Moda String-Along!

We be stringing!

We might have started a day early in the office because well… pictures. Sewing. Short week. One of those things.

Clockwise from upper left:

  • Stiffy – our resident hand-appliqué and hand-piecing master is making string blocks using a sewing machine. And the coming-in-May 3 Sisters’ collection Cinnaberry. (More on that soon.)
  • That’s a box of scraps left from the Color Cuts II samples.
  • Joy! Our super-talented finished-product designer-creator is a new quilter and she made these two gorgeous string blocks using the coming-in-February Boro Wovens collection.
  • Janet – machine-quilter/sample-maker/wearer of many hats dove into her BasicGrey Persimmon stash for her string blocks.

We’ve gotten a few questions and this is what you need to know…

Rules. There aren’t any.

Make as many blocks as you like. Make them in any size that works for you. Use whatever size strips you like – all the same size, mixed sizes, random sizes, or create a pattern.

Our resident social media guru Anna brought in this a super-cool Meori foldable storage case filled with Jelly Roll and Honey Bun strips – 2.5″ and 1.5″ respectively – from Bonnie & Camille. Hello Darling, Smitten and Little Snippets. She’s using the string-technique to make an original variation for her blocks.

Four blocks down, another eighty to go. Those cornerstones are from the coming-in-May Bonnie & Camille Wovens. (More on those soon.)

These are Brittany’s strips. This is her first quilt and it’s another variation on a string quilt – wide strips sewn in long rows. This is going to be so pretty – it’s a mix of Lella Boutique’s Sugar Pie and Garden Variety.

For finished projects, everybody found inspiration with searches on Pinterest and Google. Pictures were printed and calculations made by the resident mathy-pattern types.

We’ll be sharing more pictures today on our Instagram and Facebook pages – @modafabrics on Instagram and Moda Fabrics on Facebook.

And be sure to check in with #modastringalong to see who is stringing-along with us. A few of the Moda designers are expected.

If you’re stringing too – we’d love to see what you’re making so post pictures of your strings, blocks and progress with the hashtag – #modastringalong.

Happy Friday!

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48 thoughts on “Moda String-Along!

  1. I have a bin full of random strips and began my journey yesterday. I am looking forward to seeing how these all turn out and am hoping to get some good ideas for these blocks!

  2. Excited to start this! I’ve always wanted to make a string quilt but it kept getting pushed back. Now’s the time!

  3. Ok, ready to start using those strings and scraps. I have decided on a pattern. I need 192 7 1/2” blocks. My next job is to find phone books or a sketch pad large enough! Oh, what fun!

    1. My friend uses Aisle Runner from the bridal aisle at Michael’s or Joann’s. Lots of stabilizer for not much $

  4. I make baby quilts out of 6″ crazy string blocks alternating with a “solid” block of a children’s fabric. My family loves these because they feel they are meant to be used instead of stored and displayed. If you use a serger, you won’t need the backing muslin.

  5. Just started a sting quilt for Valentine’s Day, I’ll post when I am finished. Only made one block, an not liking it but the mess is already pulled and in a bin so it is a project.

  6. I’ve got my plan in place with the exception of size. I believe I’ll start with a 42″ x 42″ wall hanging. Depending on the depletion of scraps, I may just increase it to 56″ x 70″. Dream big, right???? Hahaha!

  7. My favorite rule is ‘there are no rules’. Hoping to sew along…looking forward to seeing what everyone makes!

  8. I’ve been “stringing” for years but never grow tired of it. Looking forward to participating in this one and seeing what others come up with!

  9. I have over hundred mens ties I will be using..wanted to do this for such a long time. Bought foundation material and stabilizer,mine will take more prep time but I have a plan and a pic to follow. But 1st I have 6 more blocks to finish from BH1 and I promised myself to complete the blocks before starting this one. YEAH!! thanks for doing this!!!!

  10. Loving Anna’s design and those Colors in the box are singing to me! Rethinking my stitching plan …my goodness, it’s great to play on this snowy stormy day 🙂

  11. I have been stringing for years, just hot pads and small items. However, I have a string quilt in the works. Can’t wait to see it finished! My grandmother quilted, making utility string quilts for most of her life. She used scraps, and used clothing she was given, or collected. I always loved the love and warmth from those quilts, and how they looked! Stringing is so relaxing, fun, and easy! “Waste not, want not!” Stringing is a very green activity. Repurposing fabric that could have become trash is good for us, our quilt recipients, and the world! : ) Brenda King, Bend, Oregon

  12. I am glad “there are no rules” because I have been trying some crazy/fun things with mine. They will show up on my blog later. I have already posted a few “early” ones. Didn’t someone say “Because pictures” ???

  13. I know there’s no rules, but what tips do you have for a scrappy string quilt to look cohesive? I don’t usually have fabric collections and I don’t seem to buy fabrics all in the same brilliance.

  14. Spent the day sewing strips onto a batting in quilt-as-you-go style.
    It’s very scrappy and I’m not sure if I’m loving it, but the scraps are getting into a quilt!

  15. I’m going to string along as soon as I have all my company gone! Have an idea. Looking forward to it, thanks Carrie!

  16. I was so excited about this string along that I started making blocks. I am starting with 10″ blocks and using scraps that I have been saving for along time.

  17. Saw the post today and had to start using my Natures Glory fat quarters. Going to be using 10 inch blocks also. Can’t wait to see everyone’s designs.

  18. Oh what fun!! I’m using bags of selvages I have collected & been “gifted” with. A little more time, but will be very colorful & fun. My blox are sewn on a 9” muslin base.

  19. What a wonderful project! Can’t wait to use those beautiful strings I’ve collected and make something useful.

  20. Have loved string quilts ever seen I got the book, String Quilt Revival, bu Virginia Baker. This is great motivation to go thru my stash and make something beautiful.

  21. I am so going to do this. I made a new years resolution to clear out my fabric stash, and how I plan on doing it is to incorporate the fabric into quilts. I have some folks that will be receiving quilts this year.

  22. I’ve never made a string quilt but these are all lovely. Do you sew the fabric strips to fabric squares, paper or some type of stabilizer?

  23. Thinking of joining the String Along. I have a little basket of “ strings” I kept from my last two quilt preps. I am planning to make a block of strings to represent each quilt I make…. in a year, let’s say! Let’s be realistic…. it’s going to take me years to get a string quilt…. that’s ok. Right?

    1. That is so funny. I have tubs of scrapes. I have enough to a make a quilt for just about every quilt I made, beside all the garment scrapes.

  24. I have two string quilts going. One is from scraps from traditional fabrics. Second is all Christmas fabrics left over from quilts. Another source of paper…if you are of a certain age, the “Medicare and You” book you get every year is made of thin paper. Also mailings from health care provider, retirement account, etc.

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