as you do for “regular” sewing.  n
  • Paper foundation.   Shorten the stitch length a bit – to at least 14 to 16 stitches to the inch – about 1.75 on many machines.  The shorter stitch will perforate the paper, making it easier to remove.  For the needle size, opinions vary.  I use an 80/12 needle in my machine but others prefer a 90/14.  Experiment with the different sizes, especially as the paper you use will affect the results.  

How to start.

  • Trim the paper or foundation to size.  
  • Lay 1 string-strip across the foundation – right side up.  Pin to secure or use a bit of washable glue.
  • Lay a second string-strip on top of the first strip with right sides together.  Stitch along one edge with a scant 1/4″ seam allowance.
  • Make sure the strips extend past the edge of the foundation – covering the muslin-paper is the key.
  • Optional – Fold back the paper and trim the seam.  

Note:  I like trimming the seam for two reasons.  First, I like using strips right out of the scrap basket so I can vary the width of strips with placement instead of trimming before I stitch.  Second, I can also angle the strips, making them wider at one end.  I lay the top string-strip on top of the bottom strip and use the edge as my stitching guide.  I then use an Add-a-Quarter ruler to trim the seam allowance to a scant 1/4″.

Continue adding strips to complete one half.  Layer – stitch – press – layer – stitch – press – and so on.

When the foundation is complete, it will look something like this.  Give it a good pressing.

At this point, I like to trim to the edges of the foundation – but not to the cut-trimmed size of the block.  (That will be 8-1/2″ x 8-1/2″.)

My preferred method is to complete all my planned blocks before the final trimming step.  Then the blocks are lightly starched and pressed.  Not everybody agrees but I like removing the paper at this point.  The block has been stabilized by the starch so when the paper is removed, I press it again.  Then the blocks are trimmed to size and… whatever comes next.  

Assemble the blocks to complete the quilt top, or use the string blocks as the “fabric” to make other units.  There are a lot of options.

While there are dozens of great tutorials available, these are the two that always come to mind first for me:

There are also several books about string quilts.

Liberated String Quilts by Gwen Marston.  Published in 2010, this book is out-of-print and available only from used-book sources or your local library.  

Modern String Quilt by Gwen Marston.

Gwen includes some history, lots of technique and inspiration, and ideas on how to use string blocks.

String Frenzy by Bonnie Hunter is readily available and it is also filled with instructions on making string blocks, and ideas for what to make with those blocks.  Bonnie frequently uses her string blocks as the “fabric” to make other units.

From Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts by Mary Elizabeth Kinch and Biz Storms.

So all you need to get started are some scraps… can you tell we’ve been planning?

We have Porcelain by 3 Sisters.  

And Day In Paris by Zen Chic.

The challenge will be deciding which one to use. First.

That’s it for today!  Mark your calendar for Friday, December 28.  Get your sewing machine ready and bobbins wound.  And get out your scraps – strings.

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1,002 thoughts on “Moda String-Along

  1. I have not yet made an entire string quilt, only a few blocks which whet my appetite for them. It was such fun!
    Should I be lucky enough to win, I would prefer 3 Sisters.
    Thank you!

  2. I absolutely love string quilts! I love to sew them on my treadles. Very peaceful and relaxing to make string quilts. I am going to join you all on making another one- no such thing as too many! I do not have a preference on what scrap bag to win- I love them all,

  3. I have never made a string quilt, but having been wanting to try it, I like the porcelain fabric.

  4. I am in! Always wanted to make one! I love the 3 Sisters Porcelain . Want to do some fun sewing after Christmas!
    Verena Munday
    All Those Quilts

  5. I have a string quilt started and I have a pile of old string blocks a friend asked me to put together for her. I would love either bag of strings! Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. This is on my Bucket List! I can’t wait to join you! I love the Porcelain collection! Thank you for including us! Linda Stone

  7. I have never made a string quilt. What a great way to use scraps. An adventure for 2019! I like a day in Paris.

  8. String quilts are a real testament to the “use it up” philosophy. I often marvel at the antique quilts made this. Thanks for a great idea. My daughter adores 3 Sisters and I would love to make something for her using those strings.

  9. I’ve not made a string Quilt befor but am fascinated by them & there appearance!
    Would love to do one. Also like using the newsprint paper too.
    May have to do some more research on this.
    If I get picked Porcelean by Three Sisters would be my choice.
    Thanks & have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

  10. I’ve made one string quilt with flannel backing. Son-in-law takes to work in winter because he works where much colder than where we all live on South Texas. He loves the weight(l used muslin for foundation) and it is very warm.
    Would love to make another using paper foundation.

  11. I’ve been collecting “strings” for years, but have never got around to using them in a quilt. This will give me a great reason to dig into that pile and use them up. I love the Porcelain collection by Three Sisters.

  12. Love,love ,love string quilts! So much fun! I have made one but am looking forward to starting another. My scrap basket is overflowing.

  13. I have a string pieced wall hanging that I love! It’s so easy to do. The “day in Paris” would be great.

  14. This sounds like a great break from my more tedious projects plus I’ve always “needed” a string quilt. Porcelain for me please

  15. I’ve been wanting to make a string quilt for years! This must be the perfect time! I’d love to use some Porcelain strips in mine!

  16. I have never made a string quilt! I like the look of them though and I have a lot of scraps that would work (of course I can always use more)!

  17. I have a string quilt in progress. I keep a bag of strings, and when the bag gets too full, I make a few blocks. This sew-along will keep me on track. Fun!

  18. I recently finished my first string quilt top and it is at a local quilt store waiting to be quilted. I like the 3 Sisters Porcelain fabric.

  19. I have made one string quilt years ago – so thank you for sparking my interest in doing another.
    If I should be so lucky to win whatever you choose would be perfect I am sure..
    Thanks for a lovely giveaway…

  20. Yes I’ve made a couple string Quilts. I like centering the center strip, makes a nice design when all blocks are sewn together. Paris collection is lovely.

  21. I’m excited. Yes I have made a string quilt, and do I ever need to make another,. Have to use those odd pieces somehow!

  22. I have not made a string quilt….yet.
    Ready to give it a try.
    Zen Chic fabric is my favorite.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. I’ve never made a string quilt, but this type of quilt really intrigues me! Thank you for all the ideas and support you have given me this year.

  24. I’ve never tried a String Quilt but it sounds like something fun to tackle….and I’m crazy about 3 Sisters so that would be my choice!!

  25. I LOVE string quilts! Right now, my quilt group is working on several as charity quilts! One of our methods is to use deli sandwich wrap as the foundation. These wraps pop out of the box one at a time and are ready to go. The wrap tears off like a dream! At the end we have an acrilyc template (my hubby cut) to trim slightly so that all of them are the same size! Easy-peezy! BTW – love that Zen Chic!

  26. I have not made a string quilt but would love to start one with the Porcelain by 3 Sisters scrapes. I love Bonnies Hunter’s string quilts and would probably use one of her quilts for inspiration.

  27. I’m hooked. Both the technique and structure of this project intrigue me. Count me in! And as Audrey Hepburn said, “Paris is always a good idea.”

  28. Carrie,
    My quilt room has become so exciting thanks to you and the wonderful Moda designers! I have several bigger projects going on but always find time to make a few blocks of the latest ideas and techniques being presented. It is so much fun and is really expanding my skill level which keeps this lovely hobby fresh and interesting. I have always wanted to make a string quilt and look forward to the string along. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  29. I’m ready! Great tutorial.
    I’ve made two string baby quilts.
    I’d love the “Day in Paris” by Zen Chic.
    Thank you!

  30. I have made variations of string quilts about 35 years ago, turned into the most adorable toddler jacket. Would love a Day in Paris (but who wouldn’t?). More modern string, how cool would that be?

  31. I have never made a string quilt, but it certainly looks intriguing! Thank you for describing the processes and also the pros and fons. Either of the fabric strips available is beautiful!

