Featured Shop: Old South Fabrics

The past has come full circle for Wanda Coley, owner of the Old South Fabrics in Cleveland, Tennessee.         

That past includes childhood hours spent at her grandmother’s home, where a pot-bellied stove would warm the room. Wanda watched as her grandmother and the neighbors would lower a quilting frame from the ceiling and gather round. “My grandmother always said quilters were the salt of the earth, and no one would put that much time into making a quilt if they didn’t have a heart of gold,” says Wanda. “Those times made such an impression on me.”

Gary and Wanda travel to quilt shows to vend the wares carried at Old South Fabrics. Moda Fabrics comprise about 90% of what they carry.

So great was the impression that when it came time to retire from her years as an office administrator, it was quilting that called her name. Wanda’s mother was a professional seamstress and Wanda herself was skilled at garment-making. But after taking quilting classes in the Nashville area, she was hooked. “I loved the interaction in the classes and I wanted to go back to what my grandmother instilled in me,” she says.

So in 2013, she opened Old South Fabrics as an online fabric store. In 2016 she added a brick-and-mortar shop in Cleveland, Tennessee, the town where she and her husband Gary landed after moving from Murfreesboro to be closer to three of their five grandchildren. “We didn’t intend to open a shop, but quilters who knew our online business said, ‘What do you mean you’re not going to open a shop?’”

The shop, which is off the I-64 bypass between Knoxville and Chattanooga, delights both local quilters and those from farther afield. Wanda says they’ll drive from as far as two and three hours away to visit Old South Quilts. “I’m humbled by that,” she says. “We also get a lot of snowbirds who are on their way north or south and who may have met us at one of our shows.”

Old South Fabrics vends regularly at AQS shows, as well as at shows at Pigeon Forge and other places. Wanda also meets quilters when she travels to guilds to teach classes based on her original designs and to share her trunk shows.

A dream quilt shop, Wanda says, has rocking chairs on the porch and hot tea and “all of that.” Though Old South doesn’t fit that mold yet, it does have rows and rows of Moda fabrics and precuts galore. “Anyone who has sewn with Moda knows the quality,” she says. “We built our reputation as the Moda site and the Moda store.” Wanda appreciates the great customer service she gets from Moda and her appreciation extends to her Moda rep, Kathy Skomp; Chelair, who sends trunk shows of Moda quilts and is “fantastic”; and even Mark Dunn, the president of the company. “I met him in Ashville and you could not meet a more down-to-earth, quality man,” says Wanda. “We were touched and humbled by the way he took the time to talk with us and listened to us.


A passion for fabric fuels Wanda’s enthusiasm for her shop—she loves unpacking the boxes of fabric when they arrive and envisioning original patterns to use with them, which she kits and sells—but it’s the interactions with people that bring her the most joy. “I don’t think of them as customers, I think of them as family,” she says. “I want them to feel like they matter and they count. We are privileged to have them come in.” She and her employees make customers comfortable—“If they just want to look around and not be bothered, we let ‘em go, but if they need help with something like choosing fabrics, well, I thrive on that.”

Wanda’s delighted to excite those customers about the art and craft of quilting, just as her grandmother did for her, all those years ago. “It means a lot to me to keep quilting alive for generations to come.”



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548 thoughts on “Featured Shop: Old South Fabrics

    1. I am assuming it is the small quilt under the Moda sign. If so, it is a Moda fabric collection called Voyage by Kate Spain. ( I love Kate’s collections.) That quilt was made from one charm pack of Voyage, a pack of Cupcake Mix #1 and a solid charm pack. We do have Voyage available. Happy you liked it.

    2. Enjoyed visiting your booth in Paducah. My group and I picked up several great selections.

      1. Hi Tamara. Thank you for visiting our booth. We appreciate you and your group shopping with us. We are so glad to hear you enjoyed our booth. We will be back in Paducah for the Fall quilt show. If you attend, we hope you will come by to see us.

  1. How can I find out the name of the quilt hanging next to the white with red stars/snowflakes? I love it and want to make it!

    1. Judy, great to hear you like that quilt. It was made using Cake Mix Recipe #8 (block #5), one Moda William Morris Layer Cake and 2 Grunge (# 30150- 162 ) Junior Layer Cakes. We LOVE the Cake Mix Recipes! William Morris fabric collection was inspired by Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Exclusively for Moda.

  2. Gary & Wanda- I have purchased items online from you guys and looking at your shop, I surely wish you were allot closer to me here in North Carolina. What a beautiful shop!!!!!! If I am every out that way, I will surely stop by….. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Carol, for taking time to share your encouraging words. We appreciate you shopping with us and so very thankful you chose our website. Without wonderful quilters like you, we would not have Old South Fabrics.

  3. I love Old South fabrics because they always have the newest lines from Moda- they come to our guild’s Showcase and Marketplace here in The Villages, FL and they are super nice and helpful! Lovely profile of two terrific people

    1. Ellen, thank you for your kind words. We are scheduled to see you again in January 2019. Your guild had a great quilt show.

  4. This is such an interesting shop and will try stopping on our way up or down the coast next trip. It is so nice to see shops that have such great stock and look forward to visiting.

    1. Lynda, you gave us a big laugh. How soon can you move to Cleveland, TN? There’s always something to do. Thank you for your comments.

    1. Becky, I will make sure Gary gets to read your comment. Sometimes he thinks I have lost my mind- especially today when he loaded more new Moda fabric collections to a add to our website. Don’t miss seeing Regency Blues and Doug Leko’s new book featuring that collection.

  5. Lovely people. Met them at recent AQS show. Even offered me a lint roller to “clean up” my shirt after practically burying myself in all their beautiful Moda fabric!!

    1. Hi Sophie. I remember you! It’s great to know you loved our MODA fabrics.
      There’s always more on the way so please keep in touch.

  6. That shop sure has a lot of precuts!!!! What I really wish for Is a place where I can look up which shops ordered a certain collection – not which shops carry Moda. It is getting harder and harder to find the fabric I “think” I want with out resorting to online buying. On line buying does not help our local quilt shops.

    1. You are supporting a local quilt shop, just not YOUR local quilt shop. As long as you don’t buy exclusively online you are spreading the quilting wealth! Love this shop and will order from them again.

    2. Hi Susie. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You have given me an idea- perhaps I need to send out a newsletter letting our shoppers know which fabric collections we have ordered and the estimated time of arrival. I encourage everyone to support their local shops. I have numerous sewing friends through out the USA who have to drive several hours to get to one fabric shop and often can’t find what they need or want. Also, some who do not have transportation or good health to get about. Online is often their only source to shop, If you would like to visit our website, we have all our fabric collections listed alphabetically by the name of the collection : Please feel free to call us anytime if we can be of help to you and let you know what we have ordered or send me an email if you prefer. Have a great day.

  7. This is a great store to purchase from. I received an order online. I just found the shop online when I was looking for a certain fabric.

    1. It was a great experience making the purchase and it came wrapped to pretty with a pretty Thank you card. Thank you so much Old South

    2. Thank you, Lori, for your comments. We are so glad you were pleased and happy you found our shop online.

  8. I found Old South Fabrics online when I had purchased a precut package and needed yardage for it. The yardage arrived quickly and, as Lori stated, wrapped nicely and had a personal note inside. It’s nice to see pictures of the owners and the shop.

    1. Pam, you gave me an idea. Perhaps I should occasionally add personal photos on our website slide show. Today would have been a good time – Gary carried about 25 boxes of new inventory in the shop. It was a sight to capture. Thank you for shopping with us. So glad you found us.

  9. Wow!! Just look at that wall of precuts! Gorgeous. I am wondering what the name of the quilt is in the second photo…under the sign on our right, 3-D looking with the white sashing?? Thanks!!

    1. If you’re referring to the quilt behind Wanda and Gary (2nd photo in the photos above), I too would like to know the name of that quilt.

      1. I’ve made that quilt in those fabrics. The fabric line is Sunnyside by Kate Spain. The pattern is Sunny Steps available on the Moda Bake Shop website.

        1. Thank you Melisa! With your helpful comment and Wanda’s link, I’m sure to need some new fabric!

    2. Tracey, that pattern is now available on the Moda Bake Shop. I think it’s Sunny Steps. The fabric is Sunnyside by Kate Spain. I saw that quilt and was thrilled. I just had to make one. My mom had that block my grandma taught us to make years ago. My instructions varied from the one on Moda Bake Shop. It is one simple block, but amazing.

  10. Love the shop story & pictures. The gold, black & gray churn dash quilt was in an earlier moda blog by Carrie Nelson, saying it used cake mix #6 & that instructions would be available soon. I have cake mix 6 & a collection of gold/black/grays! Is a pattern available????

    1. Ronna, that quilt is made using “Fragile” by Zen Chic, Cake Mix #6 (as you stated) Block #1. I will send Carrie an email asking if she has posted details on that exact layout. If you want a photo of this quilt, send me an email.

    1. Hi Christopher, What a great surprise to see your post. Can you believe we just unloaded your FABULOUS Regency Blues fabric collection in our shop and have it on our website!! We are thrilled you designed this collection for Moda. I met you at Houston Market. You and Doug Leko were in your booth showcasing Regency Blues of which I have some awesome photos. We displayed Doug’s Regency Blues trunk show at Paducah- amazing. Thank you.

  11. Love Old South Fabrics
    Glad to know they have a brick and mortar store now
    Could not find Store hours on website, would like to make a trip over there

    1. Hi Laura,
      Sorry you missed the info about our hours- it is under “About us”.
      For now, Shop hours are Tuesday- Friday 9:30 til 4:00. We will be extending hours very soon & adding more staff. We are always happy to schedule special shopping times for groups. When traveling a distance, we encourage call before you come to confirm we are there. Many days I am at the shop 10 hours + – so feel free to call. Please email us if you would like to receive our “Local Newsletter” to hear about special sales ,extended hours, etc. at the shop.
      We look forward to seeing you.

    1. Hi Carol. Thank you for shopping with us. We strive to ship within 24 hr and ship Priority Mail. How wonderful to hear you will be vacationing in our area- there’s lots to do all around us. Hope you can come see us.

