While I can’t be 100% sure, I’m fairly sure I made my first pincushion about twenty years ago.  It wasn’t pretty, and it was stuffed with polyester fiberfill.  It was lumpy and bumpy, and not anything close to round.  But I was still hooked on making these little things.  

In the years since that first pinnie, I’ve probably made over 200 pincushions and published five patterns – Pollo Loco, Tuffets, Fruit Salad, Sweet Liberty Tuffets and Morsel.  

And a book.

This is Pin Pals and it started shipping yesterday – November 15.  

Most of the pinnies in this book were made in July 2017 as part of a “pincushion a day” challenge.  In July 2016, Amanda Jean Nyberg of Crazy Mom Quilts challenged herself to make something every day, and because pincushions are small – and fun – she made 31 pincushions.  I thought it was the coolest idea ever so I asked if I could crash her party join the fun.  

So in the month of July 2017, I made 49 pincushions in 31 days.  I might have gone a little overboard.  

As I posted to Instagram every day, folks kept asking if there was going to be a pattern or book… to which a book publisher started thinking “I can make that happen”.  Pin Pals!  

Pincushions and instructions were delivered in January – most of it anyway – and presto!  A few of the pinnies in the book are new, meaning that I didn’t make them during the month-long challenge.  I had the idea but ran out of days – crazy how that happens!  

I can share that there were days I had a plan and the plan worked.  Other days… not so much.  Some of my favorites were just simple squares and rectangles sewn together.  

The Pin Pals book has a lot of tips and ideas, not because I am any kind of pincushion expert but because making a lot of pinnies means I experiment a lot, and I’ve figured out what works for me.  

Like the threads in the pictures – Aurifil’s 80wt. thread.  It’s perfect for machine-quilting on small blocks.  

Why yes, I made a 4″ finished “Swoon” block – it seemed like a good idea at the time.  The mini Monkey Wrench blocks really are mini – they finish at 3″ across.  (They’re like potato chips… try making just one.)

I will happily share that I had grand ideas about making a huge dent in my scrap bin but that didn’t happen.  Not. even. close.  I started saving ever-smaller pieces because that 3/4″ strip that too small for a quilt is perfect for a string-pincushion!.

Everyone asks if I’m keeping all of the pincushions.  No.  Some were made for friends, others were claimed by friends as soon as they were posted.  I’m also asked if I actually use them.  Not really – I have used my hand-made pinnies over the years but honestly, they’re mostly decorative.  

Because the nice folks at Martingale generously sent me a box of books to share, that’s what I’m going to do.  

Leave a comment by Midnight on Sunday, November 17, CST and you’re entered to win one of three prizes.  Each prize will have a signed Pin Pals book and a pinnie-goodie-box.  (The boxes are filled with a few of my favorite pinnie-making things – Aurifil’s 80wt. thread for machine-quilting and Moda Mini Charm packs.)

Happy Friday!

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785 thoughts on “Pincushions…

  1. Delightful! What a fun way to use up my stash, ahhh make that collection of tiny pieces that I know I could find some use for!!

  2. Love these pincushion ideas! I’d like to make each one for my quilting group. Thanks for the ideas. Hope I win but will definitely buy the book if not.

  3. Love the swoon pincushion!!! Pincushions are the perfect thing to sew when I want a quick and easy project.

  4. This looks like a really thought out book. I love every pincushion shown! Many times I buy a book just for one pattern this book however offers a different problem, which pattern to start first?

  5. I would love to win your new book on pinnies. I love pin cushions,it’s such an old fashion thing!! They are all so cute.

  6. I love making pin custions for my quilting friends. Next up on my challenge list is to make about 20 for participants in a retreat I’m hosting. Thanks for so much inspiration.

  7. I just love pin cushions too. Planning to make them for retreat participants & further encourage an exchange!

  8. Love it! 49 pincushions in 31 days, your the bomb!!!! Would love a chance to win Pin Pals! I don’t think you can ever have too many Pincushions. What sweet little gifts they would make also!

  9. These are so darn cute. I’d love to make one or two as I can see it would be addictive. Such a fun treat to give your sewing buddies.

  10. I’ve made only a handful of pincushions but they are just the best gift ever for your sewing friends. Your book looks great and I am inspired now to make a few more pincushions.

