Wooly Felted Tote Bag Challenge!

Now that Fall Quilt Market is in the books, we’re excited to start working on our Wooly Felted Wonder Tote Bags.  Why?  Because they’re beautiful, the totes can be customized and made completely original, and they make great gifts, (Though we’re probably keeping them for ourselves.)

And there is a Challenge – a contest.  Get a kit, embellish it to your heart’s content, take a picture of it and enter the Challenge.  There are several spectacular prizes – including a couple of Bernina sewing machines!

The official start date of the Challenge was October 15 but with everything going on the past few weeks, we didn’t get to make our own tote bags until now.

Here’s how you can enter.  First, get a Wooly Felted Wonder Tote Bag Kit.  The tote is made with 100% felted wool that is a very generous 1/8″ thick.  When assembled, some layers will be a generous 1/4″ thick.  The wool is sturdy and durable, and will last for many years with regular usage. The suggested retail price for the kit is $79.99.

What’s in the kit?

The kit includes the following:

  • Pre-cut wool pieces ready to embellish and assemble.  (Lightly steam-pressing the wool pieces to remove the folds is recommended.)
  • Foot hardware in Stainless Steel with pre-cut pieces of stabilizer
  • Step-by-step Instructions with color pictures
  • Bonus Key Fob to match the Tote Bag
  • Wooly Felted Wonders Pin
  • Measuring tape ribbon that ties it all together

Additional notions & tools you’ll probably need:

  • Sewing thread – Thea uses a 50 wt. polyester thread but we’ve been using 40 wt. cotton threads with great results.
  • Embellishments – of every kind!  Wool, ribbon, embroidery floss and perle cotton, etc.
  • Sewing machine in good working order – a regular, home sewing machine will do the job.
  • Seam ripper or awl – for making the holes to insert the feet-hardware on the bottom of the bag.  (This is optional.)

A few other things to consider having on hand:

Official Rules.

Official Entry Form.

The Challenge runs until Tuesday, January 15, 2019.  

Are you in?

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9 thoughts on “Wooly Felted Tote Bag Challenge!

  1. Where can we find a kit to purchase to make the Wooly Felted Tote Bag and enter the Wooly Felted Tote Bag Challenge? JaneN

    1. Hi Jane – If your favorite quilt shop doesn’t carry it, or can’t order it for you, then there are plenty of places to buy the kit online. I just did a Google Search for “wooly felted wonder tote bag kit” and “wooly felted wonder carry-all tote” and at least a dozen shops came up. The good news for shipping is that the kit box fits in a Flat Rate Priority Mail box. 🙂

  2. Where can I buy additional wool felt like the one used in the kit? I’d like to practice my plan first.

  3. I have been trying to enter the tote bag challenge. Then picture of my tote bag, jpg file is only 100.5kb. The file will not upload in the select file. I finished my bag and don’t want to miss the opportunity to enter it. Please help

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