  32. I have always wanted to make a string quilt, count me in. I am working hard on my “ have to do’s “ for Christmas and will be so ready to start a want to do on the 28th!

  33. I have never made a string quilt. Fairly new to quilting so I don’t have many scraps. I love ❤️Day In Paris. I’m also in between projects, so it’s a perfect time to start a new one.

  34. Love them both but I’d pick Porcelan by 3 Sisters. I’ve never made a string quilt and they look awesome and intriguing. Thinking of holidays….Christmas fabrics…..two color string quilt…..perfect size for a hot pad………I need MORE time to sew and quilt! Love the idea……it brings creativity to my scrap drawer at last. Thank you Moda and Carrie!!!

  35. I’ve never made a string quilt, but have always admired them. Making one has been on my bucket list forever; just haven’t started. I’d be happy with either scrap bag. Thank you for the offer.

  36. I have never made a string quilt but after reading this post I really want to be apart of this with you. The Day in Paris fabric would be my preference.

  37. Sweet! Love to get in the zone of string piecing, but alas, I have yet to actually complete a quilt with my stringed blocks!! Your string-along might just get me moving in that direction!!

  38. I’ve never made a string quilt but I love the look of them and sounds like fun. Love the Porcelain fabric!

  39. I have not made a string quilt YET, but think it looks intriguing. Looking forward to getting started.

  40. I made a string quilt about 40 years ago. I had no directions, just made it up as I went and did not use any foundation. I’m not sure it lasted very long. I’m ready to make another one!

  41. I love String Piecing! I learned it from Bonnie Hunter in a workshop and have used it extensively. It is so freeing, fast, and fun! My Bee did a great String Piecing project this past year and I plan to do many more!

  42. Love the many possibilities in string quilts, but that pile of strings never seems to diminish as I sew!

  43. I’ve been saving strings for a while now, but didn’t think I had enough so haven’t made a string quilt yet. A boost of some Zen Chic fabric would be great! Looking forward to joining in post-Christmas!

  44. I have not made a string quilt – have an inspiration board, have some strings saved, but have never made the quilt!

  45. I have never made a string quilt, but it is on my bucket list. I would love to work with the 3 Sisters pallet of fabrics.

  46. I began my first string quilt this Fall. It has been put aside for some holiday sewing. I’m looking forward to getting back to it in the new year.

  47. I made a string quilt out of my Dads shirts for a man. I did it Quilt as you go. Queen size. It turned out so gorgeous it was hard to give it away.

  48. I “think” I’ve made a string quilt, but at the time I didn’t know that’s what it was called. I called it a wonky quilt and bought Moda fabrics (don’t remember which line) just for it. I love it and gifted it to my son and his wife (she picked out the fabrics). If you draw my name for the scraps…I’d love any of them! I love Moda fabrics!!

  49. Yes, yes, yes! I’ve made many a string quilt. They are so fun. If I were to win I’d like the Day in Paris scraps.

  50. What an exciting idea. I’ve always wanted to make a string quilt tried but a block but was frustrated because I never used foundation. I’m in.

  51. I haven’t made one yet…but I got a big pack of 10″ square papers & a string quilt pattern (it came free with the papers during a sale) so I could make one someday. And I love both collections so either would be thrilling to have. Thanks for this 🙂

  52. I’ve got a bunch of muslin trimmed off from backing quilts. Most of it was given to me by a co-worker. I’ve been wondering what to do with it and now I know. Making a string quilt with it will kill two birds with one stone as they say, since it will use up some of that muslin as well as some of my scraps. Wonderful Idea!! Thanks for including us in this new adventure. My preference for the fabric is Porcelain by 3 Sisters. but both are great and I would be thrilled to receive either. Thanks again for the opportunity.

  53. I’ve never made a string quilt–yet! I have been collecting scraps and this will be a good incentive to start one!

  54. I have never made a string quilt, but I definitely have enough raw materials to make several! Wish I could join the sew along, but that’s when “Christmas” will be this year for our crew. I’ll follow along and try It in the new year. Have fun!

  55. Oh dear, another project that I can’t resist! I’ve been saving strings, but would love to win the Zen Chic left-overs! This will be fun and a great way to start the New Year. Thank you, Carrie.

  56. I have not made a string quilt yet, but it is on my project list. I’ve enjoyed watching friends make string blocks at retreats, so can’t wait to try them! Thanks for offering the fabric to us!

  57. Good morning – and what a great way to control those odd size strips. I have never made a string quilt but I have been involved in string block donations for quilts. Count me in.

  58. I’ve only made a few string blocks–I’ll have to get going and make more next Friday! The Day in Paris line is my favorite.

  59. I have made blocks for bee mates but never a quilt. This looks like fun. Thank you for the pictures of the vintage quilts, love the first one. I will be sewing along! Perfect way to spend my vacation.

  60. I have a strip quilt started-haven’t touched it for a couple years-but now you have me inspired to dig it out and sew!

  61. I’ve never made a string quilt but it’s definitely on my list for 2019. I’m in love with the Day in Paris strings. Thank you.

  62. I’ve made quite a few string quilts before and love using up my scraps to make ‘new’ fabric and then putting it into quilts to bless others with. this sew along is perfect timing because I’ve just started working with my batik strings and have started making blocks. 9 blocks completed so far using up the orange strings that I had. Now onto the red ones! And if I were to win a string bag my choice would be Day In Paris by Zen Chic. thanks for the opportunity!

  63. This is really tempting! I don’t need another UFO, but I certainly have enough fabric to do it! The Three Sisters fabric would be my choice!

  64. String quilts are so fun. Another option, for foundation is used dryer sheets. They are thin and you can leave them in; good for small blocks. Also consider using adding machine tape for string borders – perfect width. I will be following along and this would be a fun to do with my gal pals.

  65. I’ve never made a string quilt. I made a string block once, but I don’t know where it is! This sounds like fun, and putting Porcelain strings in the quilt would be awesome. I wonder where that old phone book is…..

  66. In 1972, I made my first quilt: it was like a string quilt in process of construction, but it is a “contained crazy” because some fabric scraps were sewn as wider shapes instead of thin rectangles. I have one unfinished string top’s blocks completed with every alternating string being light denim. I look forward to making another without the denim – especially if it is Day In Paris!

  67. I’ve never made a string quilt but would love to try it with the Zen Chic “Day in Paris” fabric. It looks like so much fun!!

  68. I have been using phone book pages to make string strips from the trimmings from another project. I am inspired now to get more blocks done. i love your antique examples.
    Love the Day in Paris collection.

  69. Not a quilt but blocks at retreat that were sewn together into quilts for Project Linus…looking forward to making a string quilt. Thanks

  70. I have used strips to make an Edyta Sitar quilt but it isn’t foundation pieced and it also, full disclosure…isn’t finished. I have a bunch of strips from a “Strip Club” we did when working on this quilt, so I would like to use them but freshen my collection with “A Day in Paris” by Zen Chic.

  71. One of the first quilts that I have made, without a pattern, was a string quilt. I saw a ratty one in an antique store and I could see how it was constructed. The quickest place to get paper for this project was the grocery store for a package of typing paper. I was so happy with how it turned out. I called it my typing paper quilt.

  72. I have made a string quilt, the foundations were used dryer sheets which makes a smaller block but it works.

  73. I would love to make one of these string quilts with you. If my name comes up for the fabric, I LOVE Zen Chic and the Day in Paris line is wonderful.

  74. Still unpacking after a move and I’ve been de-stashing but can’t part with the scraps. Dejá vu… Thanks for reminding me.

  75. Have been itching to try paper-foundation string blocks, thank you for pulling together a sewalong! I love Zen Chic so A Day in Paris would be a great addition to my meager string stash.

  76. I’ve never made a string quilt but what a great way to start 2019! I’d love the Paris scraps, please!!

  77. You have made me so happy with these directions! I want to make a string quilt, just didn’t know how. Any color way is fine with me. Thanks!

