Vintage Holiday Scallops…

It’s a Bonnie & Camille thing.  Vintage Holiday.  Scalloped Solids.

This one-of-a-kind pincushion was made by Bonnie Olaveson for Camille using the scalloped edge of the “printed solids” included in their Vintage Holiday collection.  Printed solids?  Bella Solids are made using threads that are dyed to the color so the fabric looks the same on both sides.  A “printed solid” is where the color – dye – is applied to one side like regular printed quilting cottons – you can easily distinguish the two sides.  It is what allows the edge of the fabric to have the scalloped pattern.

This is Vintage Holiday.

This is in the warehouse now, being readied for shipping.  It should be in your favorite quilt shop by early next week.

These are the Scalloped Solids – Red, Aqua and Pink.

Bonnie & Camille had beautiful quilts for this collection – big surprise, right?

These are Bonnie’s – Cotton Way.  Clockwise from upper-left: Deck the Halls / Snowflakes / Christmas Cheer ~ a Block of the Month / Bundle Up.

These are Camille’s – Thimbleblossoms.  Clockwise from upper-left:  Sugar Plums / Vintage Holiday 2 / Patchwork SkyWinterville.

But back to the Scalloped Solids… at Fall Market, Bonnie made a pillow using one Santa Hat block from Christmas Cheer, bordered with the Scalloped Solid in Red.

It was a HUGE hit… the pillow almost didn’t make it back to Bonnie’s house.  Because folks hadn’t realized that the edge of the Scalloped solids had the design, more samples were cut for the reps to show the shops.  That meant a big stack of scraps/leftovers.  We sent that to Bonnie and she’s been having a lot of fun making little things using mini charms, scraps and… the scalloped edge of the solids.

These Pretty Pouches – that’s also the name of the pattern – are an easy way to get a looks-hard design for a zipper bag.  Scalloped Solids – and Vintage Holiday Mini Charms.

Joyful Stockings Ornaments, and Christmas Candy Ornaments are also perfect ways to use the scalloped edging of the solid.  The rest of the fabric can be used for piecing, backings, ties, bindings, edgings and everything else you use solids for!  As for the pincushions, Bonnie does have a Stitchin’ Pretty Pincushions pattern that will get you started.

Bonnie will be sharing more Vintage Holiday and Scalloped Solids pictures and information in the coming weeks on Instagram – @bonniecottonway.  (You will still be able to see the pictures if you’re not on Instagram.) . And if there are any patterns that you can’t find, check with BonnieAnd Camille.

But back to the Santa pillow…

Using a long rotary ruler aligned to the top of the scallop with a generous 1/4″ seam allowance added, four borders are cut along the selvage.  With both sides of the yardage, the four borders can be cut from a 3/4-yard piece of fabric.  To create the frame, four corner squares will be required – otherwise the scallop will continue to the edge of the pillow.  The squares and the pillow backing can be cut from the “middle” of the yardage.  The exact measurements will depend on the finished size of your block.  It will take a little bit of playing to get the size and scallop right but I think this is one of those times when getting it “close” will still be beautiful.

Any remaining solid fabric can be cut for binding, or to mix in with the scrappiness of the Vintage Holiday quilts.


Thank you Bonnie and Camille for the pictures!

This is Christmas Cheer – as adorable as that pillow is, the quilt is even better.

Happy Tuesday!

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18 thoughts on “Vintage Holiday Scallops…

    1. Hi Ellen – Vintage Holiday should start appearing in shops by the end of next week! (Maybe sooner.) . 🙂

  1. I really love this line…I love the vintage look….I can’t wait to get some so I can make some Christmas things…

  2. We love scallops – yes we do! Pretty sure I see a few patterns that I need to pick up as well. Thanks again for all your fun and generous sharing of what’s happening in the Moda world of quilting.

  3. I really need this scallop solids and need to make the santa pillow. I’ve already made two pillow covers with Vintage Holidays but you can never have enough pillow covers, right?

  4. I hope Moda is producing lots and lots and lots of bolts of these scalloped solids. I think they are going to be sold for years. I’m serious! Think about Valentines for the red and pink. The pink and aqua for spring and Easter. These are annual needs. The quilting public won’t just want these for Christmas. Demand will be high. Things could get vocal and loud. I’m just sayin’.

  5. Carrie, is the scallop only on the printed selvedge edge or is it on both? What a great idea and as always, so creative.

  6. All so cute! I had decide to do 1 quilt with this line but with all the fun stuff popping up I am sure I need more.

  7. All this is wonderful but the scalloped border – Sweet mother of Betsy Ross I am IN LOVE!

  8. Love this new line from Bonnie & Camille. They need to put all these gorgeous patterns in one fabulous book featuring this Vintage Christmas fabric. A beautiful book published by Martingale would be perfect! PLEASE!!!

  9. Great experience at the shop in Pigeon Forge and ordering online. Wonderful colors, friendly staff and great fabric!

  10. Carrie, I would like to use one of your images for scalloped solids/pincushion for our newsletter for Prairie Point Junction in Cozad, NE. Would this be alright?

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