  11. I Love the pinnies. I enjoy making tomatoes. I think this is catching. Can’t wait to see what mini pillows I can dream up with your help. Great photos by the way!

  12. Hi, I love all your pincushions and I have many as well, so fun to make. But then I ran out of space and thought I don’t need to be doing this, but you have reinvigorated me to make more again. I just love little things to death. And who can really have too many pinchusions, right? And you are right they are like potato chips it is really hard to make or have just one. On the search for a jar to put them in, I love that idea! . Thank you for the opportunity to win your new book

  13. I too love, love, love pincushions and have collected a few over the years. Can’t wait to get this book! A handmade pincushion made for a quilt friend – priceless!

  14. I am a newbie to sewing, So I decided to start with pincushions. I am giving it a go… so any help with tips and tricks would be helpful. I am enjoying reading your blog.

  15. I have your Miss Rosie’s pattern of pinnies from a while back and love them! I have also made several and don’t, can’t actually use them all. They are decoration and a joy to look at! Of course I would love to win your book…..I love your work!!!!

  16. I know what you are saying… I too love making pincushions but never use them. They truly are mini works of art and look fabulous displayed in a group!

  17. I am so happy I am not the only one who loves pinnies! My first was a tomato with a little chili attached that had sharpening grit in it, that my mom gave me.

  18. I love your pin cushions! It would be fun to win a book on making your pin cushions. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I love your pin cushions! I have made some, collected some and have received some as gifts. I don’t use them, but love to use them to decorate my sewing room.

  20. I’ve been wondering what to do with the mini charm packs I’ve collected just because. What a great idea book!

  21. Some pin cushions are too pretty to use for their purpose, you have some really pretty ones. They would be wonderful in any collection

  22. Oh, my goodness–what inspiration! Don’t tell my husband that I’m going to be keeping even MORE scraps…

  23. Really cute pincushions! I love making small things that don’t take a lot of time. Love this book!

  24. Sew love making pincushions. I think the sweet houses will be my first one. Thank you for all of your great patterns.

  25. I love the idea of starting & finishing a project in one day:) I have a tendency to start several projects & just keep working on them as time allows.I get frustrated with one & just switch gears to another one! Hope I win something

  26. Those pin cushions are just adorable! Have a great collection and would like to add these to it! Book would be wonderful to add to it!

  27. What fun! I started getting the pincushion ‘bug’ when a dear Australian friend I met through a blog made me one and sent it as a surprise. Ever since then I’ve been making them and so enjoy it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. These pincushions are adorable. I’ve had making some for gifts on my to-do list for quite some time now. I think your post will get me started now!

  29. Oh, my goodness! I have a huge stash and almost as many scraps and bits left over from projects. I just can’t throw anything away, especially scraps of fabric I love! I see selvedges in some of your gems… yet another use for my selvedge collection! This is a book I must have! It may not reduce my stash by much, but will let me admire those lovely scraps in finished (key word!) pincushions!!!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  30. These pincushions are beautiful and inspiring! I want to make every one of them for all my sewing buddies! Thank you for the great book!

  31. I cannot remember ever making a pin cushion, but remember a huge green tomato pin cushion I had when I was in high school. Love the candy jar full of pin cushions! Sew adorable!

  32. Love your pinnies. What a great way to use up loved scraps and have the instant gratification of a quickly made project!

  33. Love, love your pincushions. They look so crisp and fresh in the glass. So joyful to be surrounded by such treasures while sewing away!

  34. I love pin cushions. What a great book of different designs for pin cushions. This book will be on my list to get.

  35. I have been so waiting for your book to come out. Can’t wait to have you teach us next August at Quilt Stock!!!

  36. Oh, I would so love to win one of your books and a little treat as well. I’ve been anxiously awaiting its publication and shipping dates. Thank you for the opportunity at such a prize!

  37. I also love making pincushions! So, I am in love with your book and anxious to try some of your new tricks.

  38. Amazon shipped early 🙂 I got my book yesterday. Sew cute! Why don’t we make a mini quilt using all of your mini pincushion patterns? Would love to share the book with a friend if I win!

  39. I love small pieces, scraps, beautiful fabrics and mini blocks. What a perfect combination for a pin cushion!

  40. What a fun book. What a wonderful way to use up scraps or pre cuts. Who cares if we ever actually use the pin cushions, they are mini works of art! Thank you for the chance to win.

