Oh my… Oh, Scrap!

Someone once asked me why I loved scrap quilts.  My answer was kind of silly… but it was also true.  Not one of us is one “thing”.  We’re daughters and sons, parents and spouses, friends and co-workers.  We’re painters and stitchers, bakers and builders, and so on.  Each of us is a scrap quilt, a patchwork of diverse experiences and memories, quirks and talents, flaws and blessings.

Full disclosure – this is my favorite picture from Oh, Scrap!  It might be my favorite “quilt picture from a book” ever.  The quilts are Navajo Blanket, Splendid Scraps, Firecrackers and Awesome Land.

Though this one is pretty special too.

The quilt is Sherbet Stars and the model is sweet Eloise, the lovely granddaughter of one of Lissa’s dear friends.

These are five of the quilts in Oh, Scrap!, the long-awaited book by Lissa Alexander.


For more than twenty years, Lissa has worked behind-the-scenes at Moda Fabrics.  She’s created iconic quilts – Modern Building Blocks – and worked with the Design Department to develop Moda’s industry-changing pre-cuts.  She’s supported, promoted and encouraged people trying to figure out how to get into the “quilting business” – including me.  From making quilt samples for Market to helping design and build booths at Quilt Market, Lissa has worn many hats.  But this is her first quilt book as author.  As Lissa.  Scrap quilter.  Extraordinaire.

Let’s start with the obvious – Lissa has an eye for color, value and scale that most of us don’t.  (I know accomplished quilters and authors who will happily go on record that “Lissa taught them everything they know about color.”)  She happily – fearlessly? – mixes collections and styles of fabric with an expertise that most of us will never understand.  We can look at the quilt and know it’s something special but… how did she get there?  What does she know that we don’t?

Plenty.  But don’t worry!  With Oh, Scrap!, Lissa shares what she knows.  And she does it in a way that makes putting all those scraps together easy to understand.  What to look for in color, pattern, scale and value is shown with examples and swatch cards.  The twelve quilts are classic designs that are perfect for any style of fabric and color palette, and Lissa’s tips will give the rest of us the confidence to do what she does naturally.

Start with a basic color plan.  That sounds like a no-brainer, right?  But Lissa pushes the boundaries – showing that a really good scrappy assortment shouldn’t include just a single shade or blue or red.  Other tips shared are – pressing instead of “ripping out”, seeing value in addition to color, having a plan to create a secondary design, and chain pressing.  Chain pressing?  It makes perfect sense!

Favorite cut of fabric?  Layer Cake squares – 10″ x 10″.  They’re large enough to do something with but not so big that there is a lot left over.  (Because more is better – more variety and more color.)

Swatch cards.  Many of the quilts in the book include a “swatch card” of the actual fabrics used.  It’s the best way to see the range of colors, and the mix of scale and value that make up the quilt.  And some of the quirkiness.  Elephants.  (Sherbet Stars.)

As for the quilts, there’s something for every skill level and style.  If strips and straight pieces are your “thing” there are at least three quilts made with only straight strips.  Lissa’s Tone It Down is included – while it’s been copied and reproduced a thousand different ways, her Low Volume version is still instantly recognizable.  (You’ll have to get the book to see that one.)

This one is new.

Splendid Scraps.  Made with nine 18″ blocks, this quilt measures 54 1/2″ x 72 1/2″.  (It’s easily made larger if you want something bigger.)  With the exception of the long strips on the outside edges of the blocks, the pieces from this quilt can be made with Layer Cakes.  Some of the smaller pieces and squares can be cut from charm packs.  Do you have Moda Candy – mini charm packs?  Mix them in!

Are half-triangle squares your “thing”?  (I think you know my answer to that question.)

Indian Blanket.  How many of us would have been wary of including those “poppers” of red and peach?  But they’re perfect.  Blue and Yellow never looked so good.  Made with 786 – 2″ finished half-triangle squares, this quilt is easily made with 10″ Layer Cake squares.  (You’ll need about 90 of them.)

The same goes for Firecrackers.

Firecrackers measures 80″ x 80″ and is made with nine 24″ blocks.  My favorite thing about this quilt is that it’s made with a single pieced unit that can be arranged to make four different star blocks.  There are 804 half-triangle squares but… Lissa did include that Cake Mix Recipe 3 works beautifully for this quilt.  (And for Navajo Blanket.)

When the Firecracker quilt made its way through the office last year on the way to Martingale, I knew that this was the quilt I wanted to make first.  The arrival of the 2018 Christmas collections in November and December coincided with my realization that I really, really needed a new Christmas quilt so that’s what I’m making.

I’m using Deb Strain’s Hearthside Holiday, Sweetwater’s Overnight Delivery, some Zen Chic White Christmas Metallic and some leftover Layer Cake squares from Zen Chic, Bonnie & Camille, Minick & Simpson and BasicGrey.  I need 45 stitched Recipe 3 grids/sheets for the quilt.  I’ve stitched… a few more than that.  (I may or may not have a plan.) (Sadly… there are no elephants.)

I will let you know how this goes… though I expect it might be July before I get to finish this.

So here’s what you need to know… if scrap quilts are your “thing”, I think you’ll love this book. Over the weekend, a fellow scrap-quilt-lover told me that she’s happy when she finds a book with two quilts that she wants to make.  If there are three – the book is a must-have.  I have eight post-its marking pages for my “make this” list in Oh, Scrap!  From the tips (refrigerator bins!) to the swatch cards, there are enough terrific “take-aways” to make the book worth every quilter’s time.

Because this is a blog hop, we’re going to share an e-book and a couple of Layer Cakes with one scrap-quilt-lover.  Just leave a comment by Midnight on Friday, March 23rd telling us why you love scrap quilts.

(The winner will be contacted via e-mail on Monday, March 26th.)

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384 thoughts on “Oh my… Oh, Scrap!

  1. I can’t throw out the little bits of treasured fabrics that are left over from other projects – mainly quilts. Each year I tackle my baskets of scraps – to make room for the next batch :)! Finding the right pattern for those scraps can be the hard part – the rest is just fun!

  2. Love the variety and colors and mixing in old and new. Nothing like putting a Small piece from an old shirt in a scrappy quilt

  3. My fabric is an investment of time and love. I do cut it, but carefully save and sort the scraps by color in zipped locked GALLON or larger bags. I like the challenge it gives to creating new quilts with my treasured pieces.

  4. Scrap quilts tell stories made from other quilts. I love remembering making quilts for others while working on a scrap quilt.

  5. Scrap quilts have always been my favorite! My Log Cabin quilt has over 300 different fabrics from 80 & early 90’s.

  6. I love scrap quilts because it allows me to use my stash. I often buy fabric just because I love it but not because I have an actual project in mind. Recently, I have joined a quilting group that makes quilts for charity, for our local hospice or for any charity in need. Recently, we were asked to make pillowcases for the children’s bereavement program – it feels great to be able to give back. So this is where all my scraps/stash go – into making beautiful items for others. There is no better feeling when you give and the recipient is so appreciative. I love how when you make scrap quilts, you can put fabrics together that you would never have thought to and they look amazing.

  7. This book looks like so much fun! I love scrap quilts because I feel like it’s a link back to the great women who came before me who made quilts from scraps because that was all they had.

  8. I like making scrap quilts because I don’t have to choose just a few prints for a project, I can use them all!

  9. I love the rich variety of prints and shades of color. That’s why I store the equivalent of a quilt shop in my sewing room!

  10. I love scrap quilts because they remind me of old quilts, when everything was used and nothing was wasted. They go with any color scheme and any decor. I am a collector of scraps since I throw nothing away. I love my scrap bins!!

  11. I love to see some of my favorite fabrics pop up over and over again in my quilts! That’s why I save my scraps and make scrap quilts!

  12. I love scrap quilts because they are so interesting and I love thinking of the early quilters who used every scrap because they had to and they made it beautiful.

  13. How can one not love scrap quilts with all the color, variety and movement?! Sounds like I need this book and the info on value. That is one key to a beautiful scrap quilt. Hope to win this book!

