Summer Sewing…

Do you make plans?  Is this the perfect time for a sew-along?  Or is this when you get caught up with works-in-progress?

This is what Chelsi Stratton of Sherri & Chelsi has pulled for her summer sewing plans – a big stack of pretty fabrics and two Thimble Blossoms’ patterns, Clambake and Scrappy Stars.

Block Heads 2 Update – See below.

Laurie Simpson is working on several quilts but this isn’t one of them.  It’s finished!  Laurie – of Minick & Simpson – is doing a One-Block Challenge with Annette Plog of Petite Quilts.  Laurie picked the block – Schoolgirl’s Puzzle – and shared a couple of the quilts she’s made using it.  This spectacular quilt is made with all solids and it’s hand-quilted.

Or use Minick & Simpson prints – these are from Portsmouth – and a charcoal crossweave background.

There are Rules for participating in the One-Block Challenge – and Schoolgirl’s Puzzle Instructions.

Annette is already making blocks – using Minick & Simpson’s Lexington collection from a few years ago.  (It is one of my favorites!)

All these triangles… do you have a preferred way of making half-triangle squares?  I will admit to using several methods – triangle paper or trimming down over-sized HTSs.  I’ll either draw a line, cut the squares into triangles or use a seam-guide for the stitching.  (It depends on how many I have to do.)

What I love about some of these projects is that they’re a perfect reason to dive into fat quarters, fat eighths and layer cakes.  And it’s the perfect way to play with – and sew with – scraps!

I love this picture of Susan’s scrap bins.  (Though I’m not sure I could get any sewing done… it would be mostly just playing with the pretty fabrics.  I spy a lot of Moda in there.)  Susan might be using some of these for her Block Heads 2 blocks… I’ll let you know.

It seems as though there are always a lot of sew-alongs in the summer.  The Block Heads.  The Dessert Sampler.  The Village sew-along is just wrapping up – #sewingavillage – and the Clementine quilt-along is on the homestretch.

Have you ever participated in a sew-along?  Did you like it?  Or was it too much pressure – it’s hard not to feel like everybody else is ahead of you.

This is from the Color Cuts Dessert Sampler being hosted by Chrissy from SewLux.  I had hoped to sew-along with this one but… not gonna happen.  

Last July, I invited myself to sew along with Amanda Jean Nyberg of Crazy Mom Quilts and make pincushions.  That was so much fun – I highly recommend any kind of creative daily challenge.

These were the pincushions Amanda made in one month – please see her Instagram for more.

With the Martingale/Moda retreats here in Dallas next month, I won’t have a chance to make any pinnies this July.  But I have my fingers crossed that I will get to do some sewing!  (I’ll let you know how that goes.)

So what are your summer sewing plans?  Do you have any summer sewing plans?!  Are you going on a quilt retreat with friends?

I’ll be sewing for the Block Heads.  Working on a new Cake Mix sample or two, and trying to finish up some of my works-in-progress.  At least that’s the plan.

Block Heads 2 Update: If you are still having problems accessing the Block Heads 2 files, the links have been checked multiple times and they are working.  Please try this – clear your browser history.  Close the browser window completely, including each tab.  Open the browser window again.  Find the website and page you need, and try the link again.  That is working for most everyone.  (Fingers crossed.)

Block Heads 2 – Block 1 – Stellar Star
Block Heads 2 – Basic Instructions

Happy Tuesday!

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14 thoughts on “Summer Sewing…

  1. I like sew alongs. Even when I don’t complete the project, I get something done, and even if I don’t participate by sewing, I enjoy all the inspiration I see! And for the record, I have actually completed some sew alongs — lol.

  2. I love sew alongs! Some I complete, others fall away when life gets in the way. Loved all the pictures, so inspiring!

  3. All is not well with the links….. Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Google all tell me that the link is not found….. for block one. Yet I read your blog post just fine.

  4. Love reading the blog, every link in the blog works–except–the block head and instruction links. Nothing I’ve tried will make it work.

  5. Your blog has provided me with lots of inspiration. The links to the blockheads 2 first block directions and the basic instructions still do not work for me, no matter what browser I try.

  6. I’m. Going to do my best with this one. I still have Blockheads one on the go. When I need a break from a huge project I keep some SALs on the go. I can make a block or two and feel better about my sewing. I don’t expect to get the done within the time limit, I expect to just have fun and love ut, with no pressure. I get the pressure with making quilts for the store I work at. But I love that too. Thank you for this fun project.

  7. I love sew-alongs and I’m so happy that the Modablockheads are sewing again. And I plan to make the Splendid Sampler block too at least the ones which are free (the first 20 I think) and I have ordered the Dessert Sampler pattern (will use my own fabrics)

  8. I live in Scottsdale, AZ where quilting kicks into high gear when the temps are over 100 — which is often. I haven’t started a quilt-along yet buy am participating in my quilt guild’s Mystery BOM. The blocks feature lots of triangles but the practice has been wonderful for me. And, of course, mine is done in modern fabrics. Can’t wait to see what it will look like. I do like following the quilt-alongs. They are a great source of inspiration.

  9. Hi, Carrie. I had no problem at all downloading the block and the instructions using your links above in Firefox. SO EXCITED for another Blockheads! Thank you!

  10. I like sew-a-longs, but this summer I have a list of gift projects I’m trying to complete before mid-November!

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