  12. I love buying from this shop‼️. They are so very nice and the packages are wrapped and beautiful ‼️Selection is always fantastic. One of my favorite places to get my quilting fabrics‼️

    1. Barbara, you know how to “make my day”. Thank you for your kind comments- what an encouragement you are to us. Today I was ripping open boxes with more Moda collections…so come see what’s new.

  13. Love it! Am taking our quilting bee there next month for a road trip!!! Can’t wait.

  14. I love all things MODA and especially when it comes from Old South Fabrics!! Love their style.

  15. I hope to visit the awesome shop one day as of now, I only order online. They take great care in preparing packages and ship quickly. I have always been absolutely delighted with my purchases from this great shop. Thank you so much Ladies for caring so much about us customer.

    1. Barbara, we thank YOU. Without our quilting friends, there would be no Old South Fabrics. Yes, we sure do care. It’s our joy to ship to you. We hope we can meet you in person someday.
      Have fun quilting.

  16. I love this quilt shop. This store makes ordering on line a breeze. They seem to always have the fabrics I need and want.

    1. Linda, that is great to hear, Thank you so much. If you ever can’t find the Moda you want or need, we are happy to order it if it’s available. Just let us know.

  17. Old South Fabric has saved me quite a few times while trying to find more fabric I’ve run out of! They are friendly, accommodating, and fast. I’ve always had great customer service from them. Do business with them. You will not be disappointed!

    Andrea Parks

    1. Andrea, thank you for shopping with us. We are thrilled you are pleased. We want everyone to have that experience and feel that way. Thank you for your excitement and promoting out shop.

  18. Old South Fabrics is the epitome of perfect customer service and best quality fabrics. I have had them help with questions and they were great! Always a joy to open a package from them…like getting a present! Wish I lived nearby their shop, but their online store is about as good.

    1. Karen, it is always our joy to help any way we can and you know we love sending you packages:). Thank you for taking your time to comment. We appreciate you choosing Old South Fabrics.

  19. Super helpful and friendly. Found them at Daytona AQS show. Very responsive when I ordered more fabric online

    1. JO, we are so happy you found us! We are scheduled to be back to Daytona in 2019. Please come by to say hello. Thank you for your kind comments. Enjoy the beach:)

    1. Wendy, we are scheduled to be back in Florida 2019… and we love you shopping with us. New Moda keeps arriving. Thank you for commenting.

  20. I love this shop!! I have ordered online a couple of times because they had exactly what I wanted!! I hope someday to make the trip from Pennsylvania to Tennessee to see the shop in person!! 🙂 <3

  21. I always love it when Old South vends at a quilt show or other gathering of quilters. The displays and samples are truly wonderful, and oh what friendly faces. They did such a great job with a trunk show for our guild and I really miss having them close by, but Cleveland, TN is a great excuse for a road trip.

    1. Hi Judy. Yes, a road trip sounds great! I enjoyed being at your guild & what a group of wonderful ladies. Thank you for your uplifting comments. Hope to see you soon.

  22. I recently ordered from Old South Fabrics and was delighted with the excellent service and personal attention I received from Wanda and Gary. Wanda followed up with a nice email, too. I’ll definitely order from them again.

    1. Janet, we look forward to you shopping with us again. We are so happy you were pleased. It’s a blessing we have wonderful quilting friends like you. Hopefully, someday we will get to meet in person.

  23. Wanda and Gary have been very helpful in picking out fabrics and carry an awesome supply of Moda fabrics. I love shopping there.

    1. Jackie, thank you for shopping with us. We love picking out fabrics- always a fun time. Come again soon – we have lots of new collections and more arriving.

  24. This is a wonderful couple, I haven’t had the privilege to visit the store in person but I have visited them at the Mountain Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge for years now! They are the greatest, now that I’m retired I can make a visit! Congratulations on the featured spot with Modae:0)

    1. Tanya, I was so delighted when I read your comments. Thank you so much. We absolutely love the Mountain Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge! It is one of our very favorite shows- Good ole’ Rocky Top. Chamber of Commerce does a splendid job hosting that show. 2019 will be their 25th anniversary for the quilt show and they have big plans in store. Ya’ll don’t miss it if you can come March 20th – 23rd. Check it out- https://www.mypigeonforge.com/event/quiltfest

    1. Michele, thank you. We will do our best to give you a great shopping experience. Good luck deciding which fabrics to select…..I want one of most everything… At least I get to cut and ship it.LOL

  25. Old South Fabrics is a delight to order from. I have made numerous purchases that always come wonderfully wrapped and right on time. We are heading to Tennessee for our first time this June and this shop is a must visit! Their selection is incredible.

    1. Ya-Hoo – so happy you are coming to see us! Please let me know the dates- I want to be there to meet you. Tennessee – you are sure to love.

  26. Have shopped at their booth at Quiltfest. Super nice people! Always enjoy talking with Wanda. Hope to make it to their shop some day.

    1. Terri, it is great to read your post. Thank you. Meeting our quilting friends is a highlight of every show. We hope you can come to see us.

  27. I loved visiting your booth last weekend in Paducah. The selection was awesome and Wanda and Gary were both so friendly, even on the last day of the show!

    1. We are so happy you visited our booth. Thank you so much. You gave me a laugh- you know we were both over joyed that we made through the last day again this year. lol

  28. I love shopping online from Old South Fabrics. I live in Alaska and sometimes it’s hard to find fabrics locally in a Moda collection I like. I found Old South Fabrics site and shop from them frequently. They have SUPER customer service and they ship quick. Thank you Wanda and Gary from a loyal customer in Alaska.

    1. Linda, what a joy to see your name and read your comments. We are excited you visited our website and thankful you do shop with us. Thank you, Linda.We have lots of new fabrics. It is I who wants to come see YOU! After 50 years of marriage, I think Gary needs to follow through with the idea of a trip to Alaska.

  29. Would love to visit them. For now I use the online store and get wonderful service every time. They have great sales too!.

    1. Hi Laureen. We appreciate your comments. Thank you for shopping with us. We care and want you to continue to always get great service. Be watching for some sale bundles as soon as I can get them posted- hopefully next week. Look under “Specials”

  30. Love this shop! Wanda and Gary are always so helpful!!! we have made the drive
    from Murfreesboro down to Cleveland just to see their brick-and-mortar shop!
    And it was well worth the drive….in fact I’m already planning my next visit!

    1. After living in Murfreesboro over 28 years, it is GREAT to have you come see us in Cleveland. Thank you, Brenda. I am so excited to read your comments & happy it was well worth your drive. Please do come again, soon.

  31. So lovely to see photos of Wanda and Gary and their oh-so-well-stocked and displayed fabric shop, which speaks clearly as a labor of love. I am not a prolific quilter however, I am an enthusiastic quilter and have consistently had 100% satisfaction with fabrics and customer service as an online shopper at Old South Fabrics. I can only wish that I were able to visit Old South Fabrics in person, but I am miles from the Coleys and their fabulous shop, so I visit via internet and browse fabrics and quilting ideas while waiting for the prize patrol appear at my front door so that I might afford to purchase many more lovely fabrics I shown on the Old South Fabric website.

    1. We greatly appreciate your sweet comments, Pamela. Thank you. It is a joy to get to ship you lovely fabrics. We are thankful you chose our website. I always say, “if you love Moda, we hope you will love us.”

  32. I shop online with Old South Fabrics. Beautiful fabrics and lovely to deal with. Thank you, Wanda and Gary!

  33. I purchased a stack of fat quarters from a quilt show from Old South Fabrics at Paducha Ky last fall and they are very helpful even told me where to order more fabric if i needed more of the pattern i bought. I wasn’t sure how much i needed. Very Helpful. Beautiful Fabric. Sorry I am on the other end of the state from their store.

    1. Vicki, thank you for visiting our booth last fall and shopping with us. We will be there again – same location. Hope you get to come. Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you. Have a fun day in beautiful TN.

  34. I have received personalized service from Wanda and Gary when placing my internet orders.
    They go above and beyond to supply my needs for even difficult orders. I feel like they are friends from across town instead across country. I love seeing their new fabrics and the fact that they offer the full line including all precuts and yardage is fantastic.
    Thanks for the great service!

    1. Ellen, your post was next in line for me to respond. What a wonderful way to start my Saturday morning. My how you warmed my heart! It is my desire you feel we are friends.We never think of our shoppers as customers- you truly are our quilting friends. What a blessing to read your comment. It is because of you all that we have Old South Fabrics. Gary asked me this morning,” Wanda, just how much more fabric do you think we can get in the shop”? I laughed and responded, ” don’ you think we need a bigger shop”… I want room enough to have classes and MORE MODA…LOL

  35. I shopped online searching for a particular fabric collection. Old South’s website is a shopper’s dream! So easy to shop, shipping was fast, and my beautiful fabrics camel wrapped and tied with a bow. The enclosed Thank You from the owners was the cherry on top. I had occasion to see their wonderful display at the Pigeon Forge QuiltFest and hope to mosey down the road to the shop very soon. Love seeing the shop featured on the Moda blog!

    1. Doris, Gary and I are in amazement seeing Old South Fabrics featured on the MODA BLOG… I am still “bouncing off the walls”… Thank you for sharing in our excitement- and for your encouraging words. We are a retired Grandma and Grandpa owned shop who feel so blessed. Thanks to all our wonderful quilting friends! We are scheduled to be at Pigeon Forge 2019- and hope to see you there. It will be our best show ever – celebrating their 25 years.

  36. I was looking online for fabrics and ran across Old South Fabrics, I ordered online and was very happy with their wonderful service. I will buy again and hope to someday make it to their store!

    1. Thank you, Kim. How wonderful to hear you ran across our shop online and shopped with us. We hope we are on your “favorites” list. It would be great to have you come see us.

  37. I’ve purchased from Old South Fabrics several times over the last two years. Their selections are great but their customer service is amazing. They treat customers as if they are friends.

    1. Hi Margaret. Thank you for your sweet comments and continuing to shop with us. You bring music to my ears….excellent service will always be “a must”. Yes, my heart feels you truly are friends. When someone chooses to shop with us, it helps to keep our prices affordable and you deserve the best we can give- always.

  38. I was looking online for a specific fabric and found it here at a great pric. Shipped fast!

    1. Good morning, Brenda. Your comments are great to hear- that’s how we like it. Thank you and please come shop with us again.

