Blockheads ~ Finishes & Updates

Happy Wednesday!  Have you finished your Blockheads quilt?  These ladies have!

Top Row – Valorie Davidson / Pam McMahon / Julie Biesheuvel
Middle Row – Jerilynn Rose / LuAnne Borzych / Sandra Gregoire
Bottom Row – Tucks N Frills / Rat Ferre / Julie Lofurno

These quilts are all in the Moda Blockheads Facebook group.  Some are quilted, some are still tops… to be quilted soon.

There is news on many Blockheads fronts so…

Blockheads 1 Book.  From what we’ve been told, it looks like that will be late this year.  Everybody is trying to get their quilts finished – okay, I might be the only one who is still in that group.  We’ve heard that some folks from the publisher are lurking on Facebook and Instagram looking for a couple of quilts to include in a Gallery in the book.  So if you’re close to finishing, post a picture!

Blockheads 1 Blocks.  With Blockheads 2 on the way and the Blockheads 1 book, we’re going to be removing the blocks from the website at some point soon, probably by the end of this month.  So if you’re missing any blocks, check your list and get those blocks here – Blockheads Archive.

These are from the #modablockheads on Instagram.

Top Row: Karen Melville / Debra Lynn Taylor / Marcy M
Bottom Row: Nancy Abriatis / Corey Yoder / Karyl Smith

Blockheads 2.  There are going to be a few new faces joining Lynne, Betsy, Jan, Jo and Lisa.  And me.  You’ll have to wait a bit to find out who is joining us… but not to worry, May isn’t that far away.

While we won’t begin sharing the new blocks until after Quilt Market – May 17 – 20 – you won’t have to wait that long to get all the details about what, when, who and how much fabric do I need.

So that’s all there is for today – at least here.  There is plenty going on getting ready for B v2. The Return of the Blockheads?

Still Blockheads?  Blockheads Family Vacation?

Happy Wednesday.

Blockhead Games?  May the points be ever in your favor…

I’ll stop now.

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19 thoughts on “Blockheads ~ Finishes & Updates

  1. Thank you for sharing! My blocks are done and I need to get them up on the wall and make a finishing decision. Lots to choose from! And nice to see a Caryl, but with a K!

  2. You are the best They always have me smiling & motivated! Can’t wait to continue with version 2☀️

  3. Love them all!! Lots of inspiration!! Congratulations to all!
    Looking forward to the kickoff for Round 2!!

  4. I am still working on mine. But what an amazing team of designers… I really challenged myself with these and can’t wait to move on to Blockheads #2. YAY FOR MODA and all their designers.
    Thank you.

  5. I am so impressed with all the quilts and tops submitted so far. It shows so much talent and creativity. I love all the different settings and use of color. I have to say it: Wow!

  6. Eye surgery has held me up but I intend finishing as soon as I’m back to normal. Bring on Blockheads 2. Can’t wait until BH1 book is released either. Love the layouts. So many talented people.

  7. Oh my!!! So excited for Blockheads 2! I am still behind on Blockheads 1, but am determined to finish. I’ve learned so much as a beginner quilter. Very thankful for the designers’ tips on their blogs, their designs, Moda, and the members of the FB group!

  8. Wow great job everyone! I am especially drawn to Pam McMahons setting. How did you set your blocks? So pretty! I’ll be looking for all the upcoming info on BH’sv2. Maybe there could be a kit available this time from each designer? Thank you to all the designers for providing us with such great blocks. I can’t wait to see what’s coming.

  9. They are all amazing!! Wow! Masterpiece! I wonder how long it takes for a newbie like me could learn to create one of these quilt. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Ok so Im a little late to the party lol I just downloaded all the blocks is there a total yardage chart somewhere that I am missing or is this more of a use your scrap pattern. I have a fabric line in mind so was hoping for a total yardage chart. TIA for any help 🙂

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