  41. The pin cushions look like so much fun. I think it is important to make a quick project every once in a while to help me feel productive. These are just the ticket!

  42. You are so right that you can’t make just one! I had some leftovers from making half square triangles and said I’d make just one. About 6 pincushions later I ran out of crushed walnut shells and have moved on to a goal of making 1080 3″ stars for a bed-sized quilt. Halfway there, but this book might inspire me to make another? Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  43. Thank you Carrie for the insperation and creativity to design and make the pincuahions and Martingale publishing a book of the love of these little guys. Love to win

  44. I seem to be really good at buying fabric and not making anything because it’s sort of overwhelming but a small project like these sweet pin cushions seems very doable!!

  45. I have always loved making pin cushions, they are mostly made with felt except for one perfectly awful one made of tiny triangles before I knew how to make half square triangles. My Mom loved it and used it to death. Now I want to make every single pin cushion in your lucious book. By the way I got myself out of a sewing slump one year by making your Crazy Chicken pincushions, oodles of them, using all kinds of crazy leftovers and squares. I just love them and they totally got me back in the quilting mood.

  46. I too, love pin cushions, yours are super cute.Thanks for creating the book. It’s on my list.

  47. These are lovely. I especially like the sizes, a few pins in each for the many projects is a great way to work. The designs are also very appealing. Anxious to read the book and get busy.

  48. I love making pin cushions. They are great for using up scraps or leftover blocks. I also like trying out ideas without committing to a bigger project.

  49. Carrie, I loved your post with all your pin cushions. Love the sound of the 80 weight thread for the quilting. That is something I want to try.

  50. These are so cute! I love making mini quilts and these would go perfectly with them. Thanks for the inspirational and the opportunity to win the book too

  51. Love your book. Waiting for mine to arrive but would love to have another one to gift to one of my quilty friends!! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  52. The sweet side of life…making little pin cushions…sometimes that’s what you need to do! All of them are pretty! Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

  53. I need some inspiration for little remembrances during the holiday season…especially for my quilty friends!

  54. Those are adorable! I also love pincushions. I’ve made a couple but now that I see yours I want to make more!!
    Thanks for sharing and giving me inspiration. I think I’ll make one today!!

  55. Oh my gosh, I LOVE these pin cushions! You do such beautiful work. I made hexie pin cushions for my quilt group last year, was so much fun! This book is definitely going on my Christmas list (unless I win one )!

  56. Your pinnies are sooo cute! I was watching your posts when you were making them and drooling over them. Such a great book!

  57. I’ve already ordered my copy of the book, but if I win, I can donate the book that I win to my Guild for its library. I love making pin cushions!

  58. I love pin cushions and I love your quilts. Would love to win the book! Today’s plan is to make 6-pin cushions for Christmas gifts.

  59. Yes Yes Yes – Who wouldn’t want that wonderful book full of all those ideas and patterns for
    pin cushions – wonderful way to get a little sewy time in and create such pretty fun ones.
    You did a super duper job on all those beauties you made if I can only come close…
    Thanks for such a nice giveaway… Pick me Pick me Pick me… lol

  60. Another winning pattern book. Your creations entertain me for many hours. I think this book would fill up those times when I want something to do that’s not a BIG project, put I got something done. Thanks for all your ideas.

  61. Just lost my home in the Camp Fire in N Ca. I have nothing left but looking at these decorative pin cushions brightened my morning. No more worrying about what to do with my scraps.

  62. Love, love, love this. What a fantastic book and beautiful pictures of your pincushions. Thanks for the chance to win one 🙂

  63. Love to make pincushions. I too save all my scraps. I can make lots of pincushions with my fabric scrap stash!!!

  64. What a wonderful assortment of pin cushions! Great for gifts for all my quilting friends but, wouldn’t they be a fun addition to my collection of toy sewing machines! A new obsession I’m afraid! A mini Swoon!! Wow! I would love to win your book!

  65. What a perfect use of all those little pieces of leftover fabric! I look forward to making a few myself.

  66. Oh Carrie, these are out of this world adorable!! I have two of your pinnie patterns and I love making these little works of art!
    You have been a great influence in my quilting – I have a wonderful collection of Miss Rosie patterns!!

