Special Exhibit – Christopher Wilson Tate

Antique Quilts of the British Isles.  It’s a spectacular exhibit showing at International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas – starting tonight.

Early 19th Century Fussy-Cut Hexagon Quilt, circa 1810.

This English Georgian quilt is made with fabrics dating from the 1770s to early 1800s.  It was hand-pieced and appliquéd.  And it has a prestigious provenance, having been owned by Fleur Cowles, a well-known American socialite.   

Fussy-Cut Hexagon Quilt – Close-Up

This quilt and about twenty others are from the collection of Christopher Wilson-Tate – Moda designer, antique quilt collector and purveyor, and British quilt historian.  They are exquisite examples of North Country English and Welsh quilting.

Antique English Victorian Silk/Velvet Tumbling Block

Made with English Victorian silks and velvets, this hand-pieced Tumbling Block quilt originated from North Yorkshire, England and dates to 1870-1880.

Antique English Hexagon Patchwork

Dating to 1870, this elongated Hexagon patchwork coverlet includes fabrics from as early as 1850.  It originated from Derbyshire, England.  The tiny hexagons in the center medallion measure less than 1/2″ across.  

North Country English Wedding Quilt

Hand-pieced, hand-appliquéd and hand-quilted, this unique Victorian wedding quilt was made in 1882 and comes from County Durham, England.  (Shhh… this is my favorite quilt in the exhibit.)

Antique Quilts of the British Isles will be on display during International Quilt Festival – November 7 through 11, 2018.  

The exhibit is sponsored by Antique Textiles Company, London, England and Moda Fabrics.

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14 thoughts on “Special Exhibit – Christopher Wilson Tate

  1. Thanks for showing Christopher’s great quilts. I got to visit his shop in Hampstead when I was in London this summer. He is amazing and so are his quilts. Love his fabric lines and I am about to finish a quilt out of his Regency Blues.

    1. Thank you Laurie I am very happy so many were abel to enjoy seeing the quilts and the reactions to them Christopher

  2. It’s incredible to think of the time and patience that went into these quilts,. Nowadays we want to get to the end quickly and use every means possible. Thank you for sharing these masterpieces, they are beautiful.

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