  14. Oh this book is right up my alley! I love scrap quilts because they are so forgiving…I also like the freedom to use color-ways in my fabric stash making a quilt that’s unique to me.

  15. Scrappy quilts don’t need a lot of pre- planning. When I want to make a new quilt I don’t have to search for the “perfect” fabric. I can just grab from what is on hand.

  16. Because you can use what ever you have on hand!!! Also, you can use those little pieces of your favorite fabric

  17. I love scrap quilts because they are completely one of a kind! I also love that they give use to the leftovers from all the other quilts. 🙂

  18. I like the variety of scraps that keep the eye moving around the quilt and seeing different patterns. I also like the nostalgia of the associations the fabrics bring to mind.

  19. Scrap quilts are THE best! The scraps one uses have history. They could be old or new but each comes with its own story. The fabrics are often picked because I feel an emotional attachment to them so getting to use them more then once gives me the opportunity to share the love again. This love gift is why we are quilters, after all.

  20. many of my scrap quilts tell stories about other quilts with “those” fabrics and I just love putting them together- you don’t ever get bored!

  21. I love scrap quilts because every piece of fabric in the quilt is a walk down memory lane!! Special memories of loved fabrics, other quilting projects, beloved children’s clothing I’ve made, fabrics my mom used in her quilts.

  22. What’s not to like about a scrappy quilt? Using up fabric that bought because one liked it, saving money, the joyfulness of the various fabrics all mixed up into one beautiful quilt.

  23. Scrap Quilts are my favorite! I love how every one is different and reflects the person who made it. They look great as a whole and then have added treats as you study them. And with scrap Quilts, the outcomes are endless. You can use the same pattern or block and by changing your colors and values, you can make so many different looks. I am excited about making the quilts from this book!

  24. I look at the fabrics in my scrap quilts and remember the friends that gave them to me, or the quilts that i gave to someone else. All the laughter and love, comfort and trust. Those scraps give us wonderful memories.

  25. Love to see and sew scrap quilts. I can spend hours
    sorting, pressing, and cutting a bag of scraps. So fun

  26. These quilts are all beautiful. I always enjoy being able to use my scraps to make a new quilt. So fulfilling. Thanks for such a fun blog and great giveaway.

  27. Scrap quilts are a favorite for me. I like using up some of my leftover fabrics and finding that these scraps go well with other fabrics I had not consider putting together. The picture of the pink scrap quilt on the bed with the little girl in front of it was so beautiful. This one would be perfect for my little granddaughter”s room.

  28. So pretty! It’s the variety of fabrics in a scrap quilt that calls to me, how they play nicely together to make a lovely pattern.

  29. I love to study the fabrics in scrap quilts. Good memories here of fabric that went into other quilts or friends who contributed to help make the quilt more scrappy. I hope I win the book, scrappy quilts with a muslin background is my favorite quilt.

  30. Scrap quilts are just so much more interesting. More interesting to make since every block looks different, more interesting to cut since you’re rummaging through lots of fabrics, and certainly more interesting to look at and enjoy.

  31. I love seeing scraps from quilts I’ve made, reminding me of the quilt and who it was made for.

  32. I love scrap quilts. They have the look of the old–use every little scrap of fabric, the variety of fabrics makes them so interesting to look at, and they use up those little bits of fabric I cannot stand to “waste” by tossing away.

  33. I love making scrap quilts because as I am making one, I get to remember all the quilts that I made before as I use each new scrap. It is like a trip down my quilting memory lane. This book looks fabulous, and I believe I can learn a new thing or two from it. Thanks!

  34. Scrap quilts are just so cozy and classic. I confess that I love the look of scrap quilts, but I’ve been afraid to make one because I don’t trust my skill in putting together fabrics. So this book just moved to the top of my wishlist.

  35. I love scrap quilts because they give a vintage feel and make me think of my Grandma, who was a quilter also. This book looks beautiful!

  36. I really love scrappy quilts and all their goodness. They are fun to make because I get to use all my scraps that were left over from other projects. And I use every little piece. I don’t throw anything away. So they are filled with lots of memories of special quilts that I have already made and the fabrics that I really loved. Thank you for the giveaway.

  37. Scrap quilts made me fall for quilting! The only quilts I knew were made from scraps and what fun it will be to discover how to use my scraps to make the beautiful quilts pictured in this new book. I can’t wait!

  38. I love scrap quilts because they are the reason most people love quilts…even people who will never make one. They loook so homey and comforting at the same time they are beautiful.

  39. I just moved and combined my two sewing rooms. Apparently, according to my husband, I have a LOT of fabric. I love all the quilts I have seen in this book so far. Scrap quilting could help alleviate some of the problem. 🙂

  40. I have always loved quilts and my favorites have always been scrap quilts. Many of the quilts that I make are scrappy. “Oh, Scrap” would make a great addition to my quilt book library.

  41. I love scrap quilts because I love fabrics and they have MANY MANY MANY. So much to look at and enjoy.

  42. I love all the color of a scrap quilt and that usually they give the look of an old fashioned quilt (not always but usually)

  43. I love scrappy quilts because I can use a lot of different fabrics in them and that creates interest and texture and I don’t have to cut into yardage. When I do cut into yardage for something, then I end up with more scraps and the cycle continues.

  44. I love the look of scrap quilts but have never been either brave or free enough to actually make one! This book looks like my starting point to actually use all those special bits and strips left from my other quilts.

  45. Oh my – you’ve said the appeal of scrap quilts so eloquently already in your opening paragraph! Will share those sentiments with my guild today. And P.S. your Cake Mixes are the best!

  46. I love scrap quilts because of the variety of color and pattern. Planned color quilts are pretty, but scrappy is far more interesting.

  47. I have loved scrap quilts ever since I started quilting 30 years ago! You never get bored while making the quilt and when it is done you can be surprised on the variations!

  48. I love scrap quilts because they contain so many memories! I would love to have a copy of Lissa’s New book.

  49. I’m so insecure with color choices, that scrap quilts are torture for me….but they are the ones that intrigue me the most!i agree with Carrie, our lives are nothing more than a collection of pieces, so find find the joy and go!

  50. Not only do scrap quilts use up leftover fabric they are also very interesting! BTW Carrie I love your book and it falls under “I want to make everyone of the quilts” which is a homerun in my opinion.

  51. I love the use of scraps because I get to reminisce with each piece
    No scrap left behind!

  52. Can’t wait to read Lissa’s tips for choosing fabrics. I love scrappy quilts but as a longarmer, I have seen so many that are just “too much”. Can’t wait to read it.

  53. I love scrap quilts because they are such a good way to use up bits of fabric I’ve loved and used but are left over. I try to be careful in picking which scraps I use – i do want them to work together. I also think about how I used the fabric in other projects. I’ve had some of them for a long time!

  54. Scrap quilts are the best! A great scrap quilt includes everything but the kitchen sink! What a wonderful way to use up leftovers from previous quilts. This book looks full of great scrappy quilts!

  55. I love the traditional look of scrappy quilts, and think the variety of fabrics make the quilt a little more “zippy” and interesting. Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. I find two-color quilts attractive but boring and very hard to focus to the finish…I have made two and will not make another. Scrap quilts are warm, lively, and make my eye dance around the quilt from edge to edge. The Fireworks quilt is my choice…I have some red-white-blue fabrics in a bin and need more to add to the scrap. I did not see the reds until you mentioned them…I went back to the quilt to study and realized the little pops of color make the blues brighter. This is a technique that I need more time and fabric to play with and develop.

  57. Scrap quilts are beautiful and fun to make because I can put colors and patterns together that I wouldn’t normally mix. Using easy blocks means I can just pick up two pieces and sew without thinking. Sometimes my mind needs a break!

  58. Scraps quilts just have that cozy warm feel which is what one should want in a quilt. Am I right?

  59. Scrap quilts just come alive when you use as many colors of red or blue or purple as you can find. I made a totally red quilt a couple years ago and used every red I collected – from pinks to darkest burgundy and the variety made the quilt sing!