  39. They were at the Daytona Quilt Show in Daytona Beach Florida. I was looking for a certain mode product. They didn’t have it with them. So I emailed what I needed and within a week of the show I had my product. Great customer service. Thank you so much.

    1. Teresa, we thank YOU. Love to have you shop with us. We will be back in Daytona 2019. Hope to see you there again.

    1. Donna, please do stop by to see us. We appreciate you shopping with us. Thank you for commenting. I will make sure Gary gets to read your comments:) Sometimes he will question – “Are bows and notes really necessary”? I always say, “Yes, as long as I am here.” I get your vote..lol

  40. Old South Fabrics carried a print I was looking for, and I was happy to find it. They are such nice folks, too! Congrats on being honored by Moda Fabrics!

    1. Melinda, I am so glad we had what you needed. Shopping with us makes Old South Fabrics possible and all our quilting friends had a part in our shop being honored. Thank you.

  41. What a cool shop! I’m happy to have learned about it. Its so beautiful. Have a wonderful day!!

    1. Hi Angela. We are thrilled you now know about Old South Fabrics-and thanks to Moda Blog! Please tell your friends about us. We appreciate your comment.

  42. Love the fabric collections. I am an on-line fan of this store. Wonderful fabrics (also love Moda) and very nice people, very helpful.

    1. Hi Mary. So good to see you posted a comment and happy you will be seeing more new Moda collections. Gary is adding more today to our website. Thank you- We need all the fans we can get. Hugs to you.

  43. I would like to thank you for saving my Christmas quilt. I was short in two Moda fabrics and you were there for me with just what I needed.

    1. Hi Darrell. I remember that. Please never hesitate to contact us anytime you need something special. I usually have “left over fabrics” from making samples etc. So happy we had what you needed. I know the feeling… Thanks for commenting.

  44. Encountered Old South Fabrics through a shop hop. I was first drawn by the warmth of their website, then the way it was organized, and then by their prices. After my first order I was hooked. I just wish I lived closer so that I could visit their store. From what I see in the pictures, I could spend HOURS just enjoying the warmth and colors! Old South Fabrics has become my online favorite shop and I want to congratulate them for this well-earned recognition.

    1. Claudia, what a joy and encouragement your comments have been to us. It is our genuine desire to be all that and we thank you so much. What a WOW to know we are your favorite online store.. what a blessing to hear. Without our “quilting friends”, we would not have an Old South Fabrics. You play a major part in this recognition. Thank you for sharing in this joy.

  45. We’ve had Wanda and her Husband at our Guild ( Maury Quilt Guild) she is an awesome person, wonderful teacher, you don’t have to be around her but a few moments and you like like you are old friends. She is a fountain of knowledge.
    Haven’t been to her store but have bought from her and the fabric and service is great.

    1. Carol, what a joy you are to us. Please tell all the ladies hello for me and a big hug. We love being with you all and hope to do that again. Thank you for your encouraging words and what a blessing you truly are. I have generations of wonderful relatives who invested so much into my love for quilters and sewing. Who would have thought retiring would be so much fun – and yes, work too. LOL Gotta love it!

  46. I have purchased at Old South Fabrics quite a few times! They have the best prices on the Internet, and also free shipping after $75 purchase! That is unheard of! Old South Fabrics has most of the current collections of quilting fabrics. Their staff is very helpful, should you need to call and ask a question. Give them a chance to make you a happy customer!

    1. Linda, we appreciate you and thank you for shopping with us and for commenting. Have a great day.

  47. I just ordered from them for the first time – nice website, great selection and prompt service. I plan to do it again. So nice to read all about them here. Looks like a great shop. Will have to stop by some time when we travel that way!

    1. Nancy, we are so glad you ordered from us! Thank you taking time to comment. We are always excited to have new “quilting friends” and fantastic for you to shop again. Please do stop when you can, Have fun sewing.

  48. I’ve ordered fabric from Old South fabrics more than a few times. Gary even called me personally when their stock was slightly under what I ordered to make sure I could use tha amount. Very helpful. Can’t go wrong ever with Moda fabric!
    I really like the personal notes included with my fabric.

    1. Sherry, you were most understanding that our yardage was a bit short. We will always call you if that occurs. Thank you for continuing to shop with us! We appreciate you.

  49. I’ve shopped with Old South online – they are fabulous! Generous, square cuts and great inventory. Well-packed and shipped same day I ordered. Can’t wait to visit in-person 🙂

    1. Darla, yes, please come visit us. You are fabulous for commenting and so happy you are pleased with Old South Fabrics. Thank you.

  50. I have ordered from them for a number of years now. They are some of the kindest people to deal with, which is saying a lot when it comes to the quilting community! This is one of my go-to shops when I’m short of fabric, and I just love to visit their booths at the AQS shows, where I almost always find something that needs to go home with me!

    1. Lynn, you brought smiles and warmed my heart. Thank you for your kind words. We greatly appreciate you visiting our booth and shopping with us. It is hard not to go home with something – esp.if you are a “fabric lover”… Gary keeps telling me, “Wanda, you can’t get everything”… LOL We hope to see you again soon.Try to make it to AQS Show at VA. Beach in October 3 -6th

  51. It is a wonderful shop. The fabric comes quickly, wrapped with a bow. It is like getting a present in the mail. I love the selection.

    1. Nancy, we love to keep those “presents” coming your way. Thank you for commenting. We appreciate you. Check out the new collections. Gary is adding more now.

  52. What a great website. I started shopping with them after reading all the comments about how helpful they are-and it’s true!! I really appreciate the notices about the new fabric collections they receive so I can plan my next project.

    1. Hi Diane. Thank you for giving us a chance by ordering from us! We are happy you did. Look for a Newsletter real soon. Gary has added Regency Blues and is now in the midst of adding “Well Said” by Sandy Gervias. “Vintage Holiday” by Bonnie and Camille will be shipped next week.

    1. Hi Kim. We are scheduled to be back in Daytona again in 2019. Looking forward to seeing you again. Your comment gave me a good laugh.Happy you like Moda!

  53. Was able to find a certain fabric I was searching for on Old South Fabrics online. Ordering was easy and fast. Very happy with my purchases.

    1. Cathy, we hope you will continue to shop with us anytime. If you can’t find what you need, feel free to give us a call. So good to know you were pleased. Thank you.

  54. I love Old South Fabric. They were so wonderful. I tried to match a fabric online, and the personally helped me match the fabric I needed. They shipped so quickly and my fabric was packaged so nicely. I really want to go to the shop!!!

    1. Melissa, we would love for you to come! We want you to be pleased every time and we are happy to help or send swatches- anytime. Thank you for choosing Old South Fabrics and for commenting.

    1. Christine, thank you for shopping with us. We hope you make it to beautiful TN. We strive to ship quickly and so happy you were pleased.

  55. I found Old South Quilts at the AQS quilt show in Paducah a couple of years ago. We discussed a specific fabric I was looking for and while they didn’t have it with them, they told me they had it in the shop. I ordered it upon my arrival home and had it in a couple of days. Lovely people to work with. Do you have a pattern (or kit) for the lovely red and white quilt on the wall in one of the pictures in the article? Love it!!

    1. Hi Darly, We were delighted you visited our booth in Paducah. We will be back there this fall in the same location which is in the Conventional Center, second floor, booth 3400. Thank you for your kind comments. Happy we could help you. I think you are referring to the quilt hanging on the right in the 7th photo. If so, we are sold out of the kit, but have some fabrics and pattern. The pattern is “Jack Frost”. and the fabrics are “Snowberry” by 3 Sisters. http://www.oldsouthfabrics.com/shop/Fabric/Fabric-by-Collections/Snowberry-Prints-by-3-Sisters-for-Moda.htm

  56. i am excited for you to be a feature store. I have never met such nice and patient venders. It was so hard to decide what to buy, all your designs were inspirational.

    1. Betty, we are excited too. Thank you for your sweet comments and for shopping with us. We hope to see you again. So happy you liked our booth.

  57. Found just what I needed to complete a pillow to match a quilt I had already made1 Thank you for your prompt service

    1. Mary, you are most welcome. We were happy we had what you needed. Thank you for choosing to shop with us and for commenting.

  58. I won a charm pack at a quilt retreat and had no idea what to make with it. I looked up the fabric line online and many online stores had a few of the matching fabrics I wanted to purchase to make a quilt with the charm pack, but I chose to order from Old South Fabrics because they had EVERYTHING in stock I was interested in purchasing, including the wide backing!

    But the best part was how FAST my order came! I was so excited! And the fabric was folded so nicely and tied up so pretty! I would highly recommend Old South Fabrics to everyone!

    1. Hi Arlene. We sure do appreciate you and your comments. It’s is wonderful we have great quilting friends like all of you. Old South Fabrics greatly appreciates you all. Thank you for telling others about us.

  59. I discovered Old South Quilts when I needed some fabric in a certain Moda line to complete a quilt for my granddaughter. They offered such a wonderful selection of Moda fabrics, that I added a jelly roll to my order too. Service was quick, and a personal note was included. I live far away, but have added Old South Quilts to my preferred shop list. Wish I was closer because the shop looks beautiful!!

    1. Laura, “hip hip hurray” to know you added us to your preferred shop list. We love for our quilting friends to do that. We are glad you found us and appreciate your comments. Thank you.

  60. I found Old Country Store online when I was hunting for a piece of Moda fabric. Incredible customer service!

  61. I first learned of Old South Fabrics at the AQS Show in Grand Rapids, Mi. As soon as I entered their booth, I was surrounded by beautiful fabric that “spoke” to me! I bought a bundle of fat quarters which I made into one of my favorite quilts called Bricks. The warm friendliness that I experienced also remains in my memory.

    1. Hi Carol, Thank you for coming to the show and visiting our booth. We will be back there again this Fall and sure hope to see you again. Don’t you just love it when fabrics “speak” to you! We appreciate you and your kind comments.

  62. Love buying from this shop it’s always nice to get fabric in the mail but Old South makes it extra special with the care taken in packaging. If you ever not sure exactly what color Bella Solid goes with a Moda line just call the shop they are amazing. If I’m ever in TN it’s on my list of places to stop. Hello from the North East

    1. Hello Judy, Love your comments- and oh how we love for you to buy from us:) Thank you! The faster fabric goes out the sooner we can get more. Gary says, “I never knew I would be working just to get more fabric….” LOL It is a joy to talk to you anytime. I hope you can come to TN. I would love to see you. We appreciate you so much.

