March Madness means Quilting!

March is National Quilting Month!  And we’re “mad about quilting” so… March Madness at Moda is about quilting.

These are Vanessa Christenson’s quilts made with Ombré Basics and Ombré Confetti Metallics.

One of my favorite things about March and National Quilting Month is Amy Ellis’ QuiltFest.  For several years, Amy has hosted an online quilt show/quilt fest sharing quilts made by bloggers and others.  With the changes in social media, it’s evolved into a month-long community event that takes place on Instagram.

#IGQuiltFest or #igquiltfest

Yesterday – March 1st – was Introductions.  Within a few hours, there were hundreds of women and men of all ages introducing themselves.

This is just a few of them.

While you don’t have to be on Instagram to meet everyone and enjoy the goings on, the participation is limited to viewing.  Did I mention there will be daily giveaways from one of the 30 IGQuiltFest Sponsors?

We might be on that list… so if you’re on IG, make sure you’re following ModaFabrics and #IGquiltfest.

Here is the list of Daily Prompts – Topics.

Since today is Friday, March 2nd… it’s Sewing Machine day.

We share what kind of machine we have.  And if you’re very brave… how many sewing machines are living with you.

These are a few of mine.

Not.  But I do have more than one.  A couple of old Singer machines and a couple of old Berninas.  My “youngest” Bernina is ten years old, an Activa 245.  It’s a lovely little machine and it has more stitches than the rest of my machines combined.  My “newest” machine is a 67-year old Bernina.  And there’s the Bernina my parents gave me for Christmas a very, very long time ago.

What about you?

What kind of machine do you have?  And how many?  Does your machine have a history – it belonged to your mother, grandmother, etc.?

So Happy Friday and Happy National Sewing Month!


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44 thoughts on “March Madness means Quilting!

  1. I have 7 sewing machines living with me and one on loan to a grand daughter. The one on loan is a 40 year old Bernina, and it still works great. I use most of my machines daily, love them all.

  2. Oh, a few machines here. An old workhorse Viking,a few Janomes, an 1890 New Home Treadle and seven 301s. I bought all those 301 s in case I needed a part for my favorite black one…..LOL

  3. Wow, I have three machines but I guess that puts me at the low end with this group. For Christmas my hubby bought me a Little Guy that will travel nicely in our camper. But my five grandchildren are loving it too. I’m going to have to hold on tight to keep it with me.

  4. My Singer K50 that went to college with me, sweet little machine…the Bernina 830 Record, my first ‘fancy’ machine that I sewed on for 40 years and yes it still hums…my Baby Lock Melody, which is my go-to-class and also have-a-friend-over machine…the Bernina 880 Grande Dame that does everything for me, quilting, piecing, embroidering…the newest addition, my Innova long arm, that has saved my sanity after a 4-year struggle with a different brand and that now allows me to quilt my big quilts and have fun at the same time….. Not as many machines as some others, but each one is meaningful to me, and I treasure them.

  5. I have 4 the youngest a featherweight is a year younger than me so that makes her 64 the newest is the Baby lock that I won from Amy’s festival last year!

  6. I have a 6 vintage Singers..ranging from 1910 to 1960’s. I also have 3 baby locks & a Long Arm from Baby Lock. Enjoy everyone of my machines & they all get used but the treadle one. ..I’m just not into that one. All the Singers have been purchased from yard sales.

  7. I have seven or eight machines. My workhorse -Janome 6600; a smaller Janome/Kenmore machine; my Brother embroidery machine; my first ever machine-green 70s Kenmore; Featherweight; serger; and Nana’s old Kenmore in a table that uses cams for anything besides a straight stitch, and finally my Babylock Espire. So, yes, eight in all.

    1. I, too, have one of those old Kenmore machines that uses the cams. Have had it since 1970. It has traveled the world with me and is still working well. Has the best buttonhole attachment of any machine I’ve ever had.

  8. I’m so happy that my mom gave me her old sewing machine when she bought herself a new one in the mid 90-ies. I was a teenanger then but I remember I was happy to have my own sewing machine. It’s Pfaff 1027 from 1985 (only 3 years younger than me) but I’m always surprised with how amazing my machine is. I wouldn’t trade her she’s just the best. And yes, I only have that one but since she’s the best I don’t need a seond one.

  9. I have 4 machines.My main machine is a Janome Memory Craft which I purchased from a friend 18 years ago. The others are 2 Whites (one is a treadle) and a Tin Lizzy long arm.

  10. I have 2 Singers, one has electronic fancy stitches. My main sewing Singer is a workhorse purchased as a school overstock. Very basic machine but heavy duty. Also have a vintage treadle. That one doesn’t get used.