  60. Scrap Quilts are my favorites! They are all different, even if made from the same pattern….and I can put fabrics together in a scrap quilt that I wouldn’t dream of putting together in a non-scrappy version. Because I have been quilting a long time, I have lots of scraps, so when I start a new project I can go “shopping” at home!! What fun!! Like many others have said, scrap quilts bring back memories of other quilts made, and give us a feeling of connecting with quilters from the past. And…I think scrap quilts just have more personality!!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  61. The book looks amazing and using scraps for a quilt is even better but I need to learn more about colors I think and how to mix/match everything. This book is definitely on my wish list. Thanks for the chance to win.

  62. I love scrap quilts for sew many reasons. First, they help keep my stash manageable; there are sew many fast and easy scrap quilt patterns to choose from (I have already picked out 3 just from your post!); they have that homemade feeling built right in; and no two are alike!

  63. Thank you for sharing the beautiful quilts in the book! I love the distinctive and unique quilts made from loved leftover fabric! I have always loved scrap quilts because my great grandmother and grandmother made some amazingly beautiful ones!

  64. I love scrap quilts because they look cozy and remind me of family – everyone different, but joined together to form a pleasing whole!

  65. I love so many of the quilts in this book. There are at least 4-5 that are on my to-do list. I like scrap quilts because they are filled with memories and love.

  66. Scrap quilts are the only answer to using those precious leftover from my other treasured quilts. Lisa has amazing artistry with scraps.

  67. Color is important to me, I learned along time ago, colors need not match, they just need to “get along”. I enjoy mixing them up to their greatest advantage. A “Scrap Quilt” gives me an opportunity to do that.

  68. I love scrap quilts because that’s all my Granny could afford to make. My mother and aunt supplied he with scraps from sewing – they made everything we (and they) wore. My cousin and I would lay on Granny’s bed and scour all the fabrics in the quilt and say “I had a shorts made from this”, “My momma had a dress from this”, etc. Just the best quilts and memories!

  69. I adore scrap quilts. They are my favorite hands down. I don’t know if it’s the magical quality of taking many different fabrics to create something wonderful and unexpected, or if it’s the simplicity of using up what has been loved and then adding to it that with new finds. Scrap quilts have always been my first love in quilts. And I feel a special connection with Lissa Alexander because we both spell our name correctly. And there aren’t many of us quilters that do that. Thanks for sharing this treasure with us.

  70. The quilts in the book are beautiful. I like scrappy quilts because of those small bits of color. I usually pick out certain pieces and remember the other quilts I made.

  71. I was taught from a little girl not to be wasteful. I just love saving scrap fabric from past quilts projects. Then turn those scraps of fabric into something both beautiful and useful!

  72. I see so many ideas, just in this article, about color and placement and design that I can’t wait to go play in my scraps.

  73. I love scrap quilts so much that I save the smallest of pieces! I even have my scraps sorted by color. Will love this new book!!

  74. I love scrap quilts because they are one of a kind and contain a variety of fabrics chosen from my stash which I love! Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. I love scrap quilts because each one is unique. And since I can’t bear to see fabric wasted, it’s a good way to use up all those little pieces! Oh, Scrap! looks like a great book. Thanks for a chance to win a copy.

  76. I do believe I am a scrap hoarder. Can’t bear to throw bits of fabric out and love putting them back together. Especially when they are fabrics from garment sewing. i can remember them all and its like a look back thru time. Thank you.

  77. Scrap quilts just make your heart sing, especially when you get to sleep under one! They are wonderful for people like me who love a rainbow of colors in their quilts.

  78. They have the memories of previous quilts, and favorite fabrics that I can’t throw away, but are not big enough to use elsewhere.

  79. Scraps are a great way of using leftovers from other quilts/projects – using scraps is just a cost effective/efficient use of fabric – the scrappier, the better!!!!

  80. I love how scrap quilts are so visually interesting …so many things to look at. I also love how seemingly incompatible fabrics play well together in scrap quilts

  81. Scrap quilts I love them. I find it hard to throw away scraps and so a collection has been born. This book is just what I need to kickstart my scrap quilting. With that I could disappear in to my twilight Zone. ( I have a sign posted on the door into my sewing room that reads “You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas; you’ve just crossed over into the TWILIGHT ZONE. – Rid Serling).

  82. Scrappy quilts are just cheerful; a little bit of everything that makes you happy! And kind of like being wrapped up in Grandma’s arms!

  83. So many scrappy quilts are HAPPY guilts. I hardly ever see one without it creating a smile on my face that travels all the way through my heart down to my toes. A scrappy quilt is like a dance, and each one can be a different dance..folk, polka, waltz, foxtrot, country.

  84. I love scrap quilts because you can mix all your left over pieces and still end up with something beautiful.

  85. i love scrap quilts because…i love fabric, i think they connect us to are quilting heritage, it makes something beautiful out of what might be trash….all of the above…great giveaway!

  86. I’m gradually learning to be a scrap girl, but I like controlled scrappy, if that makes any sense! So for me, each block would have its own color way. There have been giveaways plastered all over Instagram and Facebook for this book, and I have entered them all trying to get this book! I think after 25years of quilting that I’m ready to be a real scrappy girl.

  87. I love scrap quilts because they’re so interesting to make and look at. Why make a quilt with 2 fabrics when you can use 200? :0)

  88. I like scrap quilts because they are interesting to look at, and I often have a difficult time selecting just a few fabrics as may be directed in a pattern. I anguish over the decisions some days, repeatedly swapping out one fabric for another. It’s easier at times to use a wide variety of fabrics rather than be forced to choose only a few.

  89. I love scrap quilts because of the diversity of colour. Scrap quilts really draw the eye. You also get way more out of your fabric. Like 2 or 3 quilts for the price of one.

  90. I love scrap quilts for the variety of different fabrics, even not so nice fabrics look fabulous.

  91. I love scraps because you don’t have to choose only a handful of fabrics. You can use them all!

  92. I am trying to become a better scrap quilt maker. Thank you for the chance to win this book. I think it will really help.

  93. I too have a difficult time throwing out bits of fabric that I think might be useful sometime in the future. I love the interest, texture and color that scrappy quilts provide, pulse I am able to go to my stash at any given time and at least get started on a new scrappy quilt. I usually end up purchasing additional fabric choices, because you never have just the right piece, but at least I can make a start. Thank you for sharing “Oh, Scrap” with us. It is definitely on my list to have.

  94. I love scrap quilts. I’m new to quilting and I probably have a bigger scrap collection than those who have been quilting for years. I love fabric. I just can not find it in myself to throw out any of my scraps. I even keep my selvage. (Did I just say that out loud! YIKES!). There are so many things that can be done with even the tiniest of fabric scraps. I am anxious to make a quilt one day that is made from the tiniest scraps , I’m not sure if there’s a name for the technique of taking scraps and sewing them down to water soluble stabilizer and then washing the stabilizer away to get a block of very scrappy fabric but that’s my main goal for all of my very tiny scraps so hopefully one day I’ll be able to do that. No 2 scrap quilts are ever the same. That’s another reason why I love them!

  95. I love the firecrackers quilt I’ve seen it a few times in these O Scrap blogs and it is very compelling,

  96. I have always preferred to make scrap quilts because every unit or block is different. I enjoy the variety of lots of fabrics and I don’t get bored the way I do with a quilt made with two or three fabrics. My motto has been “the more fabrics the better.” Lissa’s book, “Oh Scrap,” is exactly the kind of inspiration I love seeing.

  97. Love Scrap quilts! Just cannot throw away that fabric that can be made into a quilt for someone. There is always someone who can use a quilt. Love the book!

  98. I love scrap quilts for two reasons: first, is the sparkle that all of the fabrics create. I don’t think that we can get that look from a fat quarter bundle just quite the way we can with scraps. And the second is the memories that come back while looking at the fabrics in a scrap quilt. I love that! Thanks for this chance, Carrie.

  99. What fun gathering scraps for a new quilt! A smilefest of memories!! So looking forward to Oh Scrap.

  100. I think scrap quilts are so much more interesting than using just a few fabrics that match. I also love being reminded of other quilts/projects made when I use their scraps. It’s so satisfying to me to use up the “leftovers”!