  78. I have made string quilts. I have made several lap quilts, and tree skirts using the string quilt method.

  79. I have always wanted to make a string quilt! What a great idea! I can use up my Moda scraps, left over jelly rolls, binding strips, and backing remnants I’ve been hoarding. I may even cut up a few orphan blocks! I would love the Zen Chic fabric.

  80. No, I have never made a string quilt but it sounds like a great way to use up some of my “stash” or “scraps!” Looks very interesting!

  81. I have made several string quilts, I love them and I would love to any one of those collections of scraps to get me started. Thank you!

  82. Both these scrap packs are beautiful. Been working my own 6×6 string blocks where center is white-ish and a color works out from middle. Someday I’ll have a quilt- maybe….

  83. I have never done string blocks – and have wanted to — Bonnie Hunter’s book looks fabulous! I love the look of Zen Chic A Day in Paris — the one time I was in Paris it snowed! This would bring back memories.

  84. I have never made a string quilt, so I would love to string along. I would love a bag of scraps from either Zen Chic or 3 Sisters.

  85. I have made several string quilts…mostly using selvage strips. Scrappy is my favorite type of quilt. Never done a ‘quilt along’ before, this might be my first.

  86. Have made 2 string quilts. One is reversible. It is a great way to sue scraps. I would love the Zen Chic fabric.

  87. Scrap fabric from a friend’s stash was used to make my door decor—a Christmas tree with a gold ribbon tab on top for hanging. This was my first string project. My preference is Porcelain to make a larger project.

  88. A string quilt has been on my bucket list for a long time. Now, it will move up to the top for 2019. Day in Paris would be my choice.

  89. A string quilt is on my to do list for 2019 so I was excited to read about the sew-a-long. Thanks for a chance to win a bag of scraps, I especially like the Day in Paris by Zen Chic!

  90. Love Zen Chic so the Day in Paris fabric is the one for me. I have made several string quilts but never with a paper foundation. This might be the time to try that. Most of my String Quilts are “quilt-as-you-go”.

  91. Hi! I have made a string quilt – mine was from selvages. I would love to use Zen Chic’s ‘A Day In Paris’ collection! This will be fun, thank you for the opportunity.

  92. What a great way to start the new year. I could tackle that basket of scraps growing under my cutting table. While I have never made a string quilt it is on my list of want tos. A Day in Paris by Zen Chic would be a lovely addition to my scraps.

  93. I haven’t made a string quilt before, but I am determined to make one now. I would need to have more scrap fabric than I currently have. I really hope that I win one of your collections.

  94. Oh my I love this idea! I have never made a scrap quilt and after reading this am so inspired to do so. Wishing you all at Moda a Merry Christmas.

  95. I love making string quilts and once taught a class using strings. We traded strings in class so we would have more variety.

  96. I’ve never made a string quilt before, but this sounds like so much fun. I can’t wait to get started.

  97. I’ve made string blocks that are percolating… no finished quilt yet. But does a Chinese Coin quilt count? And I like the Zen Chic fabric.

  98. I have never made a string quilt before; have been intimidated being “scrappy”, but I love this method–excited to try it!!!!!!

  99. Making string quilt blocks looks like the perfect project for when your hands itch to stitch something, but you don’t have the time for a larger, more complicated project. I’d love to try this.

  100. I haven’t yet made a string but I have a dozen jars on my windowsill crammed with pieces ready for that first quilt!

  101. This looks like fun! I have never made a string quilt before. I love the 3 Sisters Porcelain fabric.
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  102. Yes! I have made several string quilts and they are SEW MUCH FUN! I love both fabric lines so would be happy with either of them! They are both beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to win! (Glad you got back home safely!)

  103. I haven’t made a string yet, but I have a dozen jars filled with pieces ready to go! I would love the Porcelain as a first choice.

  104. I have made several string quilts, one from polyester fabric! I’m in the process of making another polyester one. They’re very fun and relaxing to make!

  105. My friend invited me to make a string quilt for charity. It was my first venture into string quilting. We spent two mornings together, sewing blue and white strips to the pages of an old phone book. We made 48 blocks, each 6″ square. We added a wide border and spent another morning quilting our creation on my friend’s new long arm (Merry Christmas to her!). We are pleased with our quilt. It’s a perfect size for a lap quilt to donate to our local CASA chapter.

  106. I have made a few string quilts for gifts. I would like to make one just for me! That is my plan and I’m sticking to it!

  107. No, I have not. But I have heard people say they are addictive and lots of fun to make. The giveaway would be a great boost towards making a scrap quilt. Any one of the designers fabrics would be just fine with me.

  108. I have never made a string quilt and I have MANY plastic boxes of small scraps – sounds like a great idea! Both collections are lovely, but I really love Zen Chic.

  109. I made a string Quilt years ago @ Quilt in a Day. I love Porcelain by 3 Sisters. Thanks for the chance.

  110. I have never made a string quilt. I would love a bag of the Porcelain. My living room is being painted a light grey so those strings to start a lap quilt would be great.

  111. I would love a scrap bag. I have not ever made a string quilt but I have one my grandmother made me & I cherish it very much. I would prefer the zen chic if it is available. Thanks Carrie!

  112. I have not made a string quilt but follow Bonnie Hunter and her new book has certainly given me the motivation to start.

  113. I’ve made 1 block of a string quilt and stopped but I like the idea of a sew along……I’d be thrilled with either starter bag.

  114. This looks like a fun sew-along! I’ve made string quilts before, but it’s time for another one. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  115. I made one this year. It’s fun to put all the colors together. In fact, it’s addictive. I was sewing the string blocks as ‘leaders and enders’. But…I enjoyed it so much that I left out the quilt blocks I was working on. (Squirrel?)

    1. P. S. Don’t choose me for the fabric. I have enough strings cut for another quilt top.
      The strips will bring joy to someone else. Thank you for the idea to have a project for after Christmas!

  116. I have never made a string quilt but have ordered Bonnie Hunter’s newest book. My sewing room was cleared just this week with an old copy paper box used to store the many scraps that had gathered in piles. Hoping that both the new book and this site will give me the motivation as well as some type of deadline to start one.

  117. I am definitely going to join you and make a string quilt. Love all the vintage string quilts. Thanks for sharing

  118. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to start one of these! I am so NOT good at combining fabrics, that this will be fun to give up the obsession and just sew, sew, sew!

  119. I’ve made a couple of string quilts. One using fabric foundations and the other using wedding isle runner that I bought at Hobby Lobby very cheaply. It didn’t add bulk to my quilt and I didn’t have to remove it either. I would do that again!

  120. I am working on my first string blocks for Bonnie Hunter’s Good Fortune mystery sew along. Zen Chic would be lovely incorporated in any quilt.

  121. I made a string quilt last year and donated it to charity through our quilt guild. Maybe Time for another?

  122. I’ve made a few string quilts and just love them! I love that Zen Chic fabric so I’d pick that if I won the string giveaway.

  123. I have done a couple and would love to start this after Christmas. I do love the days right after Christmas to sew, sew, sew! Peaceful time for me after the hustle and bustle. I want to do the one you called your favorite..looking forward to string piecing!

  124. I guess a string quilt by any other name….Yes, I’ve done lots of quilts with strings, just didn’t know that’s what they were called. I use up my flannel after I finish the christmas pjs making “string”or scrap baby quilts. Makes me feel virtuous not to waste all those crazy shaped leftovers. Great project. Thanks. Love 3 Sisters.

  125. I thank you for this great tutorial! How generous of you to take time to explain it all….I’ve never done a string block per se but I’ve put lots together for my guild’s need quilts. We give over 300 away each year and we use scraps often! I really need to learn how to make a string quilt! ( I like the porcelain strips) thanks for doing this!

