Block Heads 2 in 21 days…

Twenty-one sleeps?  Three weeks.  June 6.

Block Heads 1 – Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas TroublesBetsy ChutchianJan PatekJo MortonLisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings.

As before, these ladies are asking you to take a leap of faith with us because this is going to be another Mystery quilt.  But the clues are better… or rather, we’ve got a few more loaves of bread for our trail of breadcrumbs.

Here’s what we can share:

Layout.  We have one.  A few of the parts can be moved around but we have a setting and a plan.  We’ll share part of it by the end of the year, but the full reveal won’t be until March of 2019 when the last block is published.

You do not have to follow our layout!  But I think you’ll like what we’re doing.  And there will be a few options for turning this “big” project into several smaller ones.

This layout will not need additional fabric for sashing, alternating squares, setting triangles, etc.  Unless you want to change the setting, then you’re on your own.

Size.  The finished quilt will measure 72″ x 78″.  If you’d like a bigger quilt, that’s easily done with more blocks and borders.

Blocks.  While there are 6″ finished blocks in this quilt, there are at least three different sizes of blocks.  And 6″ finished is the smallest.

Fabric Requirements.  This is where it gets a little less precise.  It all depends on whether you use a single background for all the blocks, mixed backgrounds – light or dark, or a variety of light, medium and dark fabrics for the “background” of some blocks.  So these estimates are rough.  Generous.  But rough.  The yardage calculations are also based on a “traditional approach” of an allover light or dark background with contrasting prints for the block parts.

  • One Background & Asst. Lights/Mediums/Darks.
    Asst. Lights, Mediums & Darks for Blocks – 30 to 32 FQs or scraps to total approx. 8 yards
    Background – 4-1/2 yards
  • Multiple Backgrounds & Asst. Lights/Mediums/Darks.
    Asst. Lights, Mediums & Darks for Blocks – 30 to 32 FQs or scraps to total approx. 8 yards
    Asst. Prints for Backgrounds – 18 to 20 FQs or scraps to total approx. 5 yards
  • A Mix of Lights, Darks & Mediums.
    Asst. Lights, Mediums & Darks for Blocks and Backgrounds – 48 to 50 FQs or scraps to total approx. 13 to 14 yards

One of the designers for Block Heads 2 is going to make her quilt with this selection of Bella Solids.  There are sixteen 1-yard pieces.  Depending on the fabrics she uses for each block, she’s pretty sure she’ll need a little more of a few of them.  But this is what she’s starting with.

Will the quilt work with a single background?  Yes.  Will it work with a dark background?  Yes.

Timing.  Block 1 will be posted at 8:00 am CST on Wednesday, June 6.  The last block and a few finished quilt tops will be shared on Wednesday, April 17.

A couple of other changes coming…

  • We will be here every Wednesday, sharing our version of each new block.
  • The link to each new block will be available on that week’s Designer blog, and if they don’t have a blog, we will link to the block here.
  • There will be an Archive of blocks updated weekly.
  • Some of the Block Heads will be blogging every week, others will only blog for their blocks.
  • Blocks will be posted every Wednesday by 8:00 am, CST.

So what fabric will I be using?  Very scrappy.  Brighter.  There’s some Jen Kingwell fabric in there, a little Fig Tree and I’m not sure what else.

I’m starting with roughly 5 yards of assorted light backgrounds, a couple of layer cakes, a dozen or so fat quarters and a whole lot of scraps.  I’d show you my stack of fabrics now but some of it might be a Market collection.  That will be something to share on June 6.

In the meantime, I’m clearing off my cutting table and I’ve got a new package of blades for my rotary cutter.

I’m ready.

What about you?

See you on the 6th!

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59 thoughts on “Block Heads 2 in 21 days…

  1. Yes, I am doing this quilt for sure this time. I watched the first one and that is not happening again!

  2. You know, I think I will join you. I need to de-stash (so I can make room for more) and this is an ideal opportunity especially as there are varying block sizes. Can’t wait!

  3. I have no idea which fabrics I’ll use this time but I used white-on-white prints last time as background and I love how my blocks turned out. So I’ll use them again.

  4. I’m excited about the new blockheads. Wednesday’s have seemed so empty without you all!

  5. To confirm – this is a weekly block (BOW)

    If it starts in June and the last block is April 17, 2019, then how can the full reveal and the last block be in March 2019? Or is the last block in March 2019 along with the full reveal and completed quilts will be shown on April 17, 2019.