  101. A fun way to use small leftovers and small cuts of stash. You never know what you are going to get until it’s done – I love the surprise! Love this book.

  102. I am a hoarder of scraps, and when I say scraps, I mean if it’s more than 1″ it’s a keeper. However, up till now I’ve only ever used them as small applique pieces, or maybe the centre of a log cabin block. I feel really excited that Lissa, through her book, is going to hold my hand while I throw caution to the wind and make a quilt using my hoard of tiny memories from quilts gone by. Thank you Lissa.

  103. I just love scrap quilts, but am always afraid to make them because I don’t think I can pick the right fabrics to make it look good. We are so blessed to have such talented quilters that are willing to share their talents with the rest of us. I think this book will be on my birthday list of things to by mom. Thanks a bunch!!!

  104. I love scrap quilts for the rich depth of color and texture. Using scraps from previous projects is a great memory walk. I love the projects in this books. I will be adding this to my library.

  105. This is the book I’ve been waiting for – it came yesterday!! I have bins of scraps and would love to free up some room in my closet, so this is the perfect answer!!! Thank you Lissa!

  106. I love scrap quilts because they have that Home Spun Attitude and since I can’t throw away fabric the scrap patterns incorporate those up leftovers.

  107. I’m learning to be comfortable using and piecing with scraps and have found that I can use the “uglies” successfully!

  108. I don’t know if I like making scrap quilts because I give my scraps to a local quilting guild. But if I win the book (or buy it), I will find out!

    Enjoyed meeting you at the recent cake mix paper piecing class. Very much enjoying the sewing process. I challenge you to make a “cookie” mix for Moda’s Mini Charms!

  109. Scrap quilts allow you the freedom to put together fabrics that “don’t belong together” and see them pop!

  110. Besides the never-boring and beauty aspect of scrap quilts, they also remind me of my Grandma! And there’s nothing sweeter than my memories of her!

  111. I really need this book! I can’t bear to throw away my scraps but I don’t know how to use them.

  112. I have a ton of scrap to use up but my main reason for loving scrap quilts is they remind me of my grandma. I still have a quilt she made for me. I still miss her and she would be delighted that not only am I a frugal quilter but teaching my grandson to quilt as well.

  113. I love scrap quilts because I have inherited the fabric collections of deceased relatives or those downsizing to assisted living or smaller homes, and I can incorporate their fabric treasures with my own collection to create “family” quilts. And it all works so well together with scrap quilt patterns. When I give one of these quilts to another family member, I point out some specific scraps which belonged to this relative or that one, because some of these scraps represent so well who this person was, what their favorite colors were, etc. I can picture Lissa’s patterns being used for some of these wonderful “family” quilts. Thank you, Lissa, for a wonderful book of scrap quilt patterns!

  114. It’s fun to make a quilt with pieces from others; memories abound as you piece and quilt it!

  115. It just seems like they always look great. You can use almost anything in them and you can’t go wrong. Your book looks like it has great ideas for using up scraps.

  116. I like scrap quilts because they remind me of how my grandmother must have quilted with anything she could find.

  117. All those little pieces of mixed up colours make great scrappy quilts…more colours, even better !

  118. I love fabric and the more the merrier! These quilts in “Oh, Scrap” have my mouth watering! 🙂

  119. I love scrap quilts because there’s smooch to see and I love when I see a really unique scrap that gives me a laugh or triggers a memory. Lissa’s new book is wonderful!

  120. It’s funny you should say that about it being a positive if you see several quilts that you want to make from a book. I have stopped buying any books that don’t pass that test, but was just thinking that I may have to buy this one. Also, Lissa’s education on value would be very worthwhile. Clearly she’s gifted on that front. Wishing Lissa great success.

  121. I think scrap quilts tell a more interesting story, have a livelier history-a scrap quilt is like a well-traveled person with tales of their adventures that you can listen to for hours!

  122. They remind me of the old hand sewn quilts my grandmother had on her beds when we would go to visit. They were made of bits and pieces of old dresses and shirts and she would spend hours with us sharing stories about where that fabrics came from. In on word- memories

  123. I love the look of scrap quilts and love that I have what I need (a scrap stash) to make them. I am, however, PETRIFIED of them. I am Lissa’s polar opposite! I could really use her help!

  124. I love scrappy because they seem just so…I don’t know~~Happy!

    Everyone gets along and I like that!

  125. I like the look, the memories, the “older feel” of using what you have like ancestors did in days gone by. And one of my first quilts was a scrappy taught by my teacher of quilting who is no longer with us. I want to make so many of the quilt projects in this book! Thanks for opportunity!

  126. I love the eclectic combination of pattern and color. It’s about the challenge of using those tiny pices that lurk in my bins. Scrap quilts have always warmed my heart.

  127. It’s such fun to use all the little bits and pieces of fabric from other projects albeit truth be said I often buy even more fabric for scrap quilts! And pre cuts often help me do that! Thanks for opportunity to win even more Scrappy goodness!

  128. I love the one of a kind, uniqueness of a scrap quilt. It’s like looking at a person’s life in the way looking at their library is.

  129. …because I love fabric and can’t toss out the scraps, and because scrap quilts are “real” quilts–the kind of quilts my grandmother made.

  130. I too find it hard to throw fabric scraps away from my quilting projects. So it’s fun to find a way to use them in a quilt. Recently I finished a totally scrap quilt and my ‘picky’ daughter came and visited. I had that quilt on the guest bed and she fell in love with that scrappy quilt, so much so she told me to please put it in my will to her!! Scrap quilts sparkle with color and like Lissa said, if you look closely you might just get a chuckle or two! Love it!

  131. I love the variety of fabrics in a scrap quilt and working with my scraps lets me remember all the past projects I’ve made with those fabrics.

  132. I’ve been an interior designer for 34 years, a quilter for 7 and 1/2 years and a lover of fabrics all my life. I can’t bear to throw the smallest of scraps away and happily collect from my friends. Would love an e-copy. Carol

  133. I love that each each quilt i make is a tribute to those quilts that came before it. My first quilt was a scrap quilt that included bits of all the clothes I made for 4-H plus lots of squares cut (badly) out of my mom’s stash. thanks for the giveaway.

  134. I remember a scrap quilt from when I was a child and I remember looking at all the fabrics and patterns when I couldn’t sleep and trying to see little patterns and trying to trace lines and wondering how it was put together. Where did it start and how would you know what to put next. I remember following pathways of the fabric and playing I spy with my little sister and if you are underneath and there is still light(my mother sent us to bed outrageously early) you could see colour patterns underneath. That is why I love scrap quilts. I hope that whoever has the quilts can make stories and games.

  135. I am excited to get my hands on this new book. I love the look of scrappy quilts but being type “A” it is hard to let myself do them. I’m not a “random” type of gal so I’m looking forward to learning some great tips how to achieve this awesome skill.

  136. Scrappy quilts are my favorite because there’s just so darn much to look at. You get lots of entertainment for your quilting buck. Who can argue with that???

  137. I love scrap quilts. My kids when they were youmg would look thru a scrap quilt to find fabrics from their dresses. No they do that with their girls. Can’t have too many scraps!

  138. My Great-Grandmother made wonderful scrap quilts, one of which I am lucky to own.Would love to make my own some day!

  139. I love scrappies! I don’t have a lot of scraps, but I have made a few scrap quilts. I especially like working with 1-1/2″ charms and have made three quilts with them, now working on my fourth.

  140. Every piece of fabric has a history, and it is fun to put them together in new combinations. Scrap quilts are just more interesting to look at.

  141. I love scrap quilts mostly because quilting is expensive, and with scrap quilts I can use up old fabrics, mixed in with other scraps people have given me, plus a bit of new fabric and end up with a quilt I love!

  142. I love scrap quilts because I can use up some of my stash – and then allow myself to buy some new fabrics!

  143. I love scrap quilts because they remind me of the quilts my Grammie and Great Grammie made.
    This looks like such a fun book! I can’t wait to get a copy.

