Block Heads 2 – Block 11

If you’re reading this, you probably have a life filled with quilts and quilting… you have a quilting life.  And if you read quilting blogs, then you probably know Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life.

Sherri McConnell is one of our new Block Heads – she was invited to join us by everybody!  Jo just made it official.  Sherri’s first block is Block 11 – Direction.  It finishes at 6″. 

Moda Michele made this block using I’m-not-sure-which collection.  (I’ll ask and let you know.)

To see Sherri’s version of Direction and get the block instructions – Sherri’s Blog ~ Block 11 – Direction Instructions.

As before – as always? – the fabrics are from collections by Jen Kingwell and Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic.  They are Beach Road and Looking Forward, and Modern Backgrounds Paper and More Paper.

Sherri’s Blog ~ Block 11 – Direction Instructions.

These are Sherri’s first eight Block Heads 2 blocks – all made with a mix of the fabric collections she’s designed with her daughter, Chelsi Stratton.  They are the design duo – Sherri & Chelsi.  

This is Clover Hollow – their latest collection.  It will be in shops in the next few weeks. 

To see how many different Directions have been created by the Moda Designers for Block Heads 2, be sure to check the following:

If you’re looking for links to Direction and the first ten Block Heads 2 blocks and the blog posts – Moda Block Heads 2 Archive

Then be sure to check the Moda Blockheads Facebook Group and the blocks being posted on Instagram – #ModaBlockheads

That’s it for Week 11 of the Block Heads 2.

Happy Wednesday!  

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