  67. I love all your little pincushions! I’ve got plenty of scraps to make some and walnut shells to fill some, but I’ve never made even one. I think you’ve definitely inspired me to get started. Thanks for the chance to win this terrific giveaway.

  68. These are soooo darn cute! I haven’t made one, but I’m putting it on my to-do list. There’s a ton of darling little pin cushions! I’m so glad you shared this and what a great idea for a book! Now, can someone create a book on how all of you in the quilt/craft industry make time for all the wonderful things you do so you can create as well have a business! You all must only sleep 4 hours! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the chance to win a darling book!

  69. Cutest…idea… ever! Can’t wait to get my hands on the book and get to stitching! Wonder if the men in my life will appreciate a pincushion for Christmas?

  70. Those pincusions are so cute. I can understand how you couldn’t stop at one. Thanks for writing this book.

  71. Would love to make pincushions as holiday gifts – using as either as pincushions or potpourri-filled sachets. Not sure if a 3-inch monkey wrench is in my future though. Wonderful ideas already. Thank you.

  72. Love them and need to get started on making them too. During the challenge with Crazy Mom, I made acwhole whopping …one!

  73. P.S. I just read a couple of comments before closing this tab – if i win, I’ll be giving my book to “Jan” who lost so much in our recent California fire 🙁 – I live in Northern CA, but about 3 hours from the Butte fire. We’ve had no school for several days due to the horrible air quality. I hope she wins this book!

  74. Hi, Carrie. Thanks for putting your pincushion idea into a book. I am going to add you to my Instagram list.
    Christine from Ontario

  75. Making and collecting pin cushions is one of my favorite things! Would really love this book!! I need to grow my collection! 🙂

  76. Wow they are so nice. I have a 36” tall glass vase that would look really cool filled with these. Thanks for the advice

  77. I am also hooked on pin cushions. I had a friend say, “ How many pincushions do you need”. I said never enough. They are addictive. Would love your new book. I will even make you a pincushion if I win,

  78. Love your blog, adore your patterns, and looking forward to adding “pinnies” to my life! Thanks for countless AM smiles!

  79. Would love a copy of your book! I have been having trouble picking up pins because of arthritis issues. So I have decided that I need to make a bunch of pin cushions to keep all over the house. Then maybe there will be less pins on the floor for my husband to step on…ouch!

  80. Carrie, I love you collection of Pin Cushions. My favorite block these days is Swoon. Can’t wait to try making a mini block for my own.

  81. Sew very cute! Isn’t it fun how we make up the craziest challenges to get things done? Glad to see others like to do that, too!

  82. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Always looking for a sweet gift to take to retreats for all my quilting gal pals. After reading your post, it would be shameful if I couldn’t make 15 by March!

  83. Love love love pincushions. They are a bit addicting but in a good way. Thank you for sharing all your ideas, tips and hints. And Happy Thanksgiving.

  84. I’ve never made a pincushion before. What a great way to creatively challenge yourself in using up your scraps. Thank you for the chance to win your book and the goodies box.

  85. These pin cushions are adorable….but, after a few to use, and display in a large glass canister (love!) or wooden bowl, and gifts to friends…then what? How about Christmas tree ornaments? Or a child’s mobile? Or pillows for a doll’s favorite chair? Without stuffing, I may just try sewing together a few favorite patterns for a small sampler quilt. I’d love to hear other ideas and would love, love, love the ‘gift’away to get started!

  86. I followed that pincushion challenge and your pin cushions are adorable! I would love a chance to win your book and the opportunity to make my own little jar of pincushions.

  87. I love your ‘pinnies’! I want them all–guess I’ll have to get busy. I have vowed not to buy any more books this year but yours will be an exception.

  88. I confess I have never made a pincushion. But I have lots of scraps and even have a bag of crushed walnut shells, so your book might get me started on a new addiction.

  89. A wonderfull idea, yes I am going to make some to share with friends. I will use those room electronic keys to line the bottom of the pin cusions so the the pins (especially the longer pins) will be stopped and not go thru the bottom. Plan on using bird cage litter for stuffing..
    Happy Quilting everone. Judy

  90. Carrie, they are adorable! I want to make every one of them. Such a great idea for a book. I would love to have the book. Thank you for the chance.