  63. Yay, congrats on the feature! I love your online shop, and your store looks awesome!

    1. Hi Kathryn, Thank you for visiting our online shop and for commenting. We are very excited Moda featured Old South Fabrics.

  64. I have ordered from this shop online and I finally got to meet the Coleys at Paducah spring of last year. Lovely people!

    1. Hi Rosemary, We are so happy you visited our booth. We are scheduled to be back in Paducah again this fall. If you get to attend, please do come say hello. Thank you for shopping with us online. We appreciate you and your comments.

  65. Hello, this is a great store to purchase from. I just found the shop online when I was looking for a certain fabric.Thanks for your service!

    1. Hi Linda, We are happy you found our shop online. Thank you for commenting and for shopping with us.

    1. Hi Shirley, We appreciate you and your kind comments. Thank you! Moda just shipped us three more new collections- hope to have them delivered Tuesday.

  66. Introduced to this shop at Moutainfest Quilt Show in Pigeon Forge. Can’t wait to visit their shop. Less than an hour drive from me.

    1. Hi Barbara, Don’t you just love the Pigeon Forge quilt show. Thank you for visiting our booth and for commenting. Come on down to see us.

  67. I absolutely LOVE Old South Fabrics!! I am from Kansas so I order online and have not been able to visit the store YET. I needed some fabric to finish two identical quilts for my twin granddaughters and they had just what I needed. Gary even called me on a Sunday to make sure I was able to get exactly what I needed. They definitely go above and beyond! Thank you so much for all you do. I WILL make it to Tennessee one day to visit the shop, would love to see it.

    1. Hi Beth, As a rule, we never call on a Sunday, but were needing to get orders out as we were leaving town. I remember you having twin granddaughters and needing to finish quilts. You were so kind. Thank you for commenting and shopping with us. Being a grandma is GREAT.

  68. I’ve purchased online when I couldn’t find Moda Fabrics or pre cuts elsewhere. After seeing this article and how beautiful the shop is, I think a trip to Tennessee is in order.

    1. Hi Janet, Thank you for commenting. You got to see photos of our shop and booths when we vend. We would love to have you come to TN.

  69. What a wonderful tribute and fun story . . the photos of your shop make me want to come visit! But I’m so far away so mail order is the best for me!

  70. First bought fabric when you had a booth at The Villages Merchant’s Mart in 2917. Later ordered another jelly roll to complete the project. Excellent service.

    1. Hi Marty, Thank you for your kind comment. We are scheduled to be back at The Villages in 2019. Hope to see you againl

  71. Always so helpful when asked a question or for advice picking out material. Cant wait to go to the store!!!

    1. Hi Cathy, We hope you can come see us soon. Lots of new collections. Thank you for comments.

    1. Hi Lisa, Thank you for shopping with us and for comment. We would love for you to come visit.

  72. Hello! My many online shopping experiences at Old South Fabrics have been great! They always have exactly what I am looking for, at great prices and fast, fast, fast shipping! Every time I have received a handwritten “Thank you” note – now that’s class! Now seeing the shop photos, I can’t wait to make the trip from Michigan! Happy sewing and quilting to all!

    1. Hi Cathy, Thank you for commenting. We appreciate you. It’s always great to have you shop with us. We are scheduled to be at the Grand Rapids quilt show this Fall. You are a great encouragement.

  73. I was searching for a particular Moda fabric all over on-line cause I couldn’t find it anywhere is how I did business with Old South Fabrics. They had it in stock, I ordered it. That made me so happy! Very nice to do business with. Your shop is beautiful.and I enjoy getting your emails Thank you!

    1. Hi Julie, I am so glad we had what you needed. Thank you for commenting and for shopping with us.

  74. Old South has impeccable customer service and their appreciation is genuine. Congratulations on your new shop!

    1. Hi Karen, Thank you for commenting. Yes, we are truly genuine. There would be no Old South Fabrics with you all.

  75. Old South Fabrics is my go to when I’m looking for a particular fabric. Orders are shipped promptly and usually arrive in a couple of days. Great selection of fabrics. Glad to see you being recognized.

    1. Hi Judy, Thank you for your kind comments. We appreciate you. We are not big time company- just grandma and grandpa with loving helpers, yet, Moda chose Old South Fabrics..

  76. After all these great comments I must visit your store, for now online but next time we visit Tennessee….

    1. Hi Reni, We do have the greatest quilting friends and we are very blessed. How can a shop exist them… It will be a joy to meet you. Hope you get to TN.

  77. I discovered Old South Fabrics while looking for a collection of fabrics for a baby quilt. I never imagined what I would find when I opened the box. The bundle of fabric was tied with tulle and topped with a bow! Even more beautiful was the handwritten note thanking me for my purchase. I loved the note so much I shared it with a quilting friend! I sure wish I lived closer…Old South Fabrics would be my favorite quilt shop. Thank you for your amazing way of doing business! May God continue to bless you in all your endeavors <3

    1. Sweet Sweet Michelle. How nice of you to post your kind comments. You make it all worth while. I realize there are 1000s of websites and shops where you can shop. It is very important to me that our quilting friends know they are truly special to us. Gary will kindly sometimes ask, “Is that tulle & note really necessary”? I always tell him, yes it is a must. When you mail an order, you don’t get the interaction you do in person….. Thank you, Michelle.

  78. I have ordered online from Old South Fabrics several times and was happy each time. I make a lot of quilts for Project Linus (children’s quilts) so I usually look for cheerful quality fabrics, but at good prices since I am retired. Imagine my surprise at finding the beautiful Moda fabrics at super prices from Old South Fabrics! You can’t go wrong here and the shipping is quick.

    1. Hi Liz, Thank you for making quilts for Project Linus. I have a great free pattern for those projects. Shoot me an email and I will share with you. I can add it to our free download patterns in case others want it. As soon as time permits, I will be adding more bundles in the Special option. I love to do this esp. for charity quilt makers. It was so good to read your comments. Thank you.

  79. Love the shop, love their display..wish to visit if possible in the future. Moda is the greatest and maker of most of what fabric I buy! Have ordered from Old South Fabrics! Great service!

    1. Hi Susan, Thank you for your comments. That really means so much to us. Thank you for shopping with us. We, too, love Moda.

  80. Like so many others, I was looking for a fabric and found it at old South I’m in Texas but I sure hope that I’ll get a chance to Drop by on my trip to somewhere. The shop looks wonderful. Thanks to Gary and Wanda and Wanda’s grandmother too. happy quilting!

    1. Hi Connie, We are so happy you found us. We hope you get to come see us someday. We never know what an influence we may be making on others, do we. My Grandmother would be amazed to see all the updates and tools in quilting we have these days. Her patterns were what she cut from newspaper with scissors…and her quilts were all hand quilted. Today my most cherished quilt is one she made over 50years ago. She cut a “turtle” out of paper and made very block a turtle block using fabrics scraps for old clothes and extra fabric pieces.Perhaps I should post pictures of that and even post a free pattern for it….

  81. I just found this shop this year. I am quite happy with it. They actually have the fabric line I was loking for. Also, they service was courteous and prompt.

    1. Hi Carola, We are happy you found us and delighted you are happy with our service. Thank you so much. Please come again to shop anytime.

  82. I have enjoyed shopping at your booth at our quilt show Quilts in the Boro. I always find beautiful kits and yardage by Mota. You always seem to have just the right fabric. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  83. I love this shop! The full line of Moda fabrics available are wonderful. Wanda and Gary are a pleasure and fun in the shop. Congratulations Old South Fabric!

    1. Hi Vicki, We love you loving our shop. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for shopping with us- see you soon.

  84. i have purchased many fabrics from Old South Fabrics. I have always been happy with my purchases and shipping. Got to finally meet the ladies at a quilt show in Texas where they were vendors. I got to say thank you in person.

  85. Happy for you. You all deserve it. You are always helpful, have a fun trunk show and are very friendly.

  86. I have ordered fabric from Old South Fabrics. It was a very pleasant experience. Excellent service.

    1. Jane, thank you for shopping with us. Great to know you are pleased. We appreciate your comments.

  87. I have ordered online and purchased at AQS in Grand Rapids. Always wonderful service.

    1. Beth, we are scheduled to be back in August. Thank you for shopping online and at our booth. We hope to see you this fall.

  88. Old South has the best customer service ! Friendly and helpful answering any and all questions. A wonderful experience always!

    1. Mari, thank you for commenting. It was great seeing you in Pigeon Forge. We appreciate you.

  89. I always look for Wanda at quilt shows. She is a sweet person, always enjoy visiting with her.

  90. Love your fabrics, always love the service, enjoyed your booth at Grand Rapids. Hard to say no to precuts!

    1. Hi Nancy, Thank you for shopping with us. We will see you in August- we hope to be in same booth location. We appreciate your comments.

  91. I’ve bought from you online and at Paducah – completely missed that you also had a store front. Will have to do a road trip to Cleveland and Chattanooga soon. Shop looks lovely, but the booth at Paducah is always an inspiration.

    1. Brenda, thank you for shopping with us. Yes, please do make a road trip. Thank you for commenting.

  92. Several years ago (3-5?), I was trying to find a specific fabric in a Holly Taylor collection. I had already bought several of the coordinating fabrics, but needed some more. I went back to my local store. It was part of a Christmas Collection and even though it was only JULY, they were out of the one I needed. I went to their Special Order Counter, who eventually ended up calling Moda Fabrics directly. Even they were out of the particular print.

    So…I went on an Internet search. I found my fabric at Old South Fabrics. I tried placing the order 2x without success. So…I picked up the phone, called them & that’s when I met Wanda who is chock full of Customer Service & Southern Charm GALORE! She helped me place my order. When my package arrived, I was delighted to discover a hand-written Thank You Note! Who does that anymore? Well, Wanda does!!! Her customer service, Southern Charm & personal note made me a lifetime fan of Old South Fabrics!!! <3 <3 <3

    Now seeing all of the beautiful pictures of Wanda & Gary’s fabric shop makes me want to make a trip to Tennnesee to check it out. Of course, it would be fun to meet Wanda in person! Thanks, Wanda!!! You’re Super South Star full of Southern Hopitality & Charm!