  144. I’m thinking I need this book too! Scrap quilts have always been my go to, I rarely buy enough fabric in a line to make a whole quilt, so always draw from my scraps. I have so many in my head, just wish I had time to make them all!

  145. The tip that you published above from Lissa about the little odd things from novelty fabrics jumping out is exactly why I love to make scrap quilts. The quilt on my bed right now was made by me, it’s been on there for over a year, and yet every night I have to look around at it, and just love finding little treasures peeking at me! Thanks for the chance to win this book; it looks very fun! I would especially enjoy her tips on color; she definitely has a gift.

  146. The few scrap quilts I’ve made have been some of my favorite quilts. I love the idea of using all of the fabric I’ve bought anot wasting any of it. I’m really loving all of the quilts from this book!

  147. I think scrap quilts are just beautiful. I love all the different pieces. Have a wonderful day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  148. Scrap quilts are my go-to ‘design’. It’s so much fun to combine fabrics from lots of my other projects and even go in search of scrap bags at my LQS to add to my collection. I’ve cut a few layer cakes up myself, just to get more scraps… Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  149. Scrap quilts are what my grandmother made when I was little girl. Most of the fabric was leftover from other projects. She was a prolific sewer of all types of items. I just bought “Oh, Scraps” and I, too, have several quilts marked to make. Thanks for the chance in the give-away. clara-chandler@att.net

  150. I love that I could sew an entire scrap quilt without having to buy new fabric, just with my “scraps”

  151. I’ve always said Carrie Nelson and Lissa Alexander do scrap quilts better than anybody! Congratulations, Lissa. Your book is awesome, and you are, too!

  152. Don’t worry about colour choices, just throw it all in and it will look great. That’s what scrap quilts are All about

  153. Scrap quilts are the best since they use up those tiny bits and pieces left over that no one can bear to toss out.

  154. I love scrap quilts for the variety of fabrics. I have a quilt my great-grandmother hand pieced and quilted totally with scraps.. some little squares are even 2 scraps sewn together, and it is beautiful. I love the little surprises you see when you look at the fabrics closely. Thanks for the fun!

  155. I love scrap quilts because you get to use more fabrics! Also, the first quilt I owned was just tied squares, made to keep me warm by my grandma. I loved looking at the different prints she used, some were pretty, some kind of ugly, but together it was cozy and lovely.

  156. I love Scrappy quilts because it’s so fun to take fabrics that absolutely should not be in the same quilt, mix them up with some fabrics that perfectly match each other and come out with some of the most beautiful and unuqun quilts I’ve ever seen.

  157. Scrap quilts are just fun to make but I really love them for rich texture of color. They make such a beautiful statement for a quilt and I love having them in my home.

  158. Scrap quilts give you a chance to use your favorite fabrics again in a new quilt and pattern, which is fun. Also, since I am super frugal, using scraps saves me money in the quilt budget, which is a plus!

  159. I am a very frugal quilter, so scrap quilts are a must for me. Also, I get bored very easily so always changing colors is my way of staying interested in a project.
    Thanks to all for offering this fun give away.

  160. I love scrap quilts because I can use my left over scraps from previous projects, so I can save a little money and buy more fabric. Win…win!

  161. I love the mix of colors and fabrics old and new, in scrap quilts. I can’t wait to get this book!

  162. I learned how to quilt making scrappy quilts. Many years later, I always have left over fabric that can be used in another project. For me it is more fun to play with my scraps rather than buy a kit.

  163. Because you can use what’s in your drawers and bins, and never need to go to the LQS at 2AM – oh yeah that’s usually not open at that time. And I love to be able to make a monthly mini without cutting into yardage in my stash.

  164. I’ve made a few scrap quilts, and looking at them is like looking through a scrapbook–lots of memories!

  165. OHhow I love scrap quilts! I sure would love to win but just in case I will get this book after Imove( less to pack) haha

  166. I have never made a scrap quilt but my scrap pile is getting out of control. I love the quilts in your book and can’t wait to try one.

  167. I have so many small pieces of left over fabric. Some are partial quarter yards, fat quarters, etc. It would be a shame not to use them in a quilt, as they look so pretty together on the shelf.

  168. I love scrap quilts! I don’t have enough “leftovers” to make one yet but I’m surely on my way! I did make a small 6×8 scrappy piece with teeny tiny 1 inch finished HSTs. After making it, I dearly wished I had more to make a whole quilt like it!

  169. I have been saving scraps for a long time. The scrappy quilts just fascinate the heck out of me. Thanks for a chance to win.

  170. Hi, my name is Sandy and I’m a scrapaholic. Sometimes I think I have more scraps than yardage. I think the problem is when I see a new collection of fabrics and the color scheme calls to me I need to hold on to it as long as possible. Whats worse is I have taken the time to cut them in to nice sizes that can be stored easily for later use. Like thats going to happen. This book could actually give me a way to use these little gems.

  171. I love scraps as that means I have left over fabric from other projects. Plus this means a challenge for me to get the fabric`s in a placement pleasing to me. So many quilts in this book that I love.

  172. I love the playfulness and excitement of scrap quilts. You can slip in fun fabrics – there is nothing quite like a scrap quilt in my book!

  173. I love scrap quilts because they are a great way to use up stash, especially extra special pieces. x

  174. Because they sparkle and tell a story, of fabric, colour and design. How can one be bored when piecing a scrap quilt, for memories old and new are present, whispering their stories.

  175. I love scrap quilts for many reasons! First, I find them very interesting to look at, with so much to discover. And similarly, they are interesting to make, with all those lovely fabrics. It is fun to see all the things I’ve worked with over the years. They also appeal to the part of me that doesn’t want things to go to waste. And scrap quilts are beautiful!

  176. I love scraps because they seem like they are meant to be used. They usually just look happy!

  177. I love scrap quilts because they remind me of America’s past generations who didn’t have the luxury of precut fabric let alone being able to go to a fabric store to purchase the beautiful fabrics we have today. Saving worn out clothing or whatever was available to construct utility quilts for their families is a part of quilting history that I love. Scrap quilts just have a feeling of home.

  178. I love all the colors in scrap quilts. Every time you look at them you see something different.

  179. I love scrap quilts because they make your eyes keep moving across the quilt to look at all the different fabrics that are used to make it. You get to use a lot of fabric and can make a dent in your stash by making scrap quilts. Besides I get bored using the same fabrics over and over again in the same quilt. More the better!!

  180. Most of my quilts are scrappy. I just love the way the colors and patterns play off each other. Its eye candy!

  181. I grew up with scrap quilts my Grandmother made. Now I have my own scraps and continue to love piecing them.

  182. Scrap quilts clean out the scrap bin which is why I love them. When my scrap bin starts to overflow I know it is time to make another scrap quilt!!

  183. I love scrap quilts because there are no two the same. Each and every one is different.

  184. Because they’re magical! Everywhere you look you see something new. Sometimes it’s so subtle you have to look again to be sure, and sometimes the scrappiness jumps up and shouts at you from across the room.

  185. Scrap quilts are the ultimate memory quilt for a quilter. We can remember what each little piece was used for and who’s day it brightened every time we skim our hands over the quilt top. Quilts = love! Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. Because they have personality….each one tells a story. Such great colors and patterns….not one is like.

  186. I love scrap quilts because I love to use up every little bit of fabric. They are also a history of my quilting projects.

  187. Looking for a new pattern for a box of scraps that I have been saving for ? Years! More is better.

  188. I love scrap quilts because they have personality. It’s so much fun to be sitting with a grandchild with a scrap quilt- they turn it into an I- spy by noticing that purple spider!

  189. I like combining fabrics from prior projects to make a new one. The new project then reminds me of memories from all those projects.

  190. I love scrap quilts because they enable me to indulge in all types of fabric. Just as I can’t decide if I want my home furnishings to be sleek and modern, primitive antique and folk art or a Laura Ashley shabby chic, I can’t decide on a favorite style of fabric. With scrap quilts there doesn’t have to be a decision — they can all look good together.

  191. Scrap quilts are absolutely the best! Most of the quilts I make are scrappy and run the gammit of Batiks, Civil War, Kaffe Fassett, etc.