  126. My very first string quilt was one of Amanda Jean Nyberg’s. I’ve got a bin of strings just waiting for a new project! I would love the Zen Chic bag! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  127. I’ve never made a string quilt but it’s on my to do list. I’ve seen many beautiful string quilt at show with a variety of settings. Lots of inspiration and a sew along-I guess nows the time.

  128. Quilters in my church made string quilts to donate to the homeless. My job was making blocks, so I didn’t actually sew them together for the quilt top. I was quite surprised to see the seemingly unrelated, uncoordinated fabrics turn in such beautiful quilts!!! Should I be so lucky to win, I would like the Porcelain fabrics. Thant you and Merry Christmas!

  129. Our prayer quilt ministry has made several string quilts for parishioners who need a little extra tender loving prayer.

  130. Oh I love this idea. I made a small string set of blocks when I first started quilting, oh . . . 50 years ago? It was a traditional set of square strips. So I’m in – I think big geometric sizes would be fun, say diamonds?
    I’d love the Porcelain set.

  131. Just use plain newsprint sheets from your favorite packing store. Then you can cut the squares any size you want…………..doesn’t even have to be squares, duh.

  132. i have made string blocks that are sitting on my table…so I get the process. Thanks for the additional tips though! Zen Chic all the way!

  133. A string quilt has been on my list for a while. I have many friends that make them all the time. I have been wanting to join the fun. Love the Porcelain fabric.

  134. I have made a lap size and a baby quilt. I like to use muslin for the foundation. Lots of fun and not a very big dent in my scrap strips.

  135. Yes, I have made string quilts. Yes, I am working on one now. I love string piecing, it is such a good way to use up scraps. I would love to win one of these bags; either would be great.

  136. This sounds like lots of fun… I’ve made string quilts before but gave them away… would like to do one just for me!! Also, love the Zen Chic collection… that would be fun to play with! Thanks for the ideas and the giveaway!!

  137. I plan on making string quilts with my scraps. I’ve bought papers and muslin to try, I want to see which I prefer.

  138. I LOVE string quilts! I have made several over the years. It is a good way to use up uneven fabric ends after cutting for several large projects. Bonnie Hunter introduced me to the idea of string piecing some pieces used in a block and that is lovely!

  139. Our cottage group in Carmel. California has been making string quilts for charity. And we love them! What could be more fun than an old fashioned quilting bee. Women on the machines. Women ironing, sorting strings. Fueled by decadent desserts. And some deserving people get a beautiful quilt?

  140. Never made a string quilt but it has been on my to do list(getting really toooool long)! Maybe I’ll take this opportunity to sew along…certainly have an abundance of strings.

  141. My favorite foundation pieces are used dryer sheets. They don’t need to be removed and can easily be washed and are like super lightweight interfacing. I’ve made a couple of string quilts and cannot remember where I first heard this dryer sheet tip, but have used it ever since. Great way to recycle!

  142. I’ve made one string quilt–a Bonnie Hunter pattern. I think your idea of removing the paper before the final squaring up is a good one. Many of my seams unraveled when the paper was removed and had to be re-sewn. Happy stringing!

  143. Yes, I have made string quilts before. Can’t bear to waste my project leftovers. I’m also working on selvage string blocks using a pattern making cloth as my foundation.

  144. I have never made a string quilt, but it looks like it could be a lot of fun! I would love to try one with Porcelain by 3 Sisters.

  145. I’ve never made a string quilt but love their scrappy look. Either of the collections you are sharing would be wonderful!

  146. I made 2 string quilts a couple years ago for my grandsons and quilted them with a nice soft backing, perfect for watching tv.

  147. I have some strings already organized for a project – this sounds like the push I need. The Zen Chic fabric fits right into my palette.

  148. One of my first quilts was a string quilt! I loved making it, used up lots of old fabric. When I gave my son a new quilt for Christmas, found out he actually preferred the “old” string quilt. Who knew! He still has it years later. I recently started experimenting with selvage “strings” which I have a lot of. Ideas are forming. Love both fabrics above BUT I actually don’t need any more fabric. Did I really say that?

  149. I’ve been putting salvages together on muslin when I need a “ no think time” I haven’t done anything with them yet. I’d love to make a true string quilt though, I have a lot of scraps! I like A Day in Paris but would love either bundle❤️

  150. I’ve never made a string quilt, but I am intrigued! I think this sounds like a great activity for my little church quilt group. Thanks for the great lesson and inspiration! (I have no preference for fabric – we make charity quilts, so all fabric will be used and appreciated). Seasons Greetings to everyone at MODA!

  151. I have made sting blocks but not for my own quilts yet. This is definitely in my new plans though. I love the dimension they add. Thank you for the giveaway! I love the 3 Sisters fabric.

  152. So happy to see this article! I’ve been wanting to do a String Quilt for years & have saved all my scraps. I love Zen Chic & would like to make it into my first string quilt. Thanks for all your inspirations!!!

  153. I have made several string quilts and love them all. I have lots of scraps and could make many more string quilts but I would love some new fabric to use for strings.

  154. What a great idea! I love the idea of making something so unique and beautiful from scraps. It is completely useful and using our resources to their best, complete ends–literally. Count me in, a private self. Thanks for the idea!

  155. I love string quilts. I just pieced together my second one and will add a small boarder to finish it. My first two are using square blocks. Next one I’ll try something different. I don’t like to waste fabric, so I”ll be making lots of string quilts in my future. Love the Porcelain by Three Sisters.

  156. Gee ..I would really like to try a string quilt do you also put batting or just use the muslin as the filler?
    Any ideas on layouts? I will look for the books..

  157. I did make one string quilt with selvages and I love it. I have been separating my scraps by color and cutting strips and the buckets overflow. What a great idea to have a sew in!

  158. porcelain would make a stunning string quilt I have never done one a good winter project.Thanks for your ideas and help.

  159. Have not done a string quilt but it will be fun to do with all of my scraps. I am looking for ideas on the next quilt thanks for all of your ideas. Marcia Heinz

  160. I made one string quilt – the method I used was very unusual – cutting a 10″ square on the diagonal, then sewing strings of fabric along the diagonal to create another square – trim to 9.5″ and then worked with the resulting “HST” to make a good pattern. Came out great. I love the 3 sisters fabric – my choice if I should be lucky enough!

  161. We make string quilts in my small group for charity quilts. It’s a great way to sew together and set up multiple machines with sewers, someone will be a runner to press and another person to pick strings to attach so the sewers can just sew, sew, sew! We made the entire quilt top in 2 hours with 48 blocks – all sewn together. Fun way to spend the afternoon with friends and like minded people.

  162. I’m excited to participate in this! I adore string quilts and have made several. Im just about to finish up a scrappy spiderweb and can’t wait to get it done.

  163. I am so ready to start a new-to-me type of sewing and a string quilt looks like a good place to begin the new year. I sure need something that uses less brain power after all of the Christmas sewing! Either bag looks like it would make a beautiful quilt top! Thanks for the chance!

  164. This sounds like so much fun! I have never made a string quilt and am looking forward to the sew-in. I love the Zen Chic bundle “A Day in Paris.” It will make someone a beautiful string quilt. Thanks for coming up with great ideas and challenges to keep us interested in trying new things.

  165. I have not made a string quilt, but would love to do so. My fabric choice would be Porcelin by 3 Sisters if I win.

  166. What a fun project, I have not done a string quilt in a few years. They also make a great quit for group made quilts, because no seams need to match up, so everyone’s blocks will fit and work in the quilt. One thing you can use and is really fabulous for the foundation is double sided white flannel (has the nap on both sides, like diaper flannel) It makes a really nice batting, so once your blocks are put together, you are ready to quilt it

  167. I have not made a string quilt I have always wanted too so I’m going to join along it sounds like great fun I love the 3 sisters collection

  168. NO. I have never made a string quilt. I’ve always been intrigued by them. I even bought some foundation paper to make one, but haven’t accumulated a lot of “strings” yet. I would love to win your Zen Chic scrap bag! Thanks for this great opportunity!
    Yes, I do want to participate in your String Quilt Along come January!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all your inspiring staff!