    Teddy Wilson

    1. Teddy, you may need to add “news reporter” to your talents.Yes, I most certainly remember you. It was great that you called us! I don’t feel I deserve all those flowering compliments, but I sure am happy I read your comments.. maybe I need Gary to read them too.. I am Southern- that’s for sure! LOL It was a total joy to be of help to you – always. It’s great to hear we have a lifetime fan. Come see us anytime- you may just get some cornbread..or sweet tea..LOL Thank you, Teddy,

  93. Wanda and Gary are very helpful. The first time I ordered from them, I didn’t know them from Adam. I was looking for a particular fabric that had been out a little while. Old South Fabrics Had It. My package arrived along with a personal note from Wanda. I was impressed to say the least. I now look for them at shows near and far.

    1. Hi LaDonna, It is great to read your comment. Thank you for shopping with us. Do you have AQS VA BEACH quilt show on your list for October? Hope to see you there.

  94. I find Moda Fabrics at Old South that I cant find anywhere else. They always come carefully packaged with a lovely thank you note.

    1. Susan, we are delighted you shop with us. If you can’t find the Moda you need or want, give us a call. We appreciate you and thankful you shop with us. Thank you for your comment.

  95. I have shopped with Old South Fabrics several times. They are awesome to work with & talk with on the phone. Always so pleasant & friendly! Great shipping!! Hopefully one day I can come to the store!

    1. Hi Cathy, We appreciate your kind comments. It is wonderful having you as our quilting friend. Thank you for shopping with us. We would love to have you come see us- anytime.

    1. Sharion, YOU are amazing. We appreciate you spreading the word about Old South Fabrics. You hand out more of our business cards than anyone I know. Thank you for being our “cheerleader” and much much more. We appreciate you so much.

  96. Love the selection of wonderful fabrics and the great service. I’ve been able to find missing fabrics for several projects at Old South Fabrics.

  97. I ordered from Old South Fabrics for the first time last week. The delivery was quick and the fabric was neatly packed in a bag with a ribbon around it and a thank you note! That made me feel very special and showed how you value your beautiful fabrics. I hope I can visit you one day.

    1. Linda, you are special. We are so happy you chose Old South Fabrics! Thank you. We do value our quilting friends. It would be great to have you visit us. Please do.

  98. Still have not been to their shop even tho it’s only about 1 1/2 hours from me! BUT, I’ve shopped at their large booth(s) at many quilt shows! I always buy something from them — a few kits that are so well done, charm packs (my biggest weakness) & jelly rolls (weakness #2)! My friends & I hope to make a road trip to Cleveland, TN, this summer or fall! Great people & great service! Wanda & Gary you deserve to be featured on Moda’s Cutting Table Blog!

    1. Aww Jan, we appreciate you. Thank you so much for commenting and shopping with us. It is our fantastic quilting friends who help us build Old South Fabrics. I, too, love those pre-cuts! Hope you all get to come see us.

  99. Best customer service anywhere! I love the precuts but there are so many other fabrics to choose from for backs and borders.

    1. Hi Connie, That is truly what we strive for… thank you for commenting and shopping with us.

    1. Hi Sonya. We are so happy Old South Fabrics has been featured. Thank you for cheering us on.

  100. Met them at Pigeon Forge at the quilt show. Very friendly, helpful, wonderful selection of precuts! Would love to visit your store one day!

    1. Carol, we would love to have you come visit us. Bolts and bolts of Moda to go with all those pre-cuts. We are needing a larger space. Thank you for shopping with us.

  101. Ordered Blue Shibori collection last Fall online. Was really impressed with the extra care in packaging. Fabrics were shrink wrapped inside the package. Arrived just fine on a rainy day but was happy to see the extra precaution taken just in case.

    1. Hi Karen, We are delighted you discovered our shop. We hope you added us to your favorites list.Thank you for shopping with us.

  102. Shopped with you for the first time at the Grand Rapids AQS show. Fell in love with your shop. You were so friendly and helpful. I have also ordered from you online.

    1. Thank you, Susan. We will be back to Grand Rapids this fall. We appreciate you shopping with us.

  103. Enjoy shopping with them in Cleveland — so friendly and helpful — and a great variety.

  104. Great fabric! Great prices! Fantastic customer service! One of my go to online fabric shops. I highly recommend them!

  105. Dealing with these folks is a pleasure. After a very pleasant phone conversation, my order arrived quickly and was packaged beautifully. If I’m ever in the neighborhood, I certainly will make a point of stopping by.

    1. It is our pleasure to have you shop with us. Thank you for commenting. Would love to meet you someday.

  106. The experience I had shopping with Old South Fabrics was just wonderful. Wanda was so helpful. Thanks to everyone at Old South.

    1. Brinda, you are most welcome. It is our pleasure to help you. Come shop with us anytime. Thank you.

  107. I have been an on-line fan and didn’t know there was a real store to visit. Hmmm never been to Tennessee.

  108. One of my favorite shops!! If I’m searching for a fabric to complete a project, I can depend on Wanda to help me find something that works well for me.

    1. Hi Kaye. Thank you for your kind comment. We appreciate you shopping with us and bringing your friends too, Happy to help – always.

  109. Love the story of Old South Fabrics! One of my favorite shops!
    Wanda and Gary provide outstanding customer service!
    Excellent packaging and handwritten note (so special).
    Recommended this shop to my quilting friends!!

    1. Debbie, thank you for telling your friends about us. We appreciate you shopping with us and love to know we are a favorite. Bless you.

  110. I’ve ordered from Wanda since 2015. She is so cheery, and my orders arrive wrapped like a special
    gift. So naturally I’ve been ordering ever since, and Gary even called me once with a question about an order. That is service you just can’t beat! They are both professional and “down-home-next-door neighbors” with customers. They feel like family, and of course – there’s all those beautiful, delicious, glorious Moda fabrics to swoon over. I do hope to meet them at the AQS in Grand Rapids this year. I am so tickled they were chosen as a featured Moda shoppe!

    1. Jeanie, we do go back a few years. It is such a blessing to have you as our quilting friend. We certainly appreciate you and look forward to meeting you at Grand Rapids. We, too, were tickled pink Moda chose Old South Fabrics. Thank you.

    1. Patricia, thank you for shopping with us in Paducah. We will be back in the fall. A trip to Florida sounds great- stop by if you can. Love to have you.

  111. i have ordered online from Old South and have always had a good experience. The fabrics are beautiful and Old South makes it easy. I would love to visit your store sometime.

    1. Brenda, thank you for commenting. We would love for you to visit us. We appreciate you choosing Old South Fabrics.

  112. I love having the option to find fabric online that I cannot find in my local quilt shops. Old South Fabric is one of my first go-to online stores. Wanda and Gary are wonderful to work with! They ship product out with so quickly and include personal notes, it’s difficult to find that special touch in this day and age. I highly recommend you start shopping Old South Fabric! Plus, sign up for their newsletter, they won’t blast you with emails, only update you with new fabrics they are offering!

    1. Hi Michele, It is good you support your local shops. I am all for that. If you are in our area please stop by to see us. We appreciate you shopping online with us and happy to be of service to you when needed. Watch out for a Newsletter very soon. Lots of new arrivals.

  113. My first order from Old South arrived very quickly and Wanda included a very nice note with my order. I was very impressed with everything. A few months later I was at the quilt show in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and met Wanda there.She is such a sweet lady. I’m hoping to try to get to her shop one day.

    1. Hi Sheila, Thank you for commenting and shopping with us. The show in Pigeon Forge is a favorite of ours. We love it there. Don’t miss 2019 as it is their 25th year. Come see us when you can

  114. I’ve bought material on line from old South fabrics. They were very pleasant and professional. I will definitely contact them again for my Quilting needs. God blessed you all at Old South!

    1. Suzanne, thank you for choosing to shop with us. It was great to read your comment. We appreciate you.

  115. Wow wow wow! How I would love to have a play day in there! Have ordered from Old South and have always been please with product, efficiency and customer service.

    1. Cindy, come on down for a play day- I can easily put you to work fondling fabric or shipping fabric. Thank you for ordering from us and your comments.

  116. I’m a new customer to old south fabrics, but have been so pleased with the service and selection! I know I’ll be checking them out whenever I need to feed my fabric obsession!

    1. Susan, we love to get new quilting friends! Thank you for choosing us. Please come again. Thanks for posting comment.

  117. My first experience with Old South Fabrics was online shopping. I was desperately looking for some fabrics and found what I needed online. My second experience sealed the deal with Wanda’s shop. I placed an order online and received a call from Wanda. She was apologizing because she couldn’t fill my order because she lacked one of the fabrics. No worries. She stayed on the phone with me as she walked around the shop and found the next best thing. Talk about customer service! I finally got to meet Wanda and Gary at the Little Rock Quilt show a few years ago. I picked up a few kits. Wanda walked me through one of them giving me pointers for piecing the blocks. Last year, I traveled to Paducah and was pleasantly surprised to see Old South Fabrics there! I visited with Wanda and Gary and enjoyed their displays and variety of Moda precuts. They have one of the best selections and always the latest releases. Wanda and Gary are two of the sweetest shop owners I’ve met and I’ll continue to do business with them…..even from a far.

    1. Hi Kayla, We thank you for being a repeat shopper and what a dear quilting friend. You are always a joy to talk to and what a treat when we get to see you in person. Thank you for commenting as you are always so encouraging to us. Look for a newsletter soon- lots of arrivals come and more in May.

  118. I am a frequent online shopper at Old South Fabrics. The shop offers a wide variety of fabrics, has wonderful sale items, and my purchases always ship quickly. Keep up the great work Old South!

    1. It is a joy to have you shop with us, Katie. Thank you for your comments. We hope to expand soon.

  119. I have ordered online and loved the service and selection. This past week I met them at Paducah and now can’t wait for a road trip to Cleveland!

    1. Valerie, thank you for shopping with us and visiting our booth in Paducah. Come see us when you can.

    2. Valerie, I hope you had a blast at Paducah. Thank you for visiting our booth. We appreciate your comments and so glad you chose to shop with us.

  120. I have never been to your store before, but I surely will stop, if we travel that way.! I will hope to see you vendoring at a quilt show in the near future.