  192. At first I made scrap quilts to use up my growing stash of left over fabric bits and bobs. Today I make mostly scrap quilts because there can never be too much color or to many different fabrics in a quilt!

  193. Most of the quilts I make are scrap quilts. They are much more interesting than planned matchy-matchy quilts. And I can use some of those great fabrics in my stash.

  194. I grew up sleeping under a scrappy grandmothers flower garden and it brought me hours of joy looking at all the different combinations sewn together by my great aunt. A quilting mentor once told me that the fabrics have to be “friends” and their colors get along, that way the colors flow and work well with one another.

  195. I love making and looking at others scrappy quilts! They feel nostalgic to me, and I love how different combinations of fabric bring out different moods. I also love that they can go anywhere without having to match the room’s colors. Truly timeless.

  196. I love scrap quilts as did my grand mother as she made quilts for us using the leftover cotton scraps from my sisters and mine clothes Mom made for us. I love looking at the fabrics and identifying that was Terry’ kindergarten dress, that fabric was Donna’s shorts and lots there is my top and Beth’s Sunday school dress. So many happy memories.

  197. I love scrap quilts because they are so utilitarian. I like that I have a place where I can use of my bits and pieces and have something beautiful to show for it!

  198. I love scrappy quilts. I too like layer cakes — I can’t afford FQ collections of all I want, and charm squares just don’t give me enough fabric to do anything with. Although that hasn’t stopped me from collecting them — my stack is probably two feet high if it were placed all in one pile!

  199. I just love the look of scrap quilts look – the way the colors and pattern bring disparate fabrics together. This book is a keeper!

  200. I like a scrap quilt because it is all”you”. Yes , the fabric designers designed the fabric but everything else is what makes it unique. I like quilts with a planned, limited palette just like I like themed gardens. A scrap quilt is just like a garden where everything goes.

  201. I love scrap quilts! You are able to incorporate fabrics from old and new. Favorite children dress scraps and shirts no longer in use. The source for your scraps are endless if you are inclined to be adventurous! This book has great scrappy quilt designs.

  202. I love telling a story with fabric. For example, the running dog from Sherbert Pips represents my sweet angel that is waiting for me in heaven. I have the fabric in red and pink and love including it in as many quilts as I can. I have my street address on fabric from Sweetwater, and likewise, I like to work that into quilts. Plus it gives me an excuse to buy more fabric!

  203. I love the challenge of using up all the leftovers from past projects. I have lots of scraps so this book would be great.

  204. I love the variety with scrap quilts and that they contain pieces of other things I have made.

  205. I fell in love with scrap quilts as they were great visual memories of old clothing. My baby quilt is a dark patchwork of my great-grandmothers old church dresses. I love the soft quilt!

  206. I am becoming more and more enamored with scrappy quilting as my scrap bins get fuller. Ideas to use up scraps and make beautiful quilts is motivating me.

  207. Love fabric and love my scraps; cannot bear wasting fabric or throwing even the smallest piece out because someday or some pattern, it will come to use! Love the ideas in this book and I have scraps to use! Thank you!

  208. Scrap quilts are the “comfort food” of the quilting world. The variety of prints and textures make one feel like they are wrapped in love. And, they are just fun to make! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  209. I slept under scrap quilts growing up so I think that is why I love them so much. Also, I am so in favor of using ALL the scraps!

  210. I love being able to mix not-the-prettiest-at-the-ball fabrics cut into small pieces with some absolute stunners to make everyone shine. Memories of previous quilts made with the original yardage are a bonus.

  211. I love scrap quilts! I love the variety of fabrics and colors. I love the way the colors play with your eyes. I love how they use up bits and pieces of my stash! And, I love how no two scrap quilts are ever the same!

  212. Scrap quilts are so exciting!! Playing with so much color is such fun, pulling another addition from the
    stack, fitting it in just right makes the pattern sing for a third generation quilter who grew up with them!!

  213. I’ve been making scrap quilts since 1967! Would love to have “Oh, Scrap” – looks like a great book!

  214. I love scrap quilts because each one is different and reflects the personality and creativity of the maker. Some are masterpieces but they are all interesting.

  215. Even though I’m a relatively new quilter, I’ve used scraps from my bin for 2 quilts. Scrap quilts remind me of old fashion quilts, which I love.

  216. These are amazing!!! I save anything over an inch and anything under an inch goes to someone who uses them to make dog bed stuffing for the humane society or to my sons class for art and crafts. I absolutely love scrappy quilting and it’s homestly about all I do. I pick a main fabric I want to use and then I pick scraps from there. I also purchase most of my fabric from scrap bags at my local quilt shop!

  217. Scrap quilts have always been my favorite. When I first started quilting I didn’t think I would ever be able to make a scrap quilt as my stash was so small. They remind me of my grandmothers quilts.

  218. For me, fabric tells a story and becomes a record of fond memories. I become attached to certain fabrics and want to use it all!

  219. I love the memories that are sewn into a scrap quilt, the great variety of fabrics in one quilt, & they are just so darn interesting!

  220. My love of scrap quilts started with the quilts my grandmother made from the left over fabric used to make my school clothes. I would get a quilt made with them and could pick out the squares that matched my dresses. She is long gone but I still have several of those quilts. Now I buy fat quarters when we travel and have instant vacation memories to build into a quilt.

  221. My very first quilt was a Scrap Log Cabin quilt and it was so much fun, I have never stopped making scrap quilts. One of my favorite “parts” of scrap quilts is that they can be made with one color using hundreds of a variety of fabrics you have used throughout the years. They can also be created with every color imaginable. I am sure hoping that I do win a copy of this stupendous book! Thank you for the opportunity and for sharing a great post! brendunderscoreackatyahoodotcom

  222. I love scrap quilts because they are memory-keepers. My favorite scrap quilt is “Teddy’s log cabin”, made for my beloved dog Teddy. He was a big boy, so it is a very big quilt, and each strip came from a quilt I’d made for some I love, so each block is filled with tender memories–of other quilts, of the people I love for whom I made them, and of Teddy, of course, who poked his big, wet nose into the making of the quilt and the positioning of the blocks, making this quilt the holder of my most heartfelt memories. Only a scrap quilt can do that.

  223. Scrap quilts are the stories of our lives. A little bit of everything put together to make a masterpiece. One of a kind.

  224. Can’t afford to buy all the coordinated ranges that come out, but I shop the sales to fill colour gaps in my stash and mix and match with scrappy quilts. Designer fabrics, basic blenders, recycled fabrics, old and new it all combines in scrappy quilts 🙂

  225. I love scrap quilts because it is a way to use up all of the pieces that we can’t bring ourselves to throw away. I love the mix of colors and fabrics. Some are beautiful, some more whimsical with fabric choices. I love them all. I can’t resist buying a fabric that catches my eye. The scrap pieces make an interesting selection in the scrap basket. Your book sounds like a great addition for any quilter.

  226. Such beautiful quilts! I love scrap quilts for the variety in colors as well as it’s hard for me to toss any fabrics. I save my smallest scraps for my 1/4” EPP quilt I’m making. Maybe it will be a tablerunner, hehe.

  227. I have been in love with scrap quilts since I first started quilting. If 20 fabrics would do then 100 fabrics would be even better. I love the pictures of the quilts in your blog post so the whole book would be heaven! I would love to win a copy.

  228. I love the beauty and story scrap quilts show but sadly am intimidated by them. Mine don’t seem to scream beautiful. 🙁

  229. I love scrap quilts because they are interesting. The seemingly odd grouping of fabrics draws you in to see what is really there. It’s fun to look for the cat or the watermelon. I also like using what I have. The firecracker quilt speaks to me!

  230. I love to make scrap quilts! I love the colors and the variety because you can use all the prints and colors, not just a few. Plus it uses what I already have. Your book looks amazing! So fun!

