Rolling Jelly Rugs…

Just one more sleep and it’s National Sew A Jelly Roll Rug Day!  

Metropolis by BasicGrey Jelly Roll Rug

It’s always easy to love a Saturday — and a Saturday in September!  But when it’s the 3rd Saturday… National Sew A Jelly Roll Day… then it’s a best. ever. kind of day!

Like so many shops around the country celebrating NSQJRD, we’re making a Jelly Roll Rug!  They’re amazing and we want one.  NOW.

Painted Garden by Crystal Manning – how perfect is this?  

Urban Cottage by Urban Chiks is the Jelly Roll – and this rug was made by Nicole Daksiewicz of Modern Handcraft.  (The collection won’t be in shops until November.)

Here are the supplies you need:

  • 1 Moda Jelly Roll with 42 strips – 2.5″ x 42″ wof
  • 1 Jelly Roll Rug pattern of your choice – the Original or JRR 2
  • 2 rolls of pre-cut batting – 2.5″ x 25 yards or 1 roll of pre-cut batting – 2.25″ x 50 yards (While the pattern calls for 2.5″ wide strips, folks in the know have told us that the narrower 2.25″ strips are much easier to use.)
  • 2 medium-sized spools of a neutral thread or 1 really big spool of a neutral thread
  • binding clips
  • sewing machine that can do a zig-zag stitch

The pattern is by Roma Lambson of RJ Designs – Jelly Roll Rug.

After the huge popularity of this oval rug, Roma designed a rectangular rug that is a bit easier to make, especially for beginning Jelly Rollers and Rug Makers.  It’s Jelly Roll Rug 2.

For a terrific video tutorial on how to make a Jelly Roll Rug, the best video is from Erica Arndt of Confessions of a Homeschooler.  She partnered with Roma Lambson and created this video. 

Making the rug is easy compared to deciding on which Jelly Roll to use!  There was a Jelly Roll Rug-along earlier this year on Instagram and social media, and while all of the rugs made were spectacular, we had a few favorites.

Jelly Roll – Hey Dot! by Zen Chic.  The maker of this rug is Dagleish Clothworks.

Bonnie & Camille, of course.  The collection/Jelly Roll is Handmade.  The maker of this perfectly perfect rug is Becky Parzy.

And because every Beach Road needs a Jelly Roll rug…

Diana Taylor used one Beach Road by Jen Kingwell Jelly Roll to make this vibrant, funky rug.  

The only other thing needed to make a Jelly Roll Rug is time.  Maybe a Saturday sewing with friends?  How about tomorrow? 

Wait!  While you won’t have the Jelly Rolls by tomorrow, leave a comment by Midnight on Saturday, September 15th, telling us your plans for the day.  Are you headed to your favorite quilt shop for National Sew A Jelly Roll Day?

Will you be sewing?  Will you be making something with a Jelly Roll?  What are you making?  

There will be two winners and each will win three Jelly Rolls and we’re not sure what other goodies we’ll include.  

If you’re on Instagram and Facebook, be sure to use the hashtag – #projectjellyroll – so we can see what you’re making.  And we’ll have contests and prizes throughout the day… because it’s a party!

Happy Friday!  And Happy National Sew A Jelly Roll Day!

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128 thoughts on “Rolling Jelly Rugs…

  1. This Saturday I am hoping that I do receive my jelly roll that I ordered on line so that I can start my jelly roll project. Otherwise I am sure I can find other sewing to do !!

  2. My quilt guild will be having its quarterly meeting which will include lots of inspiration. I know I’ll be sewing after the meeting!

  3. I won’t be making a jelly roll rug, but will save the pattern to do when I can find the right fabric. I will be putting the borders on my QIP.

  4. Luckily, I am heading to my LQS on Saturday and they just so happen to be having a sale on pre-cuts, jelly rolls included! I have lots of patterns bookmarked so the final result will depend on which jelly roll I choose. So many options!

