Block Heads 2 – Block 31

Happy Block Heads Wednesday… a Lella Boutique – Vanessa Goertzen day!

That’s Vanessa in her booth at Fall Quilt Market 2018 – she’s in front of her beautiful new Lollipop Garden collection, the fabrics and the quilts.  

I’ll share quilts in a minute but first – Interstellar.  Block 31.

Moda Michele is in the house with a finished block – Betsy Chutchian’s Rachel Remembered.  Michele used a curved-piecing foot and machine-pieced her block – and it’s. perfect.  Nary a pucker, bump or wiggle. 

Me?  I’m still quite a bit behind.  Market.  Out of the office.  Patterns.  I know… excuses.  

NOTE: Square H – that should be 1-3/4″ x 1-3/4″.  The pattern has been updated but it might not have synced yet.  (Mea culpa on that.)

Block 31 – Interstellar.

Remember… if the blogs aren’t up or the links aren’t working, check the Moda Block Heads 2 Archive.  Because if you’re reading this, it’s already been updated and it will have what you’re looking for.

The best part about being post-Market is that there are so many pretty new things to share – like Vanessa’s quilts.  

This is Diamond Dust – LB 177.

Square Dance – LB 178 – isn’t this a great riff on a Log Cabin block?

Butterfly Patch – LB 176 – is a lovely sampler-like quilt.  

Bling – LB 174.  Vanessa liked this block so much she drew it up as a 24″ size for Block Heads Block 5, and then used a smaller version of the block for this beautiful quilt.  

If you haven’t had enough of Lollipop Gardenit is really pretty.  And all of the images are by` Vanessa.

To see what the other Block Heads have done with Interstellar, check out their blogs and Instagrams:

Then be sure to check the Moda Blockheads Facebook Group and the blocks being posted on Instagram – #ModaBlockheads

That’s it for Week 24 – Block 31!

Happy Wednesday!  

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