  231. Love the magic of scraps, when you just realize fabrics form different collections really work great together!

  232. I love love love scrap quilts! I love everything about them: their beauty,the variety, the colors and different fabrics, the memories with the fabric….. the list goes on. I also really love that no one scrap quilt looks loke another- all are unique even if it is the same pattern

  233. I love color! Very seldom I make a quilt that doesn’t look like a scrap quilt. The scrap quilt just screams happy!

  234. Love using up fabric & ending up with something beautiful & useful. I’ve tried to find this book but my local shops don’t have it yet.

  235. I love scrap quilts because they let me use the small bits I bought of fabric I can’t resist.

  236. What a lovely book! I’ve always loved scrap quilts because they can be a memory quilt as well as a great way to use leftover fabrics. It has always amazed me what quilters did so many years ago with quilting and hardly any fabrics, tools etc. so the history of quilting behind all those scrap quilts is incredible! Thanks for the chance to win!

  237. The book looks awesome! I love scrappy quilts— I think they are so interesting and it’s fun revisiting all those fabrics from previous projects.

  238. I’m crazy about scrap quilts. It’s just fun to use so many fabrics. If some of them are left-overs from other projects I get a warm feeling remembering the previous quilt. Can’t wait to pour over this one. My copy arrives today!

  239. I can’t throw anything away! I love scrap quilts and can’t wait to read Lissa’s book.

  240. Scrap quilts allow me to use up all those precious leftovers from memorable quilts. I just can’t throw them away. Putting them all back together is like a puzzle with sweet, sweet memories! Thank you for asking!

  241. I really love scrap quilts for the stories they tell while snuggled up and perusing the pieces of my past. I envision them snuggling my grandchildren when they visit. Endless stories…

  242. I love making scraps quilts because it helps me make the most of my fabric and reminds me of the quilts I made!

  243. Scrappy quilts are the best! Remembering the source of all the fabrics are they are sewed in place is wonderful.

  244. I love scrap quilting because when I buy fabrics, it’s because I’m in love with a color or a design. Using the scraps ensures that I always have a piece of a pattern or color that I loved on hand when there’s not enough to make an entire quit out of. I recently did that with a scrap quilt and I love picking out the pieces that I loved. I always think, why didn’t I buy the whole bolt for that fabric?

  245. Scrappy quilts are my favorite because that’s what my mom and grandma used to make quilts. It’s in my genes. Love what you have to say in your posts, but especially love the way you say it. What a ray of sunshine you are.

  246. I love reusing pieces of fabric that I have loved but don’t have enough to make a whole quilt from anymore. They are like photographs in an album that you can treasure always!

  247. Goodness knows I have plenty of scraps and would like to save them in quilts. Each scrap seems to have it’s own story. I’ve taken several classes to venture forth and experiment with colors and textures to make quilts more interesting. Admittedly I’m getting braver. AND — absolutely love scrap quilts!.

  248. I think scrap quilts remind me of vintage quilts that recycled scraps from old clothing. Lots of memories attached to them. Love lots of variety for visual appeal.

  249. I’ve never made a scrap quilt, but this book might just push me into doing it. Thanks for a chance to win!

  250. I love scrap quilts because I can use fabric from my stash without worrying about having enough fabric. If I run out of one fabric, I can just pull another piece the right color from my stash.

  251. Scrap quilts let me take a lot of different but related fabrics, fabric leftovers from friends, pieces recycled with special memories attached and bits and pieces from where ever they want to be found and come together in one beautifully cohesive, creative piece. Different for each and every maker. Just my cup of tea…

  252. I have not quilted enough to have a stash of scraps, but I so want to make the quilt on the cover of “Oh, Scrap!”

  253. I love scrap quilts – I think my favorite quilt is a scrap quilt using 30’s fabrics. Still not venturesome enough to mix them all together yet. Maybe in that Navajo blanket though…

  254. I love scrap quilts for two reasons…one, I just can’t throw away useable pieces of leftover fabrics! And second, each fabric scrap has a memory associated with it, and it is wonderful to see them all together in a quilt!

  255. I like scrap quilts for the wide variety of colors, values, memories, and love the final quilt in such a vivid color array.

  256. I adore scrap quilts! They bring back memories of huddling under heavy layers of quilts when I was a child visiting with my aunties in the mountains of NC. They say home and comfort. And I am a huge fan of making them using Moda’s layer cakes and Recipe cards. The precision sewing and cutting, with no need for follow-up precision trimming (hate the squaring up) has me collecting Recipes to go with my scraps.

  257. I LOVE scrap quilts. They celebrate the original spirit of quilting – one of economy and thrift – but always seem to turn out all the more beautiful for it! Plus they really push me out of my comfort zone because I generally fret too much about colors and placement. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  258. The first quilts I ever saw were by firelight at my grandparents log cabin when I was about four years old. They were made by the church ladies in Indiana when they left there for Michigan. I’d hold them up, looking at the back, and wonder, “How did they do that?” Those were scrap quilts, and scrap quilts is all I’ve ever done. They completely have my heart.

  259. One of my favorite types of quilt is two-color, but more interesting is a well-thought-out scrap quilt. There’s so much to see! I used to get overwhelmed by all the choices when making something scrappy, but letting go of control has liberated me!

  260. I’ve never tried making a true scrap quilt before. I love the scrappies I’ve inherited from my grandmothers and great-grandmothers, but I’m so intimidated by “mixing” colors and textures that I’ve always chosen fabrics from a line that’s already coordinated for me. THIS book, though.. Oh my, I think I could really go outside my comfort zone and try some of these beauties!

  261. I can’t throw ANYTHING away when it comes to fabric. Love to see how everything comes together to make something beautiful.

  262. Oh, there are so many reasons to LOVE scrap quilts! For one, your husband is so happy that you are using your stash and not purchasing MORE fabric…well not right away anyway. 🙂 They remind me of being frugal, using all those little pieces and left over fabric squares that I just can’t throw away. A scrap quilt looks so homey, fresh and creative all at once. I want to learn more about how to make a scrap quilt that is a lovely as those featured in the photos on the blog hop about scrap quilts! Thanks!!

  263. Scrap quilts are the best, so many memories. They just make me smile. Thanks for the chance to win

  264. I’ve never seen a scrap quilt I didn’t like in sone way…so many things to play with, color, arrangement scale…more fabrics, the better! I can tell I will love (and need) this book!

  265. I like scrap quilts because my mother always made beautiful scrap quilts. She is now 90 years young and no longer does any piecing, but she still hand quilts and knits. She is my hero.

  266. I love scrappy quilts because then I don’t need yardage to complete a quilt. I have lots of stash to choose from.

  267. I LOVE scrap quilting almost as much as my 3 kids and 5 grandchildren. When I look at pictures of our kids and grandchildren from the past …it takes me to another time in my live. The same goes with scraps of fabric used from other quilts, clothes or a scrap or two from a dear friend. So quilts are truly a piece of my life.

  268. My paternal grandmother was a scrap-quilter, and I remember the variety of quilts that she had around the house. Special favorites included a cathedral window and a yo-yo bedspread. I love scrap quilting myself because of the fabric and color variety we can play with!

  269. I love scrap quilts because I hate to throw away fabric! 🙂 And the make-do attitude behind them is appealing; my mom grew up on a farm and lived through th Depression.

  270. The longer I have been quilting (20 years now) the more I think that scrap quilts have more life. I need the spark of the many patterns and colors. And I love finding little surprises in unusual fabrics that make their way into a scrap quilt.

  271. I have always loved scrap quilts; the (often) vintage look with a variety of colors and prints makes qults that make me happy! And I love using special fabrics from other quilts so they make memories too. Also a great way to reduce your stash!

  272. I like making scrap quilts because you are never positive of what it will look like when all finished. There are always surprises to be found throughout the end result. What fun!!

  273. Scrap quilts contain the memories of other quilts, of little garments sewn for children, of times and people from the past. My grandson has pieces from his mama’s dress in his first quilt. Scraps connect one generation to the next and the next.

  274. I love scrap quilts because they are filled with memories about the fabrics. When they were bought and why they were purchased and for what they were first intended. Scrap quilts speak to the soul! Lissa’s book looks wonderful and I’d love to win it. Thanks for the chance!

