Block Heads 2 – A Baker’s Dozen

Happy Block Heads Friday!

That is Brigitte’s Block 1 – it’s still a digital image because she’s waiting on some Grunge to arrive.  We’ll share pictures of the “real blocks” when she has them.  For more with Brigitte – Zen Chic Blog.

So have you made the rounds with Lynne, Betsy, Jo, Jan and Lisa to see who else is joining the group?

Corey YoderSherri McConnell of Sherri & ChelsiStacy Iest HsuBarbara Groves of Me & My Sister Designs.

This is Barbara’s block – it’s a sunny, whimsical, bright and playful Me & My Sister color palette.

Laurie Simpson of Minick & Simpson – she’s also a Block Head.

Laurie is going to be making her quilt with a Modern-Bright palette of Bella Solids.  After seeing the two color layouts that Brigitte had done for the digital image, Laurie commented that she’d love to make one of them exactly as pictured but it “probably has fifty different shades.”  I disagreed… “Brigitte… she’s that good, I bet it’s less than twenty colors.”  Sixteen.  Brigitte sent her palettes and I matched them to Bella Solids.  This is the Modern-Bright palette.

I’ll share both palettes and the numbers of the Bella Solids next week.

So that makes Lucky Thirteen – a Baker’s Dozen of Block Heads.  The order of posting blocks will be:

Do you have the Basic Instructions for half-square triangles, stitch-and-flip flying geese, needle-turn appliqué and curved seams?

Block 1 – Stellar Star
Lynne’s blog post about Stellar Star

Block Heads 2 – Archive of Blocks


Block Heads Facebook Group – same group, same lovely people… and a few new faces.

A few more details to share…

  • Finished quilt size.  The planned quilt will measure 72″ x 78″ without additional borders or blocks.
  • Blocks.  There are 52 blocks – four from each of the Block Heads.  The sizes vary from 6″ to ???  (It’s a Mystery!)
  • Dates & Timing.  The last block posted will be on Wednesday, April 17, 2019… if you’re counting weeks, it will make sense in September.
  • Sharing blocks.  Not everybody will be blogging each week this time.  Some will, some will blog every few weeks and catch up.  Almost everyone will be sharing blocks in the Block Heads Facebook Group or on Instagram – #modablockheads.

Yardage.  Depending on what you’ve got in mind, here are rough estimates of what you’ll need:

  • One Background & Asst. Lights/Mediums/Darks.
    Asst. Lights, Mediums & Darks for Blocks – 30 to 32 FQs or scraps to total approx. 8 yards
    Background – 4-1/2 yards
  • Multiple Backgrounds & Asst. Lights/Mediums/Darks.
    Asst. Lights, Mediums & Darks for Blocks – 30 to 32 FQs or scraps to total approx. 8 yards
    Asst. Prints for Backgrounds – 18 to 20 FQs or scraps to total approx. 5 yards
  • A Mix of Lights, Darks & Mediums.
    Asst. Lights, Mediums & Darks for Blocks and Backgrounds – 48 to 50 FQs or scraps to total approx. 13 to 14 yards

For a bit more information – Block Heads 2 in 21 Days…

So… are you in?  Are you a Block Head for 2018?

See you next Wednesday with Block 2.

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16 thoughts on “Block Heads 2 – A Baker’s Dozen

  1. My very scrappy Block Heads 1 is ready for quilting and I am so anxious to get started on Block Heads 2…just trying to decide on my color palette. To all of the designers, thank you so much for all you are doing to bring us another fun mystery quilt!

  2. Yes, I’m in of course, how could I not make it!?! But I’m making all my blocks 6″ big (because I already have a layout for my first couple of blocks for a cute Halloween quilt and it’s my favorite block size and everything mini is cuter, right?) and I’m not doing applique or curved piecing.

  3. Thanks for putting this together again. Looking forward to seeing what all the designers come up with. I’ve gathered red, white, and blue fabrics together and am pretty much set to jump in with a patriotic quilt.

  4. This will be a fun year. I’ve got my first block done and I’m following Brigitte’s color palette. This will be my first attempt of a modern looking quilt.

  5. I can’t seem to access the pattern for the block no matter which link I click on….I always get the message that the page I seek is not found

  6. Yes I’m a blockhead. I loved bh1 and am so excited to be starting bh2. Thank you so much for all this.

  7. I am also getting Page not found messages when I try to get the PDF – both from here and from the Kansas Troubles blog. Are the technical difficulties spilling over into this?

  8. I, too can’t seem to get the pattern. Just a “page not found” help! I’m already behind!!!!

  9. I would like to see the patterns in a simpler form for printing. There’s too much to print on the page! I also get page not found for the basic instructions page.

  10. Would love to get Block 1 pattern. No matter which designer I go to, the link for the pattern says “page not found”. How soon before fixing? Thank you.

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