  5. A dear friend and I plan to make the Jelly Rug together! Everything is better when you sew with a friend ☺️

  6. While I WANT to be sewing, I’m in recovery mode from a fairly extensive surgery and I’m not sure I’ll be quite up to it! My heart is there but not sure my body can handle it quite yet. Maybe in another week! I’m getting behind on my sew alongs! I’ve got 5 moda blockheads patterns to catch up on along with several other things!!!

  7. Went to the AQS show in Paducah yesterday with dear friends. Did show and tell all the way to the show and explained the genius of Cake Mixes and layer cakes!! Told them what a blast we had at Quiltstock and showed ladies at Hancock’s whatnyou do with Cake mixes when they were buying them!! I told them to go to the Moda blog.. We got the stuff for jelly roll rugs and can’t wait to get started!! Doesn’t EVERYone love a jelly roll. One of the ladies from Southern fabric had hers done. Said she started at noon and while waiting on customers worked on it at finished by supper!! So go-go-go.

  8. I have a jelly roll rug planned, but will be making it with my guild during a workshop in October. Tomorrow I will be sewing on some WIP. I currently have a quilt to finish up on my longarm and then want to do the next set of blocks in one of my BOM programs. I love using jellyrolls for gift quilts,, I have a few patterns that offer variations on the jellyroll race classic. Relatively quick to make, but beautiful results.

  9. Those rugs are so pretty – almost too nice to put on the floor though! Video is great! My jelly roll sewing has been pushed forward to Sunday since we’re helping our daughter move. Argh! I would much rather be sewing!!!

  10. Going to the quilt shop today to buy a Painted Garden jelly roll for my rug. I absolutely love that line!

  11. Loved making my rug. The surprising part was the amount of time it takes. I didn’t have any trouble with it laying flat but recommend pressing with starch every 2-3 rows. And go slowly around the corners! Such fun!

  12. A group of friends are getting together to sew tomorrow. I will be working on a tote bag using a jelly roll. One of the the best things about group sewing is seeing what everyone else in working on.

  13. I bought my pattern and batting strips…now to pick a jelly roll!! Sewing along on Saturday on my patio!

  14. I am finishing up a quilt… need to quilt and bind off. thanks for the giveaway. Jelly Roll rug is on my list of to do’s.

  15. I won’t be sewing with a jelly roll tomorrow as I have a almost completed Irish Chain quilt laid out on my basement floor waiting to be sewn together. I don’t actually even own a jelly roll at the moment, so winning some would be great!! Thanks for this chance.

  16. I’m dying to make one of those rugs. I have the pattern but I still have to get the batting. I think my daughter in law would enjoy having one also. Today I’m bringing my husband home from the hospital. Yay!! He had a cancerous tumor removed but he’s on the mend now. No sewing for me today because I have to clean this place up.

  17. Sewing on some quilt blocks – and maybe some shopping for a jelly roll so I could tackle one
    of those rugs!! They look amazing!!

  18. I definitely will be sewing…going to the quilt store today and looking for more jelly rolls ;o) Can’t have too many of them on hand. Planning on a jelly roll quilt tomorrow (Saturday)…still deciding between 2 patterns. Hope everyone has a wonderful day of sewing.

  19. I definitely will be sewing tomorrow Not sure if using jelly rolls but will definitely be fondling them and imagining rugs from them. Have to stop at local quilt shop to pick up my flannel jelly roll which is what I will be using for my rug

  20. Looking forward to making two ~ hope we don’t lose power from Hurricane Florence! Stay safe and have fun, y’all! ☺

  21. Oh my these are fantastic and have yet to try anything like this but certainly would LOVE to give it a try for certain! Thanks for a chance to win so I can try this fantastic beautiful rug pattern! Tomorrow I will actually be working on another type of rug a hooked (wool) rug! Thanks so much for such a fun giveaway! Hugs Linda

  22. I will be putting my sewing room back together after having a sew in with my two daughters and my sister. We were all working on our Blockheads blocks! So much fun!