    1. Carol, if you are ever in our area, please do come see us. We will be in Shipshewanna this summer. Thank you for commenting.

  121. I have ordered from Old South Fabrics online and it was a great experience. I got my fabric quick and in excellent condition. One of my go to online quilt shops when I am looking for something my local shop does not have in stock.

    1. Jenny, it is great to read your comment. Yes, support your local shop when you can. We are happy to help you anytime. We appreciate you and hope meet you someday.

  122. I love to visit this great shop. Beautiful fabric & so many notions. Wanda & Gary are so helpful in how much material you need & what goes together.

    1. It is great to have you shop with us and a joy anytime you stop by the shop. We are happy to be of help.

  123. I have ordered from them online. Their selection was great and the fabric was delivered quickly. It was a pleasure to do business with them.

    1. We appreciate your kind comment and so thankful you chose to shop with Old South Fabrics. It is our pleasure to have you as our quilting friend.

  124. Wish I could stop by to help you celebrate…just bought quilt stuff from your vending in Paducah, Ky. Great display, can only imagine your great store, blessings and cheers✂️

  125. I shop online at Old South Fabrics. Wonderful fabrics! Some day I hope to make it to the shop on my trips from St. Simons Island, Georgia to Lebanon, Ohio.

    1. We appreciate you shopping with us, Elizabeth. St. Simons Island sounds fabulous about now. Stop when you can. Thank you.

  126. I love being able to visit your store and see fabrics (and touch them) in person. Glad you settled in Cleveland.

    1. I enjoyed meeting you at old south fabrics and seeing some of your beautiful talents. I hope to see you again soon.

    2. Cape, you come in and touch fabrics anytime you get the bug. We are working lots of hours these day. Thank you for commenting.

  127. Like many other quilters, I first met WANDA AND GARY at an AQS quilt show. They were both so friendly and genuinely “down to earth”. I loved their booth and their large variety of precuts and quilt kits. Once while talking to Gary, he told me that they were moving to Cleveland TN after he retired. I was so excited because that was near me! A year later while shopping on their website I saw that their address had changed to Cleveland. I called Wanda and invited her to lunch and the rest is the best part. I now spend much of my free time working along side Wanda and Gary at OLD SOUTH FABRICS. Folks, What you see is what you get! They are truly great people who have became like family. High quality fabrics and dependable customer service are of utmost importance to them both. I feel blessed to be a tiny part of OLD SOUTH FABRICS and have them as my friends.

    1. Christie, oh my, I just read your post. What in the world would we ever do without you! Talk about a genuine friend- no, she is family. When she is at the shop, there is never a dull moment. She kicks right in doing whatever needs to be done as she fills the shop with enthusiasm and laughter – plus she knows all about fabric and quilting. She is a big part of Old South Fabrics.

  128. I’ve purchased fabric from their online shop and the service was terrific. My next trip to TN will include a stop here. What great displays.

    1. Kathie, thank you for commenting and shopping with us. We hope you stop by to see us sometime.

  129. I love to shop Old South Fabrics online: their inventory is fantastic and their prices can’t be beat. Best of all I always feel like I’m a local customer when the package arrives; it’s so nicely wrapped, and there’s always a personal note included. What a great place to shop!

    1. Mary we appreciate your comments. Thank you for sharing your experience. It is our joy to have you as our quilting friend. You gave us a big hug. Thank you.

  130. I’ve purchased fabric online from their shop. When there was difficulty with the order, I was contacted immediately. Fortunately, the difficulty did not impact the completion of the quilt that I was working on. They are very accommodating and helpful. Great customer service and beautiful fabrics!

    1. Thank you, Theresa. We are happy to hear you are very pleased and your quilt could be completed. We appreciate your comments and thank you for shopping with us.

  131. I was searching for particular fabrics to complete a kit and found your shop! I was pleased with the promptness of your service and delivery, love all your fresh colors. I enjoy your newsletter and plan to continue shopping with you!

    1. Judy, we are delighted to hear from you and thank you for continuing to shop with Old South Fabrics. We value you being our quilting friend.

  132. Old South Fabrics is a wonderful company to work with online and in person. I went to a quilt show in Pigeon Forge and met them. I later ordered online and promptly received it. Wonderful company!

    1. We are so happy we met you and you shopped with us, Linda. Thank you for your kind comments.

  133. Love online shopping at Old South Fabrics – Such quick response in shipping orders – Service and selection is great! Thanks so much!!

  134. I first came upon Old South Fabrics through FabShopHop. I was lucky enough to win a gift certificate. Through our interaction I have been thrilled with their excellent service and continue to receive their newsletters. I LOVE Moda Fabrics and wish I was close enough to pay a personal visit, but, alas…too far away in Arizona. I’m so glad they have an online presence that I can enjoy. BTW, love that quilt under the Old South banner. May I have the name?

    1. Hi Kathie, Thank you for your comments. I had a block pattern cut out of newspaper that my grandma had taught me to made when I was about 8 yr old. Moda Blog featured a quilt that was made by paper piecing. The more I looked at it the more I was drawn to that quilt. After some time it hit me there was a block I had so much like it, but the quilt didnt look the same due to fabric placement and quilting. My block was not done by pattern piecing. I had the exact fabric collection, “Sunnyside” by Kate Spain used in the featured quilt. I got busy and made that quilt using my old pattern block which was no paper piecing. As they say, quilt blocks have been around for years with some slight modification. Here is the link from Moda Blog for their quilt: http://www.modabakeshop.com/2013/11/sunny-steps-quilt.html I may actually have a kit in that fabric put back that I did not sell.

  135. I went to the AQS Daytona Beach show and there was Old South Fabrics. I was so impressed with the selection and service during my purchase that I asked for their card to order online. I will definitely stop in the shop when I am in that neck of the woods!

    1. Hi Juls, We try to make sure everyone gets offered our business card, but to have you ask for one was cherry on the top. Thank you. We will be back to Daytona again in place. Hope to see you again.

  136. I would LOVE to visit this shop!! I know it’s my Go To for online shopping till then ❤️

    1. Paula, thank you for commenting. Please do visit our website. New inventory is on and more coming.

  137. I just moved to Cleveland Tennessee and visited Old Sourh Fabric shop. Love the shop! Gary and Wanda made my first visit so much fun. This is now the quilt shop I will go to for my fabrics. Wanda was very helpful in choosing to finish my quilts. It’s a must for anyone traveling in the area.

    1. Cindy, thank you for coming to the shop and again, welcome to Cleveland. We are happy to have you as our quilting friend. See you soon.

  138. I always stop to see Wanda when I go to quilt shows. I love Moda fabric and her quilt kits are always affordable. Online shopping with Old South Fabrics is also super easy!

    1. Beverly thank you for your comments. We love for you to shop with us on line. Hope to see you at shows again.

  139. I’ve shopped the online version of Old South Fabrics and have always had great service, prompt delivery, etc. After seeing more information about the shop I wish it was closer to me so I could visit and become a part of the quilting community there!

    1. We are delighted you were pleased and thank you for shopping with us. Love to have you come see us.

  140. I love shopping at Old South Fabrics…their prices are fair and Wanda and Gary are such a delight!

    1. Rose, we love you shopping at Old South Fabrics. We appreciate you choosing us. Thank you.

  141. I was looking for a particular fabric to finish the smashing for my quilt…Old South had exactly what I was looking for, at a great price!

    1. Linda, thank you for shopping with us. We are so thankful you do and hope you will continue to check out our new inventory. Thank you for comments.

  142. I anticipate the day I can travel from Indiana to shop at the brick and mortar. Have loved what I have purchased in the past .

    1. We appreciate you shopping with us, Rhonda. Thank you for commenting. Lots of new collections are added and more on the way.

  143. I have enjoyed shopping with Wanda since she was located in Murfreesboro and a member of Friendship Quilters. It is a delight to see her at shows and to shop the fabrics and precursor she brings.

    1. Hi Judy, Thank you for commenting. It is always a joy to reconnect. Come see us sometime.

  144. I have enjoyed shopping online with Old South Fabrics as well as in their beautiful booth at Paducah. I would love to visit their quilt shop some day.

    1. Donna, we would love for you to come. Thank you for visiting our booth and shopping with us. We will be back in the fall – same booth location. Hope to see you again.

  145. It’s a joy to shop online with these folks. Such great service & packaging. Wonderful tale of that family connection. Best to you.

    1. Thank you for shopping with us. The tale of family connection is 100% true and what precious memories up on Sand Mountain. The pot belly wood burning stove and pot of pinto beans on there cooking all in the same big open room with ladies gathered around the quilt frame lowered from the ceiling..and wound up at evening time… a joy to share. We are delighted you have been pleased . Come again.

    2. Also glad you’re part of the FabShopHop. Thought about visiting your store while vacationing in Asheville, NC recently but the 15 hour ride back home was too daunting. Another time. Until then I’ll visit your virtual store.

  146. I found Old South Fabrics when doing a search for more of a fabric that I found at a show. It was unique and beautiful and no other online vendors recognized that. Now I always search Old South for quality fabrics that include some extra special choices.

    1. Susan, it is refreshing to hear we had what you needed. Thank you for shopping with us and for your kind comments.

  147. I have purchased items from you online and your selection and service is top notch. Your shop looks beautiful, I hope someday I can see it in person.

  148. Old South is the first place I visit at quilt shows. I always leave with a kit or bundle of fabric and appreciate the kindness of Wanda and Gary as I shop.

  149. So nice to put a lovely face to a name! Nice article! I placed an online order for a fabric I thought for sure I was going to have trouble finding. Wanda had the fabric in the yardage I needed! Shipped fast and arrived with a hand written note. Love that! I hope to visit the shop one day! Thank you Wanda and congratulations on being a featured shop!

    1. Hi Shellie, Thank you for your kind comments. I am excited to hear we had what you needed. We hope you will add us to your list of favorites:) Enjoy your fun sewing time.

  150. Met them at the Daytona Beach quilt show! Always THE best selection of Moda Fabrics! Will have to plan our next extended road trip to include this quilt shop. Thanks for all you do for us crazy quilters

    1. Pat, thank you. There is so much more that I truly want to do, but I need more hands and space….and I can’t get more hours in a day..LOL We will be back to Daytona’s next show. Hope to see you there. Come anytime- I am at the shop.