  91. Your pinnies are darling! And what a great way to challenge oneself to attempt to destatsh the stash. The book looks beautiful, anxious to receive a copy

  92. I have made only 3 pin cushions so far, would love to have this book to make more! Thanks for making this lovely book.

  93. Wowza! What a grand blog to read with my morning coffee today. You made me smile to see these cute little pin cushions. I also love to see them lying about like my cat does! Thanks for sharing this, and pick me, pick me!

  94. You are SO right! I save even the smallest schnibble of fabric (stuffing) and odd shaped strings (crazy blocks and impromptu fabric). Now the scrap bags are taking over my space! These pinkies would be a welcome break from both creating larger projects and string blocks. Plus, YOUR PINNIES ARE ADORABLE. Thanks for the chance to win your book.

  95. I really enjoyed seeing all of your pinnies – what a great way to use scraps! I made one that I keep by my bed for my nighttime sewing but in all honesty, I could have one in every room and it still wouldn’t be enough! I think your book is just what I need – I look forward to seeing it in the stores!

  96. Love the pincushions and book! I also have amassed a large number of very small scraps with the same idea of making pincushions from them! Would love to win this gift…would get me started!

  97. Love your pincushions, cute as the dickens. Went back on the blog to see red, white and blue pinnies that were adorable. So, a book and all the accoutrements to create them would be wonderful.

  98. Love Pinnies ;o) Your book looks awesome and I would love to make more for my collection. Would love to win it.

  99. Hi, my name is Tracy, I have never quilted but always wanted to. I bought two jelly rolls and am going to try it in December. I would love to receive this book, think it would be a great help and inspiration. Thank you

  100. I’m inspired to make a pin cushion and donate it to my Guild Show sale! Thanks for the beautiful designs.

  101. I love your patterns, and these little pin cushions are just adorable! This book needs to be added to my collection!

  102. I always love to sew what you have designed. This is yet another book that will be on the list to add to my collection of your books and patterns. Pincushions are so cheerful. They just make me smile.

  103. 2018 will go down in my memory book as the year of challenges! As the holidays approach I need a small item project to give as gifts. Pincushions would be perfect and personal. Your new book Pin Pals sounds ideal! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  104. I’ve been collecting little receptacles for over a year to use for pincushion projects and now I’m REALLY inspired to stop collecting and start making! Your ideas inspire me to not be constrained by a receptacle. AND I also have, over the years, collected interesting little pincushions. So, here’s hoping!

  105. I’ve made Carrie’s pinnies in the past and look forward to making many more in the future. I’ve been looking forward to this book!

  106. Your pictures make me want to run to my sewing machine and make pincushions galore. Each one is adorable!

  107. My daughter Is redecorating/updating our quilt room in yellow and pink with all white furniture for my Christmas present. Wouldn’t those little pin cushions just be a sweet pop of color! I love using little charm packs for fabric – what a great idea! Can’t wait to get started!

  108. These are adorable! What a great way to do some stash busting and to inspire creating a little something every day. Steph

  109. I’m also smitten with the idea of making one of a kind pin cushions. I want to use vintage linens and figurines. Your book could jump start my education with helpful ideas. I need it.

  110. I have been waiting to get this book! It looks lovely and I can’t wait to start my own pin cushion making challenge. Thank you

  111. I love pincushions! I’ve been making them & collecting them as long as I can remember. You’ll find them in every room of my house, not just the sewing room.

  112. Love these ideas and as always, your color and design are outstanding, Carrie! Thank you for sharing.

  113. Oh my gosh!!! I love all those pincushions! I would love to make all of them! I have to get me one of those big glass jars to display them too! What a wonderful addition to the craft room decor!

  114. I am so excited about your Pin Pals book. I have to admit that I’ve had your Fruit Salad pattern since it was first published. I dug it out this week and have made the most wonderful watermelon slice for a dear friend who just started quilting. You make it so easy. Congratulations on this project!

  115. I. Love. Pincushions.
    Have made a couple of pincushions using your patterns.
    Still have oodles of scraps and a jar full of crushed walnut shells.
    I. Need. Pin Pals.
    Yep, need. It’s way more than a want.
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.
    Sitting patiently at my sewing machine….ready to sew!