  23. I will be taking a class with Betsy Chutchian tomorrow! I won’t be using a jelly roll, but I have made a rug! Love making them!

  24. Was hoping to make the Jelly Roll Rug tomorrow but can’t find the batting strips locally and will need to order it! Or cut my own…
    But, this looks so fun and think they would make fantastic Christmas gifts!!
    Oh, and thanks for the video – very helpful!!

  25. We are having Sew A Jelly Roll Day .. 5 are making the Rug. We have snacks.. jelly rolls, pinwheels for starters. It’s going to be a fun filled day!

  26. I’m not sure I will be working on a Jelly Roll project. Not only can’t I decide on which roll to use, I can never decide what pattern to use either (and it’s not for lack of jelly rolls or patterns–both are plentiful in my stash!). I’m in the midst of making the Figtree Village Square quilt, so I will probably be sewing little houses.

  27. I have my fabric all set to start my Spiders and Webs Quilt from Moda Bake Shop (I’ve been hanging on to it for awhile).

  28. I have my pattern (original) and will be making my first rug later in the month at a retreat with 5 of my great friends. Thank you so much for the great tutorial!! Tomorrow I will be busy making Zippy Strippy bags for our local battered women’s shelter. Our group makes 30 each year to donate, filled with travel sized toiletries, for the children to select as a Christmas gift for their Mother. Sadly, there usually are 30 at the shelter that time of year.

  29. I can’t wait to make one of these rugs! I may try a smaller version and make some trivets for Christmas presents. But, tomorrow, I’ll be starting on a butterfly quilt using Edyta Sitar’s pattern. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration.

  30. There will be no sewing for me on Saturday. It’s my week to be the caregiver for my 93 year old Mom. She was my quilting mentor. But now she is a two year old requiring full time attention to keep her safe and happy. So I declare Monday to be my Jelly roll day. Hooray for flexibility! Find a way and just do it. I’ll be making a simple quick throw in her favorite colors.

  31. I’ll be waiting patiently for my jelly roll and strip batting to come in the mail. I have other jelly rolls in my stash that I may do something with just because it’s such a special day.

  32. I am very inspired to make a Jelly Roll rug with all of the inspiration provided. I will definitely make a rug soon!

  33. wOW! i want to make one! But tomorrow is dedicated to the baby quilt I’m making for my sweet first great-grand-daughter. But I’m getting the directions for this rug!

  34. I will be making something with a jellyroll. I am so glad to see a lot of people jumping on board for national Jellyroll day. Thank you so much!

  35. I am rolling along on Autumn Love Sew Along. I do enjoy a good Jelly Roll though and look forward to seeing all the post for inspiration!

  36. I am so bummed that I won’t be able to do National Jelly Roll Day this year. I got so much accomplished last year and I so have a Jelly Roll Rug on my list. But my son has a Cross Country meet in Salt Lake and since we will be in town we are spending some time with family afterwards. So I will miss the entire day 🙁 I guess I will just have to give myself my own personal Jelly Roll day so I can get a rug made!!!!

  37. I’m going to a friends house and we’re going to spend the day sewing, not sure what she’s working on yet but I’m making a rug!

  38. I don’t have a jelly roll project in the que for Saturday. Instead I will be working on one of the 6 “Moda Love” quilts I have cut out to sew. I have two at the top stage already. Love how quickly it goes together!

  39. Will be starting a jelly roll rug Saturday, using my one and only, hoarded jelly roll. Florence will be an uninvited guest, and hopefully she’ll be content to leave the electricity on.

  40. I will sew and go to a soccer game.
    The jelly roll rug is on my list but I don’t have the batting strips yet. I think the 2.25 width seems much better than the same width as the jelly roll.

  41. I won’t be sewing on Saturday. That is the day of our guilds bi-annual quilt bingo, so I will be hoping to win one of the gorgeous quilts that are the bingo prizes.

  42. These rugs are so lovely. I have had one on my “want to make” list for some time now.
    With the designated “Day” being on the calendar now, well, I guess that cinches it!
    I WILL be making one. 🙂
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a great prize.