    The sentence in TIMING is confusing along with the statement in Layout.

    Maybe it is just me not understanding…..


    1. I think she said the last block will be published, along with the full reveal in March. April will show some finished quilt tops. That’s my understanding.

  6. Question Carrie, will BH 2 have the same facebook page as the current Moda Blockheads FB page or will a new BH 2 FB page be created for the new project?

  7. I have been looking forward to this and my collection of fat quarters could do with a little thinning. I watched on as I discovered the last one when it was half through. Much fun to be shared. Thankyou.

  8. I haven’t started the first one yet, but I can’t wait to see blocks for the second one!

  9. I was so sorry I didn’t participate in the last Blockheads;…….but I am ready for this one!!

  10. Is there any way to get the layout at the beginning? I’m still learning to mix fabrics and think having
    the layout would help in planning the whole quilt with the colors and fabrics. thanks for considering this……looking forward to Blockheads on Weds!

  11. Looking forward to it! Just four blocks left to do from the first round . . . just need to unearth the project. Thank you for doing this again. I really liked you landing in my box on Wednesdays!! Allison in Plano

  12. Carrie Nelson…I just finished piecing your Opening Day and I love it! So, will a 2-color theme work for Blockheads 2…would a 2-color theme work for Blockheads 2…would love to do an all red and cream quilt?

  13. Even though I have been quilting for over thirty years this would be a first for me. I am wondering how necessary is it to PLAN colors, can I just reach in my stash and pull out what speaks to me for a block or would it end up a disaster? Thanks for your opinions

    1. I love scrappy and that’s what I did with Blockheads 1. It’s fun to come up with different prints and color combinations and in the end it looks great!

      1. OK, great. Thunk I might be ready to try this as I do not want to buy fabric. I do not want to be the quilter who wins the contest by dying with the most fabric. Lol

    2. I agree with Dottie. You can re-arrange your blocks to suit your colors once you are ready to set them, so scrappy will be great, and what fun to select colors as you go!

    3. Hi Shirley – I went the scrappy route with Bella solids to tie it together. After doing it that way, I’ll be using a bundle of coordinating prints and solids to make my life a lot easier!

    4. Shirley I’d recommend you have a color story in mind, that way as you’re grabbing prints, it will be coordinated in the end. I did Blockheads 1 scrappy, but I had a box of fabric that I chose from weekly..shades of blue, brown and gold. I love the final look! This time red will be my preferred color way, probably with browns and creams

  14. Super stoked for this! Still working on finishing my blockheads 1, but can’t wait for number 2! I’ll be following along using the Terrarium collection by Elizabeth Hartman – what I learned from the first round is that it is definitely better to have a bundle of coordinates than wing it! Thank you for putting this together again!

  15. Bring it on!!! I am so ready. Did I finish blockheads 1?????? Not yet, but I cannot wait to see what you, my favorite designers are up to!!!!!

  16. Are there photos of Block Heads 1, I have just discovered you and intend to try Block Heads 2! Thank you

  17. I didn’t hear about the first one until mid way, so I saved the patterns but didn’t start. I’ll pick some fabrics and be ready to rock this time – lord knows I have plenty of fabric. 2 other BOM’s underway and 3 UFO’s – no worries 🙂

  18. So excited to see your post. This Mystery sounds wonderful. 6″ as smallest square is surprising but can’t wait to start.

  19. I think I’ll use a grey background and lots of bright batiks. Never used a grey background and have been wanting to do one. Will be lots of fun. Just hope I can keep up!

  20. I love each designer, for all the work they put in designing Moda Blockheads blocks. Looking forward to participating again. Thanks so much.
    Sincerely, Linda Crumpton.

  21. Wow soooo looking 4ward till Wednesday BH1 was amazing
    Looking 4ward to the challenge of BH2
    Biggest challenge to me will be waiting patiently each week for the new block

  22. I was hoping to get layout plan before we start. My thinking is that I block one sits next to block two for instance, I would vary my colours.

  23. I can’t wait for the patterns to start! How exciting! I’ll be using Corey’s fabric and solids. Thanks Corey!!

  24. I’m so ready now that my surgery is over and healing is well underway. Have fabric choices all over the place and ready to put everything in motion. Working on two QOVs in between Blockheads II. Thanks to all the designers for your hints and help.

  25. I’m not sure what happened, but I got a ton of e-mails sent by Angela Yosten(?) that had nothing to do with modafabrics. Hopefully this has been corrected, because I am ready with my fabric to begin the block-heads 2.


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