  275. A few years ago my quilter friend brought over two beautiful quilt tops that her grandmother made. They were, of course, scrappy. As we looked closer at her piecing, we noticed that some parts of the block were made with two different fabrics – she hadn’t enough of one fabric so she sewed two fabrics together to make theindividual piece work. It was terrific to see how she made the fabric work. In the end my friend has a great legacy from her grandmother, and I was thrilled that she shared her grandmother’s unique craftsmanship with me. Truly scrappy = truly inspiring.

  276. I have a neighbor who can pick out the colors that make up paint swatches. I always ask her advice when painting. I don’t see color like that . That ‘s probably why I like scrappy quilts, I can pull all my blues and throw them together and voila, they look amazing in a scrappy quilt. I love the freedom of scrappy, I can just sew and don’t have to stress about the matchie matchie of clashing, it all comes together in the end.I know Lissa is an genius at it and you aren’t any slouch either. Thanks so much. This is such a fun book.

  277. What’s not to love. They’re beautiful, memorable love stories. I get to revisit other quilts from the past. Waste not want not, every scrap of material was paid for, how can they just be thrown away? love the quilts presented in Lissa’s book!

  278. I too love scrap quilts. It’s because you can collect a little piece of SO many different fabrics. You don’t have to turn away from a single print you like if you only buy a tiny amount of each one for your scrap quilts. I’ve been collecting little bits for years, and while sometimes I’ll buy a yard or so of something I really love, 90% of what I buy just goes into my collection for the future scrap quilt that comes along and needs that special little something…in almost every block! Thanks for sharing so much about this book.

  279. I love scrap quilts because anything goes. I have difficulty putting colors together to look good. Making a scrap quilt is safe because it all looks good together. kthurn(at)bektel(dot)com

  280. I’m learning to love scrap quilts – it’s quite a challenge choosing fabrics for all the parts!

  281. I love scrap quilts. It’s such a challenge go be able to make use of what you already have got and still create something beautiful. These quilts look amazing.

  282. Scrap quilts are awesome because they represent all the love and thoughts that have gone into so many quilts before the one you are working on…and they just keep building and getting better and better from there!

  283. I love ends of bolts, the “last pieces”, the funny, weird & random fabrics, so scrap quilting suits me to a T. I have “scrappy” pets, that came as rescues or orphans & never left. I have a scrappy garden of rescued plants & a scrappy house that nobody wanted (it was brown all over. Nothing a few cans of paint & patience couldn’t fix). I was very poor for a long time, so finding & using the offcuts, the seconds, the mistints is second nature to me. Scrap quilting just fits. It makes me happy.

  284. In scrap quilts, anything goes. They turn out beautiful. Thank you for a chance to win a copy of this great book.

  285. Lissa sounds like such an amazing mentor and quilter. So excited about her book. Scrap quilting will be my main form of quilting going forward, I believe. Nearing retirement and buying those “collections” as they become available (if I’m quick like a bunny before they sell out of my favorites) will be a thing of the past on a fixed income.

  286. I just love scrap quilts; I love the way you can use a variety of fabrics and the quilt turns out so nice looking. I am definitely going to buy this book. Thank you for sharing this book.

  287. I love scrap quilts because there’s so much to look at in them, and also because no two are alike, even if the same pattern is followed. I love the swatch card photos in the book – what a great idea, I wish more books had them! I’m also intrigued by the reference to a tip about refrigerator bins…

  288. I just love digging through my scraps, whether they are cut up clothes or new fabrics, looking for just the right piece to go with something else. The original quilts were scrappy and I love that connection. The designs and looks are endless. The new book, Oh, Scraps has so many great ideas, I would love to have it.

  289. Scraps always seem to hold memories of past events and special projects. I would love to see all the great ideas in this book.

  290. I buy fabrics I really love for my projects, so when I’ve finished, I can’t bear to part with the scraps that are left. Using them in scrappy quilts is like making a scrapbook of all the quilts that have come before!

  291. I love scrap quilts because they trigger fond memories of quilts made for others’ life celebrations.

  292. Because almost everything goes. Not everything. At least not initially. As the education director at the museum where I used to be a docent (catering mostly to 4th, 5th, and 6th graders) repeated with some frequency, there are many many right answers. But there are SOME answers that are just wrong. A scrap quilt mqkes it much easier to find a way to use those wrong fabrics, many of which are among my most favorites fabrics.

  293. I like the originality of the scrap quilts. Generally no two are alike. I’m also a lover of history, so the waste not want not aspect appeals to me. Using up your scraps is like going down memory lane.

  294. I’ve never made a scrap quilt from my stash, but did make an ocean waves quilt buying 1/8 yards of sale fabrics that were blues and black and whites. This book looks wonderful.

  295. I read once that the scraps cost as much per yard as the full yard. So why throw them away? You would be wasting money!!! AND when we are on a fixed income, we should spend wisely. The quilts and other craft projects look so good when they have the scrappy look!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win this new Scrappy Book!

  296. The memories that are lovingly sewn into a scrappy quilt, most with stories only I may know…like where the fabrics came from,etc. The beautiful ways the oddest of colors can “sing” together side by side! Life lessons too, yes?

  297. I love the walk down memory lane that comes with every scrap quilt I make. I remember the quilt(s) I’ve used the fabric to create in the past and the joy it has given me to give those quilts away to someone who will love and cherish it. Plus, the fun “zinger” fabrics I can slip into a scrappy quilt always make me smile!

  298. Scrap quilts help us up what we have but also have such character! Love them! The book looks fabulous.

  299. As I’m sewing scraps together I am reminded of the quilts those fabrics were originally purchased for–baby quilts, graduation and wedding gifts, home decorating projects. It’s a nice trip down memory lane.

  300. Years ago in the home of my great aunt, we discovered a bunch of quilt tops that she had hand-sewn. I was given 1 🙂 Aunt Dorie used different quilt blocks in my scrappy quilt – 9 patch, bow tie and others. It was made from Uncle Joe’s old shirts and her old dresses. If my house burns down, I am grabbing that scrappy old quilt! Well, let’s hope my house doesn’t burn down because – you know – safety first.

  301. Leave no scrap behind… after making a quilt i continue on to making shams or pillows with leftovers-a table runner or zipper bag..a wall hanging…a basket..down to a pocket tissue holder. All the while the leftovers are consolidated just waiting for a scrappy quilt.

  302. Scrap quilts always have a special feeling about them. The scraps could be from dresses made for the kids when they were little; or from scraps gathered from friends at all those quilt exchanges or retreats. Whatever the scrap of fabric placed in the quilt – each one tells a story or gives a memory. That’s why I love scrap quilts!!!

  303. I love scrap quilts because I can use up some odds and ends from my stash but also enjoy continuing the tradition that quilts were made with fabrics that were leftover from other projects. Taking pieces that are too small on their own and creating beautiful works of art I love the history and stories behind quilts. My grandmother died a few weeks ago and she loved the crazy quilt look. Someday I hope to make one to honour her. Thanks for sharing this new book with us!

  304. I love scrap quilts because I feel frugal when I use leftover bits of fabric. I also love the unexpected ways fabrics play together in scrap quilts..

  305. I love sewing from my stash and especially seeing bits of earlier quilts in my scrap quilts.

  306. I love scrap quilts because quilting friends add theirs to mine and we stitchthem all together!

  307. I have scraps. Lots of reproduction and happy bright ones for my grandkids. Would love this book..

  308. Scrap quilts are the perfect opportunity to use those fat quarters that I’ve bought over the years just because I loved the fabric. They don’t go to waste. Thanks for the chance to win.

  309. I like scrappy quilts because they embody the longstanding mission of quilts – to upcycle what would be thrown away. I also like the freedom to be improvisational with the scraps. I am currently using scraps from several different quilts to make a king sized double batting quilt for the spare bedroom where my grandchildren sleep. They will delight in recognizing fabric from many different quilts

  310. Scrappy quilts are so beautiful. i love to look at them and imagine them in other colors.

  311. I have enough scraps to make every quilt in this book! I love scrappy quilts. I get to fall in love again with all those special fabrics!

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