  169. I haven’t made a string quilt before…. I wanted to do something with my scraps & my salvage ends. So maybe this is the push I need to use all of them.

  170. Yes I have made an Arkansas Razorback string quilt for our pastors grandson. Have a lot more string blocks ready to go and ready to make more. Just ordered String Frenzy by Bonnie Hunter.

  171. I have only made a string pieced mug rug. I’ve been interested in doing a string quilt for a long time, but have never gotten around to it. Maybe I will be able to sew along with you and get one done. Both fabric collections are beautiful, but I really like 3sisters fabric.

  172. My mom taught me how to piece string quilt tops as a child (about 55 years ago!). We used newspapers, and this was what we did on cold winter days. Then she would sell the quilt tops to buy my school clothes for the next year. I entered one in 4-H in the 8th grade and won first place!

  173. I have never made a string quilt but have long wanted to. I have a 10” square tablet of papers I bought at least a year ago (maybe three?) to give it a try!! So count me IN!! I would prefer the Zen Chic scrap bundle of strings… but I’m sure I have plenty in the bin under my sewing table if I’m not chosen! Grin. I enjoy your blog so very much! Have a great weekend! Mama Pris in Idaho ❄️

  174. I would be thrilled with either pack. This sounds like a fun my time project post Christmas bustle. I have done some string piecing but only zippy pouch size.

  175. I am excited to start this, no I have never made a string quilt. I received a string block in a block exchange and really loved it. I am attending two classes of Bonnie Hunter’s in 2019 which both have string blocks. This will be my practice.

  176. Hello.. and yes, I have made a string quilt before I knew that’s what it was called. Actually, that’s the first quilt I ever made, and that’s how I was taught. I don’t have a picture of that quilt but I do have a quilt block that I saved… I’ll see if I can find it.

  177. For a couple of years now I have been collecting the yellow pages left in the lobby of my office building, in hopes that I WILL make a string quilt. Maybe this is the push I need to start over Christmas.

  178. No, I haven’t made a string quilt, but the quilts you’ve shown have inspired me. I love the look with a solid sashing. I love the Zen Chic fabrics.

  179. I’ve never made a string quilt but it is on my very long quilt bucket list. I would love Day in Paris by Zen Chic since the last time I spent a day in Paris was over 30 years ago.

  180. Just finished a string quilt and enjoyed doing it. Still have plenty of scraps left for more. Love Moda fabrics and either one would be great to win.

  181. I have never made a string quilt-love the look and using up scraps. love all the fabrics: Day in Paris is my favorite.

  182. I’ve made a few string blocks but not a quilt. The blocks had a muslin foundation so I’m anxious to try paper.

  183. I have never made a string quilt but this has me very excited to try one. They look so old fashioned and vintage. I love the Porcelain collection.

  184. I have never made a string quilt but do have lots of “string” bits from previous projects. I, too, love the Porcelain Collection. Thank you for hosting this project!

  185. I’ve made many a block to be included in a charity quilt, but never a completed string quilt for myself. Sounds like fun. The Porcelain collection looks yummy!

  186. This is on my Bucket List! I can’t wait to join you! I love the Porcelain collection! I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO MAKE ONE,,,

  187. String Quilts are one of my favorites! I do love the process and pulling out all kinds of scraps (memories)! Thanks for the giveaway! I would love either!

  188. I have not made a string quilt but it has been on my list for while. I love all of the collections and would love any of them even though I probably have enough scraps for multiple string quilts.

  189. I’m in! I’ve always wanted to make a string quilt. Love the porcelain line! Thanks for the chance.

  190. Paris in the spring time, what a fun way to try something new and dream about an au lait at a Parisian cafe. Thank you for the give away.

  191. I am in! I have never made a string quilt. This is a perfect project to just sew. And either of these scrap bags would make me very happy!!

  192. l have never made a string quilt before .Am going to join you in your sew along. It will be a fantastic way to use up those narrow strips of leftover fabric. Thank you for the giveaway , doesn’t matter which one l win, love them all.

  193. I have never made a string quilt, but it has been on my bucket list for a long time. It looks like it will finally made it to the top of the list with your sew along. I love the Porcelain fabric.

  194. I am a scrappy modern quilter. Love making them. My strings are sorted by long (20 ” & up) and small under 5″

  195. I like Porcelaine. I have several string blocks but have yet to put them in a quilt. They are fun and simple to make when I need a mindless task.

  196. I’ve never made a string quilt. I love the vintage ones in this post. It will be a fun new project for 2019!

  197. I’ve never made a string quilt, but I’ve had it on my list of “to-do’s.” Love the Porcelain by 3 Sisters.

  198. I have never made a string quilt but have but have been thinking about it for the new year. I think I’m in! I love both fabric groups but especially Porcelain. Happy Holidays!

  199. I started a string quilt but am at a loss in how to lay out the blocks. Definitely looking for suggestions with this quilt along.
    Both fabric collections are great!

  200. String quilts are my favorite! I’ve lost count of how many I’ve made. I would love to win some of that Porcelain.

  201. I have never made a string quilt but would love to try one. I have seen the Porcelain fabric on the Moda site and had planned on getting some sometime. It is very pretty and I am partial to 3 Sisters designs. I am looking forward to having some fun with this! Thanks!

  202. I have never made a string quilt but the quilts pictured are beautiful. I would be interested in making one in the future. I prefer the Porcelain collection. Thank you.

  203. I have made string blocks, but I haven’t made a string quilt. I have just ordered Bonnie Hunter’s new book, String Frenzy, so I am almost ready to get a string quilt going. Just waiting for the mail. More strings would be very welcome.

  204. Have made one giant string pieced star block. I was knee deep in scraps before it was all over. And it was Sew Much Fun! I’ll pick a favorite fabric group right after I pick a favorite child!!! Thanks for the chance to play 🙂

  205. I have done something similar myself to use scraps but didn’t realize it was
    String quilting. I’m excited to join this!

  206. I’m new to quilting so I have never made a string quilt but love the idea of it imperfectly perfect! II’m also not the best at matching up seams and with this it doesn’t matter, which I love! I like the Porcelain by 3 Sisters.

  207. I have a string quilt started ( ha! At least 5 years) but I still want to finish it. I would LOVE to have the Porcelain fabric scraps.

  208. Yipee, this sounds like fun! A string quilt has been on my list to someday make for a long time. I love the 3 Sisters scraps best if I were to have a choice.

  209. I have. It made a string quilt. I have been planning on making one even bought muslin to start it. I just don’t know how big I wanted to do my blocks or strings. So reading this has helped me get motivated to try it. I am partial to the zen.

  210. Day in Paris would be a delight to work with. I have made several string quilts but not many lately. I think this is the ticket to get some of my strings used.

  211. Yes, I took the fabric samples from a fabric saleswoman and got around 400 string blocks from the fabric I did not want to keep. Gave them to a friend and she has made maybe 800 half square triangle blocks to make into quilt tops and backs.

  212. I made a string quilt years ago when money was tight, and I wanted to start a new quilt but couldn’t afford to buy new fabric. I used almost every scrap I had, and i love the final result. Not only does it reflect a “make do” time in my life, but all the fabrics in the quilt were from past projects and have memories all their own.

  213. I have not made a string quilt but it is definitely on my list. I would enjoy using Day in Paris by Zen Chic. Thank you!

  214. I get together with a group of friends every Monday to sew and we have been talking about doing a string quilt for a while. We decided to make our monday sews after the first of the year string quilt days so we will actually do it instead of talk about it. Lol.