  116. Oh!! This post came at the perfect moment!! Cleaning my sewing room and wondering what to do with all these little pieces…..question answered!! I remember seeing your ‘Pinnies’ on Instagram and thinking ‘but how do we make them too?’ Hurray!! Now we can!! Thank you friend!! ❤️

  117. I love making pin cushions! They are such a fun, quick finish project that makes one feel good.

  118. I had no idea your lovely pinnies were being featured as a book! Love them! Looking forward to making a few of my favorites! Congratulations!

  119. Oh, how I would love to win this book! It’s eye candy for a quilter or anyone that loves sewing!

  120. I enjoy making pin cushions, also. I have a couple of favorites that I use, and the rest are just fun to look at.

  121. I love pincushions! I make them using scraps from blocks for quilts. Thanks for the chance to win this fun book. Love the glass jar idea to put them in.

  122. Just the thing to cover the ‘must have at the last minute’ gift – and here comes Christmas!
    Thanks, Carrie!

  123. I have bags of half square blocks that I sew as I am trimming off corners. Most of them in the 3/4″ to 1 inch size. What a great way to use them, making pin cushions

  124. Sunday is the 18th, but since I am leaving on the 16th I am sure to be included — your pin cushions are very cute….

  125. You may have made many, but I’ve never made one! I’d love to give it a try…thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of the book!

  126. love the pin cushions all kinds my craze started with the Watermelon and the strawberry I have added pear apple and many more thanks for this opportunity to make more!

  127. I hadn’t thought about making the pin cushions before, but seeing this, it looks like a way to get my daughter hooked on sewing.

  128. Love seeing your pincushions. I pre-ordered your book and I’m expecting it today. Regardless, I would love to win a signed copy and the little box of goodies. Can already think of so many friends that I would gift with these mini projects.

  129. Oh, my! What s great way to use up all those little scraps I can’t bear to toss! Thanks for a great opportunity!

  130. I am mesmerized by the tiny piecing and the precise seams. All of the pincushions are adorable and with the book in hand I will be inspired to make a few. Love it!

  131. Clever, clever, clever. We all have those little tiny bits we hate to throw out. Now there’s all kinds of pinnies we can make. Perfect for a rainy day…or any day. Thanks for the creativity.

  132. I love the pin cushions in the jar. As a “pin snob” I have several different kinds of pins and the variety of cushions is perfect

  133. Love all these Last Christmas I used tiny leftover half squares from a Christmas quilt to make pin cushions for all the girls in our quilt group (The Chatty Quilters) it was so much fun…you can never have too many pinnies…

  134. These pincushions are just scrumptious. I could get hooked on making hundreds and forget to go to work.

  135. I love pincushions! Haven’t made too many, but will be making ten for each friend in my quilting group for my retreat gift to them!! Would have lots of fun with Pin Pals!

  136. Omg…i just love making and collecting pincushions. You have realky cute ones. I would love to win one of the prizes.

  137. I love your pincushions and your new Pin Pal Book. I have a couple pincushions that were gifts from a sister and best friend that I use all the time. You have me hooked, I am going to start keeping my small scraps to make pincushions too.

  138. This seems like it would be so much fun. Since I’ve spent most of this month in the hospital it seems. Small portable projects like this would gave been great. Everything I’m working on now is much to big to be dragging to the hospital. These would be fun to hand piece and quilt.

  139. I love the big glass container full of little pin cushions. It’s like you corralled them. :c) I’d love to have the book.

  140. Love the Pin Pals! I remember the first pin cushion I made. It was filled with polyester and would not sit still. Wobbled all over the place 🙂 Love how you displayed your collection in a jar.

  141. For the love of Cookies, these pennies are Stinkin’ Cute! Great project that one could actually start and complete! How fun to get some sewing/quilt buddies together to sew some of these adorable pin cushions. Great job on your latest collection!

  142. Such cute pincushions! This is how I learned to sew when I was 4 or 5…making little puffy rectangles! Pincushions are the only thing I allow myself to collect since they are so small, cute, and easy to store!

  143. My first was crewel on denim, stuffed with poly. I try to make a pinnie after each quilt, give away the quilt keep the pinnie. Running out of ideas, your book is awesome. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  144. Got my copy yesterday, I love looking at the pictures! The teeny tiny pieces are amazing, I’m pretty sure my pinnies will turn out a bit bigger than yours, but who’s measuring, right? Great job Carrie!