  43. I will be sewing for sure! If I have time I will work on a jelly roll quilt of some sort, but first I have some paper piecing to complete. Whatever I work on, I will enjoy a day of sewing!

  44. I have plans for a jelly roll run, but sadly not on Saturday. My machine is at the spa for a freshening up. But as soon as she is back home we will be makings some rugs.

  45. Yipee, Saturday! Football is on and I will be working on the quilts from the quilting cruise I was on in August with Stitchin’ Heaven. I have one top done and two to go!

  46. We’re 2 states away visiting my husband’s brother who has been diagnosed with a rare neuralogical condition. I’ve had my eye on the jelly roll rug for some time.

  47. Going to watch my grandson play football in the morning, then getting together with a few quilting friends in the afternoon. Will definitely be checking out jellyrolls to do this rug – what fun!

  48. I love these rugs. They remind me of the braided rugs with a little less work and the fun colors all ready to go in those lovely jelly rolls. I have one left over from my bed quilt so I might be making one to match!

  49. How can anyone not sew on the fabulous Jelly Roll Day !!!!! I am sew (LOL) excited to be starting on my first Jelly Roll rug. I have all the supplies, and a do not disturb sign for the door. Wish me luck !

  50. I’ll be sewing on Jelly Roll Day, but probably not a rug as i don’t have the needed supplies yet. The rugs look really interesting. Can’t wait to start one.

  51. I need a rug for my boots at the office so I don’t leave a salt stain on the carpet. I’m thinking about trying to make a rug about half the size, in pretty purples and blues for a dash of colour in the office.

  52. I can’t resist this challenge. I will choose one of my 3 sisters jelly rolls. The difficult part will be choosing a pattern but I will do that tonight. It’s not as if I don’t have lots of books and patterns to choose from.

  53. I have plans to work on a quilt that I have bought all the fabric to go along with the roll that I have had for a while now. It may not happen, as lately, my plans get changed by the time that day comes, but as of today, I plan to sew!

  54. I am hoping to do some sewing in the afternoon after all the necessary running around. Just love the Moda fabrics site…. Still working on my Summer Camp adventure. Need to figure how I want to free motion quilt it. And now this special event Saturday. So much I want to do and learn and not enough time, due to work mainly… lol. I am so glad I am getting back into sewing. Thank you Moda Fabrics!

  55. Saturday is our annual Taste of Smyrna so I’m going to grab something good for lunch. After, I am going to finish long-arming my Pepper and Flax quilt. A jelly roll rug is definitely in my future.

  56. I won’t be sewing tomorrow, but I’m definitely going to watch the jelly roll rug tutorial! They are all lovely and I can’t wait to try making one.

  57. My plans for the day are to get together with fellow guild members at a local church where we sew once a month. I have several projects one the queue, and yes, there is a jelly roll involved!

  58. I’ll be going to Sweetwater’s back porch sale on Saturday. Love their fabric lines and their scrap bags. I’ll probably come home very inspired to sew something.

  59. I have everything I need to make one of these rugs, and anxious to give it a try. You are right, deciding on which jelly roll to use is hard! Thanks to the hurricane, I doubt I will be going anyplace this weekend, but after having been away from my sewing machine for a couple of weeks, I am hoping to spend some time doing something fun and sewing related!!!

  60. I hope to open my half yard bundle of V and Co.’s Glitter Ombres. I’m planning on cutting my “Jelly Roll” strips so that I can make a Jelly Roll Rug as well as a quilt. Thanks for sharing Erica’s video. It was really helpful

  61. I hope to be sewing after I finish the yard work. I am making a jelly roll quilt with a Lella Boutique pattern. Thanks for the fun giveaway-I’m crossing my fingers!

  62. I really wanted to get together with some friends to sew, but September is just such a busy month I didn’t have time to organize anything. I hope to be in my sewing room playing with one of my ongoing projects… likely catching up on my Blockheads!