  215. I made a string quilt over 20 years ago! I am going to make another one because I am doing yours! So excited!

  216. I haven’t made a string quilt but I’m one of those people who saves every scrap! I’m fairly new to quilting so I don’t have too many accumulated but I’ve been planning on making a string quilt. I love the Porcelain fabrics!!!

  217. I read the whole post all the way through and plan to print it out. I’ve been thinking of doing a string quilt and with such good instructions plan to join you. I’d love to win the Porcelain by 3 Sisters scrap bag.

  218. I have never made a string quilt. I will quilt one along with you. i like both of the collections but i like the porcelain by 3 sister.

  219. I have never made a string quilt before but I have always wanted to and I have collected a few books on it. I would choose 3 Sisters Porcelain – Barbara Bennett in TN.

  220. I have never made a string quilt, but I have just received my copy of “String Frenzy” and can’t wait to try one. I like the Day in Paris line.

    Sounds like fun.

  221. I have made some string stars but never a whole quilt but I can always use more! Any of these collections would work for me.. I have strings collected and what a great motivator you are! I will be getting ready to join you all.

  222. I have made one string quilt. It is the one featured in the blog from the book: Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts. I was in the middle of constructing a very complicated quilt and needed something to do to clear my head. A string quilt was the perfect solution. My choice, should I be lucky enough to win the draw, is Porcelain by 3 Sisters.

  223. I’ve made a small string quilt in the Gee’s Bend style and have been saving an old telephone book to start squares like you describe. I would love to have either of the fabric’s scraps!

  224. I have made a small string quilt, with vintage fabric. Would love to make another. I think the Zen Chic would make an interesting modern string quilt.

  225. I have not completed a string quilt but have made string blocks. Looking forward to your String Along on Dec 28th. I like the Day in Paris by Zen Chic.

  226. Never made one that used a fabric collection but this is what I do as leaders and enders when making quilts so I don’t have tons of scraps to trip over. I average 40 regular quilts a year so I use a LOT of scraps up and wind up with extra quilts to donate in the process. My process of normally thrown away half square triangles from scraps are used for miniatures (I don’t count those in my finished quilts since they are tiny).

  227. I have made String placemats but never a String quilt-on my bucket lists.
    I like Porcelain, I have never used that color pallet.

  228. I made a strong border on a round robin quilt for a group project I was in. It was a huge hit and I have been going to make a whole quilt. This String quilt a long is just the incentive I need,

  229. I have always hesitated to try a string quilt but I am encouraged with all the information on how to and the chance to join a group. Thank you Carrie Nelson (love your Rosie books). My favourite fabric is Procelain.

  230. I love string quilts. I’m a native New Englander. We never throw out anything that can be fixed, repurposed or given a lovely new life. All fabric is beautiful if arranged, cut or sewed into something fun! That said…”Porcelain” is really pretty.

  231. I have made a string quilt, but it was years ago, made of clothing scraps and cheap fabric. It was terrible! I have plans to make a “planned” string quilt or two, but this looks a little different. I’m game!

  232. I have made a few string quilts before. They are fun to do and use up lots of scraps. I like the Porcelain fabric.

  233. I’ve been saving my scraps to make a string quilt, but since I’ve not been quilting long, I don’t have enough to make a full quilt, but maybe a runner, or a small one for my wall. The Porcelain fabrics would fit in nicely with what I have already. 🙂

  234. I have made several of Bonnie Hunter’s quilts using strings for blocks and just 1 quilt completely of strings. I love all scraps. Will be stringing along with you.

  235. I have been checking into different patterns for string quilts and started getting my strips together thinking I would do my first string quilt in the new year – great timing – I’m in!

  236. I recently finished a Bonnie Hunter pattern: her 2011 Mystery Quilt “Orca Bay”. It is in her earlier book, String Fling. I made all the units except the string piecing during the mystery, but it was years before I got around to trying it. Now I love it! A Day in Paris would thrill me to add to my scraps.

  237. And just when I was going to ask to see if your friends had scraps they didn’t want so that I could have them# Kay H

  238. Have never made a string quilt although I’m making a scrap quilt right now loosely based on a log cabin block.

  239. I would love Day in Paris…and I have my papers and strips ready…I have been saving them for some time….time to start!

  240. After attending a presentation by Bonnie Hunter at our quilt quild, I decided to use my bright scraps to string piece together using telephone book pages as my foundation. I did this while listening to the audio book version of The Lovely Bones which was 10 1/2 hours long. I donated it to the Prayers and Squares group at church. I would love to make another.

  241. I have made a strip quilt before, I just didn’t know it was called that when I made it. I like the Zen Chic fabric but would be happy with anything.

  242. Yes I have made string quilts. They are very interesting. I keep leftover ‘strings’ from binding and other quilt tops together waiting for the next string project. Merry Christmas. And happy quilting to all!

  243. I’ve never made a string quilt but I just received the String Frenzy book so it’s definitely something I’ve been wanting to try! As soon as my company leaves after Christmas I’ll be ready to start! Would love to have a bag of strings to add to mine!

  244. I have only used the strip quilt method using salvages. This sound fun! Would love to have some of your scraps.

  245. I made a string quilt in long vertical rows to use up scraps. I used a paper foundation and I found it to be fun and easy. Recently, I have been using adding machine tape rolls as the foundation. I would be happy with either collection of scraps.

  246. I am trying again. My comment was not accepted because it said it was a duplicate. Yes, I have made a string quilt with paper foundation. Should I win a scrap bag, either collection is fine.

  247. I love string quilts! I started a string quilt several years ago, but haven’t finished it yet! Maybe this year….

  248. I have never made a string quilt, sure looks like fun! If I should be lucky enough to win I would love the 3 Sisters fabric!

  249. It’s been awhile since I paper pieced and the string style sounds fun! I would love some Zen Chic fabric, I love it!

  250. I have never made a string quilt. I have made a block or two while in a fun class with Bonnie Hunter several years ago. I really like the Porcelain collection. Thank you for the give-a-way opportunity!

  251. I have never made a string quilt, but I just watched a Craftsy class during which the instructor (Pepper Cory) made a string quilt using pages from a phone book and I was smitten! Perfect timing for this quilt-along!

  252. The only string quilt I’ve made was a quilt-as you-go but I’ve had string quilts (notice that I’m implying I intend to make more than one) on my list for a long time. After Christmas seems like a good time to start.

  253. I’m excited to get rid of some scraps and learn a new block. I have never made a string quilt!
    I would love some Zen Chic fabric!

  254. Yes, I have made string quilts before. . . as a matter of fact I have one planned for the New Year. . .

  255. I have never made a string quilt but I recently purchased a book for string quilting and the foundation material. I am looking forward to this sew along.

  256. I’ve never made a string quilt before, but I sure would be interested in making one with the day in Paris zen chic fabric!!!! It’s absolutely amazing!!!

  257. I have never made a string quilt , but am eager to try. I have a scrap collection, but the Porcelain by Three Sisters looks delicious !
    Paula y.

  258. Your blog posts are so very inspiring! I love the third vintage quilt with the skinny strings! I made a BH string quilt about five years ago. I will start pulling my strings and scraps!

  259. I have done a little string piecing and have a bag full of strings, just waiting to be sewn into something fun! While I would be thrilled to win either scrap bag, I have a “thing” for all things Zen Chic!

  260. Sounds fun and I have LOTS of strings. I made a string quilt last year and it didn’t even make a dent. Love Porcelain by 3 Sisters.

  261. I have not been quilting long but have wanted to make a string quilt. I just didn’t know how!!! This will be my first string quilt and I’m excited!

  262. I have done one string quilt. They are fun. I would love any scrap bags. All my quilts are scrappy to a degree. Thanks.

  263. I have made one string quilt for a guild challenge. It was lots of fun. The Zen Chic would be a great addition to my scrap basket.

  264. Oooh! That Zen Chic fabric does it for me! I’ve made several string quilts, including a few of Bonnie Hunters.

  265. I’ve never made a sting quilt but have always wanted to! I have salvages galore to do as a string quilt but never have done it.

