Block Heads 2 – Block 10

This week is a little bit special – it’s one of the themes behind this year’s Block Heads, especially as it pertains to adding new designers.  Sunday – August 5th – was National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day.  So let’s celebrate our friends and our sisters – of the heart and those related to us. 

UPDATE:  We had a power outage last night and while the juice was restored early this morning, it took a little while for the website to get back up to full speed.  

Here is the direct link to Ducks and Ducklings –

It’s also Jo Morton time!  And Block Heads Wednesday.

Today is about Ducks and Ducklings, better known as Block 10.  The ducks and ducklings are big – this block finishes at 12″.  

Moda Michele – one “l” – made the block above using Jo’s New Hope collection.

To see Jo’s version of Ducks and Ducklings and get the block instructions – Jo’s Blog ~ Block 10 – Ducks and Ducklings Instructions.

This is Jo’s beautiful coming-in-September collection, Spice It Up.  Just in time for Fall!

If you haven’t seen the Color Cuts 2 yet, Spice It Up is one of the half-dozen collections that is well-represented.  

From top to bottom, the Color Cuts II Colors are – Pecan Pie / Red Maple / Gingerbread / Juniper.  

Jo’s Blog ~ Block 10 – Ducks and Ducklings Instructions.

To see the other Ducks and Ducklings created by the Moda Designers for Block Heads 2, be sure to check the following:

If you’re looking for links to Ducks and Ducklings and the first nine Block Heads 2 blocks and the blog posts – Moda Block Heads 2 Archive

Then be sure to check the Moda Blockheads Facebook Group and the blocks being posted on Instagram – #ModaBlockheads

That’s it for Week 10 of the Block Heads 2.

Happy Wednesday!  

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15 thoughts on “Block Heads 2 – Block 10

  1. This is a beautiful block and I would love to make it. However, I have been running in circles following links here and there and the block’s instructions are not to be found.- Where are the instructions for block 10? A direct link to the block would be best. Thank you. 🙂

  2. It appears that Jo has not posted her block yet. The link to her blog takes you to a page that has not been updated since June. Need a better system for the blocks. Why can’t Moda post the patterns instead of the links?

  3. Ladies – let’s try to remember that these DESIGNERS are offering their talents free and might not wake up as early as we do. We’re all excited to get the next block…but we need to show patience and kindness.

  4. I am not finding the pattern. When I go to Jo’s page I find block 48 from the first Blockheads. Did I miss something? Love the block!

  5. Please let us know when the instructions for the newest block is available. Looks beautiful!

  6. Any thoughts on printing the instructions in a way that doesn’t use so much ink? With the colored backgrounds this really uses a lot of ink .

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