  145. Congrats Carrie on being ASKED to put your creative pincushions ideas into a book for Martingale! Love these; remember them well from IG. I already own a couple of your books (yay Schnibbles!) and would love to add this one.

  146. I love these pincushions. I have never made any, but I have a couple I have been given as gifts. I would love to make some.

  147. I need to win the prize! I had planned to claim the pin cushion that my Mom had made when she was a little girl while her grandmothers quilted around the big frame. My sister grabbed it first!

  148. I pretty new to quilting but what a fun way to use these gorgeous scraps!!!! Love the idea of filling glass jars with them for decor! Thanks for sharing

  149. Oh wow! These are so sweet!! Love them all. Just this week I made pin cushions out of old tea cups and saucers for my sewing friends for Christmas gifts….Love, love this! Oh I’d like to make a bunch of these.

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    Thank you, Carol

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  171. The mini Swoon pin cushion is amazing! I have had a second full-sized Swoon quilt cut out for awhile but haven’t started piecing yet…too easily distracted by new stuff I think …maybe I can work up to tackling it by starting with your mini version first! 😉 I love all of the pin cushions…perfect projects for folks like me with a short attention span and too much fabric!

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    Thanks for the opportunity to win a book and goodies.

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    I just love it and I have been buying lots of it.

  181. The book, PinPals, looks gorgeous and inspiring. Tasty low carb cookies! Tiny blocks have always been intimidating to me so I’m looking forward to the tips in the book. Love the fact that I now have a reason to keep strings and scraps “too small to use” but still so pretty. Thank you

  182. I just got my copy in the mail yesterday! It landed on my porch right before leaving for work, so I nabbed it and took it with me to open there. Sigh. Such fabulous eye candy!! Such wonderful creative inspiration! I was thinking your book would make lovely Christmas gifts for quilty friends!! I made pinnies for my small quilt group (7 of us) a couple Christmases ago. (I used crushed walnut shells and a bit of fluff filler for mine too.) Then I received a lovely log cabin pinnie (yellows and greys) for my birthday this year. I think it was my favorite gift I received! Thank you, dear Carrie… for blessing us with your creativity and wonderful, personal gift with words laced with humor and warmth! Congratulations on your book… it’s a keeper!! ~ mama pris from idaho

  183. How fun to make so many “pinnies”. I a couple that a dear friend made for me (she died about 3 years ago and I cherish them so much.

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  198. I started making pinnies this year and found it addicting too. They’re like jewels and mini-quilts and pure eye candy. It’s also how I learned to do paper piecing, and pinnies plus paper piecing is a match made in heaven.

  199. I love pin cushions too! They are a good way to try out the colors of a block without wasting fabric, and are just cheerful sitting by my machine AND can be a quick gift.

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    Dianne Gillin
    Wenatchee, WA

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  209. Your pincushions are gorgeous. I have two favorite pin cushions that I use when I quilt. One is a small square that I made out of wool. It is a “spool” block design. The other I have used about 20 years that a friend made for me. It the type that is round with tiny spools of thread around the outside. I, too, enjoy making pin cushions and enjoyed your post very much. Happy Sewing, M.L.

  210. How sweet these are! It takes making mini-quilts to a new level. These are perfect for a quick diversion when immersed in a large project. Thank you Carrie.

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  213. I made a comment on the original posts in 2017 that said ‘how about a pinnie a day’ and you said ‘we’ll see where that goes’. WELL, now I’ll just have to have that book, one way or the other. Thanks for the generous giveaway and the new book to challenge me working with tiny pieces.

  214. I have been drooling over those cute pinnies for a long time. A book with patterns sounds wonderful, and can’t wait to see.

  215. Last year I too made a pinnie a day for a month. It’s addictive. Would love the opportunity to try new patterns.

  216. I love pincushions. They are a great way to make a mini quilt. I have always loved Moda and enjoyed visiting the warehouse for supplies when I worked at Old City Park in downtown Dallas. All the employees were kind and generous with their help.if I win the book the challenge of making them will keep me out of trouble! Moda fabric is the best and has a lot of great designers.