  11. I have and use (on occasion) my grandmothers Necchi. It’s very heavy and in a a cabinet with a pull out bench. The seat cushion is original and stuffed with fine straw. Drawer slides out underneath the seat. The machine has about 50 places to be oiled, but does it run quiet and smooth! I love this machine! But my workhorse machine I use regularly is a Kenmore my husband bought me when I was a young mother back in the early 70’s. Neither of my machines will take a quilting foot, so I’m still hand quilting. But someday maybe …

  12. I have 10 sewing machines; 5 vintage machines have followed me home in the past year, so I have a moratorium on more…unless a homeless one ends up on my doorstep. Next weekend I will be attending a workshop on how to rehab and maintain my vintage machines. I’m really looking forward to it!

  13. I have 2 sewing machines, one of which is my backup. I wish that your Quiltfest was featured on FB as well as IG. My Instagram account was hacked about a month ago (even though my settings were set to Private) and all my content (all my quilt pictures, dog pictures) were stolen and appear on another person’s page. I was able to name that person after a family member saw her name on their list of followers (and it is not anyone we know). Needlesss to say, IG has done NOTHING after 8 emails, including naming the account that my content is appearing under. I will not open an account with them so sadly, will not be able to view the Quiltfest quilts.

  14. I have three sewing machines….a Featherweight that my mom bought new in the late 1940’s….it is a dream to sew on!; a 26 year old Pfaff which sews great, but continually has issues with the foot pedal, so I am now looking to replace it; and the third is an old Franklin treadle machine which belonged to my husband’s great aunt (we think)…it doesn’t currently work, but getting it running is on my to do list for this year….I am predominately a hand piecer and hand quilter, but if I can get the Franklin up and running, I think it would be awesome to use it for machine quilting!

  15. Only four machines — An Elna that I used decades ago for making clothing, a newish Viking (seven years old), a small Brother which is great for hauling to my Bee and workshops, and a treadle Singer from the 1920’s. The Singer complete with wood cabinet and small drawers was a gift from a neighbor emptying out a house. It is in great shape just needs the belt replaced and more cleaning.

  16. I have a singer featherweight, a Pfaff passport 2. A singer from 1968 and my daily sewer is a Bernina .

  17. Like you Carrie I have my 40 year old Bernina 810 that my mom gave me on my first wedding anniversary…best gift ever! And I have a lovely Singer featherweight that I bought from a friend…my Bernina is a workhorse and nothing ever goes wrong with it but that may be because I give her a spa day every year…

  18. I bought my first Bernina 930 when I was 19 and still have it. I wanted it as it was real machine and not some plastic or early days computer, but a real precision machine. I think I own every foot that was ever available for it, so Ihate to part with it. I do most of my sewing now on my newest Bernina 750. I love the big space, the bright lights and all the fun things it can do with a 9mm wide sewing space rather than just a 5mm. I also have a small Janome for when I don’t want to carry one of the monsters (yes those Bernina’s are heavy!), and a Bernina serger.

  19. Many machines live in my house. I have a 1970 Kenmore, my husband has his mother’s Singer rocket style machine. We have a Janome from the early 2000’s, a handy Brother that goes to classes with me and finally – two Pfaff 7550’s. They are some of the last Pfaffs actually made in Germany. I have two so one can donate parts to the other should the need arise. I also have a serger but don’t use it as often as I once did. Do I want/need a featherweight? Do I want/need a newer Pfaff with a wider throat? Time will tell……….

  20. I have 7, one being a serger. I have a treadle that belonged to a neighbor. She was moving and did not want to take it. It belonged to her grandmother. I also have a machine that belonged to my grandmother. The others I acquired along my way.

  21. My first Bernina my husband bought for me as a Birthday present 37 years ago. Since I retired 7 years ago I purchased a Bernina 350 and last year I purchased a Bernina 790! Since my retirement I wouldn’t know what to do without my sewing machines. It is too easy to just sew all day, so every morning I go to the gym before I start quilting. I have probably made close to 75 Quilts which I give away to family, friends and charity.

  22. I have machineS. Yes the S is capitalized! I have an old Bernina of my Mom’s( in a wood stand and I haven’t used it -yet). I have a Viking SE and. diamond Deluxe( ready to trade for a Babylock or Brother) I still love my Old Elna Diva and a Featherweight. I do have a serger. I often forget the antique machines. I have an old Standard treadle, a Singer Red Eye and another old Singer. I guess I love machineS as much as fabric!

  23. I have six machines – two Berninas (the old 830s), a newer Bernina 440, three old Singers. The oldest Singer is from my stepmom and I have had the oldest 830 since 1976. It has been carry on luggage when we moved to Hawaii and then back to the mainland. I love that machine and now it is my machine of choice when taking classes. The 440 doesn’t move – I’m scared I’ll upset the computer in it.

  24. I have 4 machines: 3 hand-me-downs and 1 new. The only old machine I use is a Singer 301 that belonged to my great aunt and then my grandmother. I use it exclusively for piecing, or heavy duty sewing. Gotta love those metal gears. My new machine is a Janome that I bought for sewing knits and machine quilting.

  25. I have three machine a singer a Kenmore and last and favourite is my baby lock one beautiful machine. I take my Kenmore to classes .