  151. Visited this shop several years ago on a trip to Nashville – what a treat! Not only was the selection of fabric great but so were the people who worked there. Then a couple of months ago I was looking for some moda fabric that I could not find any where but was fortunate to be able to buy it online at Old South. Saved the day for me

    1. Janice, thank you for shopping with us. We are happy you thought of us and that we had what you needed. Thank you for commenting.

  152. I have ordered from Old South several times and have been extremely happy. Their selection of fabric is awesome! When ordering they keep the customer notified and within days of ordering I have received my order. Visiting their shop is only bucket list!!!

    1. Hi Priscilla, Thank you for shopping with us! We are so happy to read your comments. You have been a great encouragement to us, Come anytime.

  153. Old South Fabric is the place to shop. All a business has to sell is customer service. You can buy fabric anywhere. Old South Fabric is over the top on customer service. Online, on the phone or at the shop you are made to feel like you are the best customer ever. Love Moda fabric, good quality, that makes for easy quilting.
    Wanda is so knowledgeable about all things quilting and Gary is very helpful also. Congratulations to Old South Fabric you are the place to shop

    1. Cornelia, you are amazing. Your kind comments were a blessing. That is truly how I feel about our quilting friends. You are important and we greatly appreciate you. It is always a treat to get to see you. Thank you for always being an encouragement.

  154. Every time I am searching for a particular fabric line I know I can find it at Old South! It arrives quickly to Michigan;-)

    1. Sue it is GREAT to have you shop with us. Should there ever be a time you can’t find something, don’t hesitate to call us. Hope you get to Grand Rapids quilt show this fall. Thank you for commenting.

  155. Old South has rescued me more than once online. MODA Fabrics has a great product line and is represented well by the Coleys. Your booth (store) in Daytona was inviting and beautiful. I’m so happy you were featured here. Good luck on your fun retirement adventure.

    1. Ardene, you let us know anytime we can rescue you. We are so happy you visited our booth in Daytona and thrilled you liked our booth. I am still pinching myself to see if Moda featuring us is a dream:) Thank you for choosing Old South Fabrics.

  156. Old South is a great addition to our area! I love all the Moda fabric! And I love that their staff is so ready to help out when they notice you are having a hard time deciding what would look best with your project. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Darlene, It is great to have you as our quilting friend. We love helping you enjoy you coming. Thank you for commenting.

  157. I always look forward to finding your booth when I travel to the Pudacha AQS show. I always find the most beautiful quilt samples at your booth, and your prices are the best I ever see on Moda fabrics. I enjoy your friendliness and never walk away without several major purchases. Your brick and mortar store looks very inviting. I hope to visit it one day soon. I have shopped your online store to and found it to be extremely well put together and enjoyable to use. Congratulations on such a successful business in the world of quilting!

    1. Deborah, thank you for making such sweet comments. You warmed our hearts. We are very blessed to have beautiful quilts. The custom quilters are totally amazing. Any success is a reflection on all you wonderful quilting friends of Old South Fabrics. I appreciate my family generations for passing on the love of quilts and quilt making to me. Little did I know how important all that would be at this time in the my life….

  158. Hi l have enjoyed ordering from you on line and look forward to visiting your shop you make it such a pleasant experience shopping and are so helpful l hope you have continued success

    1. What would we ever do without all you quilting friends. You make it a joy. Thank you for shopping with us. We truly care.

  159. A wonderful shop and a very wonderful person. Always greeted with a smile and willingness to help you find what you need. Wanda is an inspiration. Love being in the shop.

    1. Ora Belle, oh how we love for you to come by the shop. I can’t wait to see the quilts you made your grandsons. You are loved by all. Thank you for your comments.

  160. I love, love, love this quilt shop and am always glad to see them at a show! Wanda is so helpful and always happy to answer questions. I usually shop Old South at Quilt Shoes and on line but I would certainly drive the 2 hours to her shop if I needed to. It been great to find a shop so dedicated to the Moda fabrics that I love so much. I waiting not for a new fabric line to be posted and I will be ordering it as soon as the notice is emailed!

    1. Sweet Jackie, we appreciate you! We have just added “Regency Blues” on blots, but for some reason the pre-cuts are delayed. “Well Said” was loaded today. That collection has a great panel. I love it. I will be sending out newsletter real soon. Last newsletter had 5, I think. May is another 5 coming… It’s that time. Thank you.

  161. With help of online friends I was able to track down some fabric to this store. Wanda was so helpful and so quick in fulfilling my order. I am sorry I don’t live closer (am in CT) as their pics show an amazing amount of FQs.

    1. Hi Sara, Yes, we do try to keep a large amount of FQs and all pre-cuts. If we can ever help you, let us know. Feel free to call anytime. Thank you, Sara.

  162. I love Old South ! First met them at Mountain Quiltfest and I have loved shopping with them ever since!

    1. Hey there, Debbie. We love Pigeon Forge quilt show! It is a favorite for us. 2019 show will be totally awesome. We are already planning special sales do to for their 25th anni. So happy you met us there and continue shopping with us. Thank you.

  163. I recently needed more fabric for a project. I had purchased the fabric from Old South Fabrics at a quilt show. Their booth was so neat n tidy and the fabric so pretty I had to buy some fabric. The order process was easy and they were very courteous n helpful. They emailed me soon after I placed the order n it arrived quickly so I could finish my quilt. I look forward to visiting their store. Highly recommend this vendor and look forward to shopping with them at a quilt show soon. Congrats on your Moda spotlight

    1. Lynn, it is very special for us to share the joy of being featured with our quilting friends. We appreciate you and thank you for shopping with us online and at shows. Hope to see you again soon,

  164. I’ve purchased fabric online and received it quickly. Thanks for your shop to give us more access to fabrics.

    1. Pat, we appreciate you shopping with us. As soon as we get more space, we will get even more fabric collections. Thank you.

  165. Super nice and helpful people. I love that I can go in the shop and look without being followed around. The selection is great and Moda has the quality fabric I want. The prices are better than anyone around and living in Cleveland, TN means I don’t have to pay shipping.

    1. Thank you for shopping with us, Bradford. We love to let you look at your leisure. Happy to help when needed. Orders over $75 free shipping and out of state pays us no tax.

  166. I have never been to the Old South Fabrics store, but I do visit their booth at the AQS in Grand Rapids, Michigan every year and have NEVER been able to walk away without buying several charm packs, at the least. Now that I’ve seen pictures, their booth is a mini rendition of their store. Love the wide selection of fabrics they bring to the show, and if I’m ever in Tennessee again, I’ll be sure to stop by.

    1. Cheryl, we will be back in Grand Rapids soon and hope to see you.Our shop has rows of fabric in white shelf units- easy access. We love to have lots of pre-cuts too. Thank you for commenting.

  167. I have had great experiences shopping at the online Old South Fabrics store. Great selection. Thank you!

    1. We thank you, Karen. It is our joy to have you shop with us and we want you to be very pleased. Watch for our newsletter if you are signed up as Gary has loaded “Regency Blues” and “Well Said” plus more on the way.

    1. Oh Peg, you are so encouraging. I can’t wait until we get more space so I can begin teaching at the shop. I miss that so much. It is always lots of fun. Thank you so much.

  168. Love Old South Fabrics! I have ordered on-line several times and have had great service each time. Love when they are at our local quilt shows, also!

    1. Thank you, Cathy. I love doing the shows so we can meet our quilting friends. Thank you for shopping with us. We appreciate you!

  169. It sounds like my kind of place! Would love to visit some time. We live in Kansas but still have our home in southern Illinois so it may be doable in the future.

    1. Lynn, if you like Moda, I think you will like Old South Fabrics. You are always welcome to come.

  170. I love Old South Fabrics! I’m an online customer. So happy with the prompt shipping, beautiful quality fabrics and great customer service that I’ve referred my quilting friends.

    1. Doreen, referring your friends to us is awesome and greatly appreciated. Moda sells itself and having wonderful quilting friends who continually spread the word is fantastic.

  171. What a beautiful store; wish I lived closer. But, online shopping is great because of the quality fabrics, and prompt service. Thank you.

    1. Shirley, that is why I started with Moda. You know the quality of fabric you are getting when you order Moda online. We are happy you chose Old South Fabrics. Thank you so much.

  172. I always look for Old South at the AQS shows and even there in the midst of such chaos they have great customer service. In response to a question about the availability of yardage of a particular fabric at their shop, Gary took the time to pull out his computer to check for me then and there! And your on-line order is accompanied with a thank you note. A small touch that makes you feel appreciated as a customer.

    1. Ginger, that is exactly how we want you to feel because you are very appreciated by Old South Fabrics. I truly believe that without shoppers there is no shop. We are retired grandparents and feel truly blessed we had old fashion values instilled in us. Oh, we make mistakes, but we sure do want to correct them. Thank you for your encouraging comments.

  173. Old South Fabrics is really great. I have bought from them online. There customer service is excellent. They had an issue with my order and they called me on the phone and we cleared it up. My order came fast and accurate. I will order from them again. They are really nice folks.

    1. Thank you, Denise, for your kind comments. We appreciate you shopping with us and I am glad your order was fast and accurate.

  174. I can see this as a bucket list stop. My family guild loves to shop hop. Loved visiting your booth at Paducah two years ago.

    1. Hi Nita. If you get to Paducah again, we hope to see you. Thank you for commenting. Let us know when you are coming as I would love to be there.

  175. I love Wanda and Gary! I have bought from them online when I have needed Moda fabric. Wanda has been very helpful when inquiring about fabrics or if I was just trying to locate a Moda fabric, I needed. I was just at the Paducah 2018 Quilt Show and was able to meet Wanda in person. She wraps your purchases real nice to include a thank you note. What a lovely lady. Hope to visit your shop some day.

    1. Hi Karen, You are so kind. I love getting to meet ladies who shop with us when we are at quilt shows. I enjoy the personal interaction and seeing you all.Thank you for your sweet comments. Without quilting friends like you, there is no Old South Fabrics.

  176. I’ve been very happy with my online purchases from Old South fabrics, great service and beautiful fabrics.

    1. Thank you, Susie. It is always great to see you. We will be back in the fall this year. Same location.

  177. Congratulations Wanda and Gary! I’ve been shopping on-line with you for a few years now and have always been very happy with the experience. I’m planning a trip to your shop with friends – can’t wait!

