Because it is July…

And the holidays are coming.  Maybe even a little faster than we’d like to think about.

So today is about sharing some of the perfect-for-a-gift projects that we’ve shared in the past few years.  

Like this Christmas Village pillow – the pattern for this 16″ x 26″ pillow can be found on this July 14, 2017 blog post – Christmas Village…

Do you like quick little zipper bags?  I love them and they’re a great way to use up left over Layer Cake Squares.

July. Christmas. Ready.  There are instructions on how I made these bags.  (I should review so I can make more!)

For an easy drawstring bag made with Moda’s toweling, this is an option.

This post was Throwing in the Towel… but if it’s this Red & White plaid, throw it in my direction!

With so many of Moda’s Christmas collections now in shops, there is also time to make a quilt.  This Hometown Stars from last year is still one of my favorites.

It was designed and made by Thelma Childers of Cupcakes ‘n Daisies.  The pattern – and some of the story – for this quilt can be found at Hometown Stars.

Red and White!  Start gathering red and white stripe fabrics – and any red and white fabric – to make some fabric Candy Canes.

The best part about these candy canes is that they have absolutely no calories!  Well, they would but really, you’re not going to eat them so that means they are calorie-free.  Candy Canes – July 2016.

And while you’re searching for red and white fabrics, make sure to get some Bella Solid in 98 or 200 so you can make a few of these pillows.

Love. These. Pillows.  They’ve traveled to shows and graced the lobby of Moda Fabrics.  They’re made using patterns – either a mini or a block from a larger quilt.  All the information about these pillows can be found at Red & White in July.

There are some new holiday projects to share later this week, I just need to finish taking pictures of each step.  A box.  And a star.

So do you start planning your holiday sewing this early?  Are you sewing yet?  What is on your Holiday 2018 Sewing To-Do List?

Happy Tuesday!

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14 thoughts on “Because it is July…

  1. Thanks for the sweet Christmas ideas! I love the houses pillow, I think I am going to make this, but not in red & green Christmas fabrics, but everyday fabrics because I think it would be adorable to leave out all year round!!!

  2. I love the house pillow. I’m going to first make it in Halloween fabric for a grand daughter who absolutely loves Halloween, then a Christmas one for me. Thanks for reprinting these patterns.

  3. Most of my throw size and larger quilts for Christmas 2018 giving are already at least flimsies. This post is perfectly timed to provide inspiration for the smaller, fill-in gifts that are so often needed at the last minute. What have you got for quilty ornament suggestions ?

  4. Thanks for the Christmas sewing ideas Carrie. Am about to complete my first Halloween quilt just because I didn’t have one. You may have been the inspiration for that too. Will think on your ideas as presented since a pillow or container could be accomplished sooner rather than later; a good thing.

  5. Thanks for these holiday ideas! I’ve already made a Schnibbles inspired quilt with Vintge Holiday and Swell Christmas (it turned out really cute) and two pillows with Vintage Holidays. I wanna make a bit more with this collection … you know I can never say no to B&C;-)
    But you got me curious with your star and box can’t wait to see more.

  6. Hi Carrie, which Moda white did you use for the background on the Christmas Village pillow? I’m assuming it is a Moda. I really need to make this pillow NOW, so I don’t forget again. Thank you

    1. Hi Jo –

      I use Bella 200 – Off-White – for almost everything. It’s a wee bit softer white than Bella 98 and it works with everything, especially fabrics that are not-white-but-kinda-cream-but-not-really-either-one. lol

      Now GO! Make the pillow! (If there’s one convenient to you, I got the pillow form at IKEA – it’s a feather pillow and it’s a great, inexpensive price.)

  7. I love all these patterns, but especially the Christmas Village pillow. I’ve been sewing houses for the Village sew along project so what are a few more houses?

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