  266. I would like to make a string quilt. I never have, so this sounds like fun. I think the colors on Porcelain are so pretty and would look great.

  267. I’ve made string blocks and cut them into applique shapes … but never a whole string quilt. Looks like fun!

    🙂 Linda (any fabric would be great!:)

  268. I have made string table runners, but never a quilt. I’m game to try. Porcelain by 3 Sisters would look lovely in my guest room.

  269. I love string quilts and have made one before and have several flimsies floating around also. Count me in.

  270. I have made a few string quilts before. The first time I used all different shades of green for a background and added applique of elephants and pink rhino. The little girl that received that quilt loved it.

  271. I’ve made a few blocks just to try the process, but haven’t done anything with them… yet. I’m excited to get back to it!

  272. I took a class last spring and have about a third of my blocks done. I am going to use this string along as an excuse to work on my blocks! Perfect timing.

  273. Yes, I have made 1 string quilt before for my nephew as a grad gift. He’s married and has 2 children already so I guess it’s time to sew another one.

  274. I try to save and use scraps and have made string pillows etc and have pieced bits to use in a 9 patch. i can get a bit crazy saving bits–it can get to be OCD like. love the Zen Chic fabric. thanks!

  275. Love this. Would be such relaxing sewing after the craziness of December I’ve made string quilts before and have had another on a “for some day” list for ages. I think it just got bumped up to soon. Absolutely love the 3 sisters fabric. Saw your little teaser cutting these fabrics the other day!

  276. I would love to receive the porcelain fabric. That would help me have the courage to do a Scrappy quilt. I’ve never done one. I like knowing to use old phone books. Mine are all old, waiting for me to get the nerve to go Scrappy

  277. About 25 years ago, I made one string block for the hostess of our friendship circle, which she requested from all the members of the group. It was fun to make and I’m not sure why I never made a string quilt!

  278. I have a ton of scraps. But would love some coordinated ones. I have made small string projects and have some string diamonds made into 8 pointed stars. I would love either colorway!!

  279. I have never made a string quilt but have plenty of scraps!! Quilters in my small sewing group have made them and I think they ar e amazing. I would love to win the Porcelin that you are giving away.

  280. I’ve never made a String Quilt! I’ve read it through and def will be making one! I’m in! And love A Day in Paris! Inspired!! Thank you!! Marie Zorn

  281. I’ve never made a string quilt but I did recently buy String Frenzy and I was planning to make one of the quilts this year. I just have to choose which one – they’re all amazing!

  282. Hi, I love using up scraps and seem to then make more. 🙂 The porcelain bag sounds like it would go with lots of my scraps and projects. Thanks for a fun sew along!

  283. Love string piecing and have made several string quilts. Even have 2 phone books just waiting to be used. Bonnie Hunter was the inspiration that got me started. Adore anything designed by 3 Sisters.

  284. I made a string quilt several years ago from my scrap basket. Every color of fabric went into it and this very happy quilt was donated to CASA. I’m partial to the Porcelain scrap bag and could mix those pieces with all the other 3 Sisters’ scraps I’ve been saving for a great project.

  285. I have made one string quilt a long time ago. I loved the process and the freedom to play with all my strings. I have been wanting to do another one for over a year now so you can definitely count me in! Loving the 3 Sisters fabric!

  286. Yes, i’ve Made string blocks- they are so much fun! I prefer to use a foundation.
    If I have a choice, it would be Zen Chic
    Thank you!

  287. I’ve never made a string quilt but I’ve got a great scrap collection that would make a fine start. But if I had s scrap bag of Moda Fabrics…3 Sisters fabric would be wonderful with my scraps.

  288. I have made a Bonnie Hunter quilt that used string blocks. I’ve never made a totally string quilt! Sounds like fun!

  289. Haven’t made a string quilt but have always wanted to. Now seems like the perfect time. Zen Chic is my fave.

  290. I have made some string blocks so this should get me going again and maybe get a quilt done! I love the 3 Sisters fabrics!

  291. I’ve never made one of these. Your instructions make it sound easy though. I’d like Day in Paris

  292. I’ve never made a string quilt before. I think I’d like to try one after reading this. I really like Day in Paris

  293. Let’s us use up those scraps. Civil War, 30’s Reproduction, Solids, brights, geometric, etc. Choose each group or add them altogether. Strings don’t care. I’m looking forward to participate. I might have to do a little planning. I just can’t stand it. Can we start today???? I can see navy in this one.

  294. I’m sewing Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt now and it includes some string piecing. However, while I’ve never completed a string quilt, I’ve made string vests, Christmas stockings, pot holders and other home decor. I love strings! P.S. If I’m fortunate to win, I would choose Porcelain by 3 Sisters. Thanks so much!

  295. I have never made a string quilt. Your directions given so far makes it sounds like a fun project. I am also going to encourage my granddaughter to do one with me. I really like the Three Sisters fabric.

  296. I have made a string quilt and it was a lot of fun! If I won, I’d be especially delighted with Three Sisters strings, though either would really be a pleasure.

  297. I’ve been quilting for 20+ years and I’ve never done a string quilt. I save my left over bindings so this would surely use them up.
    A Day in Paris would be a nice addition to my scraps.

  298. Always been meaning to try one of these so will jump in on this. Day in Paris is somewhat out of my usual zone so would love the push into new areas for 2019.

  299. I haven’t yet made a string quilt. Love the idea here and best of all doing it with everyone on the Moda blog! Love both fabric lines but I think Porcelain by 3 Sisters would look beautiful when done!

  300. Good day! I have no experience. I really want to take part in the joint tailoring of the blanket. You can buy fabric Porcelain by 3 Sisters. Are you sending a parcel? My contact details. Thank you, Irina.

  301. Thank you for sharing this inspiration. I have never made a string quilt before, but have been moved to do so. It is eco-friendly by using the “bits” as well as being full of all the memories of the quilts that have gone before it to make the scraps. I love it!….and the freedom to do whatever with the pattern only limited by imagination. In keeping with the breaking from the norm, I think Zen Chic would definitely do it for me. Once again thanks for the inspiration…roll on Christmas break.

  302. Really enjoy string quilts thanks to Bonnie Hunter! String Fling was her book that introduced me to the fun of stringing. With her new book, String Frenzy, I’ve already got two sets of stringed pages going for Dawn’s Early Light and Sandcastles. Have a great time stringing at the office. Hugs, Allison C.Bayer, Plano, Texas

  303. I have yet to make a string quilt, but the randomness of the « stringing » followed by the neatness of the piecing really intrigue me. I would love to join a more formal QAL of this type in the future (Unfortunately I am travelling and will not have my sewing machine with me on the 28th.) Thanks for the « stringing » info.

  304. Greetings and Happy holidays! I’m in the process of my first string quilt now. It’s a planned quilt, however, with fabric cut for specific placement. This post, however, is making me itch to use up that box of strips so I’m in!

    If I’m chosen, the Day in Paris fabric is making me drool!

  305. I’ve only ever made strings on batting as quilt as you go, I look forward to sewing on a paper foundation

  306. I have only made one string quilt and would love to make another one. Very happy that you are motivating me to do another one! If I would be so lucky to win, my choice would be Porcelain.

  307. This may exceed my skill set at this point in time, but I would like to try a string quilt. Should I be fortunate enough to win, would like the Porcelain. Although I’ve only been quilting for less than a year, I’ve learned to love 3 Sisters fabric! Thank you!