    1. Debbie, thank you for continuing to shop with us. If you plan to visit the shop, please let us know as I would love to be there at that time. Thank you for your comments.

  178. Have had the pleasure of purchasing from Old South Fabrics first at the Pigeon Forge TN quilt show and also online! Wanda and Gary are the nicest people you’ll meet! Love the selection of fabrics and patterns!

    1. Thank you, Lorry, for shopping with us. Your comments were so kind. Thank you. We hope to see you in Pigeon Forge 2019.

  179. A friend recently told me about your online site so I will definitely take a look. Would love to stop in for a visit if I’m ever in your neck of the woods, hopefully when I make a return trip to the AQS show in Paducah. Your shop looks wonderful!

    1. Gloria, we love word of mouth exposure. Thank your friend for us, please. We hope you come see us in Paducah if you return. We are in the Convention Bldg. 2nd floor. Love to have you come to TN, too.

  180. I loved the personal note I received with my online order of fabric. As a small business owner myself in Portland, OR, I know how important good customer service is and adding a personal note of ‘Thanks’ is appreciated and brings customers back time and again.

    1. Susan, we wish you the very best in your business. Thank you for your comments. It was our joy to have you shop with us- always.

  181. I can’t say enough about this shop and the wonderful customer service they provide!!! I was searching for Coral Queen of the Sea fabric and “happened upon” their shop via internet. What a GEM! I placed my order and Gary and Wanda actually personally called me to let me know what they had in stock, AMAZING FOLKS that go above and beyond for their customers!!! I can’t wait to be able to travel South and meet them in person someday:)

    1. Karyn, we are always happy to help you anytime. It is an honor you chose our website and you are not a number to us- you are our quilting friends. Without you all, there is no Old South Fabrics. Come see us when you get in our area. Thank you for your comments. We appreciate you.

  182. This looks like my kind of shop. I would so love to visit some day. Do you do e-mail service and delivery service!

    1. Hi Sandra, We are happy to help you anyway we can. If you want to place and order by phone that is never a problem. If you would like to send an order by email, we can contact you for payment. We ship Priority Mail. If you want to go to our website, that is great too. My email is wanda @oldsouth fabrics.com our Website is http://www.oldsouthfabrics.com
      Phone 423-464-5826

    1. Teresa, that’s great to hear. I hope you enjoy your sewing time. Thank you for shopping with us.

  183. I love your shop, have been really pleased with orders & hope to visit you this summer. You always get the new fabrics first and have great prices!

    1. Hi Cynthia, We are so happy you are pleased. Gary is loading new fabrics now and we are running a bit late getting all these on the website. Several more collections are due in May as well. Hope you enjoy.

  184. I love shopping at old south fabrics! They always have such a great selection. Wanda and garG are so friendly and helpful! I wish I lived closer to their shop!

    1. Hi Jill, We love you shopping with us and thank you for your sweet comments. Hopefully, you can come see us one day.

  185. Love the help and enthusiasm the Coley’s offer. I’ve known them all my life and enjoy them immensely. Wanda’s skill and knowledge make her the perfect hostess for such a fabric shop as Old South Fabrics. The shop and customer care are extensions of her character and artistic abilities, which are many. God Bless Them!

    1. Carolyn, my loving cousin, how special to read your comments. I am humbled. Our wonderful grandmother and our talented aunts (& our Mothers) have sure passed on a great heritage for the love of quilts & sewing. I treasure the times we get to sew together. Thank you.

  186. I have shopped many times with your booth while at Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge! Your booth is always so organized and has such a lovely display of quilts to entice us to make a purchase! Of course, selling Moda ifabrici is an attraction!

    1. Hi Sharon, It is great to hear you shopped with us in Pigeon Forge. It is a great show. Thank you for your kind words. We truly try to have all new displays every year. Hope to see you there 2019.

    1. Michele, we hope you liked our website and would love to have you visit. Thank you for your post.

  187. I was amazed at the service when I ordered from their online store, they often have the fabric I’m looking for, and feel they take a personal interest in their customer. I hope I will have the opportunity to shop in their store!

    1. Lee Anne, we appreciate you shopping with us. It is great to have you as our quilting friend. Come anytime. Thank you.

  188. I had a great experience shopping Old South Fabrics online! It was easy, and delivery was faster than I expected! Plus, I really enjoyed the personal note that was included with my order. 🙂

    1. Lynne, it is great to know you were very pleased and hope you add us to your favorites:) Thank you.

  189. I found this shop by chance looking for a specific fabric online for a border! Then low and behold visited their booth at the AQS Daytona. You could not meet a nicer couple. And oh what a variety of Moda fabrics and precuts available. Can’t wait for a road trip to visit their shop in TN.

    1. Hi Kelly, Thank you for shopping with us. We will be back in Daytona this fall. Let me know if you get to come. Love to see you again. Road trip sounds fun.

  190. Wanda & Gary,

    It was so nice to meet you at the quilt show in Pigeon Forge this past March and look forward to coming to the shop one day.

    1. Irene, thank you for coming to the show and shopping with us. Come see us when you can- love to have you!

  191. What a beautiful shop! I’ve ordered from you online and received everything promptly. Wish I lived closer, I could get lost in your store for days! Could you tell me what pattern is in the 7th photo? (Red feathered stars) Thanks so much!

  192. I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting in person … I live in Ontario, Canada, but have ordered online and was very pleased with the prompt service. After seeing how beautiful it is it it’s now on my bucket list for a road trip!!

    1. Wow, Brenda, coming from Canada… you may want to hit a quilt show where we are vending as well. 🙂 We appreciate you shopping with us. It would be a joy to meet you.

  193. I absolutely love their booth at Mountain Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge. Everything is beautiful and beautifully displayed, and they are so friendly. Their store is a joy to shop as well. My youngest daughter took the longest time to choose the fabrics for her quilt, and we felt completely comfortable with no pressure. I am thankful to have this resource near me! (BTW, my daughter says Wanda is pretty and classy.)

    1. Nicole, it was great to have you all shop. I adored your girls. It is refreshing to see young ones have a love for fabrics and sewing. Thank you for commenting. (She is the classy pretty one!)

  194. I am excited that this shop is being featured here. I have been a long time online customer and the service I have received from Wanda is exceptional. The prices are hard to beat. Usually it is the first place I go to when I am looking for a specific line before I try other stores.
    Congratulations, Gary and Wanda !!

    1. Florence, thank you for your comments. We appreciate you shopping with us and so happy you are pleased.

  195. I love Moda and the online Old South customer service. I hope to visit the store when I visit my sister near Nashville this summer.

    1. Sherrie, we are delighted you like Old South Fabrics. Thank you for shopping with us. Come on down when you can.

  196. First saw Wanda at the 2018 Pigeon Forge quilt show. Our quilting group of 7 is planning a road trip to visit the store the second week in May…can’t wait! What’s more fun than friends and fabric!

  197. Sue, we are looking forward to your visit. It was a joy meeting you at Pigeon Forge show.

  198. I love shopping with Wanda and Gary. I have mail ordered several times and shopped at some shows as well. I find their service to be outstanding and it is a delight to do business with them.

  199. Thank you, Donna, for your kind comments. We love you shopping with us and always strive for excellent service. We truly care and appreciate you choosing Old South Fabrics.

  200. I love the personal note I get each time I have ordered. Also the way my fabric has been tied with a bow! It’s like getting a present!

    1. Cheryl, we are so happy you like getting packages from us. We love to ship them, too. You were so thoughtful to post your comments, Thank you.

  201. Congratulations on opening the shop — I just may have to make a trip to Cleveland TN to visit you!

  202. I love the projects at Old South Fabrics but more importantly I LOVE LOVE LOVE the people there! I don’t get to stop in often but they always treat me like I’m their most important customer!

    1. Karen, you are very important to us and we enjoy you coming to the shop anytime you can. How thoughtful of you to comment. WE love you too and thankful we have such wonderful caring quilting friends. Thank you so much.

  203. I met Wanda and Gary at AQS in Daytona Beach recently. Their booth was lovely, filled with beautiful fabrics from current Moda lines and decorated with gorgeous quilts utilizing various skill levels. Their prices were very competitive and I was delighted to learn that they have a brick and mortar store as well as an on line shop. Gary and Wanda are very warm people, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable in the quilt business. I plan to visit their shop when I am in Tennesssee.

    1. Carol, we are delighted we met you in Daytona. We are scheduled to return in 2019 and hope to see you again. Wow, we were so blessed to read your comments and we are truly thankful for you.

  204. Found Old South at the Moutain Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge TN and will be stopping at their shop in Cleveland this summer on my way to quitl retreat at Grand Oaks Retreat – love, love, love thier products and service

    1. Hi Jean. We are excited you hear you plan to visit us this summer. Thank you for shopping with us at the quilt show. Give us a call when you know the dates you will be stopping.

  205. I have ordered from Old South Fabrics, Very nice fabric and super nice owners, I would love to visit the shop some day.

    1. Debra, we would love to have you visit us. Thank you for shopping with us. We sure do appreciate you choosing to visit our website. How kind of you to share your comments.

  206. What a beautifully organized shop. I love all the precuts – and, of course, Moda fabrics. I need to find out how much out of my way I would need to go as I head north to Newport, TN from Florida.

    1. Hi Laurie. We would love to have you come see us. We are about 20 min. north of Chattanooga. If you come I75N , you will come within 5 miles from out shop- take exit 20. Thank you for commenting.

  207. I love these folks. I met them few years back at the Quilt fest in Pigeon Forge TN. Very nice helpful people. Their Cleveland store is 20 minutes from me.

    1. Hi Helen. Thank you for your kind comments. You can come see us often- that’s great!

    1. Linda, thank you for commenting and so excited you love the fabrics. Thank you for shopping with us!

  208. Beautiful fabrics, great prices , and mailed to mine home. What could be better!?

  209. Hi Colleen, Thank you for choosing to shop with Old South Fabrics and for commenting.

  210. I was so thrilled to seethe news that you and your shop were a featured Moda Shop. You always have your shop neatly arranged and are so glad to help customers. I wish you continued happiness and success.

    1. Hi Elaine. Thank you for shopping with us and for you kind comments. We appreciate you.