  63. I will definitely be sewing tomorrow-but now with a jelly roll. Tomorrow is the day I start a quilt for grand baby #12!!

  64. I’ll be working on a quilt to give my mom for Christmas. And doing some fabric shopping… might need a jelly roll to finally make a rug!

  65. I’m using my hoarded for a few years precious Avalon Jelly Roll to mkae Chelsi Stratton’s Hearts at home pattern. Only a bit smaller (3×3 block setting) and with pink hearts from the Nest collection. Sounds like a plan, right?

  66. I have a long list of chores to do today, but now I’m going to have to get started on my jelly roll rug. All the supplies came in 2 weeks ago and now I have the perfect excuse to begin!

  67. Sadly, I won’t be working on a jelly roll rug. But I will be working on my stuffed candy canes while I’m watching my favorite college football team. (Thanks for the inspiration Carrie!)

  68. I will be sewing a baby quilt that began life as a jelly roll. Making a jelly roll rug is on my bucket list, they look like so much fun to do!

  69. I will be working on a quilt I started earlier this week using 21/2 inch strips of Bonnie and Camille fabrics. Sadly not from a jellyroll but they are now 21/2 inch strips! (that counts, right!)

  70. Pretty rugs! I need to find the pattern and make one! I’ll be working on a Minion quilt for my nephew!

  71. I am in LOVE with these rugs!! I have a very similar 6’x8′ rug in living room that I “inherited” from my sister-in-law. I had never seen anything like it b4 or since!! My German Shepherd likes to chew on all things fabric… so I had to pull up all my area rugs and we need to replace our bdrm carpet!! He leaves the rug in the lvgrm alone though!! Now I can make a whole bunch of rugs he won’t destroy!!!! I’m so happy!! I also think these would make perfect Christmas gifts!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

  72. I’m sewing today … but actually I’m working on Linzee’s “True Blue Churn Dash” quilt for my kids’ wedding quilt (two years later). The quilt I started making them just wasn’t coming together and I wasn’t happy with it. But I’ve really been wanting to play with my stash of True Blue! So I showed the fabric and quilt pattern to my daughter Amy who loves anything “vintage,” and learned that blue is Todd’s favorite color! Perfect! I get to make the quilt I’ve been longing to make… my kids will love it… and the other quilt will be used for a couple NICU baby quilts! Happy Momma! (Since it’s NJRDay I will also work on my Woven quilt that uses a fun jelly roll of Sunnyside Avenue!) Happy Sewing everyone! ~mama pris

  73. Finished my rectangular jelly roll last week and absolutely love it. Saturday I will be using jelly rolls to make a birthday quilt for my son.

  74. I will be spending time with family as we gather for a benefit for a cousin that has been diagnosed with brain cancer. I will be taking her a quilt.

  75. The sisters & I celebrated natl sew a jelly roll day by doing just that! They are making Christmas quilts for family members, I’m using “strip search” pattern & fall jelly roll frm earlier (like many many seasons ago!) but you know they only become more special the longer they age☺️. Mine was going to start as a table topper, using the honey bun roll, but blox are so cute I am adding more fall fabric strips & will probably be bed size!! Love a reason to try something new with these collectible precuts!!!!!

  76. I want to sew an oval jelly roll rug for our open faced basement family room. I have the perfect spot that is 5 feet long by 2 feet wide tile in front of our French doors

  77. Hello, I am about to try a jellyroll rug and I found one using one of your Moda jelly rolls. I love the colours however I cannot find the name of the Jellyroll. I have a picture of the finished rug but don’t know where to post picture so you can help me identify it. It has gray, mossy green, peach, white with pink flowers and 2 shades of blue/gray with small floral pattern. They appear southern colours. If you can tell me where I will post picture. Any help would be appreciated

  78. I loved making the large oval with my granddaughter. The finished rug was pretty but wavey, we did not know to press every few rolls. We are taking out the zigzag stitch and going to try again.

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