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    PINNIES ‼️

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  227. These are all so cute. When I taught 4-H sewing I had all the kids make the chicken pincushion – Pollo Loco. They turned out really cute and the kids raising chickens especially enjoyed theirs.

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    Would love to win your book/goodie box giveaway!!

  236. J’aimerais avoir une chance de gagner ce joli petit livre. Est ce que cela marche pour la France ? Je suis fane de ces petits coussins. J’en ai fait que J’ai installé dans des minis moules à gâteau . pour ton défis.

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  238. i love those! Each one is so unique and so many possibilities with fabric scraps we all have. I just love them.

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  240. What a great idea-to make a pincushion a day! I might have to crash that party too! I have a box with little pieces of fabrics in cotton, wool, and felt, poly beads (for weight), crushed walnut shells, embroidery threads & beads, just in case I get a hankering to make a pincushion. I have to get this book!

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  248. OMG! Look at all the comments!!!! I too like to make pin cushions, I go in spurts, small fill-in projects between bigger ones. Still trying to decide what kind of filling I like best. Only way to know is make more pin cushions. Go figure!

  249. Though definitely not a stash buster, these cute pin cushions are an obvious “gotta make them” for any of us who enjoy small piece quilting. I would love a copy of this book!

  250. Pennies! I love them! I’ve been wanting to make a bunch as bowl fillers (and friends would be able to use them and take one when they come to sew), but I’ve never gotten around to doing it. This may be a good time to start! I can’t wait to read your tips for stuffing and finishing.

  251. Pincushions are fun and useful. I make one for each of my embroidery projects, so I keep the right needles and pins in the box with the project and don’t have to hunt them down each time I return to work on it.

  252. I made my first pincushion last year as a present for my sister. I have to say, that on days when you just have to sew they’re perfect. My desk is now littered with them……………but there’s always room for more.

  253. I love the little pincushions that you and Crazy Mom have made. There are plenty of scraps in my sewing room just waiting to be made into some pinnies from your book!

  254. I just love your pincushions! And you’re right, they are like potato chips (or in my case, popcorn!) once you get started! Just darling! ❤️Thank you for your inspiration!
    And I love magic pins too!

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  257. Love, love,love all those colorful, creative pennies. I need to go buy a big jar and get started filling it up with pinnies

  258. My friends and I had a POM (pincushion of the month) challenge in 2017. I’m sure your book will be a great success!

  259. I want to learn how to make the ones that have a ‘side’ to them’ or a ‘cap’….they all look fun!!

  260. I’ve always used my Grandmas tomato pin cushion. She was born in1882. Guess it’s time for me to make myself my own and start a new tradition. Happy Thanksgiving.

  261. I love pin cushions. I have been drooling over your book since I first saw it on IG. Winning this would make me a very happy sewist

  262. What a great looking book! Using the pincushions as decoration is awesome, I would have never thought of that.

  263. What beautiful little treasures! I don’t know what it is about miniatures, but I find them fascinating–tiny handwoven baskets are some of my favorites. I’m venturing into the realm of tiny blocks, and these pincushions are truly inspiring!

  264. I saw your book this morning at our LQS monthly meetup. It is the best eye candy ever! Since I haven’t met a Moda mini charm pack I didn’t like, I have quite few. I like the idea of using them to make a pinnie display in my big glass jar. Maybe I can use them to play Hot Potato. (Do kids still play that? My kids did when they visited their grandma in the nursing home.)

  265. I just love this blog! Such good ideas! I do have several mini charm packs and pincushions would be a great use for them.

  266. There’s just something so appealing to me about miniatures. These look like miniature quilt blocks and are lovely. I’ve never used size 80 Aurifil so that would be very interesting. I have plenty of scraps and mini charm packs to play with too. Thanks for sharing.

  267. They are adorable! And look like they require tiny fingers! But I do love the idea of having a bunch in a jar for show.

  268. Just looking at your jar of pinnies made me want to make one for a newbie quilter in my family. Maybe
    an English paper pieced flower… decide on the fabric???

  269. Loved making your prior pincushion patterns. They are so cute! I’m looking forward to more at Quilt Stock 2019.

  270. Pincushions-Great little projects to complete between those larger quilts that take so much more time. Have only made one pincushion in abt, 20 years of quilting. Time for more.