  308. I have made a string quilt before and used the squares as part of a jacket. Loved doing it nd am going to try to start a group in my area of quilting friends

  309. Lovely to see the string ideas, always meant to make one, but there is always something else to keep me busy. I would love the Zen Chic fabric,

  310. Love, love, love string quilts. I have one under the needle now. Haven’t seen the ones in your message. Have to try the hexie one

  311. I have never made a string quilt but with an overflowing tub of scraps, the time is now, the day is here!!!
    I’m in, and would love some Zen Chic to add to my scraps ☺️

  312. This would be a first for me. What a great way to use scraps. I would love to work with the Zen Chic fabrics!

  313. I made string blocks a while ago but never put them together. Evelyn Sloppy’s books inspired me to get that far. I need to finish it but I’m ready to jump on the board with you all! Let’s go! (No preference on fabric)

  314. Amazing that I had just decided that my next project would be a string quilt! Happy to have a crowd to sew along with. I have made one early in my quilting journey and it was a fun project to work on, put aside and then come back to…but I have a lot of projects like that!

  315. I have started a string quilt – in fact, that was the first bit of piecing I did, but it isn’t finished yet (I don’t end up with much string sized scrap). Using the leftovers from jelly rolls is a great idea, and a nice change from checker boarding them, which is what I have been doing.

  316. Never made a string quilt, but it looks like fun! What a great way to use up the scraps from my first few quilts, sort of like a memory quilt!

  317. I Love making string quilts. I have made several. There is one on my bed right now that I made last year. I gave one to my daughter last year for Christmas and she has requested another.

  318. I hadn’t heard or string quilts before this post, so found this really interesting, especially as I have just finished my first log cabin quilt so have plenty of scraps. If I should be so lucky, I love Zen Chic fabric (that was what the Log Cabin quilt was made out of)

  319. Yes, I have made a string quilt. I bought someone else’s scraps at a white elephant sale (they were beautiful) and turned them into a really pretty quilt. I gave it ro my 40 year old niece who used it as her security ‘blanket’ during the past 2 years of health issues. She recently had it with her for her (successful) life saving surgery at the Cleveland Clinic!

  320. I have never made a string quilt before, but I would like to try it. I would love the Day in Paris by Zen Chic.

  321. I love the look of string quilts. I have made a few random string blocks on newsprint. I have taken a few classes to motivate me…but this might do it ESPECIALLY with 3 sisters fabric. OH My. Heaven help me❣️❣️❣️

  322. I want to play. I am thinking I would like to try these string blocks with my selvedges and maybe use interfacing as the foundation. Anyone see any problems with this idea?

  323. I have made string blocks that were used in a quilt with other “orphan blocks.” It lives with a dear friend and is much loved. When I visit, I sometimes get to sleep under it. And I always enjoy seeing it and remembering where the various fabrics came from.

  324. I can’t wait to begin this. Thanks for all the info. I’ve never done a strip quilt but my mom made many. It was my job to pull off the newspaper. (A reason why I will NEVER use newspaper)

  325. What a neat idea. I have seen blocks done like that before but did not know the history of the string quilt. Another project to add to my list.

  326. I really enjoy making string quilts. It’s fun and relaxing! Either collection would make a lovely quilt and I would be thrilled to win!

  327. I’ve just begun quilting last month and I LOVE string quilts – modern preferred but vintage is also nice. Thanks for directions – I am going to start!

  328. I love making string quilts. Didn’t know you could purchase newsprint from art supply store. Will look for some. Marked my calendar for the 28th.

  329. I’ve never made a string quilt, but have seen many and would really like to give it a try with you.

  330. Never made a string quilt, but can’t wait to try this! Will gladly take whichever bag of beautiful scraps you want to send my way!

  331. I have wanted to make an all string quilt for a long time. I have only used string blocks for the center of star blocks. Love all Zen Chic collections!

  332. I am a big fan of string blocks/quilts. I introduced them to my quilting group as a donation project for their church. To me they are like potato chips, you can’t make (eat) just one.

  333. String quilts are on my bucket list. Would be great to get started with Day in Paris. Thanks for motivation and guidNce on foundations to use, that’s been my roadblock.

  334. I have made string blocks. I have three pieced string quilts ready to quilt. I used a thick batting and didn’t like it. So I stopped.

    Interested in seeing how to make the quilt sandwich and complete the string quilt.

  335. So excited to join in to make this quilt. I am a newbie to quilting and I never made a string along!
    Just love all the moda fabrics!

  336. I cannot wait to complete a string quilt. Oh! Wait! I have to start a string quilt first. Haha! A string quilt is surely in my near future. I love both collections.

  337. I live in AR but may quilt along. Your directions were great and I certainly have plenty of scraps. Hope for show and tell as your class progresses.

  338. I’ve never made a string quilt, but I love them and it’s on my to-do list. And I think I just might join you. I love Zen Chic’s fabric.

  339. I love all things Stringy and Crumby! I’ve made several string quilts and am a big fan of Bonnie K Hunter!

  340. I have never made a string quilt. I have a lot of small scraps, though. I love both giveaway srap collections, but gravitate to the 3 Sisters Porcelain collection.

  341. years ago i made string blocks and made pillows from them for a club Christmas bazaar. i would love either of the scrap bags and i do plan to join the quilt a long.

  342. I love string piecing and made several quilts using piecing on paper. Both fabrics are beautiful but I think I like Zen Chic the best. Thanks for the info and the opportunity to win!

  343. I have never made a string quilt. I just started quilting in January of 2018, so I don’t have many scraps, however, I love the look of string quilting and will make one. I like the zen chic!

  344. I’ve seen these quilts before but never thought I’d make one….I save all my strings as I’ve a friend that
    Strings , but I think I’ll try this one myself, didn’t realize it was that simple……
    Thanks for the confidence you’ve given me to do this. I love that porcelain fabric line by three sisters

  345. I have never made a string quilt but can’t wait to start. It looks like so much fun. I love Day in Paris.

  346. I have never made a string quilt but I have always wanted to. I would prefer the Day In Paris by Zen Chic if I should be so lucky as to win.

  347. I have never made a string quilt! Would love to join in, if i can find enough scraps. I burned up most of mine last year for the “takes a Village ” quilt sew along 🙂

  348. I have made many string quilts. Love them. I love the colors and the freedom to put everything I have leftover from other projects into each string quilt. The scrap pier the better in my opinion.

  349. I have not but it is on my list to do this year! My plan is to do blocks of the same colors and see how many different color blocks I end up with! Great timing on this post for me!

  350. I love string quilts. Made one for my daughter for Christmas last year. Great way to use scraps and orphan strips. I often make a few blocks as my scraps accumulate and just put them aside till I figure out what I want to make with them.

  351. I am very excited for this string-along! I have not made a string quilt yet, but I have been saving strings (and selvages) for a few years and am ready to go. My fabric collection is quite eclectic, so either set of strings will work for me. Thanks for the incentive!

  352. I have started a string quilt, but never finished it. It is 7″ blocks with some 3.5″ blocks hoping to use as a border. I would like the Porcelein by 3 Sisters as 1st choice. I love the idea of using every last piece of material in my stash to good use.

  353. I have made a couple of string quilts and loved the way they turned out. I like the zen chic. Looking forward to starting this one.

  354. Porcelain by three sisters is cute. I have made only one string quilt but seeing Moda’s samples has peaked my interest to do another.

  355. I have never made a string quilt, but we are having a workshop on doing one with our local Quilt Guild. these strips would definitely come in handy.

  356. I have not made a string quilt but am looking forward to following along! I would love either of the collections but prefer 3 Sisters.

  357. I have not made a string quilt, but it is on my long list of “To Do’s” especially since it has a foundation. I have a box full of left over binding strips that I’ve been saving just for a string quilt. I’d choose Day In Paris by Zen Chic as my first choice. Can’t wait for December 28th!

  358. I have always wanted to make a string quilt. I just never was quite sure how to. I appreciate you explaining it so well. If I had the scraps to make one I would use the Paris scraps as I am French descendant. And first of my family to love sewing. I’m putting this on my list of next to do.
    Thank you.

  359. I have never made a string quilt but I think this will be my New Year’s Resolution to get one done this year!! I love 3 Sisters but Zen Chic would be fun too!