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“I was quilting for therapy,” says Kayleen Stingley about how she spent her free time when she worked as an accountant. Now, as the owner of Got 2 Sew, providing “therapy” for customers is one of Kayleen’s greatest joys.

As a matter of fact, that’s how Kayleen named her shop, which is located in Hobbs, New Mexico. When the stress of her job became too great she’d say “I can’t wait for a day off—I’ve got to sew!”

She’s not the only person who feels that way. Hobbs is located near the Texas-New Mexico border and customers come from near and far to enjoy Kayleen’s love of bright fabrics and cheery shop decor.

Old sewing machines and vintage mixers line the top of the fabric shelves and screen doors and an old tea cart serve as display pieces. Some of the items have special meaning—a customer who is now a dear friend brought two of the machines to Kayleen on the second day the shop was open. Near the cash register is a Singer that was a special gift from Kayleen’s husband’s Aunt Bessie. “It sat by our fireplace for decades,” says Kayleen, who adds that she was brought to tears when she realized it could have a place of pride in the shop.

Got 2 Sew’s fabric offerings include plenty of Moda lines. Nearby high school and junior high students love using Zen Chic fabrics for their sewing class projects. Customers scoop up Kota batiks, Moda Marbles and Concretes, and lines from Stacy Iest Hsu, Me and My Sister, and Sweetwater. Kayleen can’t say enough about Moda’s quality, and about the Moda sales reps she’s worked with. They’ve shared tips and tricks of the trade and she’s always able to trust them. Kayleen says of her current rep, Kelly Nielson: “She never oversells, there’s no pressure, and she’s cute and I love her personality!”

Though she didn’t anticipate opening a quilt shop (before she was an accountant she was a cosmetologist), Kayleen’s love of sewing started early. Her mother did alterations work for a dress shop near their Texas Panhandle home and taught her daughter to sew when she was just seven years old. (The dress she made, which includes a zipper (!), hangs in the shop’s display window.) Not long after she stitched her first quilt, a charity quilt, as part of a church group, the Missionettes. Her mother set up a quilt frame in the living room and taught Kayleen to hand quilt.

The tradition of teaching others to sew continues at Got 2 Sew. Learn to Quilt and tee-shirt quilt classes are some of the most popular offerings on the shop schedule. One employee, known as The Bag Lady, stitches and sells bags at the local Farmer’s Market. When customers see her bags and express interest in making their own, a bag class gets added to the calendar. “They always fill up quickly,” says Kayleen.

On a vintage ironing board in the shop’s classroom hangs a simple quilt, stitched from 6” squares. It’s one of many that Kayleen sewed for babies born to mothers of the children she cared for in the church nursery. (At one point she made 13 of these quilts in three months!) “It’s a reminder of how far I’ve come,” she says. That was also when she first realized how loved a quilt could be, and how much pleasure she took in making them, and it’s why owning a shop is perfect fit for Kayleen. “I just love people and I love to sew and the store gives me an avenue for both of those,” she says.

Got 2 Sew opened three years ago on April 27, Kayleen’s birthday. If you’re near Hobbs next week, stop in to share Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday wishes, and to wish Kayleen many more years of “quilting therapy.” 

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33 thoughts on “Featured Shop: Got 2 Sew

  1. What a wonderful story, Kayleen! I will probably never travel as far as your shop but definitely know I would love it. May your success continue!

  2. Beautiful shop – so much yummy fabric! I think this needs to be on my “must visit in my life time” shop list! May you have many more years of therapy!

  3. This post is the perfect example of why it is not fun to read your blog. The print is a tad too light for old eyes to read easily. So look at photos and done with it.

    1. The grey tone font is difficult to read and strains the eyes. Please consider changing the font color for your fans and potential customers❤️

  4. What a darling shop with so much charm. It would be one of my local shopping stops if it was anywhere near me. I love to support local quilt shops.

  5. Love this shop and enjoyed learning a bit of back story of it. Just learned she’s been open for about as long as I’ve been quilting, which means the majority of my quilts have some of Kayleen’s fabrics in them. Quilting is less expensive than therapy, your shop has definitely kept me sane in uncertain times.
    Congrats on your national recognition! You truly are one of the best Kayleen!

  6. Well, I see a road trip in my future! And it’s not a very long one….I had no idea there was a quilt shop in Hobbs. Only 76 miles from the ranch! Around these parts that’s just around the bend. Have to work around cooking for the branding crew, but will be there soon!

  7. I love visiting your shop! Kayleen has been nothing but friendly and helpful since we moved to the NM/TX border area almost 2 years ago!!

  8. This made me smile. We stopped by this sweet quilt shop while on vacation last August. My husband sat outside with the skeleton while I shopped. Hello from Oklahoma!

  9. Love the look of your shop. Even though I live in Washington state, the next time I head east would love to come by and shop. Thanks for having bright colors on your walls. My studio has bright lime green and everyone thought I was crazy to put it in a room with fabrics. But its cheerful and it makes me happy, especially on rainy dark days in Washington. And I love your skeleton on the porch. Such a great touch of laughter. Happy Anniversary and I hope to see you on my next trip that way.

  10. What great shop. Just what I would love to do! How to start I am in Oregon but this is a dream come true. Some day. Good job !

  11. Dusty, glad you like it. The bright colors are therapuetic for me also. I spend more time at the store than at home so the colors keep me happy. Hope to meet you soon.

  12. What a wonderful shop – I wish I lived closer! We don’t have any shops like this in our area 🙁

  13. Kayleen, if I lived closer I’d be in to say Hi! For sure. Wishing you continued success in bringing joy to yourself and others.

  14. Having just finished my 35th tax season, I do know what you mean by I’ve got to have some sewing time! It is therapy!

  15. It’s a lovely shop and I love being in it. Amidst the colorful fabrics and the hum of sewing machines, there is peace to be found.

  16. Happy (belated) Birthday Kayleen! Your shop is delightful, and so are you. I’d love to visit some time, but it may be awhile, since I live in Bend, Oregon! I’m so thrilled that you love what you do, and share quilting with beginners, professionals, the old and young! Many, many more years of joy and success! Brenda King, Bend, Oregon

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