  26. I have 3 Vikings: Lily, Sapphire and the Mega quilter, a Juki EQ, a Bernina 1008 and a 770 and a Singer centennial featherweight, plus a Bernina Deco embroidery, 2 sergers , and a TacSew blind hemmer. I didn’t mean to collect machines but they are like family after awhile ( although it would probably be good for a few to move out!).

  27. My main machine is a Pfaff QE 4.0 that I named Tessa and she is a work horse – we’ve been working together for almost 10 years! I have my mom’s 1970 Kenmore Limited Edition (named Mary after her), a 1941 Singer 15-88 that belonged to my 70 year old neighbors mother (named Beatrice after her mom), a Macy’s Special edition that I know very little about given to me by a friend who received it form an elderly patient, a small Brother Se-400 embroidery and sewing machine given to me by a neighbor (her name is Grace), and my mom’s Singer serger (named Muey the Serger). I think that’s it…I am insanely blessed when it comes to machines! I would LOVE to add a Featherweight and a treadle to my collection. It can get a bit addicting, all these machines!

  28. I have a 50 year old Morse, a 30 year old Singer, a 10 year old Janome MC3300 and a 3 year old Janome MC6600P. Guess that’s enough equipment for me!

  29. I have a BERNNA “ALEX Anderson” model that is a work horse. I also have a Viking SE
    that used to embroider but the owner gave it up. I like be both of them and use both of them.

  30. Always enjoy your posts Carrie! My main go-to, daily machine is a 1956 Singer model 301 slant shank (mocha color). I live with over 150 machines — all vintage including treadles, hand cranks and electrics. What fun this March Madness for National Quilting Month is going to be. Going to go dust off the Instagram account!!

  31. I have 4 sewing machines. 2 singers (1 that my husband bought me 45 years ago, and a 1957 portable we got for $35 at a garage sale. Needs lots of work.). 1 babylock, its a quilt pro just stiches straight. Its my primary used for doing quilt tops. And 1 brother that stays in our 5th wheel in Arizona. Two sergers, 1 at home in michigan and 1 in the 5th wheel.. I also have a long arm that will hold a king size quilt. I’ve had it for 10 years and love it.

  32. I love my machines! I have a Brother sewing machine I bought at a yard sale for $45 that I use a lot. It had hardly been used. I bought my granddaughter a Brother to use when she comes here to sew because it had a speed control. I had already bought this one when I found the yard sale.
    I have a Janome 3000 that still sews just fine, an Imagine serger, a Brother cover stitch machine, and a Babylock embroidery machine.
    I want to teach some sewing lessons so the reason for keeping them all.

  33. I have 4 sewing machines. A Janome 3000, a Janome 6260, a Janome Jem Gold, and a Singer treadle machine which I plan to make a feed sack quilt on with some feed sacks given to me by a neighbor.

  34. I have 7 machines, my favorite is a Singer 99-13 given to me by my best friend. She does not sew. It was her Godmothers, in pristine condition with all original accessories, with wood domed case Manufactured in 1925. Has a beautiful stitch quality. The others; 4 Singer, 1 baby loc, 1 husquvarna.

  35. I have three sewing machines, a Bernina 1030 that I purchased in 1987, a Bernina Artista 200E and a New Home treadle that works well. I mostly use the Artista but do drag out the 1030 from time to time.

  36. I have 3 right now. My newest is a Brother Simplicity, a Sears Kenmore which I have had for over 10 years so bad my Grandmother’s Singer treadle machine. My goal is to get one that has a deeper throat for FMQ.

  37. I have a newer Bernina 830, a Bernina 440, and a little Baby Lock Molly for travel in the RV and my granddaughter to use. My first Bernina was the 930. I loved that machine and sold it for more than I paid for it. I have had 2 Singer Featherweights, but sold them as I never used them and thought someone would love them. I would love to have a Juki for machine quilting, but I am running out of room.

  38. I have had a Bernina 830 Record for close to 30 years…just got back to sewing about 3 years ago, and it serviced and all is working wonderfully. Was afraid to take it to classes, so found another one on ebay and have taken it to classes and a joy to sew on. Like Sheila, I have looked a little longingly at the Juki for machine quilting, but for now, am very happy with these two.

  39. I have a 1939 Singer Featherweight, Viking Lily and Sapphire 870, and I just purchased a Bernina B710.

  40. Gosh , Im such a beginner. I have a Brother and 2 singers. Very new to quilting. Started 14 months ago. Hope to one day own a babylock. Loving the quilting world. Why didnt I start sooner?

  41. I collect, restore and use vintage and antique sewing machines. My collection contains machines from the US, Great Britain. Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and France. The oldest machine in my collection, a Folsom, was manufactured in 1860. I have several treadles from 1870s and 1880s (Wheeler & WIlson curved needle, Florence curved needle, Weed, American, Singer and Wilson) which are fun to use.

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